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  1. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I do the same thing and I don't even follow the bastard other than this forum.
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  2. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic LickVic Twitter   

    "I speak on behalf of every RWBY fan..."
    Lemme stop you there, I'm a RWBY fan and you do not speak for me when I say I don't want Vic back on a project until he fixes himself into a better human being and possibly improve his skills other than that one voice for every character. Sure, he love that role and every other one he did but the evidence has been there for years and now someone is doing something about it, it's been long overdue. Silly Vic fans thinking everyone feels the same as them and assuming they all want Vic back, bah.
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  3. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I think Belle was the underage girl at the time but her nudes wasn't in it. Otherwise, I dunno about anyone else involved other than Minty.
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  4. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Manga Recommendations   

    Scary ones
    Anything Junji Ito, can never go wrong there. Doubt, Secret and Judge. The Ring series and Ju-On has mangas but physical copies are an arse to find. No Longer Human. Gantz and Gantz G. The Promised Neverland. Death Note and Platinum End are goodies too. Deadman Wonderland and Smokin' Parade. Magical Girl Apocalypse and Site. Another. Battle Royale. Le Portrait De Petite Corsette. Hellsing. X. Hour of the Zombie.
    I'd also put Danganronpa as well. Maybe Machi Maho.
    Funny Ones
    Behind the Scenes and Ouran High Host Club by Bisco Hatori. Fruits basket. Shortcake Cake. So Haru Ride. Fullmetal Alchemist. Cardcaptor Sakura. The Demon Prince of Momochi House. Kobato. Food Wars. 
    I know a lot more and recommend just as many but my brain is still waking up lol
    Others I recommend, that just came to mind, is Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hana-Kimi, Wish, Chobits, My girlfriends a geek, Tegami Bachi, Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Princess Jellyfish, Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Food Wars, Happy Sugar Life, Kakuriyo, Resident Evil, The Gods Lie, She and Her Cat, The Garden of Words, I want to Eat your Pancreas, Wolf Children Ame and Yuki, Bloody Sweet, Nana to Kaoru, Inubaka, Afterschool Charisma and Ne Ne Ne
    I should stop before I name every manga I own lol 
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  5. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    If they actually want to do that cause they seem t only believe their opinion is right and only listen to those who spout the same nonsense and anyone who disagrees is trash or the worst in the world cause how dare they not see the light shining out Vics arse.
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  6. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Oh, ew and here I was thinking of going for once... If I did go... I could take pics but ugh...
    Heck, even my shitty videos are more a review than his cause I actually explain my opinions and not make it seem like a fact and if you disagree with my fact, you aren't a real fan or whatever.

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  7. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Hmm, I do, I feel sorry that he has toxic fans worshipping his equally toxic arse. Karma is just getting its just desserts, imo. If he wasn't a shifty guy working with shifty people, maybe I would feel sorry but that's asking too much from me...
    Which site is it? I wonder if its the one I am thinking about...
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  8. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    The only reason very few are focusing on the Jared and him getting porn off minors is because of how everyone is talking about the cheating and keeping the attention on it. People just need to be more vocal about it, but that's just me...
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  9. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    As someone with mental health issues, like many others, we don't use it other than to get the help we need. If they cared so much, they wouldn't mention it at all and focus on getting help. Hence why I don't really believe Holly or Jared and more incinclined to Heidi but I aim to sit on the fence and watch it all, like I do with some other flakey drama.
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  10. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Maybe Noods assume being with an older partner makes her mature cause "look guys, I'm in a mature relationship" but I'm sorry to say, a relationship doesn't make ya mature, it's who is in the relationship. Which means, Noods, you ain't mature in the slightest.
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  11. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I didn't notice till you mentioned it became a subsection but I think it's cause of WK or something like that.
    Probably using Sabo to bring in fans of that series or character. I mean, other than Broly, Edward and Tamaki, he hasn't really done any major roles. I think maybe a character named Rin... Oh and Fai.
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  12. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    As bad as this sounds, possibly an easy lay and if thats true, I feel bad for her...
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  13. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Is she hinting that she's the monkey being fed?
    Not saying she looks like one but sometimes she seems to act like quite the buffoon.
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  14. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I heard he was on Sunrise news recently and I was trying to explain to someone why he was scummy and all I remember is how many girls was in Martin Square worshipping him... It was disgusting and after playing catch-up, I am even more disgusted than usual.
    God, I loathe people who try to make straight people gay... Like, dude, don't push your sexuality, don't assume others sexuality, it's not cool...
    About that Keemster tweet, I think most people get a little bi-curious when they are trying to figure themselves out and sometimes experimenting with consent and being aware helps. I'm sure a lot of us had moments like that, I know I did at one point.
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  15. Fukawa Toko added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Could be the usual "lolcow has invaded" like the last few times... If this is what i think it is.
    I remember one time when one of their members kept doing that and it was wrong, tbh and agreed on the lolcow front. I should check there again.

    Seems like it's a FB thing and possibly something else but what do I know lol
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