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  1. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I knew I'd seen this background before
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  2. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Here is a video of her speaking English:

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  3. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Someone on lolcow translated an old video of her that was part of a meet & greet organized by her publisher:

    translator's post:
    So it's always witch hunting when she's the one criticized, but she is free to call out whoever for whatever. Complaining about culturally appropriating the USA (lol) while she uses the USSR and nuclear holocaust themes for kawaii-esque photoshoots and a future merchandise store... how ironic
    Direct link: https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/602401.html#646992
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  4. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    If you go back a few pages, the leaked video is posted in this thread and the part where she takes off the mask is just the end of the video she recently published. So I don't think she was planning on posting that part of the video at any point in the future, she was just pulling her mask off to see better after she was done with her performance and ready to stop the camera I guess.
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  5. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I'm laughing at the gall she has already preparing to sell merchandise for this low-effort stunt. G0ds0dds got an update, she's fumbling with the code for the upcoming store, specifically the "sold out" category, which makes it even better.
    And you can tell she bought new followers by two things:
    1. her account is private, no way she went through 2000 follow requests manually in such a short time, so she opened it up briefly and bought followers - in fact she's at 22k now so make that 4000
    2. look at some of her new followers, they're typical for fake follow services because they're just throwaway accounts who follow a large amount of people but have zero activity.

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  6. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Wow, she's still going through with her videos? That's kind of embarrassing for her. It's not like she put an immense amount of effort or thought into them and has to follow through so she doesn't lose her hard work, they're so generic and overdone if you've ever been into ARGs or post-apocalyptic scenarios. Nothing of value would've been lost tbh.
    Also I'm nitpicking here but those glitch effects are also so terrible. She could've gotten a cheap secondhand camcorder or researched realistic after effects presets (I've dabbled in this and there are much better looking options available for free), this looks so cheap. I think the leaked version looked more realistic. Sometimes less is more.
    Edit: Sorry if this is reaching but I finally realized what her whole thing reminds me of. 
    "Gloomth and the cult of melancholy", lol.

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  7. Rhea added a topic in Make Your Voice Heard!   

    Today's server outage
    Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to make a quick announcement regarding today's downtime. Our server went down for a few hours, but otherwise we're alive and kicking, so please no worries. Thanks for being patient while we were taking a nap!
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  8. Rhea added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Agreed, if anything it's a much worse sign if you get married to your partner within the first couple of years. I personally wouldn't get married without living with someone for a few years, and I wouldn't even move in with someone until I'd been with them for, like, 2 years. Considering they're from different parts of the world makes it even more of a delicate situation, so it's a very sensible choice to date for more than 5 years before getting engaged to be married. It shows maturity and commitment.
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  9. Rhea added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I'm happy for her. I'm not a fan of lavish weddings, but ngl I look forward to seeing how she styles hers.
    Remember how the Sperg-chan shit exploded when Taylor announced having a boyfriend?
    Somewhere, in this very moment, Kiki is chewing on her hair and downing an entire bottle of Ambien to get ready to go nuclear.
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  10. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Sorry, I didn't mean to say I was doubting the entire friendship, I just think it's possible that Nhi is exaggerating it to be dramatic and feel important, and that Lena might not be on the same level of impulsiveness and clinginess when it comes to her. Sometimes one half of a friendship/relationship is way more invested than the other.
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  11. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    You know, I'm starting to doubt all these stories. Lena doesn't speak English and I don't think she's ever acknowledged Nhi as her ~best friend soulmate other half~, I wonder if it's really just Nhi saying it and Lena nodding and saying "Oh that's so nice of you". There's a massive communication barrier between the two, I wouldn't be surprised if Nhi was milking this friendship.
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  12. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    That's the post I was referring to, thank you! And yes, it makes no sense to me either. Marrying a guy one week after meeting, flying to Russia to move in with her after 6 hours - maybe your life wouldn't be such a tragedy if you didn't constantly make terrible choices despite everyone around you warning you, lol.

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  13. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I've been trying to read her autobiography (or what's translated so far) and there's one feeling I can't shake: She keeps talking about how she always got money instead of love, had to buy affection and attention, to the point where she literally describes herself falling asleep crying, curled up with wads of cash after trying to get the attention of a traveling troupe, but she also dehumanizes her maids in the way she describes them. It's like everyone around her is just someone she's getting a service from, including her followers, who are allowed to sympathize with her, watch her cry on stream, she builds her entire fame on being outspoken about mental illness but refuses to take responsibility, she paints her emotions for everyone to see and profits from it wildly through her online career, "but don't get attached to me", all her portrayals seem to be for her own profit (personal or financial) - followers are led to think she died, and don't deserve the truth, while she's still reading and posting among their grief. Everything is an exchange of services. Watch me act, consume my art, buy my fashion, buy my book, but don't you ever dare question me.
    Even Lena - when she announced meeting her for the first time, she phrased it as "I'm meeting another famous Instagrammer". It's almost like everyone in her life has a status first and foremost and their personalities and lives come after that.
    I'm sure she had an isolated upbringing and money won't solve that (despite being a massive, massive privilege), but at the same time, her friendships seem very transactional. She is a true manipulator.
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  14. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    @disappointedwitch actually, can I ask when the conversation took place, specifically the part about her waiting for the hacker to make the video? Because this again contradicts the part about waiting for Sheidlina to make a video with her in autumn, but she referred to both (the hacker's video confession and Sheidlina admitting to posting on PULL), which just confuses the hell out of me.
    @scarletscar thank you for posting about your own experiences going to the Nirvana Streetwear store and all that. Admittedly I don't know much about life in Vietnam, but isn't it odd that news outlets reported on her death when there was no obituary or funeral or anything? They just took a social media post and reported on it? Or are we talking about "news" like tabloids?
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  15. Rhea added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    She's been asked to post the DMs, and I guess it's normal to be curious. She didn't seem to suck up to Nhi from what I can tell, just pointing out that it needs clarification. These are not some private conversations with sensible content.
    Is it me or do Nhi's English skills vary wildly from day to day? Her lolcow posts had poor grammar, now these screenshots make her English sound fine.
    Also, she doesn't want to bother her two best friends on their honeymoon, but she just facetimed them about them? And why would she need Lena to make a video anyway, in autumn when most will have stopped caring (if they knew about it at all), only to bring it back to everyone's minds?
    Why can't Lena, if she's getting harassed so much by her 4 million followers (who all care about Nhi, suuure), just post a tweet or anything at all admitting to it?
    Another thing, did anyone else notice she was open on lolcow about lurking there (and here) a lot and that she has been following the Mina/Dasha drama intensely? More and more I get the feeling that she's so much more savvy than anyone expected her to be, she was lurking drama for a long time and probably knew all along what she had to do to pull at everyone's heartstrings. I really wonder how many more accounts she has that we don't know of, and how many threads on lolcow she posted in. (As she said she lurked many, participated in some)
    I wonder if she's going to go through with her shops for g0ds0dds and the Adult Baby Diaper Lover (lmao) shop.
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