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  1. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    If you could read, my points were seperated from each other to illustrate that I think PULL is hot garbage, and there is a transphobia problem. But clearly since you want be snarky, I'll spoonfeed you the info you desperately want.

    Anyway unpopular opinion: artificial banana is disgusting. 
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  2. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Newsflash: I can point out that something is shit and still participate it in. I don't have to be a captain to know a ship is sinking. That mentality of "if you don't like it leave?" never fixed anything, especially since Nyx wants to revamp the site but still has yet to address the fact that she allowed her userbase to cultivate a toxic environment here.
    It's not a "few small voices" it's an ongoing issue with PULL and outside the internet of pushing trans folk out just because they're trans. Telling someone that they don't deserve to have a place in a movement that is about people such as them being able to have the same rights as a cis straight person is hardly an opinion. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not happening.
    idk what point you were even trying to make with your post
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  3. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    PULL is hot garbage. 
    Terfs wanna be oppressed so bad.
    p.s. "unpopular opinion" means you can say something that you think most people would disagree with like pineapple on pizza, it doesn't mean you get to get away with saying things like "I don't think these people should have rights". You can't "disagree" with someone's existence. 
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  4. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Because it's probably the same person who got banned for white knighting before lol. It just goes to show the the only fans that Sakimichan has are alt-right coomers and angry children.
    Go back to Instagram.
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  5. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Oh no you can't read, let me put it simple for you.
    Sakimichan doesn't care about you. She only cares about your money. You can stay salty and keep defending your queen, she's not going to notice you. You didn't even bother to actually look at the posts she liked, you're going off what other people are saying. I can go back in your post history and find every single post you've made shitting on Sakimichan's art. How come you get to criticize her art but we can't? By your logic that only the skilled can say anything about her, let's see your art, that is if you can even draw. You can't even be assed to read the OP because you're dead set on trying to prove everyone wrong. Sakimichan fucked up, you're no better than the people in her twitter posts trying to babysit her.
    People can say whatever they want about her, you're big mad that everybody is going against her. Face it, you're not here to make a statement, you're here because you're a white knight. 
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  6. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I swear on my god damn life every time this thread gets bumped someone has to come and say that any criticism Sakimichan gets is from 'jealous haters'. I'm so tired of having to repeat myself over and over because this dumbass argument won't die.
    Her art is regressing more and more each drawing, and we rarely get to see her actual personality because she never speaks. Then she shits the bed with liking a bunch of pro-police anti-BLM tweets and tries to backpedal her way out because she says she doesn't care about politics. Bitch, the posts she liked are a reflection of her personal morals. The issue isn't "I liked politics on my art account I won't do it again" it's that Sakimi is either too lazy or too ignorant to care about her own country's problems and obviously picked a side without giving much thought to what's happening. I live in a hot spot for protests and the shit you see in the media, the looters and riots, that's what the media wants to show you, not the hundreds of hundreds of peaceful marches and positive change that has come from it. The majority of protests have been peaceful, the only reasons they escalate are because of police officers beating the shit out of protestors for existing, and outsiders taking advantage of the chaos for their own gain. I'm not going to elaborate any more because you obviously don't care, but it's similar to Sakimichan being oblivious to the world. She can get criticized for her art while she's at it too. You literally posted to this thread to criticize her art before, why are you suddenly contradicting yourself and policing other people's opinions?
    If I have to explain why "hurr duur ur just jealous haturz" is a stupid thing to say one more time I'm putting my boot in someone's ass. Take your downvotes champ, the only salty artist here is you.
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  7. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    Tbh it's more on a social level than scientific. Having those around you treat you as the gender you have transitioned to is validating. Of course in situations like what you said you have to tell your doctor what your assigned gender at birth is because it actually matters when determining treatment, not because they're trying to discriminate (if doctors do shame their trans patients though, throw the whole hospital away). At some places I've gone to, nurses will ask me what my assigned gender is and then what pronouns I go by before I see my doctor, and if I feel uncomfortable saying it out loud then they let me write it down. (I'm not trans btw, but I appreciate an inclusive environment).
    I think the "sex is a social construct" is focused on the concept of gender norms, ex. blue & pants for boys and pink & dresses for girls, should be done away with because it's dated and entirely made up to divide men from women on a social level. There's no scientific evidence to back those statements up, they only exist because of traditions that were passed down from generation to generation that society takes way too seriously. Of course I can't speak for everyone so take away what you will.
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  8. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    A large number of users are flocking to the general section to chip in on the JKR controversy. And you know what? They're right. A trans-woman's experience isn't the same as a cis woman's.
    A cis woman would never experience:
    Her family shearing her hair off, putting her in a tuxedo and burying her under a deadname by a family who didn't support her gender identity.Being forced into conversion therapy and being told if she keeps identifying as female she will go to hell over and over until she conforms to being male. And then having her gender identity be publicly invalidated and ridiculed even after her death by her own family.Having the police called on her, being video taped as she is being murdered by a group of people, and said video being posted online all because she used the bathroom that she felt corresponded with her identity.Being bullied to the point of withdrawing from university because of students demanding that she have her admission revoked and that the same should apply to all future students who identify as trans.Attempting suicide before age 23 because of the stress of being rejected or shamed because she is trans.Trans woman struggles are regularly invalidated by terfs (wait before you put your fist in my ass) and anti-lgbt groups. MtF women are the butt of all jokes because no matter how long they're on hormone therapy or what number of gender confirmation surgeries they have, society will always see them as men in dresses. 
    Now, back to terfs. What is a terf?
    Someone who purposefully invalidates trans identities out of malice or refusing to adress them by their preferred pronouns.Someone who believes that trans people have no place in the LGBT+ space and should be excluded from all conversations of oppression.Someone who believes that trans women aren't women, not because they are trans, but because they believe that they're men trying to get into women's spaces. On the opposite side of the spectrum, someone who believes that FtM are 'traitors' to the feminist cause. (these are words I had to read with my own eyes and now you'll have to look at them too because radfems are a whole new level of insanity)It takes a Jessica Yaniv and a viral "IT IS MA'AM" meme to completely disregard the trans struggle. People expect trans folk to look unclockable and they still reject them anyway (who are you anyway to determine if someone has "transitioned enough"? Miss me with that bullshit.) I understand that the word terf gets thrown around a lot, but this is what terfs are. There's a difference between someone who is unsure what being trans is and has no idea how to go about it, and someone who knows what it is and doesn't "support" it at all. Terfs will call out trans folk and laugh at how they get offended, but when you call them a terf they get defensive. Terfs aren't victims of being beaten to death on the streets, being turned away by medical professionals or businesses, or forced into conversion camps by their own families, you're not born with a political opinion.
    You don't have to date a trans person to be inclusive (and if you air out that personal dirty laundry that you don't date trans people that's on you and literally nobody asked), you don't have to worship the ground they walk on and you certainly don't need to remind them that they were born with a specific set of genitals. They know they have them, they know it's there, and gender confirmation surgery is a big if not frightening experience (emotionally and financially) that can traumatize a person or it isn't readily available! In certain parts of the world trans folk have to fly to a completely different country to get it because it's outlawed or unavailable in their home countries. Announcing to the world that you refuse to be in a relationship with a trans person doesn't make you a martyr, you just look like you want attention. The least you can do for someone who is MtF/FtM/NB is respect their identities by using their preferred pronouns. It costs you nothing to address them that way. 
    The issue with JK is that she claims to be supportive and inclusive of LGBT people, but her tweet about people who menstrate contradicts that. The joking tone of "What's the word? Wumben? Wimpund?" (you know the rest) goes to show she doesn't take it seriously, she wants to take pot shots at the article for trying to be gender inclusive. Time and again JK has inserted herself into political debates she is ill prepared for and so many have told her to stop, but now this is the straw that breaks the camel's back? Some of you are acting like the woman has never done this before and she's getting attacked for the very first time. She's known for being tone deaf on issues. She knew what she was doing when she sent those tweets. I don't agree with the death threats and her abuser being given a speaking platform however. I HIGHLY doubt that cancel culture will get to her because she's the most well known author in the world and is a self made billionaire, she could easily bounce back from this and everybody would forget in a few weeks.
    Plus she retroactively changed HP to make the series appear more inclusive. Which is not only a lazy effort to appeal to a specific audience, it's also a bad attempt at appearing 'woke' because everything she did had little to no effect on the series and there was no indication of characters' sexualities/identities in her writing. In fact in some cases it only added fuel to the fire (ex. Dumbledore being gay) and caused far more harm than good. People can criticize her work regardless of the current drama, stop trying to defend it because you have the same political opinions as her and "it's nitpicking uwu" like some of you don't do the exact same thing in snowflake threads here. 
    But anyway PULL does have a terf problem and it has existed since the site began and we all know that the person in charge is aware and is not going to do anything about it. The JKR controversy has only brought the same three terfs out to give some of the coldest takes this year. Trans folk are regularly invalidated and excluded from conversations of gender, and that needs to stop. 
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  9. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    You're probably right, some horny on main patreon subscriber probably spammed her to do a hentai character and she did it without giving it much thought.  
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  10. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    If she's not too shy to draw a character from a hentai with gratuitous amounts of gang r*** who's to say she won't scrape the bottom of the barrel and go for torture porn next.
    also it's confirmed sakimi watches hardcore hentai rofl

