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    • Upgrades & CUSTOM RANKS!   09/17/16

      Hi guys! Recently, we've had a HUGE surge of members! And we're still growing pretty quickly. Firstly, I want to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members and thank everyone who's stuck with us through our transition. I'm so grateful I get to be part of such a welcoming community. Some of you may have noticed that the site has been a bit slower and goes down on occasion. In order to better serve all of you, I have decided to upgrade the server. As you may have noticed, PULL has absolutely no ads--I intend to keep it that way. They are unsightly and I want the user experience to be as seamless as possible. Thus, we bring no money in. I was funding the previous server out of pocket. However, since a server upgrade will cost quite a bit more than the previous server, I'd like to ask for the community's help in the form of giving to the site. 
      The new server will cost $25/month and any money donated in excess of that will go to further upgrades, maintaining the community, and will also pay for the time I spend administrating. I am using Patreon as a platform, since many are familiar with it. I have set up some rewards for different giving levels. There is no minimum, donations of any size are greatly appreciated. I am trying to think of more possible rewards; do let me know if you have any ideas! The link to our Patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/PULL   Our GoFundMe is here: https://www.gofundme.com/pulldonate
      For those who prefer to use Bitcoin, our address is: 13t3bkW4Zgf2FSdtJHNyJRPnFpBRAMXpyJ After you've contributed, please send me a PM with the email you used on Patreon, your desired rank name, and, if applicable, color code. You can select color codes at http://paletton.com. It should look like #ff0000. Please don't choose a rank name or color that might make users confuse you with staff. I may ask you to pick another rank if I think it'll be disruptive. I hope I can count on the support of my members. Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to make PULL what it is! Thank you!  - Nyx
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    1. Dakota Rose ダコタ ローズ

      Also known as Kotakoti/Dakotakoti. Kawaii elf doll goddess, now living in Japan as a model.

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    2. Kiki Kannibal

      The shadow of her sister Dakota Rose.

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    3. Venus Angelic

      The weeaboo living doll with a crazy mother.

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    4. Kanadajin

      Canadian girl living in Japan because she's blessed, doesn't need English, and is actually a white Japanese.

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