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Unpopular opinions

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I thought we could share some unpopular opinions here see what could be said

For me I found that getting a job done on ones face isn't bad. I dont understand why people would get butt hurt over it.  It is their body, their life why would anyone care so much?? I understand that some may have religious belief and other find it morally no acceptable.But frankly if I had a problem with my body and I could undergo surgery (but I would never I love myself too much,..actually no I have saggy boobs) I would do it.

BUT BUT BUT what gets me really out of myself , are those who have the balls to GET surgery done on them, to then proceed to lie about IT.:beardo:

THAT is pure hypocrisy. If you had the balls to get a knife to shape your face, you should have enough left to ADMIT THAT YOU HAD IT DONE.


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I honestly thought you were talking about having your face came on for a good 2.5 seconds :alpacadone:.......

-I don't see the hype over MCR or Beyoncé

-Yellow is an ugly color

-Fur anything is tacky


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Given this is an unpopular opinion thread, I can share these yay

  • Nude lipsticks are the most boring thing you can wear every time
  • Some electronic music is okay, but a lot of it sounds like robots having sex, or the sounds of my nightmares
  • I don't really get a lot of the Nickleback hate that isn't to do with Kroger the ogre's voice or the lyrics. Sure, those are bad enough to make me dislike the band, but I can think of plenty of artists that are worse
  • I really don't like Orihara Izaya. Like, as a character he's fascinating, but as a person, he's 100% abusive rancid horse-shit. Likewise I really like Mikajima Saki from the same show.
  • Dogs annoy me if I have to spend too much time around them. They're just whiny, fawning, smell bad, and really irritate me. And a lot of the time, they're not trained well.
  • Pedigree animals should be illegal. They're about as inbred as an Austrian Duke, they're not healthy, and it's cruel towards the animal
  • Soft drinks are gross. Like, they're all so sweet, and fizzy liquids feel weird to drink
  • I think K-Pop's overrated (please don't kill me). Sure, it's nice to listen to sometimes (I like Orange Caramel's retro sounding style), but for me it's too similar to western pop music, with the same robot sex electronica garbage that I loathe so much
  • I think zubats are cute, and don't completely hate them
  • Charizard is one of my least favourite fully evolved starter pokèmon. I like it more than Embor, Feraligator, Chestnaught, but less than pretty much everything else
  • Shorts are the worst item of clothing ever. They never come in a good length, and are either too long, or underwear.
  • Long hair is seriously the worst thing ever why do people do that to themselves
  • It should be illegal to enforce a dress code that makes it compulsory for women to wear high heels
  • White-people "dreadlocks" look awful. They're matted hair, and gross, and not like actual dreadlocks
  • Most cheeses are gross.
  • Cheese flavoured anything is gross.
  • Burger flavoured anything is also gross.
  • Sultanas and rasins aren't that bad. Most of the time... like not if they've been in the cuboard since for more than two years...
  • Stingrays, snakes, lizards, sharks and scorpions are pretty awesome. I'll draw the line at spiders, and I should be more scared of snakes because I live on the island with a lot of murderous fauna-- Australia
  • Schools should be held to a certain standard when it comes to marking exams and setting up specialist equitment. Namely, no mismarked questions and have backups for when it doesn't.

There are more. I just will leave it here.


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- I hate when videos on fb are posted, people criticize something under it and everyone just instantly goes "ughh just enjoy the video you fcking vegan animal activist!" .. I know sometimes the people overact with their "animal abuse1!!11" thing. But normal critique under a video, for example someone keeping an otter or squirrel (or any wild animal) as a pet and someone would say "they're not pets.. they belong into the wild", is appropiate. But still people comment "they look healthy and happy and maybe they're happier there then in the wild!!1" or things like that and I want to punch them.

- fish is fucking gross (to eat). In any form...

- I hate all those instagram poser girls, they all look the same

- same with most of mine and the younger generations girls... did 90% of them never heard of a own style/personality ?? I can run through my local city and they all look like clones.

