1. justForThis

    So you hate the word "soon" huh. Guess who's not going to make future plans with u now

    1. justForThis

      Sorry but i can be petty af and never let u live this down but alas i wont

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  2. RinaHoshino

    I love cleaning the house, it's so relaxing :alpacaheadshake:

  3. justForThis

    So much in my mind like wtf whatever

    Ill do my best but im so done with u

    1. justForThis

      Guess I gotta be the adult today 

      *rolls eyes

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  4. Shibe

    Anyone out there own a Shibes? I own a Shibes.

    1. justForThis

      We have the same icon!! xD

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  5. Sodapop

    I'm so nervous my driving test is the 7th. Like i'm trying really hard to calm down but I really feel like i'm going to throw up because of the nerves. I just want this to be over as quick as possible.

  6. happy

    who else re-reads old threads when they're bored?

  7. prownieakahamza

    i emerge from the darkness...
    to see tons of people...

    only to return back into the shadows...
    in the horror that people treat me like i'm invisible...
    and come back out... 

    if and when my time comes around again...
    you are free to join me...

    if you can relate...

  8. A.G.

    I love Wednesday Campanella

  9. Sodapop

    boo I was going to make a new thread but it turns out there's already a thread on this said person and it's been dead for 2 years. 'Bout to revive that shit with a lot of info

    Image result for rev up those fryers gif


  10. GoMons

    This status thing is still working?

  11. AwesomeKimchi

    Just joined!!!!!! Trying to figure how to use the website:anime:

  12. bok joo

    im going to just delete this acc once i reach 1000 just bcs

    this is random 

  13. justForThis

    I wish I had more salt but alas LOL

  14. kurukurupaaaa

    Just here for the memes.

  15. A.G.


  16. KingRei » oatmilk

    Your username is so cute! It makes me hungry!


    1. oatmilk

      Haha, thank you!! :alpacacrush:

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  17. Chocolate factory escape

    I'm feeling pretty petty 

  18. justForThis

    PULL statuses are about to become my rant posts. 


  19. Pusheen

    I miss wasabi chips

  20. House

    Y'all think my handle is @House because of Gregory House but it's actually because I like House music.

    #conspiracy theory


  21. Namjoon.jpeg

    Art hoes are the new wave.

  22. kirai

    that fakeboi karda still at it ??? jfc girl stop you’re a girl

  23. Coffee Creamer

    My new job requires me to wake up at 6am.

    I want to die.

  24. promptobo

    word up