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  1. N2

    I couldn't access my old account. It's been a long time, so I had to make a new account. I hope all of you had a lovely year!:alpacacrush:

  2. saburoro

    :alpacaworry: when u have to revise your first day essay and you have all the energy to but dont want to

  3. BeachBaby

    I sit here and reflect on the life I had just 2 years back. I envy the healthier happier version of myself. Life is stepping on me right now but at the same time I know I am blessed with the best partner I could've asked for. It reminds me that not everything in life is rotten and it's the little things that make everyday count.

    1. House

      I can completely understand. I love who I am now but I miss the times I was really happy and felt excited about things. It is good to have somebody in your life to depend on :)

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    2. BeachBaby

      Absolutely! One can only look forward and hope for the best. Cheers for the future hehe.

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  4. SugarRushBae

    I been so pissy seeing girls pad/ps their boobs to infinity and beyond. Probably because of my back pain is progressively getting worse that I'm so agitated over the dumbest stuff. It's just that they don't understand just how much pain it is and the perception society has of you. They overly sexualize you even when you wear a V-neck saying that you should pick more body appropriate clothing. Having unwanted comments/cat calling from strangers. They see having big boobs through rose colored glasses that I just want to smash. 😑 letting out my feelings. 

  5. dirty_bento_boxxy

    New year, new bitch!

  6. Sodapop

    I guess 2017 is the year i get back to my roots. Aka stop neglecting my fangirl tendencies. Since no one actually reads these i can totally let loose without getting judge that much lmao. Soso after like years of having the same OTP i finally found a ship that surpassed them and its fucking victuuri i can't believe im actually saying this. I loved my OTP SO much and someone actually beat them? I just.. i can feel the intense love from victuuri like one episode literally made me cry ( at work ;; haha....) my OTP has never done that... i love them but i dont feel it like i feel from them. And that kinda makes me sad tbh LMFAO like they've been the top since forever but now someone else is taking the crown. I mean they're still number 2. 

  7. House

    Kinda miss the times the status feed was on the front page, it allowed a lot of OT talk which was quite nice

  8. Biscuit

    I'm really a nice person once you get to know me... except for when I'm being an ass. Which is a lot of the time, but my point is not all of the time ;P. (bored. Hurray for first status feed update wooo).

    1. House

      Wooh hiya! Everybody is an ass sometimes and sometimes it's good to take the tough line :) especially with snowflakes...

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  9. Biscuit » House

    You're kinda neat. I like you :P. (I'm bored and never commented on anyone's feed, hurray!)

    1. House

      Thanks! I like you too, I enjoy your sarcasm a lot, it's something I value (I suppose my handle name being House says a lot about that)


       have a nice day :D 

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  10. 못생겨서 망한

    i don't like when threads don't have pictures of the people they are talking about, like i know theres links but do i rly wanna go out of my way to click them? lol

    1. House

      Omg I feel the same way, it always bothers me because it's like, wait, does this person not have a face? Can there be a face? Please?

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  11. Sodapop

    Guess who ships bum and sangwoo?? Me guess who doesn't care if you don't agree?? Also me

  12. DonnieDarkoGirl

    Macho macho man, I want to be a macho man :alpacaheadshake:

  13. saburoro

    typing with false nails is hardddd

    1. Ahripop

      Must be, I don't have any.  because I can't finger myself 

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    2. saburoro

      With luck they'll come off within the next couple weeks haahahaaaa

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  14. Surbi

    It is my accounts first birthday!

  15. Sodapop

    Im so so late but i'm finally watching show by rock and omg is the art style adorable! Apparently crunchyroll has season 2 and not 1 so i started season 2 without knowing that... but uh i still like it lol :alpacalove: did i mention how cute it is

  16. picklechip

    I addressed some things on my tumblr if people actually want to take the time to read and talk to me about it. I'm not going to give out the link if you don't already know my tumblr. 

  17. Ahripop


  18. Froot

    Happy new year everyone:alpacacrush:

  19. DatGurl

    Last night I had my 2nd snowflake dream  

    this site is invading my unconscious 


  20. Sasuke Uchiha

    a lot of y'all need to grow up a lil bit. fr I'm gone from here 5ever. Happy New 

    1. Sasuke Uchiha

      Year's* gdi

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  21. Curious Soul » Fukawa Toko

    Merry (late) Christmas! I love reading your posts!
    (IDK just embrace the random.)

