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  1. flurry added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    if anyone can find or provide links it might be a good place to migrate to, either that or we make our own? idk anymore
    mods already said the official discord is sadly gonna close down after the site dies
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  2. flurry added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I've been using lolcow for awhile but mostly for the ot boards, I only lurk their flake/cow boards bc I feel like I really never contribute anything valid
    the site has its problems but I think lc is a better alternative than many others
    for celeb gossip I've lurked other forums, lsa, ontd and shit, sometimes lurked kf, but I don't really post there bc kf is a cesspit
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  3. flurry added a post in a topic PULL Is Closing.   

    Dang that stinks. I thought it would be nice to kind of continue discussion on discord but I suppose it'd be much harder to use discord than a forum for categorizing every single snowflake
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  4. flurry added a post in a topic PULL Is Closing.   

    Does anyone have a link to the discord server that used to be up? If it still exists I'd like to rejoin assuming that would remain up… if not, oh well
    I've been here for years and it's been a very interesting experience. There's still other sites with similar content, but PULL was one of my first, arguably the most civil, and I won't ever forget it. Really is a pity

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  5. flurry added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    yes I am so tired of seeing army's on completely unrelated videos like
    nobody cares about bts on a non bts video, it's fine if it's maybe two people in the same fandom saying hi to one another? (I've done that with fellow orbits on YouTube comments), but nobody needs to hear an unwarranted inclusion of bts when nobody said anything about bts in the first place
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  6. flurry added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    started a couple pages back 
    there's a lot of rumors ariana is having a sexual affair with jim carrey, who's over twice her age and has a bunch of sketchy rumors surrounding him.
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  7. flurry added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY THREAD!!!   

    one more week lol 
    happy early birthday week apart twin!! 
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  8. flurry added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    yeah she takes "I'm babey" one step too far.
    take it from a girl who looks (and let's face it probably acts) younger than her age that I'm not even trying and I've still felt like I receive unwarranted attention from older men for coming across as innocent, it's not a good thing. just makes older men feel like they can exploit you. 
    i like older guys and i can find older guys attractive but i can't imagine entering a relationship with one without coming out of it feeling like I've been used. hes my dad's age. i would find it really fucking weird if he's involved with a woman only a few years older than me (to badly superimpose a jim reference, I was born the year the cable guy came out)
    almost had a heart attack thinking about the idea of her being pregnant cuz of the shit that I've been seeing ffs
    obviously not true but a scary thought
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  9. flurry added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    his ex's suicide is really fucked up, he was alleged to have verbally abused her and given her STD's, but she was also said to have been a Scientologist who had married an American guy, not jim? for a green card. Cat White's ex husband tried to sue him alongside her family, which is why the case was seen as dismissive by the media. Her family was seen as money grubbing and "exposed" for being Scientologists, and people act like that somehow excuses Jim's behavior.
    She seemed immensely fucked up and while the whole STD thing remains uncertain, it's said Cat faked the STD tests, he did seem verbally abrasive towards her in the text receipts between the two. She had a known history of mental illness and suicide attempts, and Jim provided the pills that caused her death. 
    I feel like even if she was a Scientologist, she seemed to really care for him. I don't doubt that their relationship was presumably toxic on both ends? sort of like the Depp / Heard drama, except he seemed to hold a lot more power over her, than she did over him. She sounded very clingy and like she wanted his attention and for him to be available (you know, a good boyfriend to her) and he kept being a dick. Her suicide note insinuates toxicity from him as well. He should've known better than to have given his suicidal ex access to pills and goad her. Unfortunately the Scientology thing adds a new layer of "who knows if we'll ever know all sides of the story". The guy is mentally ill himself and it pisses me off.
    If you cared for this woman, then for the love of god Jim why did you fucking not protect her? Why did you make her feel worse? Why did you fucking lead her on? Why did you not try and help her? So many fucking why's. I'm so fuckin' disappointed someone who's been all about ~okay I'm going to come out about dealing with muh mental health~ was so fucking nonchalant about a woman he said he loved.... killing herself. Your ex's mental health mattered as much as your own and you fuckin' verbally gaslighted her, do you even practice what you preach?! he hasn't really talked about her since, I wonder if that's telling of what he thinks. She can't say anything anymore, she's dead! This was before metoo took off and I'm surprised it's never been revisited. Guess it needs more woman to come out of the woodwork if they want to prove a pattern of behavior. The blind items seem to say where there's smoke, there's fire. He has had a lot of short lived relationships with younger women. It's hurt my perception of the guy. I want to believe because I really have looked up to him, in a lot of ways, that I thought he didn't seem like a misogynistic cunt, that he's not capable of things like this. I really thought he was ~oh so smarmy but in a cool charming way~ then I remember the nature of industry and how predatory men can be, and I… i nod my head… like in hindsight now all I can think is that he seems like he'd be temperamental and volatile behind the scenes and I should've recognized but whatever, what can I do? Who knows what's true and what's not? I just don't want him to hurt more women if he's hurt them, like that would stop it from happening
    i never even knew about this till this year, not to try and preemptively cancel, but might as well put it out there, Ariana is young and I don't want her to end up in an abusive dynamic, sure her mental health isnt too good either. If she's involved with him and he's actually an abuser she should gtfo
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  10. flurry added a post in a topic Amber Heard   

