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  1. Biscuit added a post in a topic Onision   

    10 bucks says he's back at it within 24 hours... 
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  2. Biscuit added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    ORRRRR maybe we just don't believe in blindly hating someone just for the sake of hating someone? Just because we defend something about the snowflake doesn't mean we are "white knighting" them. I've said my fair share or criticism about Venus, but it has always been PULL's methodology that if you're going to hate on a snowflake, do it with facts and use your logic. Don't blindly hate and don't blindly follow. When she does something wrong we will call her and any other snowflake out on it. Why call her out in something that in some of our perspective isn't wrong? You act like everyone said "OMG I LOVE VENUS HOW COULD YOU SAY SOMETHING SO MEEEEEAN". Those are the kind of people who get banned for whiteknighting. 
    Maybe learn the difference between a white knight and just someone being reasonable and logical before you go attacking and assuming if someone doesn't criticize someone 24/7 then they're automatically a white knight.
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  3. Biscuit added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    I don't think she was fat-shaming either. Remember that her English isn't good and living in Japan where English isn't the primary language, it's bound to get worse.
    The way I read it was:
    "Because society tends to look down on overweight people, would you still love me if I became overweight? Because I very well might someday."
    The term "fat" in other countries does not hold the same weight (no pun intended) as it does for Americans or other English speaking countries. "Fat" has become a trigger word for a lot of tumblrites. It's not a bad word in other countries, it's just a literal word.
    And to Ponchi's point - while she may be a public figure and public figures should be weary of what they choose to put out there, I don't believe they need to censor themselves 100% and walk on eggshells because they *might* offend someone. That's part of what's wrong with the world is all this PC bullshit. The real world is not PC and never will be and people need to grow a thicker skin and stop being offended by ever little thing. There are more important things in the world to be upset about.
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  4. Biscuit added a post in a topic Onision   

    Wow Lainey breaking silence.... 
    You know, I do feel a little sorry for her. She's the only one who does seem genuine and like a sweet person. I think she is just *extremely* misguided, young, and since she's dependent on Greg and they have a child, she probably feels trapped. Lord knows I've been in trapped relationships before...
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  5. Biscuit added a post in a topic Onision   

    It's ironic how he can hate Trump yet almost verbatim use the same exact language as him. Projection much? "I'm just honest" ... mhmm.
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  6. Biscuit added a post in a topic Preventing Self-Posts   

    We would love to bring that back, unfortunately it is not doable at this time :(. But we will continue to look into implementing it and if we are able to we will let everyone know via News & Announcements :).
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  7. Biscuit added a post in a topic Pics keep attaching themselves to posts   

    I know:). That's why I @ Nyx but I also thought I would take the liberty to delete it for you in the meantime. As of now there isn't one but hopefully @Nyx will be able to find a solution!
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  8. Biscuit added a post in a topic Pics keep attaching themselves to posts   

    I deleted it for you. Hopefully it won't show up again. @ me if it does and I'll @Nyx to check it out. :)
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  9. Biscuit added a post in a topic Bring back the PrincessDoll thread??   

    Hello all.
    It has been discussed and we will not be reviving her thread and the original rule created by John Doe will remain. Sorry for the disappointment.
    The thread will be locked but not hidden so that anyone else who might want to ask the same question understands that this is not a debatable issue. Please message Nyx if you have any questions.
    Thank you.
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  10. Biscuit added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    And let's not generalize an entire country because you're a pretentious know-it-all who thinks getting in A in what I'm assuming is basic level history (that teaches you hardly anything and certainly doesn't teach you current events) and living in a couple of towns in said countries somehow makes you an expert on an entire civilization. *cough* @pcy *cough*. Now that's ignorance.
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  11. Biscuit added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Taylor is not a white supremacist. If she was then she wouldn't have an Asian boyfriend - loaded or not.
    She has the emotional maturity/intelligence of a child. Simple as that. She grew up spoiled (clearly mama's special little snowflake) who was never taught the value of a dollar and true responsibility. So if her parents didn't bother to teach her any of that and provided her with finances then she wouldn't feel the need to be educated because unlike us common folk, she's skated through life from having a pretty face instead of legitimately having to work for anything. Who needs education when you've never needed to work a real job a day in your life?
    Also, I don't think 14 has anything to do with her birthday (even though she said it did) for the simple fact of this: http://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/taylor-r.html that states her birthday is December 24th, 1988. But meh.
    And finally I'd like to remind everyone that we do have new rules and this is one of them:

