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  1. mariehana

    Spill the tea sis! 🙈

  2. TheBradyBitch

    Does anyone remember Quizilla?

    i used to be obsessed with that site, making fairy quizzes to reading fanfic to all sorts of sci-go stories ❤️

  3. flurry

    surviving? yes.

    thriving? nahhhh.


    fuck the virus panic WOOOOO

  4. Renu

    I should be working right now but i Really want to go to sleep

  5. TheBradyBitch

    Man all the threads I follow are dead :hmm: 

  6. pinksaltlamp

    simply v i b i n g

  7. narutired

    bye again thotties

  8. Sub-Zero » Cyrillic

    where are you? I miss you : (

  9. russianroulette

    hope everyone has happy holidays! or don't! you're not obligated to

  10. mickey

    Took me long enough but I finally found out nitpicking is a serious issue that I got sucked into. It's so easy to hate someone to the point absolutely anything they do is reason enough to dislike them; hating someone makes you think you're suddenly the master interpreter of anything they do, including just regular facial gestures, posts, etc. 

    I like knowing the truth, but I don't like gang mentality. I don't like that, advocating for nothing but the truth being out for everyone to see, I genuinely got sucked into not giving a fuck about these people's feelings, ignoring that they're 100% human as well. 

  11. TheBradyBitch

    ayyo addicted to tiktok check!

  12. jnx

    we need a meme fest thread honestly

  13. areeba

    mY KiDs CaNt hEaR Me CaUse THeiR liSTeNiNG tO KIdZ bOp

  14. グミデス ♡

    i hate my weeb username & how inconsistently i use this website.

  15. sfrappe1999

    lol some of you on this site are really just haters ngl like wow

  16. Babe Ruthless

    New user. Hellooooo!

  17. Raccoon

    I just spend ten minutes staring at a page number for a thread wondering how the person who commented managed to get so many up-votes, I think I need a nap

  18. Babygirl210

    Hey Everyone, I’m new here and My name is Angela  

  19. drusillau

    hiiii! xoxo, hows everyone doing? :alpacasad:

  20. Miki » Sub-Zero

    I came out of lurking just because I love your name so much. 

    1. Sub-Zero


      he's such a cutie tbh

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  21. Raccoon

    Is there a way to view just  a threads images? As in all/most of the images posted into a thread without excess text posts in between them; I wanted to find a few pictures; does this mean I have to comb through the entire thread/area's I know they'll be?

  22. Haven

    page 14 saya