1. Sodapop

      I feel this 100%

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  2. Sodapop

    Am I really reading Yaoi at work? Yes, Yes I am :alpacaheadshake:

  3. hind

    No tea lately geez

  4. KeyLimeCat

    Hi, I made this account for the EvaXephon/YandereDev thread, but I might join other threads.

  5. hind

    Oh. My birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday~~~ :alpacaheadshake:

  6. justForThis

    amazing what a fucked up way to end my bday

  7. Yohane » Cordelia

    it's joke

  8. hind

    I always forget about these in every damn forum I join... jeez

  9. mochiette

    Wow, I haven't been on this website for a while. 

  10. solaring

    I still love Wednesday Campanella

    1. solaring

      me too

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  11. luckyjune431

    Lets Game! 

  12. Tugboat McBoatface

    Whhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, is it spring yet?

  13. justForThis


  14. Shinya

    Icon art by Vee-ko !

  15. woot

    Let's f*cking goooo..

  16. justForThis

    So you hate the word "soon" huh. Guess who's not going to make future plans with u now

    1. justForThis

      Sorry but i can be petty af and never let u live this down but alas i wont

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  17. RinaHoshino

    I love cleaning the house, it's so relaxing :alpacaheadshake:

  18. Fun fun

    Telling truth to brighten the dark side of the pretty ugly little liars...

  19. justForThis

    So much in my mind like wtf whatever

    Ill do my best but im so done with u

    1. justForThis

      Guess I gotta be the adult today 

      *rolls eyes

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  20. Sodapop

    I'm so nervous my driving test is the 7th. Like i'm trying really hard to calm down but I really feel like i'm going to throw up because of the nerves. I just want this to be over as quick as possible.

  21. happy

    who else re-reads old threads when they're bored?

  22. prownieakahamza

    i emerge from the darkness...
    to see tons of people...

    only to return back into the shadows...
    in the horror that people treat me like i'm invisible...
    and come back out... 

    if and when my time comes around again...
    you are free to join me...

    if you can relate...

  23. solaring

    I love Wednesday Campanella

    1. solaring

      me too

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