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  1. Sodapop

    My laptop is finally here omg

  2. M.I.A

    I think I fucking broke my tooth, shit

  3. Sodapop

    IM FUCKING READY! SEASON TWO OF KILLING STAKING COMING TOMORROW!!! -sobs- i will like to first thank god 

  4. Pusheen

    Can someone get me French Onion Soup

  5. bambi

    dead inside 

  6. bambi

    blonde seulgi >>> 

  7. Sodapop

    My books are hereeee :alpacaheadshake:

  8. May Prince » Girl A

    Good morning, how have you been?

    May I ask if PULL is actually better for you to communicate than Facebook is?

    I have sent you some messages over Facebook, but you failed to reply possibly because you always use Facebook through the phone, not through the desktop.

  9. Sodapop

    I ordered the fifty shades trilogy like last week i think and I just got an email that it said itll be here tomorrow *-* ayeee I pre-ordered fifty shades darker too. Dont judge me ples 

  10. Biscuit

    Lies are bad karma. I wouldn't make them. And if anyone thinks I care about rep, clearly doesn't know me. I couldn't care less about rep. I'm an anon on a forum. Rep makes absolutely no impact on my life. Anyone who cares that much about rep seriously needs to reevaluate their priorities. Chill, guys.

  11. stockholmbarbie

    G'mornin' 😋

  12. stockholmbarbie

    G'night; sorry for everything 😂 

  13. Spooky Moon

    It's my one year PULLiversary. One year of my life I can never get back. :alpacaheadshake:

  14. Sodapop

    I've watched fifty shades darker three times already. Unpopular opinion but: I love this franchise so much lol

  15. Sodapop

    SEASON THREE OF FUCKING RICK AND MORTY IS HERE OMFG IM SO HAPPY RN!!! The first episode was good! The rest isnt here until summer tho but jesussss im so happy!! I woke up happy af!!


  16. Patsuan

    club penguin is dead.

    also this website helps you lose track of time very quickly.

  17. Sodapop

    I feel weird? I dont feel like myself 


  18. Babymeia

    Taemin's middle part. That is all 

  19. becky

    ezra miller and sen mitsuji, that is all

  20. terrorchan

    Venus and Kiki should have their subforums moved to little snowflakes (Venus because she isn't a big snowflake and Kiki because she's inactive). Perhaps create a big Yumi King subforum and move Taylor up to main snowflakes?

  21. becky

    hahhahhahahahhaaaa oh m y god

  22. ZAGGY

    noodz why did U block me :anime:

  23. Sodapop

    I caught up. This was a mistake, god save me.