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  1. Momo Kisaragi

    Me: I should do some errands before my mom kills me.

    Also me: Lurk and shitpost on random PULL threads.


  2. Froot

    I miss seeing the statuses on the front page :alpacaworry2:

  3. House

    I had my phone close to my face and it smelled like pancakes. Idk if I am having some sort of olfactory hallucination or something, but it legit smelled like pancakes.

  4. saburoro

    stop shredding my feels into scraps around valentines day for christs sake 

  5. saburoro

    alternating sobs

  6. Raccoon

    Really wish I had a credit card so I could buy stuff because I'm so so anxious and buying something would calm me down, but on the other hand it's good I don't because I would spend all of it on useless stuff that i don't need :/

  7. Sodapop

    Im so whiney and bitchy on here ik you guys are tired of me lol

    1. Spooky Moon

      I love it, personally. :alpacacrush:

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    2. Sodapop

      ;-; ah really

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  8. saburoro

    why is the status box so inconsistent

    I can type one in full text normally and the nextll show up solely as an img uploader tell me this isn't exclusive to me

  9. Kasu Kyun!

    Less cringey than the previous videos..

    1. House

      Why does most shit YandereDev share always look/sound so cringy... it makes me die on the inside.

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    1. kano

      i drew this two years ago and its still relevant 

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  10. EvanescentAngel

    Hi, everyone! Long time lurker here :) I've been on PULL since the first site but just recently made an account.

    1. House

      Hello and welcome to PULL!


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    2. EvanescentAngel

      xDLol thank you!

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  11. Surbi

    This Einshine bomb has me shook.

  12. MasterApplez

    I'm new here so go easy on me! 




  13. RedFirefox

    New here! :alpacacrush:

  14. House

    I'm probably dead on the inside. Are you?


  15. sumi2001

    hate to see that there are still racists in this world including a president of a powrful country 💔

  16. mushroom

    testing 1 2 3

  17. Sasaking Chen

    Great ideas were conjured in Yandere Dev/ Alex/ EvaXephon thread!!! Support our dev by promoting him as one of our new main and the FIRST male snowlfake. Plus putting him our new banner!! Pls make it happen, NYX-SENPAI through a poll 

  18. Sasaking Chen

    Sometimes I feel like a debt collector except I don't punish people if they don't pay me up in full or after a long time of not paying back. It's kinda frustrating how people close to you keeps asking money right when I'm trying to save for something important with a deadline I set up for myself. Also kinda frustrating when they don't pay you back for a VERY long time and here I am trying to pay back for my own debts in full as much as possible and trying not to forget to pay them back cuz I know what it feels like for people to ask you money and they keep forgetting to pay you up even if they asked for a big amount of money from you, sometimes I wonder if they even bother to remember because if I were them and I asked for a shit ton of money from someone, I won't forget to pay them back because that is a LOT of money to just forget. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too much of a goody-two-shoes and it feels like everyone else are jerks or are being rude to you.

  19. Froot

    Last night I had a dream where I thought "Hey, Jeffree Star lives in California... that means he lives MY TOWN!" and then later in the dream I found out Jeffree DID live in a mansion in my town.

    I didn't realize it was a dream until 1 hour after I woke up.

  20. Raccoon

    Went all the way into town today, about a one and a half hour journey each way. Was so anxious when i got there i bought a keychain and then got right back on the bus to go home. At least i got the bus by myself, so that's some improvement...

  21. Sodapop

    I feel like im just whiteknighting every where OTL  but goddamnit some of the 'critique' is such bullshit