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  1. mickey added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    yeah I could understand her trying to spread awareness about her illnesses and trying to convince people she wasn’t in vietnam (since she got people knocking on her door to do ungodly things to her)  but the thing about the livestream (saying it was live when it isn’t) sounds entirely like marketing. it sounds like an attempt to get us to watch her website for a long time to figure out if it is or it isn’t a livestream. it sounds like she has the website monetized and the longer people stay on it, the more money she gets. I don’t think there’s any excuse for that. maybe that she needed money since she has mentioned being broke & is on very expensive treatment but idk. if she came out and admitted she needed the money, I could understand. psychological care is expensive as fuck... but as long as she keeps quiet about it, I’m not really excusing her for it —unless the anti fem pricks are checking this thread; then I could understand—
    idk, everything sounds iffy. 
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  2. mickey added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

     also, inpatient treatment is EXTREMELY expensive. I'm talking 80,000$ a month (unless you have a reaaaally good insurance). since she is a foreigner, I'm guessing she must've paid full price for it, unless she was in some sort of program. even so, I think it would've come out still pretty expensive. especially for someone who mentioned not being able to afford more than 15 m2 for an apartment and who mentioned being robbed of her only few possessions (which included only her mac, I think?? idk, I provided screenshots of the apartment thing & the robbery thing a couple of pages back in case anyone wants to check). 
    not tryna be a skeptic but it does seem odd she'd be able to afford flying out to the US and paying for treatment + the whole visa thing also seems like something that wouldn't be very easy to get. and let's not forget, it seems incredible someone who literally fled her apartment in the heat of the moment because of an immediate death threat would actually go back to it, let alone post pictures and not remove them even after it has been made evident that tons of people who used to know her as GG have found out it's her. 
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  3. mickey added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I don't think "fixed" is the word tbh. psychiatric hospitals aren't meant to "fix" people, they're meant to help them get to a point in which they themselves decide they want to change (obvsly it depends on the disorder(s) they're being treated for but let's assume what she has is something that can be changed) and work on themselves. it's like the stepping stone to getting better. she will learn about what conditions she has, she will learn coping mechanisms for her impulses, she will learn to change the negative thoughts that prompt her to do these things into positive thoughts, etc etc. 
    whether it helps her or not is almost entirely up to her. yeah, sure, some people want to get better but can't... but there's also a lot of people who refuse to get better despite all the help they're getting. if she genuinely wants to get better, she may learn some things in the hospital that will help her deal with everything once she's back out. I wouldn't condemn anyone's recovery like that. different people react differently to things. we'll just have to wait and see if she is one of those who go back into their bad habits or if she will allow this to help her get better.
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  4. mickey added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I was in a mental hospital a while back (when I was a teen so it might've been different based on underage/of age treatments) and I did get my phone taken away. we were cut off from the world (with the exception of legally approved visitors that could come twice a day).
    honestly? I think it was a good thing. getting disconnected from outside stuff can really help some people and I think it could really help her. most of her emotional issues seem to be related to her online persona and the people she follows and emulates; maybe being cut off from all that, with professional help by her side and other patients (at least in my experience, the other patients were extremely empathetic and kind, willing to help each other out and did their best to create a safe environment for each other) she can socialize with in what should be an emotionally safer environment could teach her how unessential other people's perception of her is. 
    I don't think it's cool to bash on her for her mental issues. it's one thing to be aware and point out the shitty things she has done based on her mental illnesses, it's another to make fun of her for them. I sincerely hope she will get the help she needs and actually find a way to become herself, independent from what others think of her. her biggest issue right now seems to be the fact that she cares far too much about what others think of her, which is why she uses others for popularity and tries to imitate lots of people with huge followings and who are generally more loved than hated (unlike herself & many instagram starlets).
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  5. mickey added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    not to be that person but I think she may have an eating disorder. waaay earlier in the thread an old picture of her was posted and she mentioned she is always dieting even though she seems to have always been very thin. for someone to be as thin as her by dieting doesn't seem healthy. if she were that way without watching what she eats, then it'd be perfectly fine but she watches her weight even though she already seems, if not underweight, on the lower spectrum of the healthy weight range.
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  6. mickey added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

