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  1. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    It seems hypocritical when people get offended over someone using the term retarded to describe something that's just foolish, when they themselves use the terms stupid, idiot, moron, imbecile, cretin, etc. all of which, including retarded were once used as psychiatric terms to describe different levels of intellectual disability. None of these terms are used anymore to actually describe learning disabilities, yet most people only consider "retarded" a slur out of many more commonly used words that were once used to describe the same thing.
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  2. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Can we please take the discussion about this Denise chick to her own thread (if she has one) or the general Koreaboo thread? This seems quite irrelevant here. And please be able to actually back up your claims please and thank you since the IG claims are obviously kinda bs
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  3. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Omg I remember this girl. I think I was following her a long time ago bc I liked her style, but if I remember correctly all she'd do is like reblog sponsored posts and her own selfies too much so it got boring fast and unfollowed her lol.
    Whether she really is a fetishizer I'm not sure, but if her and Michelle really are friends, why would she publicly call her out when she could just talk to her privately? I mean I know everyone seems to get hyped up when they hear about someone getting publicly dragged, but if people really are friends, then I don't think putting a friend on blast is the best way to handle any issue. If anything it would just make Michelle look like an asshole who can't civilly discuss between her and her friend why something is an issue, but rather just publicly shame someone until they change, which I don't think Michelle would do to someone who is actually her friend.
    Also only like 1 in every 15 photos or more is of her bf, so it's definitely not "mostly pics of her oppar" so....? This sounds more like a personal vendetta tbh.....
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  4. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    This is so disgusting oh my god. If he really isn't a troll then holy hell he's in desperate need of therapy.
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  5. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Zell/ kag0ma   

    Not to revive a dead thread, but Zell no longer proclaims their totally true half-Japanese identity in their Twitter bio. Are they finally ready to come clean? Lol

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  6. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    It's basically the fictitious Gossip Girl website in real life.
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  7. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I don't know why this is an unpopular opinion, but I find it comical when people say things like "I'm a poc, therefore I'm unable to be racist!" Racism literally comes from the mindset of viewing another race inferior to your own / your own race as superior to another. What race you personally are doesn't matter. Just because someone can make the argument of "institutional racism" it doesn't cancel out the fact that literally anyone can hate another person solely because of their race. I mean hell, slavery has existed on literally every continent except Antarctica, so you can't say that only white people have the capability to view another ethnicity as inferior.
    Similarly, women who openly hate men and when someone calls out their BS, they say some shit like "I'm a woman and women haven't had the same right as men historically blah etc etc so therefore I can't be sexist!" Whether women have be collectively denied rights by the government, especially in the past, doesn't mean that you are incapable of hating someone just because of their sex (i.e. being sexist). Bobby working at McDonald's didn't do anything to you girl, so just chill.
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  8. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Princessmei   

  9. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I remember when she posted videos of how she dyes her own hair, and then I remember her saying in a video after she started going to that salon "don't ever bleach your hair yourself, go to a salon because they know what they're doing" and I couldn't help thinking that the only reason she'd say that is because she can either get it done for free, or is rich enough to always pay someone to get it done (and getting your hair as light as Mei has it for pastel colors takes a lot of time and therefore a lot of $). Like I get it if she feels like she doesn't know what she's doing with bleach, but there's plenty of people who do their own hair and it turns out fine. Not everyone can afford an expensive salon treatment, or have friends who do it for free.
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  10. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I think he photoshopped his eyes too close together in the second pic. Which using an app like B612, it's pretty easy to do, and pretty easy to go overboard and get to the uncanny valley...
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  11. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I also enjoy her grwm vids, but I wish she'd mix it up with more of her grwm storytimes. This last grwm she did seem more lively tho, like she genuinely was happy to make the video. I wish she'd do more videos like the one where she was talking about funny stories from her childhood, that was hilarious.
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  12. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    It still does take time to plan, film, and edit videos tho, so assuming it took like a day to film and a day to edit, then that's still only like 5 days after hearing about it. Granted, I'd like to think that considering her family is posting about it that they wouldn't be enabling this sort of stunt. But at this point I also know that the least expected situations are sometimes true. So tbh I don't think I can rule out any possibility right now until there is definite confirmation. Also I'm still wondering about obituaries in Vietnam.
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  13. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    No? I'm saying it's weird that she would make a video at all just a FEW DAYS after her alleged passing. That's what seems strange. What's the big deal? After all, like what was said before, unless we get an unbiased source of confirmation, speculation about this being another faked situation is still valid commentary. I'm not going to give any emotional reactions yet until we know for sure, otherwise it'll just be a repeat of 1 year ago.
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  14. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Lena seems quite calm in the video, but like...almost too calm? Maybe it's just me, and I know everyone reacts differently to death, but I don't think I'd be so calm discussing a friend's death so suddenly after they passed. Not saying that it's definite proof that she could be lying, but I know losing some family members who I wasn't even super close to took me weeks to be able to discuss their passing at such a long length of time, so I'd assume that if a best friend was dead, it would take even longer to really be comfortable talking about it without crying at all. But it is possible that she could just be feeling numb so maybe that's why she seems very calm.
    Also, sorry if this has been asked already, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if Vietnam has some kind of public obituary website? I know in the US whenever someone has been confirmed dead, you can find their obituary online, so if there is a similar system in Vietnam then that would be the easiest way to truly know if someone has passed away or not.
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  15. disappointedwitch added a post in a topic Dumbest things you’ve ever seen on tumblr?   

    Posts about how people shouldn't trust doctors and that some random tumblr blogs have more insight into medical issues, claiming that Ariana Grande is doing blackface, and believing that kinks are responsible for sexual assault.
    I'm convinced that Tumblr is gonna go under eventually anyways since they can't find a way to really make successful ads on the site. I think I read an article once that said something like "Tumblr: Yahoo's most regrettable investment."
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