    1. Fukawa Toko

      Merry Christmas to you too and thanks, this made my day and you do awesome posts too <3

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  22. Hyunah

    Im sooo bored, like bring on the drama pls lmao

  23. Raccoon

    Reading through thread on here while waiting till i can go to bed for christmas. What did everyone ask santa for? 

  24. Sasaking Chen

    So I have a male classmate who's darker than your average Filipino. I said darker since Filipino are usually brown to dark brown. I wouldn't call it 'black' but certainly he was teased by his peers about his skin color but most times I think it's just playful banter since that's usually the reason. One day I sat next to him for no reason since it was pretty common in our class for anyone to sit in any chair—even anyone's chair if they're okay with that. He placed his arm near mine and asked, "Why are you so white?"

    I said, "Because I was born with it." I was confused why he asked an obvious question since I was pretty sure that everyone in school already knows. Rumors spread like wildfire. I guess I was whiter than anyone in our school. Not kidding. It's a small school and even elementary kids ask me why I'm so white. Even my American-Filipino female classmate wasn't as fair as me. Filipinos and the Philippine culture is a hodgepodge of other cultures—consequences of being in the center of East Asia. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish etc are in most Filipino blood—also due to history so it's pretty common to see Filipinos with Chinese eyes or Spanish features and the like.

    I got parents who both have part Spanish blood in them (but idk how to speak Spanish btw and I don't look Spanish too lol) and I get some questions like if I used (a soap with) glutathione (we just call it "gluta" for short) or if I have an American parent. Back to the story.  Anyway, my male classmate said, "oh" as if he suddenly got embarrassed for asking the question. Then he asked what kinds of soap I'm using and if I used gluta.

    I told him the brands of my soap and said nope, I didn't (—or not anymore maybe. Because even if I was born fair-skinned, skin-whitening products are so prevalent here that I don't really care if my soap or lotion had whitening agents in it. Even my dad gives me products that he may or may not know if it was whitening or not whenever he buys on a whim). So I suddenly got an idea and asked him as a joke, "Have you tried gluta? Why don't you try using it?"

    "Okay. But can you give it to me as a gift this Year End party?" he asked. Year End was like a Christmas party except it was celebrated in school, in your class. And yes, we have gift-giving to whoever we chose when picking somone's name randomly in a basket (manita or monito) but it was also common to give gifts to friends also.

    I said yes and told him with a mischievous smile on my face that he better use it when I give it to him in the party. I don't know if he was being serious (because I partly was) or if he thinks I was joking but I did just that. I bought him a Kojic with Gluta soap, stuck a piece of paper with an advice on things like "stay out of the us when using whitening products, use lotions with an 'SPF' in it" etc on the back of the soap and placed it in a tiny gift bag and sealed the gift shut. For a while, I worried that that might have seem too much since I understand boys have their ego but I only really did it with an intention to help him on a whim. When I told about it to my nanny (the ever old-school generation) fired questions like:

    "Is he gay?"


    "Then why does he want to be white?"

    "Because he's always being teased by his friends. Others even call him 'black'."

    Well idk why others would think it's gay if a male wants to use whitening products. Like if a woman can do it, why not a man? I never really thought it was a gay-ish. Idk why the prejudice. I just see it as a personal thing.

    Anyway, I think my male classmate will really use it. The party ended and his friends found out about the gift. I thought they'll tease him about the soap since they probably think it's more of a 'girl thing' but I was actually surprised that they were amused ( I think?) when they read my note behind the soap. His brother even asked if I could give him the same brand of soap next year as a late Christmas gift and I said yes. xD

    1. House

      That's actually very interesting, it was all in good spirits xD

      Just out of interest, is there a big issue with dark skin for Filipinos? You did mention that whitening products are very common, I think it's in a way quite sad that people feel like they should be 'whiter', but then again it's a different culture and we all have different social norms. 

      Where I live everybody uses fake tan to look tanner, but they always just come out unnaturally orange in complexion :darth:

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