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  1. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Old videos, texts, YouTube, youtubers, sponsors and companies coming after Shane like
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  2. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Why is no one commenting on the fact that the photo looks like when your grandpa asks you to take a pic for his profile photo on fb. I can't.
    I fucking can't with these problematic gurus and YouTubers using words like GROW. Cheeto (let's act like a cat wrote this) can't convince us that Shane changed because we don't know him behind the camera. What changed is his humor and it's only because of today's pc culture. 
    I'm really curious about Shane's career in the future. I think he will make a vlog in a year and talk about his growth, cry a little, insert sad music etc etc. 
    Where is his buddy Jeff now? 
    I think you mixed what it means to be edgy and hateful. Without being edgy and experimental we would be still stuck in middle ages and believing that the Earth is flat. I hope you realize that Bethoven was an edge lord in his time. I don't think any content except what you find on the dark web should be banned. Post racist, sexist and homophobic content but don't be surprised if you get backlash, a lousy reputation and no one wanting to work with you in the future. Let's all practice free speach. 
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  3. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I also found it off but I couldn't point my finger at what exactly. Palettes can be all nude, all peachy, all blue, the huge ones like Jaclyn Hill's or JC's for pro muas, rainbow and those old fashioned with the most common unnatural shades + 2 similar. His palette is so random, it's neither of the mentioned. The first row is supposed to be warm and nude except the last one which is cool, the second row was supposed to be vibrant except the first one and third row was supposed to be cool and toned down but the 'tea' one is off but it's the least bad. Him naming orange shade as cheese and the red one as a cheeto is disgusting. I don't want the eyeshadow I wear at the club to remind me of processed salty food. He's projecting his inner white trash onto this pallette, [white trash] that he didn't manage loose even after making millions lol. The only shades I think are good and unique is the 2nd shade and the pig shade tbh. The boxing is also not original, it's by a luxury brand and it was originally some cosmetic set. 
    It's sad on what people spend their parent's hatd earned money. 

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  4. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    People love to label him as this high quality OG revolutionary YouTuber, but in reality he was in the cringier, trashier and unfunny category. He shouldn't be in the same basket with Smosh, Nigahiga and Ray William Johnson. The reason he is put next to them is because he was consistently uploading and finally became the top creator in recent years. It's like saying Trisha Paytas was an OG because she uploaded random shit in 2007.
    I remember discovering him in 2010 with his yellow clickbait video Emo Horror Story or something because my 11 year old brain loved emo and horror. I didn't know what YouTubers were especially that there was a whole community. I remember seeing vlog and thinking "Where tf are emos and horror? Why is this guy filming himself walking? I don't like him". Even at 11 I found Shane annoying on a Fred and Annoying Orange level but at least they were entertaining back then to many of us. His overuse of unrealistic clickbait titles was what also drove me away because I knew he won't have a karaoke with Miley and other similar titles. 
    The point is, he was this annoying unfunny clickbait YouTuber before his conspiracy theories. I remember wanting some juicy conspiracy theories and avoiding Shane's videos because of his shitty content before. But instead I got hooked on his old conspiracy videos, not the new ones. Just remember he was filming trying food videos until recently. Is that worth of being put on such a pedestal a year later? By being a 30 year old glutton laughing with your mouth full and being disgusted by vegetables until recently. 
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  5. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Lol I've been saying it so many times, he looks like smells like sweat, and this is the man that convinced millions that he's going to become a beauty guru. 
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  6. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Why are people mad about the topic of Tati's video and commenting about BLM and Yemen? You clicked on a video involving soon to be legal drama in the beauty community between 4 people. Yes, people are dying, but we are aloud to talk about whatever we want and not talking constantly about world's issues doesn't mean we don't care. Your so-called spreading awareness is what we call on the internet spamming, and spamming can annoy people and turn away from donating and signing petitions.
    Tati: Talks about problems in their life, mentioning sexual assault, threats and being manipulated by wolves in sheep's clothing. 
    People in the comments: Yeah but black lives matter and Yemen. 
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  7. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    As someone with such a traumatic childhood that it led him to having racist comedy and being creepy af, he sure likes to immediately discredit someone after saying they were molested. Okay Shane. 
