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  1. shady added a post in a topic How to get clear skin: tip #1   

    For me dairy and carbs don't change my skin, it depends if you're lactose tolerant. The best is to try cutting it out for a week. 
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  2. shady added a post in a topic Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion   

    I like to firstly start saying that hooded eyes are beautiful and just because makeup hates them doesn't mean they're ugly. It's better than overly exposed crease because it gives a tired look although it's easy for makeup.
    I think my friend who I did makeup recently has these eyes. It looks perfectly fine when I did it with closed eyes and then the part where the flick starts gets fucked up when she opens them. I think you should look straight at the mirror like you do 99% of time and draw over that annoying skin.
    Oh yeah, please get a gel eyeliner and an angeled brush, I use it by L'Oréal for 10$, it's good although it got quite dry, but I heard it's quite normal even with high end products and can be fixed. It can be like a pencil when taking a little product on your brush which you can erase your mistakes with your finger. You can also correct it with a concealer and not make a mess like you would do with the liquid eyeliner. What beauty gurus didn't tell me is that i should squeeze the brush with a wet toilet paper so it gets nice and sharp. I've been doing eyeliners since 2014 so I've tried every single type of product and hacks there is. 
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  3. shady added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Honestly I used to binge her vids only for background noise until I wasn't even able to do that. She came across as this hateful insecure girl with no social life, and I've met plenty of people like that, they're usually toxic. I didn't know that she was even an art channel, she comes across as a drama/commentary channel. Her style also sucks, she really can't draw anything outside of her rather easy instagram modelesque art style. What made me definitely unsubscribe is her video on JK Rowling. Regardless of your opinion on her comments, CreepShow thinks it's okay to fire someone if he/she says something you don't agree with, so she's not for free speech. What if she was fired if her boss discovered her channel, she would be whining on her channel and ranting about human rights (I can already hear her voice inside my head). I watch her videos enough to assume what her reaction would be. 
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  4. shady added a post in a topic Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion   

    I may actually have fungal acne. I need to go back to my dermatologist.
    Edit: Nahh, I checked the symptoms, mine aren't painful nor itching, they're just chilling and annoying the shit out of me. I still need to go. 
    My skin along with my forehead used to look as if it was airbrushed on photoshop. I had a serious care routine but my dermatologist changed it eventually because it started dehydrating my skin because it was meant for severe acne. Since summer I started getting small bumps and she gave me a different skincares but it barely did anything since then. I don't have any big, red pimples, just small blackheads, white heads and these pimples which makes people think I have clear skin until they look twice. 
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  5. shady added a post in a topic How to get clear skin: tip #1   

    For me it helps alot when it comes to drinking water is simply keeping a full large glass of water next to you all the time regardless of what you're doing and bringing it with yourself. Everytime I look at it I feel thirsty and drink at least half of it. This way I probably drink at least 2l a day. When I don't do this I literally drink 2-3 glasses a day and almost dehydrate because I forgot to drink water. 
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  6. shady added a post in a topic Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion   

    Sure! I'll add that in the introduction! I think there are skincare threads already but they're quite dead and very specific.
    U would love to hear about products to get rid of forehead bumps and back/but bumps. 
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  7. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I noticed that I can't ask anywhere (here nor on reddit) about a certain makeup product and any advice so I made a thread here. Feel free to ask anything! 

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  8. shady added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion
    This thread is for:
    ▪️asking for wcif makeup,
    ▪️advice on makeup techniques,
    ▪️discussion about various products and brands
    ▪️sharing you're favorite makeup/skincare products 
    ▪️giving your opinion on different makeup looks and trends! 
    have fun 
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  9. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Idk why are you downvoted when there's nothing judgemental here, just an opinion based on personal experience. Sad how something like this is controversial today. 
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  10. shady added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    So I just got downvoted on r/notliketheothergirls. There was this candid picture of a group of girls where every single girl was wearing a blue denim jacket and black jeans and the title is "I'm not like the other girls" oe something.
    There was this comment saying that that post is misogynistic and that there's nothing connected to the title. I replied that just because someone's making fun of girls doesn't mean it's misogynistic. That got massive downvotes. Well that sub is misogynistic then since it's poking fun at insecure girls that keep finding a way to appear special.
    tl;dr: Apparently in 2020 we can't make a harmless joke on other girls even as women because it's misogynistic and sexist, probably racist if it involves poc girls. 
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  11. shady added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Maybe it's because of her lifestyle that negatively affects her voice. I think I heard somewhere that shw smokes weed and she probably does other things that damage her voice. She's a good artist and has a pleasant weak voice but I don't consider her the best vocalist. If she was as basic as Selena Gomez, people would hate her and say she can't sing because she does always sing very low notes and her songs are very easy to sing. But everyone respects her unique style and that's why she doesn't get hate, instead had concerned fans. I really don't think her anxiety is an excuse for having weak performances, because that's her job and she was supposed to do something about that after years of her career. 
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  12. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I know, I'm just talking that the media promotes. Miley Cyrus and others probably wouldn't have kids regardless of the environment. 
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  13. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    White people: We need to stop having kids and sterilize ourselves for the environment!
    Third world countries: *have at least 6 kids per family*
    White people: *cricket sounds* 🦗 
    Also white people: *imports third world migrants because of low birth rates*
    a great way to permanently fuck up the population of a country
    This agenda is slowly coming to my country through sitcoms licensed by the Netherlands. 
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  14. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    It also ruins the point of the gif as a reaction instead of an emoji, plus people today have an attention span so low that they don't want to open links anymore. My friend refuses to open a 15 second video on YouTube but watches hours of dumb instagram cooking and makeup videos because she doesn't have to leave the app. 
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  15. shady added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    The huge problem is that she released her record 5 years later. After watching all those videos analysing someone's career, that is a huge gap where new artists appeared that can take someone spotlight, in this case it was Billie Elish, an edgy alternative girl that made people forget about Melanie. Not to mention that this record was just a recycled Cry Baby. Melanie should've used the rape accusation, proving Timothy wrong, talking about it and releasing a record. She just released a single song that got noticed only by people who were aware of the scandal. She isn't like the Kardashians where being quiet makes people talk about her even more. 
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