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  1. Cloud9 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Birth control pills can also be used to reduce the chances of getting ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer. Maybe she had a health scare and decided to get an ultrasound to check that everything is ok, and the doctor recommended she get birth control pills for the same reason. 
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  2. Iggybee added a post in a topic Is Taylor R a bit racist?   

    Whether or not Taylor was actually "only thinking about the deaths of her fellow white people" is up for debate (Though I don't feel there's enough evidence to make this claim...) however it's important to really just correct this and make clear that not only white people died, got injured or lost someone in these incidents. The UK is a vastly multicultural place and people affected in each attack have been of many races and nationalities, regardless of how she meant it.
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  3. Fleet Admiral Yang Wenli added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Just watched her video.I have never being to disneyland.Am I the only one who after watching this finds it realy boring?I mean from her video it doesn't seem something special and it makes me wonder how can she be there every other day without getting bored of this place.I don't even see any interesting rides in there or anthing that requires from you to take action like a game or something.Can someone who has been there tell me if it's worth it?
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  4. Kirishima added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Miranda don't act like you have read the Quran lol
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  5. boopa added a post in a topic Is there a thread about Yungelita?   

    I can't find those pictures on her insta, but love how she deliberately made sure that at least one knife or other weapon (like the knuckles) was visible in almost all the photos you posted
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  6. JunkFood added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Guess who's been lurking on PULL again? 
    "Al Koran", "be less ignorance"... CRINGE!
    Also, no, sorry Mira, as much as Rob Ford's comment was uncalled for, having read this or that religion's holy book is not a guarantee for having a more favorable view of this or that religion. In a lot of cases it even tends to have quite the opposite effect (e.g. I have read and own both a copy of the Bible and one of the Quran and that hasn't made me any less irreligious). Going by your logic there should be no ex Muslim atheists in Islamic countries whatsoever since the majority of them probably have been exposed to the Quran at some point in their life.
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  7. Vixen added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    Good Luck being a cameraman if you don't wanna work hard.
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  8. coolbeans added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    The sad thing about all this is, (and this is probs debatable) imo I genuinely believe if she cut the crap straight from the start, stayed genuine, took care of her body, she could have really made it in high fashion and then that would've paved the way for her into VS if that was really what she wanted. Even though she is basic, she could have walked for Miu Miu and other designers with that feminine aesthetic or even Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein since they lead toward a more commercial look anyway. Sure, she'd have to lose weight and tone up, but I'm sorry Sarah sweetie, that's the reality of the industry and you ought to face up to it before you catch reality's hands. And if she really thinks that she can stay doing gigs for men's magazines, it won't be long before they find another busty brunette and one who's real to themselves and actually has a personality at that.
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  9. JunkFood added a post in a topic Is Taylor R a bit racist?   

    Taylor cares more about what happens in the U.K. than in Africa or Middle East because caring more about what hits close to home than what hits somewhere far away is human nature 101. That's also why you would be more likely to feel sad if one of your relatives died than if e.g. your neighbor's relative died. Is it a good thing? No, but that doesn't make it racism. Should I start accusing aforementioned Kenyans of being racist and having brown privilege because they cared more about the Garissa University attack than what they probably view as "random terrorist attack in Sweden a few months ago" (because they most certainly did)? Of course not.
    I don't like Taylor that much but racist is not one of the words I would use to describe her.
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  10. Vixen added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    her typography always gives me major cringe (but then again I study shit like that e.e)
    so how was that 'single' exclusive? Like a lot of her 'rules' (why did she call its rules anyway) also apply towards groups, and the actual tips for being solo in Disney seem kind of obvious
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  11. Daisy added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    that's true too. But haven't Feis channel been around longer than Edwards? I just barely found out about him this year.
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  12. Artist added a post in a topic joanneneko/minuit.1995   

    Okay y'all so now Im confused with this girl, so I went to on her tags , and she's taged with a guy from Varsity ( a new Kpop group with the Muslim guy) at first I thought she was Muslim/ Chinese , but the guy or her brother only says that she's Chinese and English. No where in his profile says that hes half French half Japanese half Korean half dumbass half stupid its all her. All I'm saying is that she probably went to Korea around his time were he trained bc well he was going to debut . She probably can be Vietnamese since she's been there but then again she's probably saying that just Bc she went there lmao. Oh also in his profile it says that's he's from LA. So now I don't believe none of her bullshit . Homeless ass. I still don't get it if she was homeless why tf she would stay there. Shit doesn't add up. Maybe you guys already said why she stayed  but I stoped reading her bs when the sexual harassment came. 

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  13. bud added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    I mean, she does have more subscribers than him. Fei has about 700k while Edward only has 400k. I guess Youtubers always have to be nice to other Youtubers for connections, despite them being cringey or not.
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  14. throwingshade added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    The one thing this bitch needs is a brain implant.
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  15. Marie added a post in a topic Is Taylor R a bit racist?   

    Ok so I have to say that where I live ( idk if I am allowed to say where I live but I am from Europe )we actually are taught about other societies and their religion . The thing is even if you are follow the news or not , we still don't do anything about it because tbh you can't really do anything for these people . Yes it's sad and yes I can imagine how hard it is and it breaks my heart but unfortunately just because you know what's going on around you , you can't do anything and I think that's why people don't really talk or do anything about it . It's not because we don't know much about other religions or people in general , it's just because since we can't do much we just ignore it . 
    Also I am not defending Taylor in any type of way , it's sad to see her talking about this but not acknowledging the fact that there's people going through some really tough things. 
    I hope I didn't offend anyone ❤️
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  16. noctis added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    I was going off what I remember from 4 years ago, so I correct the super old statement, but she just seemed like she was always pretentious and only got worse 
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  17. foxy grandpa added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Lmao she bought a student ticket for that movie..
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  18. Daisy added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    How do she get to meet all these YouTubers when I feel like her channel and make up tutorials are just average. 
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  19. Sodapop added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    I mean her face still looks blury and the doggy filter edits your face smaller anyway.
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  20. Crysania added a post in a topic Ryan Brandt/fakenerdboy   

    Sure Jess
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  21. JunkFood added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    If she's so concerned about Islamophobia then why doesn't she criticize Japan for barely taking in any refugees and their strict immigration policies in general?
    Oh wait
    There are level headed ways to criticize Miranda's naive obsession with Islamic theocracies/hypocrisy (or the Cologne sex scandals or how Europe have handled the refugee crisis so far or whatever else you were trying to discuss) but resorting to Breitbart speak and dumb generalizations is not one of them.
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  22. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    From that vid, I gathered that she thought the costumes were the highlight of the film and she's got a point. Jean Paul Gaultier does incredible work. I love what he does for Dita Von Teese. I didn't catch 'different' in her explanation, and she said 'old 90s flick'. I didn't really interpret it as pretentious, but that might be because I think she's more pretentious these days.
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  23. coolbeans added a post in a topic Christian Burns   

    I don't even know who this bieber looking b*tch is and he has the nerve to say he's famous. That seccy is a legend hahahaha, a lot of security guards seem intimidating/asshole-ly (that is part of their job tho tbh) but they're actually pretty chill and will look out for you if you look out for them and don't start trouble. I'm glad he made that little white boy flake catch his hands.
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  24. Iagzie added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    that's not the best way to help her to grow up lol.. like she didn't even bother training her dog, lets her dog do whatever she wants and doesn't tell her off, her channel has no direction and she barely leaves the house.. imagine what she be like with a kid. they're a huge responsibility.
    anyway IMO it would just be a recipe for disaster 
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  25. Praying added a post in a topic Momonochi   

    It's momo
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