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  1. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I agree, this is basically what I had mentioned in another thread, but of course some people like to twist your words to mean that you don't care at all, it means your don't need post on every social media site about it. Someone mentioned how there are cops attacking protesters too, which is just as messed up as the people harming civilians too (and people supporting the riots isn't uncommon either, even if they're not "the real protesters"). Corruption is everywhere, and that is honestly something that you'd think would bring people together to stand against, but no. Some "activists" would rather start a race war because they think getting their anger out temporarily on communities will change things. I really wish the protests were more organized too because having clear demands (i.e. have police complaints be prosecuted by a separate department, or after a certain number of complaints a cop will be fired, etc.) is more effective, because just protesting injustice without trying to come up with a solution isn't going to do much unfortunately. It's like protesting that TSA stop assaulting people during pat-downs; it's not that easy, and that alone needs a solution that people are going to agree on to ACTUALLY create change. I support the peaceful protesters, but expecting people to tweet about it for days otherwise you assume they're careless bigots is ridiculous.
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  2. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Yeah you are right I don't mind discussing it there, or even DMs tbh since these points aren't just seen specifically among kpop stans. The reason that I bring it up here though is because I've seen some stans essentially shaming some hashtag related to kpop trending and I guess they were mad because the two can't coexist in their mind? Like as if they can't occupying oneself with kpop while also caring about an issue in the US? Of course there's nothing wrong with showing support, it's great honestly, but there's this paranoid mindset among stan twt rn that seems to be that if they don't see someone engaging with certain things on social media then it must mean they don't care because they don't post it for everyone to see.
    I forgot the exact phrase but there's this one saying in regards to religion (although I'm not religious lol) that basically says piety done in secret is better than piety done in public, meaning that you shouldn't do something good just to gain public approval, and I think it's kind of relevant here too. Like just let people donate or help communities in private if they wish without putting them on blast bc you didn't see them post something about it online, otherwise that's all it will become: an act.
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  3. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Not at all, that's projection of what you assume when someone reacts differently than you as to how to go through this tragedy.
    The problem is that people and kpop stans especially are LITERALLY saying that staying silent on social media means you don't care. But people really need to stop assuming that performative activist/virtue signaling is the way to know someone isn't racist. But again I bring up "other issues" because no other tragedy lately has accused people of not caring or not wanting justice for not tweeting about it other than this one. Why are people turning on each other?? This is what creates senseless violence. The assumption that "you didn't post XYZ on the internet like I expect you too so you must not care" is what's causing so much division. Like I've never heard "if you're silent about issues in the Middle East/China/Australia etc. then you're a bigot!!" so why do people think that's ok now??? Especially in regards to kpop. 
    Of course the protests are good, but the people defending rioters are insane. Especially when rioting is happening in black communities. You mean to say that destroying black communities homes and stores helps black lives?? It's beyond backwards. I get it, everyone is frustrated, but this is no way to bring about change. All it's going to do is create neighborhoods that don't get fixed or that the community has to fix themselves. (this was just 2 days ago, we know it's already worse now too)
    And again, in regards to KPOP you cannot expect Korean idols to have a US-centric presence all the time. Especially how often do American celebrities care about human rights issues in Korea? It's a double standard tbh.
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  4. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    It's insensitive to watch people turn into social media dictators who demand support for some issues while ignoring others?? Who's tweeting #alllivesmatter? It's HYPOCRITICAL AF to demand support for one cause and not give a shit about others. That's it. It's like saying INTERESTING NO ONES TALKING ABOUT THE MUSLIMS GETTING KILLED IN CHINA YOU ALL MUST NOT CARE while ignoring other issues themselves. Everyone's reached their goddamn threshold of how much info they can take before going into overload ffs.
    My friends' neighborhoods are getting RUINED in Chicago bc some people are so dense they think violence and intimidation is the answer to police brutality. Try to drag me, it's the truth.
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  5. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I've been seeing this for sooo long on Twitter and IG of kpop stans basically getting authoritarian AF and essentially threatening people who don't "speak out" about the murder of George Floyd. Like binch some of us want a break from the real world on social media? And also people's faves are not journalists who you should demand support from. I didn't hear anyone demanding support of the Doctors Without Boarders maternity ward getting shot up in Afghanistan?? Does that make someone a bigot? No. And this is gonna sound reeeeeally controversial but honestly if it was a police corruption indecent, no one would make it this as big a deal if the officer wasn't white and the victim wasn't black. And I mean that in the journalistic/social media sense, not in terms of actual importance bc it's all wrong and messed up. And white Americans are actually killed more by police than black Americans (just look up the stats) but it's not talked about as much of course. While racism is an issue everywhere, so is corruption among police. And corrupt officers affect everyone, not just black Americans. But combine the two, and it creates the riots we see right now.
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  6. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I was just thinking about this yesterday but it's even more relevant today, but people really need to stop guilt tripping or using George Floyd's murder as a litmus test to see who is and isn't racist based on who posts about it on social media. Especially when it's literally everywhere on the news and happening in people's neighborhoods. I'm seeing some kpop stan accounts specifically getting really dictator-esque by basically telling people that "if they're ignoring this they're trash" like?? I've never seen anyone say this shit about any other tragedy, especially when power trips among police do happen often. And no one needs to broadcast every little thing they do for support on social media. Just bc people are basically saying "big accounts are staying quiet, so they must be racist" like do you know their life? what they do or say off social media? are they news reporters or journalists??
    And the senseless violence happening...I'm near a major US city and thank god I'm not actually living in the city but man so many cities are on lockdown even harder now bc people think it's productive & fine to exploit a murder by stealing and assaulting people in his name. (I know there's people who say they're not the protesters, and while there's a big number who are peaceful, there's also a chunk of people who think anarchy is justified.)