    he mentions us and lolcow towards the beginning. he talks about lolcow (censors it) and someone asks if he's talking abt pull and he says nope. idr what else he said about us but he did talk a lot more about lolcow and the fact that dasha and her minion had commented over 150 times on their own thread defending dasha and how they posted her nudes. 
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  7. mickey added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I can say I am honestly, 100% shocked she didn't tag gamer and gamergirl because of the caption. or LoL, for that matter. 
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  8. mickey added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    I think we should add her current username since she had her old one for quite a while and I'm sure many people who found her/worked with her back in the day and lost touch might still look for her online under that username. 
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  9. mickey added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

    yoooo there is SO much tea being spilled on that video. does anyone know how to archive it by any chance? also, OT but I feel kinda famous since he reference us at the beginning 
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  10. mickey added a post in a topic Alexis Ren   

    so @celebface on insta did a before and after of Alexis Ren in which you can clearly see she didn’t just blow up her lips like a fish, but she actually did get the cheek fillers I had talked about before
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  11. mickey added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    (please note the font I chose for this is comic sans)
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  12. mickey added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

    she is an abuser.
    I read a while ago a tumblr girl's story about her poly relationship and the abuse she suffered, and her story mirrored this one (to a harsher degree). two girls fall in love with the same guy and entertain a relationship with him in different periods of time. the future abused gf is eventually flown out to a different state to be with the current couple. the poly relationship is the idea of the future girl abuser. the guy's gf is jealous of the girl who is eventually going to be abused but sweet talks her into everything. oscillates drastically between loathing her and loving her. low-key tries to turn the guy against the abused. finds ways to make the abused dependent of her and then abuses her. abuser manipulates the guy who is also trash for not stepping up when seeing this abuse and doing something about it. guy eventually becomes a direct abuser as well. fourth person, close to the poly relationship leaves when the abused girl does and their relationship starts/continues. girl abuser is still obsessed with the abused and continues to stalk her online and talk shit about her when she can. the girl abuser also imitates the abused in an attempt to replace her. 
    it's honestly the reason I started reading this thread -- I kinda wanted to see if maybe someone on this thread found out the mental disorder(s) that cause such behavior, even if I already had my own theories--. Dasha's behavior and Mina's situation were so goddamn similar to the story I'd read literally a couple of days earlier that I just had to read it. it feels like there's a specific set of mental disorders that turn people into what Dasha and the girl abuser from the other story were. they were both incredibly mercurial, possessive, self-centered, and jealous people. 
    I don't know if Mina is a good person or not but I really do feel for her because very little people deserve to be treated the way Dasha treated her. being convinced to move to a different state in what is supposed to be a safe environment only to be emotionally (or physically) abused by two people who you love and who claim to love you but do very little to actually show it has to be one hell of a traumatic experience. 
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  13. mickey added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    so I'll talk below about my experience (I'll spoiler it) and will tell you what I've noticed from my personal experience as well as from the cases of other bilingual/multilingual people I've known throughout my life:
    what I want to say is that to lose your native language at a later age (15+) there are a few things that need to happen:
    -little to no speaking it 
    -little to no writing in it
    -having to do everything in another language (like grocery shopping, interacting with friends/family, studying in said language, etc)
    and even if all these conditions are met for years on end, it is usually really hard to lose it completely. something you will never lose, however, is your understanding of that language. you may not be able to think of the right words on your own but as soon as you hear them, you'll know perfectly well what they mean. another thing is the accent. it takes a lotttttt for your accent to deteriorate (and I mean decades living in a foreign country with no one to talk to in your mother tongue) and even then, the deterioration is absolutely minimal. for the most part, your accent will be intact. 
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  14. mickey added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    PSA: the screenshots provided below include graphic descriptions of Nhi's suicide attempts and other depressive thoughts. if you're going to view them, be prepared. 
    So on my last comment I talked about how hard it was for Nhi to have her followers message her about their own issues, explaining that I would completely understand if one of her reasons for disappearing (suicide attempt or not) as GG was influenced by that. I found a post on her insta in which she said just that so I'll quote my comment below and below that, I post screenshots of what she said in that post. I also think everyone (including myself up until my last post) is sort of ignoring the very real possibility that Nhi faked absolutely everything about "GG". it was commented several times: if it were anyone else, we would've jumped to the worst conclusion right away. the truth is none of us know her irl and none of us have actual proof that all the things she said about herself on her ig weren't just inventions for the sake of perpetuating her online persona. I wasn't really skeptical of eeeeverything up until I started going through her ig posts to find the evidence below, and came across a post in which she says she is filled to the brim with pain killers because of her suicide attempt at the time... yet she wrote entire paragraphs that were very well spelled out, articulated, and thought out. as far as I know, pain killers certainly don't allow people to have ordered thoughts, let alone type them on a phone without making at least a few spelling mistakes (I could be totally wrong, though. just in case, I'll leave a screenshot of that too):