- I don't like Digimon.. I always prefered Pokemon

- I fcking hate the term"gamer girl". Either your a gamer or a gamer. Guys don't call themself a "gamer guy" either. Or do you need that 'girl' so that every guy can say "OMG SHE'S GAMING AND A GIRL!! WAIFU MATERIAL!!"

- And now some people will probably slay me or something but: I don't get that whole cis/cem or whatever it's called gender pronouns thing. I find it rather unnecessary. In general this whole gender thing get's ridiculous by now... Imo. I mean I respect you.. even if you say "I identify myself as a couch table", still think it's super ridiculous tho.

- I don't really like talking to lesbians,( I'm not homophobic). The thing is all of those I met yet tried to convince me that sex with girls is the best, that I should become lesbian too, guys suck and in general flirted with me disgustingly.. and like 99% of them just talk/think about sex everytime... I mean.. great..if your lesbian alright! But don't fucking push it on me.

- I can't stand horror movies and I hate them. I can't see something great about watching them?

- I dislike summer. I hate sweating, getting greasy, the heat. I can't sleep and don't wanna move if it's that warm. .. overall I can't see a good thing about summer. And I pity those who have summer all time of the year.

- I love raisins, marzipan, poppy seeds.. all those things most people dislike..

- I don't like slutshaming as in "she sleeps with many guys she's such a slut!". But if you post pictures with your tits/ass(or belly sometimes) out on purpose all time or in your underwear, I'm gonna judge you hard. Especially when you claim you're taken. This just doesn't belong on any social media, except you make your money with it or something like that.

... uh.. I think that's it. I sound so grumpy lol.


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-A lot of old time regulars have been disappearing, going on hiatus or announcing they're leaving. It doesn't feel the same anymore and the mood is changing. :( 


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I think plastic surgery is perfectly fine.

I do like people who pay attention to themselves and try to achieve more (both education and beauty).

I really like how Koreans chase after beauty (although I don't like their ugly-bashing since it's unnecessary).

Eating meat is gross.

Men as a group are far more conceited and have more unreal standards regarding their partner than women + it's so much harder to tell if they like you through body language than in case of women (happily many other bisexual agreed on this one).

I don't mind sexy clothing on anyone as long as they just have such taste and don't do it to "GET DEM GURLZ/BOYZ". If you're horny stay in your bedroom. I'm all up for casual sex and being open, but again - stay in bedrooms. I hate when people try to publicly contest each other on who will swallow more saliva and who will be closer to eating their partner's tongue. :alpacadone:

I really like human body, naked included, I don't mind it at all. In fact, I wish more people celebrated their bodies. After all we will be in them till death, we should treat them more like friends, not enemies.

I like current fashion. Especially since more people like black color and I'm not called goth as often as I used to.

I like Kylie Jenner style lips. Pls dun't kill mhey. q.q

I actually do consider many snowflakes better looking after ps and ugly before. :douge:

I think people should treat rape/pedo/sexist/racist/homophobic topics in games, etc, more seriously instead of always pulling "artistic freedom UGH DUDE PLEASE U SO SJW" card. 


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  • Even though I love pokemon I can not stand pokemon go, I think it's just a gimmick which everyone seems to be buying into.
  • I hate dyed hair most of the time (if it isn't a natural colour that suits the person) for me it just looks kind of tacky. Especially if it's badly dyed blonde so it just looks a kind of brassy colour.
  • I'm really against all this tumblr nonsense (fat shaming) etc that's been creeping into real life. Like seriously I have no sympathy for people who are overweight and sit there and eat way too much claiming they don't know how they put on weight and then scream fat shaming at anyone who tells them the truth or ways they can lose weight. (sorry if this seems a little ranty, it's just that one of my friends is literally like this).
  • I despise memes and I honestly can't understand why anyone would find them funny. They just seem like they were originally inside jokes that were posted online and random people want to just follow along and try to be funny so they act like all these memes are hilarious when they themself don't really understand the 'joke'.
  • I hate gaming youtube channels, they are uncreative and all they do is just sit there and play video games and get rich off of gullible fans who watch anything with their faces on it. I mean anyone could do that yet people act like these youtube gamers are some kind of geniuses that have blessed us all with their content.
  • Lastly, I really hate fan culture now a days. It seems to me that no one can just like something anymore you have to take your liking way too far and turn it into an unhealthy obsession or people scream that you're 'not a real fan'.

