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  1. redbowkiki added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    To me if a FtM man likes men, he's gay; that's the definition of being gay, that a man prefers his sexual partners to be men. If anyone said "no they're not gay" then that'd be transphobic, i.e. they're implying that trans men aren't "real men". Same rule goes for women.
    I will qualify my reply with this however: I won't out myself here but as much as I am on the LGBTQA+ spectrum, I don't like participating in a lot of LGBT+ things because it seems to be just another social dynamic to navigate and it tires me out (like bi people are "just confused" and "not really LGBT+" because they can pass for straight if they want to, or like how asexuals are "broken" or "just straight but celibate" yada yada yada), so I can't speak for the community itself with my answer.
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  2. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I mean... for me the video was tasteless, which is just my own personal POV. But, it was harmful in a way she didn't understand, so I can see how she thinks she did nothing wrong, but when she got told by the artist (and I'm assuming viewers told her as well?) that it wasn't etiquette and it was hurtful so could she please take it down, she then went onto twitter and played victim. I guess at least she took it down, but I just expected more from her than to go onto twitter and bitch.
    Then again Micaela does that too which I find really unsavoury. I feel it's a fine balance between 'no one's perfect so I can accept people's flaws' and 'this is too much bullshit' and Mimei is sliding towards the latter with this incident for me.
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  3. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Why do all the YTers I thought were good/ decent turn out to be like this... this behaviour is just trashy, honestly I didn't expect Mimei to be as bitchy as the rest even though there was a bitchy streak from the beginning (making fun of Taylor's wealth).
    I think YTers in general but these guys in particular have difficulties drawing the line between public and private, like the doujin video sounded something catty you'd do with your friends who wanted to make fun of it as well (whether rightly or wrongly) and that'd be that, and the high key venting on twitter is shit you'd say to your close friend about whatever shitty things you were going through and again, that'd be that. But instead, because they vlog and put their lives up on YT, they can't seem to make a clear distinction between public and private, and while not everything is public, certainly more than the usual amount is.
    Also I used to see Duncan as not giving a shit about popularity or rankings or wtv, but now he's just bitchy and looking to be edgy. : /
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  4. redbowkiki added a post in a topic SirCutieYuki/Lindsay/Emilia   

    I usually post something more constructive than this, but... fuck.
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  5. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    This thread has been going OT for the last pages. Please keep your conversations on topic about Venus' videos. If you wish to discuss other things, find the right thread for it (Venus' makeup is allowed if you're talking about it in relation to her videos).
    Any OT post after this one will be warned.
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  6. redbowkiki added a post in a topic "@cheyreymusic": Cheyanne Sparks (KOURTNEY GALLOWAY), Bryson Tiller's Stalker   