    And as a reply to Nevermore (I quoted her but accidentally ruined the format and it took me forever to get the pictures in order and type out some things so there's no way I'm restarting T.T), Nhi actually did struggle financially a lot. she mentioned (I think it was in her ig story since I couldn't find the exact post; I started looking after she left her husband so if anyone wants to check before that, be my guest) several times how hard it was for her to make meets end, how she had barely any belongings, how she got mugged at one point and lost all her money. another thing she mentioned (which I don't have screenshots of because again, I couldn't find it) was that part of the reason why she didn't make enough money to get by with ig alone was that she declined most of the sponsorships offered to her. she got offers from things like the blue gummy bear for hair thingy, but she ignored them or told them to fuck off if they insisted too much because she knew those weren't products she'd ever use on her own free will, and she didn't want to trick her followers into thinking she did, robbing them of their money. she said the sponsorships she did take were from brands she actually liked, but she usually wasn't paid much money. 
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  15. mickey added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I think Nhi wanted to disappear, and decided to do it theatrically. maybe she did attempt suicide, maybe she just wanted a fresh start; either way, I still think her suicide message was made on more of a dramatic thought than a genuine thought. I also think her comeback is meant to be as theatrical as her last IG post. I'm not sure how I feel about all of it.
    on one hand, I feel very little empathy for her followers. I think she was a person with tons of mental issues and I can understand having people get so emotionally attached to and even dependent of her would only stress her out even more. people literally messaged her (from what I've seen on this thread) about their own suicidal thoughts, self-harm stories, and ED stuff. that shit can take a real toll on someone who is struggling with those same thoughts, especially because (from what I can tell from the comments on her last IG post) it would seem her followers saw her as a goddess that would walk with them through their own mental illnesses rather than someone they could have a balanced, equitable relationship of mutual help. 
    having people depend on you is scary. honestly, it can be a burden. it's probably true she got her account in an attempt to get her art out there and have an outlet in which she could vent. she didn't get it so she could become online strangers' counselor. hell, considering how mistreated she was in her home country, it was possibly the only job she could get that would allow her to somewhat support herself (unlike her 4 other jobs). up to that point, I completely understand why she would've wanted to disappear without letting her followers know where she went. it's a big leap from just going MIA to telling everyone she committed suicide, though. 
    what I don't agree with, however, is what I pointed out at first; the way she did things seems like it was all meant to be a dramatic end to the persona she'd created. it feels like a tacky move, especially coming from someone who knows suicide so up close. I think at this point she is trying to get people talking about her and as well as recover her old followers. maybe she's ready to get back on the spotlight and has more ambitions than ever for her following.
    she doesn't owe anyone an explanation but milking suicide as a sensationalist move is beyond tasteless. 
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