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  12. Biscuit added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    If it's the same straightening treatment that Rachel (of Rachel and Jun) got,  the straightening treatment is permanent so it's  impervious to water  so washing it wouldn't undo it at all.  And hair is often  washed several times depending on what you're getting done and they blow dry in between.  This is all quite common. 
     As for her transformation title,  she just means that she's changing her hair. Like,  her hair is literally transforming from one way to another that's all.  Nothing to really read into.
    Edit: God dammit I type too slowly on mobile, people beat me to it already lol.
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  13. Biscuit added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    @Party [email protected]@littleghosts
    If you could please keep the discussion on her haircut to this thread it'd be greatly appreciated as her hair is already being discussed there and her hair doesn't really belong in this thread (make sure to refer to the first page when in doubt of what goes in here)
    Thank you 
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  14. Biscuit added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    Sorry but no.

    Definition of immature
    archaic :  premature
    a :  lacking complete growth, differentiation, or development <immature fruits> <a sexually immature bird>
    b :  having the potential capacity to attain a definitive form or state :  crude, unfinished <a vigorous but immature school of art>
    c :  exhibiting less than an expected degree of maturity <emotionally immature adults>
    Definition of pompous
    :  excessively elevated or ornate <pompous rhetoric>
    :  having or exhibiting self-importance :  arrogant <a pompous politician>
    :  relating to or suggestive of pomp or splendor :  magnificent
    Immature and pompous do not go hand in hand and are not synonyms of each other. The fact that you correlate the two is a matter of opinion, not of fact. Feel free to check a thesaurus if you don't believe me.
    Furthermore, I never claimed to be a part of 1.0/OG. So there's that. I forgot about the re-registration however so that's on me (contrary to popular belief, I am not above owning up to when I have made a mistake). That being said, I've known/spoken with several members from 1.0 who certainly don't act one bit like you and several who don't have such issues as you. So if you're attempting to speak on behalf of all 1.0 members I'd think again.
    And finally, regardless of any old admins, this is the new law, this is the new site. Not everyone is going to like it, but a lot of people do. We're going to do what we believe is best for the site. Fact of the matter is if you're married to how the way things used to be then it's probably time for you to find a new avenue if you're unwilling to accommodate to the change. Sorry to see you go if that's what you decide but we get plenty of sign ups everyday and there's always going to be someone to fill your place.
    The admins are friendly but my title is "resident  bad bitch" for a reason. Everyone needs bad cop ;). (But I'm perfectly friendly when unprovoked) But I digress...
    Unless Nyx changes her mind, the rule is staying and debating it further isn't going to get you anywhere. As I have the authority I am stating now that this is becoming derailing (yes, yes, I'm aware I've contributed and thus I'm stopping it).
    We have spoken and the rule is staying. No more derailment. Any more complaints about the age rule should be directed to Nyx privately, but not in this thread. Further complaints regarding such will be hidden. If you persist, warnings will begin to be handed out.
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  15. Biscuit added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    Uh.... it's immature to state a fact? I didn't say "lololol omg don't like it dont look" or anything of the sort. It is a fact that if you don't like the rules of an establishment then you don't have be a part of it. Not everyone that points that out is using it as "an immature argument". If you really believe that's immature then you really don't know what "immature" is and sounds a lot like you're just projecting your frutsation onto me. In which case *that* is immature. Ironic.
    P.S., I find it interesting that you say you've been here since 1.0 yet you only joined in 2015 and the site is far older than that. Even if you were a lurker for some time prior to joining, being a lurker and being a participant are two very different experiences.
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