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  1. shady added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I actually thought of that. That was in her brown-showing-around-her-pupil era. I think she forgot all the things she lied about at this point or ignored it because she can't think of an explanation. She showed off her 100% turquoise implant so many times in ways to show she isn't wearing a contact, but 'has' partial heterochromia. She should've at least made notes about her fake life so she could stay consistent. Also, who in their right mind wears a contact just to enhance their natural eye color unless it's for costumes? We leaned on this thread already that touching your eyes to much becomes harmful. 
    Not to sound like a mean bitch, but the only thing she really 'needed' is a nose job, and even then I didn't notice her nose was on the bigger side until she started shrinking it. It's kinda proportional to her big lips, big eyes, tall body but I still understand where her insecurity comes from because it makes her profile resemble a 'witch skull' and makes her chin look weak which she hasn't got and it's opposite to the small skinny button nose we're bombarded on Instagram. Anything other than a nose job is desperate and makes her look like a mess. She was really cute in 2016 and looked like a potential photo model for big underwear brands, maybe a small gig for VS, and commercial work in general. 
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  2. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I wish people would stop gatekeeping trends. The most logical type of gatekeeping is cultural appropriation, which they have a point on some things, and other things are just dumb and hypocritical.
    The perfect example of unnecessary gatekeeping was when I was watching a makeup tutorial for lifted supermodel brows and foxy eyes. The goths are upset about shaving the tail because they were doing that for a long time and got laughed at. On the other hand, most likely white girls or Americans of Arab decent were getting upset about foxy eyes being worn by Arab women a long time ago, meanwhile actual Arab women replying to them that there's nothing wrong with this trend.
    Why people constantly want to other people feel guilty for wanting to wear something? I was listening to grunge and wearing a red black flannel and black chokers in 2014 and I didn't care if people who aren't even into rock were wearing it. 
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  3. shady added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    "Ah yes, a real footage of G̶o̶d̶ SATAN making Yandere Dev" 
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  4. shady added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Guys, what's the name of that game that's almost the same ad YanSim but better and finished? I really want to play it. 
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  5. shady added a post in a topic Sims   

    I used some popular lighting mod on MTS but I got no result. I have this lighting mod for realistic lights and ReShade so maybe I shouldn't have that to make it work.
    It's supposed to be more 'realistic' and although I love realism I prefer sims 2 lighting for some reason. It's kinda bright, pastel but natural, kinda like in furniture catalogs. Sims 3 has a very strong contrast and makes floor in a small room almost black, and although sims 4 lighting is extremely good (I mean the game os from 2014-2020) the lighting is kinda dim, oversaturated and unnatural at noon as if their world is under a lamp.
    Here are lighting comparisons from TS2, TS3 & TS4

    The first picture is taken by me btw. Is so plain and simple but I love it for aome reason. 
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  6. shady added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    That was basically me in high school. You're not alone. I'm extroverted, back in high school I dreamed of going to crazy parties, to summer vacations with my friends as well as traveling in general. I would go to parties a couple of times a year but the parties were shitty and my friends were uninterested. I hoped things would become different in college, and they are much better, it can always be better, i'm meeting the right people. My mom's therapist said that his daughter had the exact same experience in HS because of jealousy and bloomed in college. 
    Back to high school: I had friends in the first year in class and plus a group outside of class. By second year I only had two friends and by fourth year none, I have some theories why but nothing obvious. Instead of being labeled as quiet, I was labeled as that annoying and desperate girl no one likes, which I was because whatever I do people would just brush me off. I knew how to make friends, but for some reason I was blacklisted. I would either get laughed at, or just simply brushed off, they even pushed a guy I liked to "flirt" with me and recorded it. What broke me was in 4th year when NO ONE wanted to share a room with me on a school trip to Italy. On the same trip I was trying hard to fit in with my former friends and they said that I should find someone else to annoy which made my cry in the middle of Venice alone on a bench. The mean ones at least showed sympathy while the "nicer" ones said that I deserved it. After that, on purpose I became the "idgaf girl", asocial and uninterested. I did that because I would rather seem cold than desperate. I spend days at school watching series, listening to music and playing games without talking to anybody unless someone starts first.
    On prom while everybody was crying as a goodbye I, dolled up like as boss ass bitch, was saying how I would cry out of joy for not seeing you assholes again, and they stared me blank confused or pissed. That was my 👋. 
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  7. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    If I were a man, I would never date a sex worker like Idubbbz dates his gf. She could've choose any job, has a rich boyfriend, but she still chose to be an e-girl. It seems their intimacy is worth less since she pretends to be intimate to her patrons, and that she's doing it just for male attention although she already has attention from her boyfriend which obviously isn't enough for her. It's their life, people should leave them alone, but I guarantee their relationship won't last and that girl got her 15 mins of infamy. Oh yeah, Ian isn't a simp, he's kinda a cuck or x-with-my-wife's-boyfriend type of guy. 
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  8. shady added a post in a topic Confessional   

