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  1. mickey added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    girl trying to educate people yet she can't even spell emperor 
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  2. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    okay so I've been watching shield for a while and I finally got to the episodes she's in. I gotta say... the first time I saw her (p sure I said this in my first comment on this thread but whatevs) was on ariana's insta and she looked like a doll. I was obsessed with her (picture posted below). I followed her on insta right away and honestly I just loved her face. like a year later or maybe more, I started watching liv and maddie and I had no fkin clue it was her. she by no means looked like a doll or as pretty and perfect as she did in the picture. she is a straight up catfish. 
    but guys. while I already couldn't tell if I liked her face much or not when she was on liv and maddie (I liked everything except her nose which to me made her face rather unattractive)... I can tell ya'll I do not find her attractive in the least on shield. there's something so incredibly odd about her face and her lips look creepy. at least on liv and maddie her lips looked fine but now they look way too big for her face. she looks at least 24 even though from what I've seen so far about her character, she seems to be portraying a teenager. and if I'm not wrong, she must've been about 22-23 when she shot those scenes and she hadn't pumped up her lips and gotten as much silicone as she has now. I'm guessing that what makes her face look so off to me is probably the silicone she'd gotten by that point.
    oh, also, her chin looks really odd. I do remember it being protrudent on liv and maddie but on shield, her skin looks really weirdly tight and her chin looks weirder (don't know if she got something done on her chin or if the tight skin or the silicone make it look that way)
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  3. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I'm telling ya'll: she'd be perfect for the role of a younger, naive, new housewife (and new mother) in desperate housewives. that chick in her early 30s starting her family in the suburbs with a "perfect" hubby and rainbow dreams who just never knows what's going on
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  4. mickey added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    This is the first time I've heard of this girl and she is just trash. 
    It's insane how manipulative she is. she constantly tries to play the victim and blame everyone else for her actions. She also blames her mental illnesses (which was pointed out by someone on twitter, as seen on a screenshot from page 2, I think) and when she was called out because it leads people to believe all people with mental illness are shitty and do shitty things yet can't be held accountable for it, she completely missed the point.
    Your mental illness does not excuse your shitty behavior. You have to take responsibility for your actions and work to get better/be better, not just use it as an excuse as if it suddenly made you blameless of your actions. You may get a bit more understanding because of your (not so shitty) actions related to your mental health problems, but there is a line. 
    She is also so goddamn condescending. Her responses to being called out are "if it makes you feel better, blame me, I get it" and "well, tell me what YOU THINK I did wrong and sure, I'll apologize for it if it makes you happy". She is constantly trying to make it seem like others are being irrational and emotional whereas she is completely objective in these matters and willing to bend whichever way to please people when in fact she is nothing but a self-centered asshole who wants to do whatever she wants, regardless of consequences, and uses her mental health to get a free pass for it.
    An apology doesn't come filled with excuses such as "I have PTSD" and "I reacted that way because of my past abuse". It's fine to let people know your thought process when you genuinely own up to your mistakes; it's a whole different thing to constantly mention it as an excuse and as a reason as to why you shouldn't be blamed for it. 
    Oh, and let's not forget how entitled she has to be to diagnose Heidi on TWITTER with bpd over a completely normal, human reaction to being treated the way she was by two people she cared about. So Holly gets to sleep with her best friend's husband, simultaneously cheating on her own husband, and she can't be blamed because mEnTaL iLlNesS yet Heidi yells at her because she got hurt so she gets all the blame and gets called practically psychotic and disturbed for it. mkay. 
    Funny how anyone who dares criticize Holly in the slightest, even in a constructive way, is an asshole, whether they intended it to come off that way or not; yet when she hurts others, she shouldn't be called out because iT wAsN't HeR iNtEnT
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  5. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    oh I'm not saying she doesn't have an ED; I'm just saying she's in a healthy weight. even if you carry your weight on your legs, when you're underweight, it's going to be noticeable as it is with any body type. and what bothers me about her is that it almos seems like she tries to worry people considering she has already opened up about her ED and continues to post pictures/videos that make her seem underweight because she focuses on her mid section/photoshops
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  6. mickey added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    so she expects people not to notice one boob is a C cup and the other one is an A cup mkay
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  7. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I'm screaaaaming. you can see how her cheeks age her in the latest screenshots. idk if she slimmed her cheeks, got more fillers on the cheekbones or both but she looks like she's in her late 20s/early 30s. it's insane to see that timeline and how different she looks each time. 
    I had to look up her age bc I didn't remember how old she was (I thought maybe she didn't look so far off from her real age) and I have to say, the preview pictures when you look up her name are just... not one single person. so I went on google images to see if I could find worse things to compare and... 

    if it wasn't clear enough on the quoted comparison, they just don't look like the same person. I'm not saying they look like completely different people, but they have the whole katy perry/zooey deschanel/emily blunt/lizzy caplan thing going on in which they sometimes get confused or at the very least compared as siblings without looking identical. the below picture basically sums up what dove's pictures look like next to each other. 
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  8. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    okay so there's a few things I'd like to say about that trailer:
    >dove doesn't look stiff, imo, but she looks old. she definitely could not pass as a teen. if anything, I'd think she'd be more fitted for the role of a new mother and housewife in desperate housewives or something. 
    >>she (and actually, all of them except mayyyybe for sofia) looks like a terrible actress in that trailer. idk if the whole movie is going to have that same, over the top acting (which I guess is slightly normal considering it's a kid's movie on disney but still, they seem bad even for those standards) but yikes. 
    >>>that outfit just shows dove is nowhere near as thin as she tries to make herself look on her insta. she looks perfectly healthy and I don't think anyone would worry about her eating unlike the comments she gets when she posts body checks on ig. I'm pretty sure this has been said before and it's necessary to bring it back: dove carries her weight on her legs. even though her middle looks very thin, her legs are the ones that carry most of her weight and if you look at her full body without posing and angles, it's pretty clear she's in a healthy weight. on her ig body checks she usually focuses on her mid section, hiding her legs. and when she doesn't hide her legs, she is doing some hardcore posing and photoshopping. 
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  9. mickey added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    art? she's not trying to look "pretty" half of the time, she just uses her face as a canvas, which means it's not a distraction from her natural features, it's what you're supposed to be looking at in the first place.
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  10. mickey added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I kinda agree... although I feel like jennie looks naturally the way lily tries to look (with overlining her lips and all)
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  11. mickey added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    okay so I realized I looked up kaleighgarris instead of kalieghgarris and it took me to a different page that has now been deleted  mb
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  12. mickey added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    also her hair? wtf? was it always naturally that curly and dark but she straightened and dyed it brown or is she also faking that? 
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  13. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

  14. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I agree... the tip looks somewhat less square than it used to but I think we'd need before and afters to be able to tell
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  15. mickey added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    okay I know this isn't directly dove related but what? I have to disagree. ari got plastic surgery to mimic the same ig baddie features all those insta models have, except they don't suit her facial structure so (at least to me) she looks pretty but off. if we didn't know who she is, she'd look like any other insta model. I think dove went a little more "unique" with her features, getting the dimples, that split bottom thing, and the nose that has a droopy/square-ish tip (which from what I've seen, was what she'd originally wanted). she still tried to look like a doll and went waaaay overboard, but at some point her face looked a lot more unique than the ig celebs we have right now. 
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