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  8. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Ohhhhh, now age suddenly matters🙄. But when your fiance with his business friend go against a 19 year old then it's a lesson about ego. Shut up you little twink. Nobody cares about your opinion. 
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  9. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Double post lol.
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  10. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    In glad Shane will have a slice of humble pie since he was telling that to James in such a smug tone. 
    I don't understand why are Americans so inclined to do blackface and say the n word. Slavery didn't end 5 years ago, how many decades need to past since 60s for people to realize what's comedy and what's racism. 
    I find Tre Melvin's old videos of black and white stereotypes really funny and it's Imo an example of race jokes and stereotypes being funny and not offensive and passive aggressive. 
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  11. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    The biggest clownery of censoring racism is HBO temporary removing Gone By The Wind. The black woman playing the maid was the first black woman to win an Oscar while other black slaves were portrayed as positive characters. The maid was caring, hard working and had a quirky personality. The film showed slaves being liberalized and singing in joy for finally being free. I see that movie as progressive considering it was filmed in a time when blackface was being used in Hollywood. I highly recommend watching it! 
    I don't know how's America doing as a country but it's so ridiculous seeing them removing parts of shows where bigoted characters are obviously portrayed in a negative light and ignorant. Is mocking a group of people by impersonating them too offensive to be aired. Is even showing black slaves regardless if they're positive characters too offensive?
    "Women are sexualised anyway so why wouldn't I monetize it" 
    How will women's issues ever be solved with that mentality? That's just pouring gasoline on fire. We have to spread the message of a sustainable job without forcing women on masculine roles. In their world its either sex work/streaming or owning a makeup/clothing line.
    One more thing: I find already rich YouTubers choosing to have an Only Fans disgusting. I understand women doing it full time, some are desperate to pay rent, feed their children and more. Meanwhile Trisha, Tana Mongus, Nikocado and others are just doing it for even more money or to kill time in quarantine. What kind of backwards mentality is that? 
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  12. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Dear woke white voice actors who publicly announce they regret voicing a poc character,
    Where were you when you got the part? Why are you now playing on this white guilt bullshit when racism and police brutality was talked about for years before this? 
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  13. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Lol I'm gagging at the comments on Shane's apology. First there were these 12 year olds a couple of days ago like:
    everyone: hates on Shane 
    me: forgives him
    Now everyone's like:
    Depression and anxiety isn't an excuse to sexualize children, Shane. 
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  14. shady added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    OMG I wanted to find a video where he referenced Billy and Miley Cyrus but he fucking DELETED it. It was from 2013.
    It was a review of Miley's album Bangerz and Shane tried to predict what the song Drive will be about. He started singing like:
    "Drive, all I do is drive. I got my daddy in the front seat.. DADDY STOP TOUCHING ME." 
    The reason why I remember this so well is that it was my favorite song from that album and I loved that album back in 2013. It was one of the only videos of Shane I found funny. I thought it was just an edgy joke but now... yikes. I didn't know it was mentioned in multiple videos. 
    He also had at the time multiple and multiple clickbait videos with Miley Cyrus in the title and thumbnail. Just to put it here, feel free to speculate.
    Edit: Just searched 'Shane Miley' on YouTube and every single clickbait Miley Cyrus video is gone except something on ShaneDawsonTvHDVids but not with yellow background thumbnails. Did he delete all of his old videos or is he hiding something? Hmmm... 
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  15. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Not really an unpopular opinion.
    If Azelia Banks kept her mouth shut, got off Twitter and stopped being nasty, racist and misogynist she would've had multiple top 10 hits by now. Her style of rap/pop/90s house is really good and unique and I imagine her music being played on runaways or some nice cafés and clubs. Tbh she's much better than Cardi B. 
    People defending her actions are the biggest clowns ever, they think she's the victim of the industry because she's dark skinned and 'outspoken'. As white person from Europe, I literally don't care what skin color you are nor I heard anyone else care, I think that Azelia is beautiful as well as her skin color. There's probably a hierarchy in America when it comes to skin color but I highly doubt international audience cares. As for her being outspoken, if a white person was being as nasty as her and shaming black people for their looks and other stereotypes the same clowns would call that person racist. She also loves to body shame basically anyone. I love when people excuse loud assholes calling them outspoken, they obviously don't know the definition. 
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