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  11. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii / Pixie.bunn   

    Changed her @ to bunn.jpgg, reactivated to say hi and then deactivated again.

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  12. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sarah Spaceman   

    What... is that front? It looks like she's a melting ice cream cone. She had to pick the heaviest and most expensive fabric for this? She says it weighs 10 pounds total.
    Let's be honest here, Sakizou's drawings are over-designed and clusterfuck-y so I get that his drawings are nearly impossible to replicate irl, but this cosplay was doomed from day 1. She's one of the hundreds of other cosplayers who are trying to snag a win by doing a Sakizou cosplay. We might see another Godoka on our hands.
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  13. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Oh Sakimi, there's only so many times that you can use the exact same background before people start to notice.
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  14. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Kayla Nicole (NicoleTV).
    tw: animal cruelty/death
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  15. hellogoodbyee added a post in a topic Covid-19 Discussion Thread   

    We've been in shelter-in-place for almost two weeks now and my state has just announced that it will be extended until May. Meanwhile 60% of the population who aren't essential workers or buying important things are still out and about dicking around because they think it wouldn't happen to them. Then they get it and wonder where everything went wrong but not before they infect others. It doesn't matter if you're healthy as a horse and you beat it, you're putting other's at risk because you could be carrying it and passing it on without knowing it.
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