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I am really uninterested in gender politics. I find most of it turgid and tedious, as well as the people who are interested in it are very tiring. I am fine with people saying they're whatever, but I really don't want to see a 1000 word essay on it when I get to your blog.


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1. i find most fashion magazines or even high fashion stuff boring, most of the time it's just a bunch of skinny white people wearing simple stuff like a plain white t shirt and blue jeans but the whole outfits costs like 1000$, if anyone who isn't conventionally attractive wears these it won't even look remotely good.

2. i hate it when people take a fanservice-y queerbaiting anime (all these mainstream sports animes, k-on, love live, Madoka, Owari no seraph, ect) and claim how gay its characters are. I have nothing against the series listed but if you want actual good representation go look somewhere else. Also I think a lot yaoi culture is absolutely disgusting (I'm not homophobic but I'm so grossed at how some of the fans act, these people basically ship anything as long as its ''hot'' and often  hate female characters just for getting in the way of their nonsensical gay ship with like 5 min of interaction. Not to mention that they are often disgusted by yuri, they are basically like these dudes who watch lesbian porn but don't respect gay people at all)

3. I don't find racial ''preferences'' offensive, as long as you don't fetishize people or tell people that you aren't attracted to them because of their race, same with date trans people (unless they have transitioned) or fat people. Attraction is influenced a lot by sociocultural constructs so it's hard to change the traits you view as ''attractive''

4. i hate the ''you have no right to complain because someone has it worse than you'' mentality

5. i hate it when tumblr SJWs randomly make fictional characters gay/trans/autistic/a bunch of mental disorders without doing any research about the social context of their shows. Like if a character is Russian they are probably not likely to be gay or at least struggle with internalized homophobia so they won't openly manifest their sexuality. 

6. I hate it when youtubers make a long ass introduction ('' Heyyy guuuiiisseee, tooodayyyy Immm goiiinng tooo showww you.... + some useless anecdote+ promos of their other websites ) that lasts like 5 min when actual relevant content is only 1 min long 

7. I can't stand the smell of oranges

8. White people who overdraw their lips freak me out. 


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Posted (edited)

1. I am disappointed at how sjws have infiltrated every site. I think that some of the things they fight for are valid, but sometimes they start arguments and just keep adding fuel to the fire. I want to enjoy life without everything being "problematic". 

2. I think that we should be able to discuss gender and sexuality on all the threads no matter who they are about without a giant train wreck happening (*looks at the Geheichou thread*). 

3. Ddlg and any age play is wrong. It's basically "how close can we get to pedophilia without actually doing it so we don't get in trouble".

4. I just hate most fandoms in general. Tumblr has ruined fandoms for me. Actually, tumblr has ruined a lot for me.

5. Women shouldn't be expected to do things like wear bras and shave. It should be a personal choice.

6. I think that most of the people who claim to be part Native American are lying. And even if they are telling the truth idk why people have decided it's so important to them. If you weren't raised in a Native American community and have no connection to the culture other than some great grandparent then it's not that big of a deal. 

7. Overdrawing your lips looks stupid. So does using a lot of contour. 

8. Pokemon isn't that great. The games are basically the same thing over and over.

That's all I can think of right now I may add more.

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Posted (edited)

- I'm not okay with people whining about fat shaming,  most of the time they are overweight  and bitching and moaning about girls that are skinny and healthy sizes 

- I think asexuality or whatever is a excuses for straight ppl to feel special and be in the lgbt community 

- don't call your boyfriend daddy that's creepy 

- Harley Quinn and joker are not relationship goals 

- Kylie cosmetics is overpriced , watch Tatis video have you seen how horrible and chalky her eyeshadow is I'd rather buy a Urban decay naked pallete for around that price 

- I don't like overdrawn lips , there not a good look and I feel somewhat salty that people make fun of my big lips then draw then on 

- I hate those videos and things on Facebook about having anxiety saying all the symptoms are thoughts r everyday hm I have a anxiety related disorder and it's nothing like that

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