    I cannot believe she still has endorsement deals after all she's done what the fuck
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  11. flurry added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    I imagine english comes more easily to Somi because I thought her and her family speak both Korean and English at home? Could be misremembering
    if it's a teddy park composition, it's definitely going to be a drop lol
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  12. flurry added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    There's an awfully bizarre rumor circulating that Ariana might be having an affair with Jim Carrey (who she's said she has a crush on and has worked with on his tv show "Kidding"). I think she has a boyfriend right now but it's a little weird if it ends up being true. Crazy Days and Nights blinds also are saying they have some kind of "relationship". Who knows with her? She's been in some weird, weird relationships.
    the creepy part about this is if it's true, she's admitted to having a crush on him since she was a little girl? if I recall, and it comes across as fucking exploitative as shit.
    either way I hope it turns out to be false… I'm not against age gaps but the context of this one would make it really gross. It's sad because despite being a carrey fan I've stumbled upon rumors and allegations about him recently that's made me want to unstan, and this is one of them. really fucking sucks, his movies were helping me cope this pandemic too. then again, men in Hollywood using younger women and being scummy is far from unheard of, even rumors henry cavill was involved with an underage (at the time) costar.
    if Jim's having an affair with Ari it just is all too akin to him having an affair with much younger fan imo, even if she's a celebrity, it still feels wrong. 31 years y'all, 31 year age difference. I'm saying this as a (confused about whether to believe anything bad that's come out about him or not, overall confused) fan of the guy who still honestly finds him attractive at his current age, this weirds me out.
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  13. flurry added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    And the sexualization of young looking legal women
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  14. flurry added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I don't always trust crazy days and nights but if it isn't a trip to read through it
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  15. flurry added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    people who call themselves "plurals" or "multiple systems" typically on Twitter don't actually have DID and 99.99% of the time are teenagers or immature adults who are attention seeking and using their OC's as alleged headmates. making individual picrew pics and designating "pronouns" to each of them. god it's so fake and offensive and gross. also these people are self diagnosing on the constant, just fuck off
    u having a voice inside your head is called having a "conscience", that doesn't mean that you have altars sis

    LITERALLY the same fuckers who were self diagnosing with bpd years ago I swear to god it's either the same people or the same type of people and they disgust me so much 
    I have a friend who says "you should let these people live" but it's like after seeing what they did and seeing them make a laughingstock out of borderline and other disorders as a cluster b, no I'm not gonna let them keep stigmatizing people. if you were born in two thousand fucking one I doubt you've got a full fledged DID condition sis, and I've seen shit like that constantly. these kids are harmfully self diagnosing AND discouraging people from seeing therapists when they do so, I saw a tweet or a few mocking therapists!! yes therapists may not correctly diagnose you and u have to go to shitty ones to find good ones, doesn't mean you should not go to therapy! you will find a good one eventually!
    another reason why Twitter is tumblr 2.0 thanks for coming to my ted talk
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