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    1. Dakota Rose ダコタ ローズ

      Also known as Kotakoti/Dakotakoti. Kawaii elf doll goddess, now living in Japan as a model.

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    2. Kiki Kannibal

      The shadow of her sister Dakota Rose.

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    3. Venus Angelic

      The weeaboo living doll with a crazy mother.

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    4. Kanadajin

      Canadian girl living in Japan because she's blessed, doesn't need English, and is actually a white Japanese.

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  • Most Recent Posts

    • Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)
      By peppermint_wish · Posted
      mostly because of his age, his (ex) wife... and who knows what her friends and family think of him if they know him in person. I also think he looks a bit too old for Anna (but i don't REALLY care about their age gap), so if her family knows him, they MIGHT be against their relationship. Maybe she would like to marry him (she could be in love/infatuated with him for all i know, lol) but something stops them from making their relationship "official". [or legal if you will].  @blue.choi thank you for the link to that website. i like reading love stories about international/interracial couples and stuff like that 
    • Venus Angelics Videos
      By Lolidk · Posted
      ( Sorry for the quote, couldn't delete it) I understood the timeline as following: Venus got the surgery, came back to Japan, had the infection and got hospitalized. She told Manaki ( how else would she explain the huge ass scar, given that they were in the hospital and Manaki would have asked the doctors). Manaki got mad, left, talked to his mother and came back. He apologized. Post from when she was hospitalized:life went on, she got better, then she got sick this past December and told her friends and us, hence, kept it a secret for two years. Could be wrong tho.   Edit: I also remember clearly her posting her scar of her tummy saying it looked like a smiley and asked on her IG what she would call it, so Manaki definitely knew. She has deleted that post now, but some screencaps are maybe around the threads.
    • Losertina / Christina Nguyen
      By smolkernel · Posted
      She can't just shit post about mental illness. I'm sick of it because she is literally not taking any cognitive or mental actions to actually get better, or even seek help for herself. Tina's not actually trying to better herself at all, so I'm sick of her using her poor ass mental health as an excuse for everything. When someone knows that their poor actions, whether it be treating others horribly or treating your own body and mental health horribly, has consequences and are not taking the step to progress their situation by getting treatment instead of using excessive drugs and knowingly worsening their state, I stop worrying about them because they don't want help and they don't want to get better. Tina's a lost cause at this point until she sees how the only thing she has going for her are her instagram follower counts and soon that wouldn't matter either. 
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