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  1. Nyx added a post in a topic is this fucking harvard?   

    You can literally see the names of the girls in the banner if you browse the site for more than two minutes. 
    We had a ton of shitty threads popping up from people with vendettas, spammers, who weren't familiar with the board culture, etc. We expect relatively high quality on the site, I don't think asking members to be part of the board for a WEEK (so they can at least understand how things work around here) before they make a thread is too much to ask. 
    Welcome to PULL U~
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  2. Nyx added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Please get back on topic guys 
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  3. Nyx added a post in a topic "Retired Snowflakes" category   

    Yes. That's the point @mahoushojo made. Any snowflake could fall in and out of favor so it'd be close to impossible to move snowflakes in and out of threads constantly. Behind the scenes, we're constantly managing the site as it is. 
    That was the plan when I was waiting on a new banner for the forum. Unfortunately, it looks like every artist who's volunteered has basically dropped the project. I'll probably have to change the main subforums or just reformat that forum layout. 
    It seems like your argument is more "move the main forum topics around" rather than "make a retired snowflake forum." Mira is still one of the most popular snowflakes on the site. I plan on changing the subforums doing this soon(tm). Doing my best!
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  4. Nyx added a post in a topic Is Venus A Religion?   

    Not sure if you read our TOS, but by registering for PULL you agree to automatically join the religion of our saint Venus Angelic. 
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  5. Nyx added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Have been thinking on it. Nhi's attempted PULL explanation is more bs trying to "fix" this mess. 
    I would like to repeat, I am someone who felt really awful about Nhi's death. I asked my users not to speculate about her being alive with no proof out of respect for the "dead." I felt awful. I thought about her often. I'm sure we all did. When this came out I was in absolute shock. I honestly couldn't even believe it. 
    She had her chance to come clean. She stated she was going to sue me for assisting in exposing her lies. (note: she literally has not contacted me at all).
    She has no interest in being "real" with her fans, only to put a band-aid on her reputation. I don't plan on letting her spread more lies by giving her a platform here. 
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  6. Nyx added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    Unlocked, the snowflake is now old enough to be discussed on PULL. Thanks.
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  7. Nyx added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Hi everyone, 
    I don't typically make these kinds of posts and hesitated to put this up. However, I think this situation looks like it's going too far. In October, GG claimed on her social media that she had died. After Nhi's death, I made an admin post with a heavy heart. I had to ask our users not to speculate that someone would fake their own death, unless they had facts to prove it.
    A user came to me and pointed out that they thought the user whatisgoingonhere (https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/39365-whatisgoingonhere/) was a sockpuppet. After digging a bit, this appears to be true. The IP is in Hanoi, and other markers (such as browser fingerprint) match GG's original PULL account. 
    Nhi used this account to pretend to be a fan, making false claims about her site (that videos of her sitting around in her room all day are a livestream) to get more views. She spreads rumors about herself (in fake broken english) about having cancer and schizophrenia, and about not being in Vietnam (while posting from Vietnam).
    I'm very disappointed that someone who has talked to my users FIRSTHAND would return to mislead them (in their grief) to promote her new projects and spread rumors about herself.
    I'm currently investigating other suspicious accounts. I'm so sorry you guys were misled. I hate that someone would try to use my site to manipulate my base. We'll get to the bottom of this.
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  8. Nyx added a post in a topic 88rising   

    Ok--looks like our inboxes are full, that explains things. I will have to clear out mine today. After checking the site logs, I can confirm there was absolutely no hacking of the site. Please, let's try not to make up random conspiracies. I put a lot of work in to make sure the site is secure.
    Thread is restored here:
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  9. Nyx added a post in a topic 88rising   

    What other users have messaged me about it? I can check the site log of messages sent to me. I'll take a look later today. Do you really think someone who "hacked" the site and had access to message logs wouldn't just delete the entire site? 
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  10. Nyx added a post in a topic 88rising   

    Update regarding joji:
    Sorry for the holdup, we are trying to work on this. We're going through the backup of our database and trying to sort this out. The existence of this thread should be evidence enough that there isn't some FilthyFrank conspiracy. No one was hacked, no one was paid off. Thanks for your patience.
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  11. Nyx added a post in a topic Joji (@sushitrash) topic deleted for no reason   

    I have gotten zero messages about this. If there are site issues please message me. This thread might have accidentally gotten deleted because of spam. I will look into getting it back up. 
    Last time the emiru thread accidentally was deleted and people started a conspiracy that we were being paid off or something. I pay, out of my pocket, to keep this site up. I don't delete anything. I literally never delete threads. If a snowflake messages me and gives me good reasoning (Their thread has been dead for 3 years and they've ceased problematic behavior and are trying to find employment, blah blah blah) then I will hide their thread. 
    Most of the time I spend on the site now is approving new posts / users and put a lot of work in to keep things running. If stuff disappears it's not out of some malicious act, it's something I need to manually restore. I'll get on it.
    Edit: Thread restored.

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  12. Nyx added a post in a topic Lag/connection issues?   

    We had server issues! Should be good now.
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  13. Nyx added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    Please use the report function and I'll get around to it asap, thanks!
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  14. Nyx added a post in a topic Snowflake banner   

    I asked two artists in March to make our banner! One bailed in April, the other gave me an update in August but hasn't sent anything since. ): I guess artist applications are back open, but just keep in mind this is a massive project.
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  15. Nyx added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    Removed a post showing a current address. Don't do this guys.
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