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  7. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I guess it's not surprising though considering she was also already overcharging for those blood bag earrings a while back, which someone pointed out could be bought super cheaply from like ali express for really cheap, but all she did was attach an earring hook to it and charge like 15x more than it originally cost. But at least with that she actually did create something sorta new, whereas this necklace looks virtually the same
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  10. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    Thanks for the recommendations, I'm gonna check them all out! Glad to know there is a little normalcy lol 
    I know I personally really like the styles of @maihee @____ayagram____ @doll__meimmy and @risa_doll (of course) but it's nice to find some in the international community as well.
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  11. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    I think she should have a thread too. I used to like her videos when she talked about issues regarding artists being accused of racism for drawing characters of a different race, and then having it be a double standard where if someone didn't do that, then they're also racist for not having diverse characters. I think that could be where she's been accused of racism, because she'd made a video talking about her own experience with accusations so maybe that's where the rumor floating around that she's racist comes from.
    Now tho I haven't watched many of her recent videos, but I did watch a response video by a law student discussing how one of creepshow's videos essentially accused an artist of drawing CP is wrong on many levels, as it actually seemed to be art as a way to cope with trauma, as well as her distributing links to it. So basically false accusations, and if she were right and it is true, then she would be distributing CP in that case. Just a whole mess went about totally wrong.
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  12. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    Is there anyone like, normal in the Larme or cute soft fashion community? Like seriously if anyone can recommend anyone whether they're in Japan or not (unless it's a requirement for the thread that they need to be living in Japan?) then please let me know lol.
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  13. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    So I was thinking about maybe making a general thread for self-labeled "modest fashion" bloggers, influencers, models, IGers, etc. None that I know of would be considered snowflakes, but I notice some may be a bit pushy with pushing their very conservative idea of what modesty should be, while others gauge it depending on the situation, and are open to what others consider modest. I personally don't care whether fashion is modest or not, I find myself drawn to different types of fashion, modest or otherwise, but here's a few people I was thinking I'd include if I were to make one:
    @withloveleena - She's a YouTuber and has IG. Her color scheme for fashion reminds me a lot of Freddy My Love tbh, but just more conservative way of dressing.
    @mrsmidwest - She's also a YouTubers and has IG. She has a video talking about modest from a secular perspective as well as her own being religious, but she talks about modest fashion is a general sense based on the situation. Like one outfit could look very modest if you're at a beach but might not look as modest if you're going to a church or something. More open view of it.
    @saharaya - She's mostly active on IG but she also has a YT channel. She has a more young or modern style of dress, but still advocates for modest fashion.
    @sallyomo / Sally Ashour - She's on IG and her style is definitely more vintage and retro.
    These are a few who I regularly watch, but there's a lot more out there. A big portion of the self-identified modest fashion community seems to be Muslim, because of modesty being such a huge part of the religion, but I notice there's times when several of these influencers posts something that is deemed haram or sinful in Islam, they'll be people attacking these bloggers. I guess that's another reason it would be good to have it be a general thread, since there's a general dynamic in which if someone thinks they're wearing something immodest, they end up leaving a ton of comments pointing it out. So I guess if anyone thinks it would even be worth having a thread for the modest fashion community, let me know lol.
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  14. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I've never heard of that term, but WOW I guess that makes sense... I've never even known that was going on in some countries. That's so messed up but I can see how these men get away with it, because if the girl is a teenager then she probably doesn't know any better, and once she's in a country like say, Saudi Arabia, where travelling as a woman in basically illegal without your "male guardian's" permission, then it's like they'd have these girls trapped. OMG that's crazy, I'd be kinda pissed if someone said that to me. Like you're only seen as perfect if you follow what he believes? Nahhh fxxk that. That's so disrespectful.
    I'm not that familiar with Hinduism, but I do find it interesting like a lot of religions. I know many religions do go through some kind of reform tho, or there is a consensus that no one interpretation is right, but Islam has not gone through that officially, because part of the belief is that the Koran is a perfect book with 0 flaws, so those who point out flaws, or those who acknowledge problems with it, are then considered apostates. Bc then it's like one has discredited the whole book. And then I think we know what apostates are supposed to receive according to the book.... I know not all Muslims think like that of course, as there are some who advocate for secularism or the ability to interpret it for yourself, but that whole discussion is different than one around Christianity. Or maybe Hinduism too? Like it's one thing to have somewhat questionable stories as a part of religion, but I think it's another to refuse discussion or blindly accept things all as morally superior just because it's part of a book.
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  15. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    100% agree, especially here in the West, Muslims as a whole are painted as victims. Yes of course people can and are persecuted for what religion they identify as (I mean look at Uyghurs in China now), but that happens among all religions. What I cannot stand is when people think critiquing religion itself is AT ALL the same to discriminating against religious people. They're absolutely different. One is stagnant, such as religious books & texts, beliefs, practices, etc. The other are human beings, who should be judged by their character. I will always be critical of certain Koran verses, because it's literally just words that people can agree or disagree with, but that doesn't mean I treat my Muslim friends differently.
    It is so frustrating though when I've spoken about injustices in Muslim countries, which is literally oppressing Muslims on top of other religious minorities in these countries, yet I'll get responses like "be careful, supporting #FreeFromHijab promotes isLaMoPhoBiA". WHY are you more concerned about your religion being seen in a negative light than people getting KILLED & IMPRISONED for breaking these religious rules?? Literally so frustrating. And people forget the term Islamophobia was originally used to refer to the actual fear of Islam being forced onto a country, like from the Ottoman Empire, which basically said "convert or die" to so many countries, yet now people who can't handle criticism have warped the term to fit their narrative.
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