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I honestly thought you were talking about having your face came on for a good 2.5 seconds :alpacadone:.......

-I don't see the hype over MCR or Beyoncé

-Yellow is an ugly color

-Fur anything is tacky


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  • Even though I love pokemon I can not stand pokemon go, I think it's just a gimmick which everyone seems to be buying into.
  • I hate dyed hair most of the time (if it isn't a natural colour that suits the person) for me it just looks kind of tacky. Especially if it's badly dyed blonde so it just looks a kind of brassy colour.
  • I'm really against all this tumblr nonsense (fat shaming) etc that's been creeping into real life. Like seriously I have no sympathy for people who are overweight and sit there and eat way too much claiming they don't know how they put on weight and then scream fat shaming at anyone who tells them the truth or ways they can lose weight. (sorry if this seems a little ranty, it's just that one of my friends is literally like this).
  • I despise memes and I honestly can't understand why anyone would find them funny. They just seem like they were originally inside jokes that were posted online and random people want to just follow along and try to be funny so they act like all these memes are hilarious when they themself don't really understand the 'joke'.
  • I hate gaming youtube channels, they are uncreative and all they do is just sit there and play video games and get rich off of gullible fans who watch anything with their faces on it. I mean anyone could do that yet people act like these youtube gamers are some kind of geniuses that have blessed us all with their content.
  • Lastly, I really hate fan culture now a days. It seems to me that no one can just like something anymore you have to take your liking way too far and turn it into an unhealthy obsession or people scream that you're 'not a real fan'.

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