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  1. mickey added a post in a topic Toopoor / layla shapiro   

    I'm not assuming she has a mental illness because of her appearance, I'm assuming a mental illness I am 99% sure I've seen her talking about online has come back which isn't far fetched in the slightest. 
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  2. mickey added a post in a topic Toopoor / layla shapiro   

    I'm pretty sure I once saw her talking about having had an ed. I'm also pretty sure she mentioned she overcame it and sometimes edits her pictures to look thinner. 
    if it's true she's had an ed, then it's extremely likely that this new weight loss isn't healthy for her.
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  3. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I actually think she had more done than ari. as far as I know ariana got a brow lift, lip fillers, nose job, and her jaw shaved (and possibly a boob job). whereas dove got a brow lift, lip fillers (ariana is waaaay more consistent with her lips than dove, which makes dove look sloppy with her ps alongside her botched nose), at least 2 nose jobs, her jaw shaved and dimpleplastly (and possibly a boob job as well).
    either way, while ari's lips don't suit her face imo, she still looks more... idk, "clean"? while dove looks like a shape shifting mess at this point
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  4. mickey added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

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  5. mickey added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    either that or she's REALLY running out of people to copy
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  6. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    ShE DiDn'T gEt HeR DiMpLeS dOnE
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  7. mickey added a post in a topic Kimiperi   

    what's her url?
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  8. mickey added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    same here. I'm hispanic and I lived through basically the same thing  
    I don't think it's uncommon for families to push their own beauty ideals onto the younger generations and a lot of people's beauty standards start at being thin.
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  9. mickey added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I'm not saying she has any of these disorders but there are a few disorders that include manipulation, lying, and being emotional as symptoms (I don't even know why you'd think of schizo right away with those symptoms btw): narcissism, histrionic personality disorder, being a compulsive liar --yes, it's a disorder--. she could also have more than one disorder. 
    the thing is, the reason why so many of us assume she has a mental illness right away is because when someone lies to the extent she has, it's simply not normal. it goes straight into being a compulsive liar or another mental illness that has compulsive lying as a symptom. sure, there's tons of people in the world who lie and/or manipulate for one reason or another but when it's to the scale Nhi has done it, it's just far more complicated than being a cold bitch.
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  10. mickey added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    I don't get her calling us locals. does she mean she thinks we're people from her city/town who dislike her? 
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  11. mickey added a post in a topic Tena Nani | 10ehh | 10a10s   

    does anyone know her current ig handle? 10ratz seems to be the handle of her store, but not her personal acc.
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  12. mickey added a topic in New Topic Approval   

    Kseniya Rain
    Kseniya Rain ( https://www.instagram.com/septembrenell/ ) is a russian insta influencer. I found her a few minutes ago because I was checking the "Who is This?" thread and someone linked her. I'm just posting her because her photoshopping is so hardcore it scares me. She looks like she's gone under the knife more than once. Those two things paired with the overwhelming use of the contrast tool make her pictures look really scary (but interesting) imo.
    I just wanted to know if anyone knows more about this girl. I especially want to know about what she has to say about her own edits and if the feedback she gets is all positive or if people even point out how odd her face looks in pictures. All her posts are in russian so I sadly can't check for myself

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  13. mickey added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    sooo I found tons more of her selfies on google images but her insta is gone. does anyone know what her new ig handle is or if she even still has a n ig? I remember being obsessed w her too because of that selfie that went viral but never actually found her acc.
    this girl's handle is also a dead end. does anyone know her new ig or if she even has one??
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  14. mickey added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    actually, I can still see her posts so I'm guessing she blocked you. in any case, here are some screenshots of her IG:
    I lowkey-highkey love her trash baby/nymphette aesthetic tbh. she also seems nice (she reported a child porn acc and asked her followers to do the same). the only thing I find funny abt her is her jaw shoop 
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  15. mickey added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I haven't read much of the thread (mostly skipped through it) but I saw this (I messed up the quoting, soz):
     aaaand I decided to check her friend's insta...

    she literally cropped katie out and idk if it's meant to be shade or because katie asked her to since she has tried to slightly disappear on social media (especially instagram) but considering the things I've read about her, the second option seems unlikely considering how clout thirsty she is.
    idk, I just find it reaaaally funny. maybe she found this thread?
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