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  1. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I'm sure this applies to a lot of people but.

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  2. dummy added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    spoiler bc long, also nsfw warning 
    i feel like kalvins stuff is different because it's just bullying but idk make ur own judgements. though the lewd cosplayers she follows are over 18 and I think are fine to do whatever, I don't think lily a 17yo should be following
    in all screenshots you can see "followed by pixiesayurii" even in kalvins tho I blocked him. 
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  3. dummy added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    she also follows Kelvin Garrah (a pretty toxic transphobic dude who's also trans), as well as many lewd cosplayers (a girl who even calls herself a succubus)
    and even under age loli but memey accounts
    her moral compass is so fucked and she's too in her own head to acknowledge anything
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  4. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    tbh i agree with everything you said! I just wanted to highlight these parts and speculate a little!
    A few months back Rin said hes art blocked and I believe him, I don't think he's out of it. He even asked his fans for inspiration and got suggestions to copy xyz instagrammers make up.  Very creative. I think that's why he keeps using the same techniques (Star stamp everywhere lewk!!!) and even fucked up a face chart. He's burnt out of creativity.
    he needs a social media break but would throw a tantrum if it was suggested to him.
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  5. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    tbh I'm really starting to feel bad for ish... he seems like a good guy (as far as I know) and he's just getting dragged into Rin's bullshit. Rin is clingy and doesn't seem to have friends so he has to deal with it all.
    Moving out of your family home and with a partner isn't a bad idea, but Rin is so set on it being LA and is so set on being a rEvLlUtIoNaRy MUA that I don't think there's anyway Ish could question that or even offer advice without rin exploding and guilt tripping. 
    How could ish suggest that they move to Arizona instead? Or even to Austin like someone else suggested in this thread (sorry!!), Rin would cry that LA instantly makes him a celebrity and HE'S NOT A FLOP.
    his whole move seems to be taking such a toll on Rin publicly that I feel a little sorry for him too.
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  6. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    they're right tho...
    from the sounds of it Rins previous job made them miserable so leaving seemed like a good idea, but picking up a different job wouldn't hurt? As mentioned before to cut your main source of income like that isn't right.
    and ofc rin went on a binge of rting "omg king no ily :(" tweets
    slighrly OT: are they really earning as much doing influencing or are they inflating their ego? I saw a different beauty influencer get 200$ for one of their posts, but is that as frequent or as much as pharm tech salary??

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  7. dummy added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    th-their what queen?
    asian? She's Asian now? with her editing? 
    I'm hoping that's a joke but... jeez pixie pls moderate and be even 1% self controlled or the haters won't ruin your image, you will.
    OT: I'm surprised she doesn't do something similar to pateron cosplayers and charge for entry to her discord, advertise it as ~exclusive~ and something ~limited~ rather than a messy free for all
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  8. dummy added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    her discord being a mess isn't too surprising... the whole thing feels like she just wanted a ego boost 
    is there any screenshots? tbh i considered joining but now I'm glad I didn't, although I'm curious about some of the drama
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  9. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    wow the beauty community is ShAkInG  
    for a while he felt like discount gass.y/olivya but this is really something huh

    also @justsipping I'm glad we had the same thought LMAOOOO
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  10. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    wow that's something... I'm almost not comfortable calling it drama, tea, or a scandal, but just the way Rin reacts to this and has reacted to other situations is bad.
    I had a vague memory of this situation (I wasn't as active on Twitter) but did some digging. The user then mentioned Rin's birth name and this upset rin, they apologised and deleted the tweet that had their deadname but rin played victim. 
    I remembered this situation as rin getting upset over being deadnamed, without knowing the context(not that it justified deadnaming someone).
    I thought this tweet was interesting, of course rin ignored it and one of their supporters came to defend their king 

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  11. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I'm curious to hear y'alls thoughts on Rins tweets about "flopping" I'm kind of glad he finally addressed it but. feels kinda like somethings missing?

    Rambles under spoiler
    I don't understand how rin has so many followers, it feels like his ego over-inflated when that number increased. 
    For reference: Rin 152k
    pinkprty 32.9k / Toxin1204 6.1k (Korean mua) / ofl0ra 4.3k. follower count isn't everything I know, but it seems wrong when his looks aren't that good.
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  12. dummy added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I feel like Rin is just ignorant, and I'm in no way defending them but I think they mean skinny but want to use a buzzword instead(to seem cool I guess?)
    They don't think they just act and then deflect when they're called out, and as far as I can see made no attempt to educate themselves on their ignorance, if any they're relying on their fans to educate them, they sucked up to KVD until their fans told them about her shitty morals.
    also, isn't Rin pretty thin too? If they presented more masculine they'd probably call themselves a twink.
    There absolutely is a problem with white thin cis people appearing to be the whole beauty industry but as you mentioned white-passing cis-passing thin Rin isn't changing much 
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  13. dummy added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    I'm inclined to agree. If lily was a beginner cosplayer it'd be more understanding, but she acts as though she's the best when her make up is like that.. 
    all her make up is the same, whether it's cosplay or everyday her make up doesn't change, same downward eyeliner, same large top eyelashes, same tiny tiny eyebrows. she changes lipstick colour sometimes but that's it.
    slightly OT: but I'm a huge naruto nerd and nothing about that apart from the contacts says "hinata" to me. her eyes are squareish and when she's older more angular, and she's shy so she blushes. Lily doesn't seem to have any blush. she doesn't have the squareish eyes down either which could be fixed with some under eye eyeshadow or liner. also you guys notice how she doesn't seem to have any bottom lashes? weird
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  14. dummy added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    only suggestion is that as far as I know I dont think she's ever really claimed to be a professional gamer? when you make your Instagram a business account you can put anything "professional gamer" is just a meme, you could put author or transport system but it doesn't make you that either
    also I noticed her deleting comments about her photoshop recently 
    she mentioned in a 2b pic she edited a lollipop in(tbh i think this is fine) but didn't mention how she edited her lips, really it made me laugh so enjoy this LOL

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  15. dummy added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    did u seesee when greeniicosplay claimed theyre naturally tan, then said "it's only 2 shades darker so it's ok " 
    I forgot to screenshot my bad, here's a screenshot someone else took

    also I commented on honestsama's post and they blocked me, then privated their account lol

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