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  1. Secret Haven

    I need to stop talking on unpopular opinions because I'm flooding the thread with my opinions I've had held in for over 4 years now

  2. Negin

    why does this website not allow u to delete ur account? 


    admins delete mine plz

  3. Secret Haven

    This guy rn is lowkey asking me to throw hands at him at this point 

  4. ShoopShow

    Long story short, my spine is broken and my sciatic is in terrible horrible pain.  I need a crutch for it and all.  If I seem a bit rambly on here I'm sorry, the pain meds are making me goofy.

    But let's talk photoshop, video editing, photography, etc.  My dms are always open and I need new friends.

    Photoshop forums are horrific.

  5. pablito

    I've just joined today and for some reason already love it. I hope everyone respects me as the woman I am:alpacacrush:

  6. gsapple

    Inbox me if you want .........



    I 'm bored !!!

  7. anonymouskid

    gonna take a break or stop going on this site. the ppl here are just kinda rude, probably bc its predominantly female so theres more drama lol. 

  8. ShoopShow

    I'm sorry, I don't care if I'm new or not, downvoting a whole ass death wish should not be suspicious under any circumstances.

  9. nokjae

    i had 699 profile visits and i wanted to keep it that way 

  10. Katniss

    Kotakoti so beautiful and tender



  11. Katniss

    Dakota & Kirsten Ostrenga. Dysfunctional ? Who knowa ! We are all dysfunctional to some extent......







  12. Katniss

    Ah Kotakoti what angers you??


  13. Katniss

    With all the gossip, tall tales, and paparazzi with their predation in high gear I often wonder what they would have said about my mom ( pictured here at 18 years old ) 1980 California


  14. Katniss

    Dakota Angel <3 Gotta love the creative freedoms...smoking ? Do Angels smoke? Who knows. Who cares.


  15. Katniss

    Dakotakoti had major challenges and set backs in her life, but she made it through. She's beautiful inside, and out......






  16. Katniss

    Ginger hair  Dakota Rose. Just lovely 


  17. TheBradyBitch

    wow i just spend a few days reading up on lolcow my eyes burn......damn son! hahaha people getting torn to shreds there!
    at least i can safely say that PULL is actually fairly civilized compared to lolcow xD

  18. Katniss

    Dakota Rose ( Kotakoti ) is quite lovely

  19. ShoopShow

    I can't find a photoshop thread anywhere around here... so strange, did I hallucinate one?

  20. TheBradyBitch

    Karma's a bitch............or am I the bitch? hmmmmmmmmm

  21. soggyteddy

    i try so hard not to focus on social media people but man their lives are a mess

  22. Retired Shinobi

    It's 2019 and y'all STILL being bitter on this site? cmon ladies i know y'all are better than this

  23. moogia

    hello everyone! this is my first time using this website; i'm super excited to meet new people and spill some tea!~ anyway, hope everybody is having a gorgeous, lovely, exhilarating day.

    here are some fun facts about me!:

    • im originally from italy
    • i know spanish & english!
    • i really enjoy anime & roleplaying!
    • i completely support LGBT+
  24. Parasol Waddle Dee

    I just want a Kirby keychain... the Kirby gachas in Shinjuku were all the same squishy toys :alpacaworry2: I want those too but I lose things like these too often that I would rather save that amount of money.

  25. gsapple

    bingo luao has TOO many ads ..... :(