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  1. skullchimes

    i see a udemy drawing course and i lose my mind


  2. hngagh

    Mostly lurking for some YanDev tea

  3. skullchimes

    made a reference sheet for cheb


  4. ilovetheavocados

    tea tea tea and more teaaa

  5. skullchimes


    I hate it

    Having a hard time coming up with ideas, I guess less youtube and procrastination would help but who am I to stop wasting time


  6. +* milk and cookies *+

    hate and shame 2, electric boogaloo <3

  7. skullchimes

    been pushing myself w my recent work

    the artist s.jpg

  8. Fukawa Toko

    Like dude, wonder why I'm being told that some other forum is talking about me, like cool story bro...

  9. A.G.

    Okay, I still love Wednesday Campanella, but just their old songs : )

    KOM_I is also very pretty.

    1. A.G.

      me too

      • 0
  10. skullchimes

    I tried to squash my sketchbook pages down, bending the sketchbook out so pages don't float upwards AND I RIPPED IT, at least it's not THAT ripped so the pages are still together thank god but that was scary:alpacafedup:


  11. prettyprettylittleladies

    allowing myself to breathe for a sec and be interested in drama if i feel like it instead of restricting myself.

  12. stalin's breast milk

    I'm gone for a bit. Will be back one day : )

  13. nyaako_jp

    Finally streaming after not being able to for like, over two weeks I think? Feelsgoodman~

  14. russianroulette

    i need a nap

  15. Barrack Obama

    Don't tell Michelle.

  16. Marie Hana

    Spill the tea sis! 🙈

  17. TheBradyBitch

    Does anyone remember Quizilla?

    i used to be obsessed with that site, making fairy quizzes to reading fanfic to all sorts of sci-go stories ❤️

  18. flurry

    surviving? yes.

    thriving? nahhhh.


    fuck the virus panic WOOOOO

  19. Renu

    I should be working right now but i Really want to go to sleep

  20. TheBradyBitch

    Man all the threads I follow are dead :hmm: 

  21. pinksaltlamp

    simply v i b i n g

  22. acidromance

    never really understood why plastic surgery is such a terrible drama thing ... if someone wants to get it done and not tell anyone, why the hell is that anyones business 

  23. narutired

    bye again thotties