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  1. Sodapop

    I found the best god damn fanfic ever written. Its so well written that i can legit see the actual writers use it and its blowing my mind. Its a fanfic about one of my favorite BL(and one of my long term OTP) and its just -cries- SO GOOD. Theres 51 chapters and im on 48, im so mad cause although she still updates(been writting it since 2015 apparently) she uploads reaalllyyy slow and i just know im setting myself up to be really angry once i catch up. Not everyone can pull off the whole fanfic thing but jesus christ i want to throw my money at her so shell never quit, hell ill pay the actual writer to steal her idea so i can see it in motion. Some one make it real jesus!

  2. beelzebub666

    Can't stop eating macaroons halp ;-;

  3. May Prince » Girl A

    Hey, would you like to check your mailbox on PULL please?

    I sent you a message some weeks ago and it seems that you did notice it at all :|

  4. Agasshi

    I want to leave pull all of the new users are ruining the site for me. Its also not as fun as before. All of the threads get repetitive, they are either about lolinymphet girls or insta kylienwannabees.

  5. Theory

    you guys should join http://autumnpetals.com/index.php awesome misc discussion forum

  6. Thatax

    I just posted a topic in general discussion... I have know idea if I did that right  :alpacaconfused:

  7. Momo Kisaragi

    My grammar is not aesthetic.

  8. Raindrop Cake

    Hello everyone. May you all be find peace, genuine love and friendships. :alpacacrush:

  9. Iiris

    there's a youtuber in my country who makes yumi look like the most innocent snowflake lol

  10. M.I.A

    "666 profile views" 

  11. Velett


    I'm too cute for this shit.


  12. becky

    whine whine wine

  13. HoneyHoney202

    A lot of my favorite Youtube channels are gone. Makes me feel so old and sad. What should I do now???

  14. Momo Kisaragi

    Me: I should do some errands before my mom kills me.

    Also me: Lurk and shitpost on random PULL threads.


  15. bloodbong

    i'm baaaack

  16. Froot

    I miss seeing the statuses on the front page :alpacaworry2:

  17. House

    I had my phone close to my face and it smelled like pancakes. Idk if I am having some sort of olfactory hallucination or something, but it legit smelled like pancakes.

  18. becky


  19. becky

    stop shredding my feels into scraps around valentines day for christs sake 

  20. becky

    alternating sobs

  21. Raccoon

    Really wish I had a credit card so I could buy stuff because I'm so so anxious and buying something would calm me down, but on the other hand it's good I don't because I would spend all of it on useless stuff that i don't need :/

  22. Sodapop

    Im so whiney and bitchy on here ik you guys are tired of me lol

    1. Spooky Moon

      I love it, personally. :alpacacrush:

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    2. Sodapop

      ;-; ah really

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  23. becky

    why is the status box so inconsistent

    I can type one in full text normally and the nextll show up solely as an img uploader tell me this isn't exclusive to me