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    • Taylor R - videos #2
      By rieaku · Posted
      But she was bullied for it so it can leave life-long scars. I'm being serious. What I don't get is if that is such a big deal to her that she needs to bring it up every time she introduces herself, why not get therapy for it? Why not fix the issue and move on from it? She has the money, she has the time. What I'm thinking is that it's really not a big deal to her but there isn't anything else "drastic" about her life that would make her relatable or inspiring. That's why she keeps bringing it up, that's why she treasures it.
    • sacheu/Sarah Cheung
      By ohlemontea · Posted
      Plausible nonetheless. It's almost like she packed her bags to NYC with the explicit intention of abandoning her long-term relationship with Trinh? Not sure if that counts as just "leaving an unhealthy situation" or straight-up running away from dealing with an uncomfortable situation/difficulty of breaking-up, especially given that Trinh didn't seem to be expecting it (at least based on his tweets about missing his girl). If she really treated Trinh with love and respect (even as an ex) like she said in her video, I'm doubtful that this would happen. However, if she really cheated on Trinh with her new bf then, it kind of explains the whole thing—like "oh, I can't deal with Trinh anymore, but I have my backup boyfriend in my pocket," then off she jets to NYC, London, and back to Hong Kong Anyway, I guess the timeline is not entirely clear, but how she's acting on social media + your theory sure makes Sarah looks like the bigger guilty party here
    • Taylor R - videos #2
      By doobie123 · Posted
      I can’t believe her biggest issue from childhood was that she was a little chubby. She wasn’t even obese or even clinically overweight...  #firstworldproblems  
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