    The subject of this topic is under the age of 16, and as serious as their actions are, there should NOT be any attempt to contact a personality's family/ friends/ colleagues etc.
    I am locking this topic for these reasons.
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  7. redbowkiki added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    lol yes, I think his content being less cringey than Aki's (which isn't saying much) clouded my judgement of his character. It's really starting to shine through now.
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  8. redbowkiki added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    Did anyone watch this one?
    Holy fuck as much as Joey is articulate and (if what he quoted the journalist to say as being true) the critiques he makes towards the documentary are something that I do agree with, he's basically defending an entire industry that sells on the sexualisation of young girls (and boys). It's not that they're "ink lines on paper", it's that they portray acts of sex and violence against people who are indisputably, undeniably impressionable and vulnerable, while also simultaneously having a society that has a massive problem with sexualising underaged children. Yes, it's not the only problem, but to dismiss is as not part of the problem at all is dangerously naive.
    It's 100% true that you can't make a direct correlation between child abuse portrayed in manga/ anime with real life actions because that's a false correlation between fantasy and reality, much like how violent video games do not inherently encourage violence in real life. HOWEVER, what he doesn't say is that the existence and ultimately the normalisation of pedophilia and lolicon/ shotacon in manga and anime culture is inherently damaging and desensitizing a disgusting act. It doesn't directly encourage people to participate in these activities, but when it's disseminated without the education/ safeguards in place to make people critically aware that what is portrayed in fiction is unacceptable, the result is that it desensitizes people to these crimes.
    As much Joey says that pedophilia tendencies are being suppressed or given an outlet by the existence of this genre, what he doesn't consider is the fact that this genre even exists and is so common is a possible indicator to either a) how normalised sexualising and fetishising young people is in Japanese culture and how fucked up that is or b) how people who sexualise and fetishise young people in Japan are completely ignored, and that their mental illness (because that's what pedophilia is increasingly being seen as, and I really commend the German model where pedophiles are rehabilitated and given support, therapy and counselling) is demonised to the point where they have to buy fictional literature as an outlet, instead of improving the mental health system and creating a community that's understanding and implementing a rehabilitation programme.
    Also this video was just sickening and I never want to watch anything else by him again. Fuck him, fuck his girlfriend and fuck both of their shotacon/ lolicon bullshit.
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  9. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Also I wanted to say the problem with clickbait is that it tricks you into watching/ reading something... that's the point. People who say "if you don't like clickbait don't watch it" are missing the fact that you watch because the title is designed to fool you. People who use clickbait never say that they're using clickbaits in their actual titles. Like when Taylor titles a video "Goodbye" or whatever, you think she's leaving Japan and that's why you click. As a fan, you care about what major life events are happening in her life and therefore you watch her videos. When you do watch, you feel deflated/ betrayed because she used your expectations to make you watch her video, rather than being honest and titling her video something like "Goodbye party for a friend".
    So it's not a viable argument to say "if you don't like clickbait, ignore it", because the problem with clickbait is that it misrepresents the content, and so you believe it to be something relevant when it isn't, meaning you can never discern the true content before experiencing it, ergo you don't know if it's actually clickbait until you've wasted your time watching her video.
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  10. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    This popped up just as I went to unsub from her.
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  11. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Bananaman & Friends   

    They have multiple IP addresses, and many of them are from a mobile that I can only tell are from Asia, but the IP addresses that do give a location say Singapore, so there's your answer. 
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  12. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia & Kristan van den Berg   

    No you didn't do anything wrong; it's just that mods can see IP addresses so I am 100% sure it's the same person behind the accounts and not someone asking their friends to come online to downvote the same person.
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  13. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia & Kristan van den Berg   

    OP has 4 accounts by the same IP address (all now banned):
    - Tokyopack
    - alexistrol
    - mattelipcolor
    - freshekdom
    And they all posted on this thread only
    OP seems to be really desperate to support these two.  I mean I don't really believe it's a self post, because why self post when you have 700k+ followers, but if so then that's just sad.
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  14. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Lol at UUUM being so dumb to ask for videos to be taken down; their management doesn't understand that restricting information is even worse than just letting it be, because people will want to see what the restricted information is about.
    Good on them for getting out of what turned out to be a shitty experience. I hope they either find a better agency or do well on their own. 
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  15. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Re: Joey, I initially agree that he should say something, but... the reality of social interactions isn't black and white. He likely had little to no proof of his own, even if he knew some things that Shine got up to (as Ashley said Shine hid her from Joey and made her lie about her age). He also most likely can't contact the girls, because they come and go without him seeing much of them so there's no opportunity to ask for their contact and sort it out behind Shine and Kat's back. With no proof, Joey will likely burn too many bridges for 'inciting drama', in addition to appearing like he was some kind of conspiracy theorist because the claims can be really wild without proof, as much as what he could say is true. With Kat, I think it's ultimately unclear how much she's a victim and how much she's a perpetrator, so it's possible she 'consents' to Shine's abuse and they pass it off as BDSM if Joey ever encountered it.
    Re: manga, I mean there are duos who divide writing and drawing when they make a manga (they creators of Death Note and Bakuman). It's just that Shine has shown absolutely no talent for story writing and his art is jack shit so he's basically just a weeb wanting to be a ~mangaka~ without any actual skill or effort to cultivate said skill. It's also an interesting point that Kat likely doesn't speak Japanese, so Shine will basically need to translate everything he wants to write for her to draw the scenes accurately. : /
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