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  1. Nyx added a post in a topic @ Mods? Nyx? Anyone?   

    I've been privately messaging users who've been upstanding PULL users asking if they'd like to interview. I might make a category under "moderators" who can just approve new posts and have fewer permissions.
    I wasn't joking. If there's a user you think would be a great mod, I'm happy to hear it. In organizations, internal references are highly valued for a reason.
    Something that's an issue in finding a good moderator is finding someone who has a proper balance of maturity and enthusiasm. A lot of people seem to apply because they want to mold the site into their vision of what the community will be, which goes against my community philosophy. PULL grows in its own, natural way--I'm not looking for power-hungry mods to flex over the community. Moderators need to be trustworthy and respectful of user privacy. I have to be really careful in selection. I mostly look for mods with previous moderation experience, a good attitude, thick skin, and potentially some technical background. My favorite mods have been those who just want to see the site flourish, and have optimal user experience in mind.
    I ask in the discord on and off about user feedback. I'd like to do another sitewide survey soon asking for user feedback.
    Here's the staff page: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/staff/
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  2. Nyx added a post in a topic @ Mods? Nyx? Anyone?   

    We don't ban because of accidental double-posting. If this happens to you, delete your cookies and the issue should resolve.
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  3. Nyx added a post in a topic @ Mods? Nyx? Anyone?   

    Rhea has been helping massively with coding the back end of the site and making sure the software we're using is still running. Let's not jump to conclusions, there's a lot that's going on behind the scenes that users don't see.
    We can't delete user accounts because it would corrupt the board software, and we get multiple requests on a daily basis for us to ban people from the forum because they can't stay away. It adds to our workload, and PULL isn't some kind of drug. If you have some actual criticism, we're always happy to hear it.
    If you have any good nominations, let me know! I've gone through the mod applications at this point.  
    If a mod says ever something inappropriate to you, kindly forward it to me. I'm not quite sure what you're referring to here. Let's be constructive here and not aggressive, we work hard on this forum. 
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  4. Nyx added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

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  5. Nyx added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Tiny update: Removed "skeleteon queen" from the topic title.
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  6. Nyx added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Hi all! 
    Just wanted to put forward that debate is absolutely welcome here. I love seeing cited analysis & good arguments. PULL is here to be a place of free speech and discussion. If you post in a thread for unpopular opinions, you know you might ruffle feathers, so discussion is expected and mods won't interfere unless it gets out of hand.
    So, please make sure to keep from personal attacks and *taking* things as personal attacks, that's where we draw a line. We're all here to have a good time, please keep it civil!
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  7. Nyx added a topic in News & Announcements   

    PULL Restructuring
    As mentioned in a recent announcement, we're restructuring! We know change isn't always welcome, but PULL has grown exponentially since we started and we need to adapt to that. We're adding a few categories to make it easier for our users to follow the topics they're interested in and discover similar ones. 
    We've narrowed it down to the following:
    - an Asia-centric forum for weeaboos, koreaboos, people pretending to be asian, jvloggers/kvloggers
    - Youtubers, with Beauty Gurus being their own subsection
    - Cosplay personalities
    - Gaming/Twitch personalities
    - Models/Lifestyle (Instagrammers and other "selfie-famous" people that don't belong to a specific subculture)
    - Art / Music
    Massive topics will receive their own subforum so we can allow for a broader spectrum of conversation without cluttering the main discussion.
    Hard-to-categorize snowflakes will be sorted into the forum most relevant to their notoriety, and we will use a tagging system so you can see all topics under a certain tag regardless of which forum they're in. To make it even easier for you to keep track of your favorite discussions, you can create your own topic list with just the threads you want to see. Simply click the "Follow This" button on the top right of the topic you're viewing and bookmark your personal overview: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/followed/
    We will start to move topics within the next few days, until then please take the opportunity to leave your feedback.
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  8. Nyx added a post in a topic @ Mods? Nyx? Anyone?   

    Hi friends,
    I am alive, things have been really busy on my end.
    I tried to add in anti-spam tools and it messed with a lot of settings I need to work on so some things have been wonky, including some current mods accidentally being booted. The site isn't abandoned, I haven't been working on it as much during the past couple of weeks, I quit my real life job so have been overloaded with wrapping that up and I paid the server bill a bit late this month so the site was down.
    I'm trying to rebuild the team, that is the top priority right now. I have to delegate conducting the mod interviews to a head mod, those are happening soon. PULL has grown massively since I first took it on, and it's extremely important to make sure new users can be on-boarded so we don't get spam on the site, that's what's most important and has been the bulk of what I work on on the site nowadays.
    I'd rather not create a forum for "downtime," that splinters the site and completely splintered the lolcow community, I don't want to see that happen to PULL. Feel free to chat on discord if the site goes down, but I bought an upgrade for the server space a few months ago so it shouldn't be really going down. 
    I'm not sure what else to really say, I'm trying to be as transparent as possible. I'm really, truly sorry I haven't been as available. I do care a lot about this community. I should be more active and able to work on the site and with the community in the coming weeks. 
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  9. Nyx added a post in a topic PULL 3.0 questions, answers, etc   

    They are closed! Contacting applicants shortly, scheduling interviews, etc. 
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  10. Nyx added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Please, let's not police the language of others. There are a lot of VERY strong opinions people have on gender here, but it's not your place to tell others what they can/can't say. 
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  11. Nyx added a topic in Simply Kenna   

    Here's your subforum guys. Enjoy
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  12. Nyx added a post in a topic Can the mods interfere more when rule 7 is ignored?   

    Yes, giving a reason as to why a poster should have action taken against them is really helpful. Even something as simple as "this post is armchair diagnosis" helps us in that we don't have to sort through pages of context to take action, and can keep doing work in other areas of the site.
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  13. Nyx added a post in a topic Can the mods interfere more when rule 7 is ignored?   

    Honestly? I've repeated this over and over and over. We still barely get any reports. I'm not inundated with them. We'll get maybe one report a day. Please try to bring our attention to things that are an issue. Thanks.
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  14. Nyx added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Hi all.
    Please don't use the downvote button just because you disagree with people. Please be civil. Not sure why downvote brigading is so intense on this thread but I get a lot of complaints so please quit it. 
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