1. hfeuwh146

    yungelita starter pack 

    РезÑлÑÐ°Ñ Ñо Ñлика за yungelita starter pack

  2. Denoted

    Life is sad

    Alexa play Ddaeng

  3. theilimitedH

    I remember the day I found out that there is a world outside me that didn't work according to my willing... I was 7... I stepped on a lego... 

  4. theilimitedH

    Its extra hard to do anything on my computer, I mean, like owner like computer, we're both dead on the inside hahaha

  5. theilimitedH

    Crazy things only happen to normal people. To crazy people, crazy things are normal...

  6. Info-chan

    Gathering Info.

  7. BakanoNerd

    FINALLY vacations, just what I needed, now I can continue making my projects. Im so excited~ :alpacasad:

  8. anonymouskid

    I'm finna pissed about my 88rising thread not being active enough :rageplz:

  9. BakanoNerd

    At the tech faculty, I have a virgin weeb at my side, cool :alpacaheadshake:

  10. BakanoNerd

    Listening to Mars Argo after finishing a digital drawing! Very nice,

  11. BakanoNerd

    Playing with a friend after finishing homework yay!

  12. BakanoNerd

    Got out of bed, eating a sweet cake as breakfast :alpacalove:

  13. BakanoNerd

    Didn't know about the cover photo just now, placed a PS edit of a pic I found online, don't really know who the artist Is...

  14. BakanoNerd

    [ Lurking & Lurking ]

  15. strekozalyubvi

    I am not sure what this website is for, so I am sorry if I do anything wrong. I am only here to expose a known Asiaboo and bring awareness to what she has done.

  16. sqellzaaa

    stroopwafels are god and everybody should eat em and the only gud thing bout dutch culture hav a nice day bye


  17. KPOP


    1. Sodapop

      I feel this 100%

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  18. Sodapop

    Am I really reading Yaoi at work? Yes, Yes I am :alpacaheadshake:

  19. hind

    No tea lately geez

  20. pickle_ko

    man, ive lurked for so long... now what? :alpacaconfused:

  21. KeyLimeCat

    Hi, I made this account for the EvaXephon/YandereDev thread, but I might join other threads.

  22. hind

    Oh. My birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday~~~ :alpacaheadshake:

  23. Yohane » Cordelia

    it's joke

  24. hind

    I always forget about these in every damn forum I join... jeez