    Why? I hope you're sarcastic. When people guess my language which is Serbian (Slavic) and say it's Spanish (for some odd reason) or Russian, I don't get offended. 
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  9. shady added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    I mean she nor anyone is obligated to have a flawless feed. But like we both said, If she wants to be a makeup guru, she NEEDS to have a very nice feed. It doesn't have to be outside, she can have a nice minimalist feed. She probably only does her makeup when filming a video and takes selfies before/after filming so that's the reason she only has pics in her bedroom. It's extremely easy to have a nice minimalist feed with her bedroom, phone, makeup, she's even above average looking, but she even fails doing all of that that. I've seen countless of matching feeds only with selfies of the same girls and it can be aestheticly pleasing.
    Just an observation, maybe I'm wrong: Girls who are into sweatshirts + heavy makeup in pictures don't actually wear makeup irl. 
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  10. shady added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    *on 6:20* Ohhh you poor thing. When you call out people on things and judge them then it's okay but when people call you out it's very bad for your mental being. Considering how upset she was when someone called her out on talking about Gaby too much, she probably finds every harsher constructive criticism as hate.
    Edit: Her voice was kinda shaky and shesstarted looking away from the camera from the moment she said "name calling" or maybe that was on purpose idk, she seemed nervous at that moment. I have the same body language when I'm trying to avoid an uncomfortable situation with lying and making up events. 
    I understand there are haters that are upset when she calls out their idol, but the majority comments I see are positive.
    Also her subscribers don't come on the first hour, she obviously doesn't know how the algorithm works, unless for the ones who have turned on notifs. So apparently only her "fans" like her and everyone else who isn't subscribed is a potential hater. Idk but if I were her I would try to figure out why is that happening.
    For the end, she still hadn't created her second channel and even if she does and becomes a legit beauty guru, I doubt people on vidcon/beautycon will like her since she can potentially call them out on their sins. 
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  11. shady added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    My godbrother posted (*cough cough* copied) this woke fb status about the outcomes of the Coronavirus. It was mostly nature good, humanity bad, family getting together, money and job not being a priority in life etc. He gained 750 and quite some critique. Here's the reason I'm sick of these people and I know him personally and why is being a huge hypocrite. 
    First, he's literally plagiarizing someones status and gained 750 likes. Second, He's literally 20, hasn't seen his family in months which takes him 1,5 hours by a bus and 10€. He stayed in Belgrade which is where half of the infected are for his girlfriend but claims family is the most important. Job and money aren't the most important? He's literally in his profile picture in a luxurious looking event flexing in his suit looking like a millionaire politician but comes from a working class family and is broke. When you see him he only talks about his law school, meeting ambassadors and having gigs at the court, in the first year of college (spoiler alert: 90% lie) . I would've roasted the shit out of him but I didn't want to be an asshole since I know him my whole life, his mom comments really nice things on my pics and people who disagreed with him roasted him already. 
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  12. shady added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Lmao why did I read that in a stereotypical raspy guy who smokes weed and listens to rock voice. Like this dude with a little bit of Kurt Cobain here and there. 
    I don't think there's really any discussion in regards to her opinions. It's literally the same philosophical same shit over and over and at this point she only sounds like she was transcribing stoners' thoughts while high. 
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  13. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    New parents do that in my country all the time and I will never understand why. They go from covering the baby's face with heart stickers, then switch snapchat filters before showing its face, in literally a month. Why is this dumb? 
    1.Babies have almost the same face
    2. Nobody will screenshot your baby's face and try to stalk it as if would be walking home alone at night. It's when a person gets older and his features become distinctive when his eyes/face matters. 
    3. Why even post a picture if you don't want to show your kid? The answer is - the attention new mommies get
    4. Probably a trend started by celebrities so regular mortals want to jump on it. It makes more sense when celebs do it so tabloids couldn't publish their picture.
    Edit: I tried to search a reason in my language and I found an article that says that the reason moms do that is to protect their children's photos from being used as child porn, being stolen for some small company in a different country, being used ad memes or for childless women to pretend it's their kids. 
    I really doubt the majority moms doing that are doing for these reasons. 
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  14. shady added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    THANK YOU! I'm all for masculine men but if you have a unibrow or huge caterpillar brows do yourself a favor and ask your female family friend to clean them, it doesn't have to be "on fleek" just don't look like a caveman.
    I also don't see what's feminine about having a skin care routine. I don't mind cute guys with acne, literally my crush is very good looking but with bad skin, but isn't it better to have a clear soft skin? 
    I sometimes ask myself why I'm straight but think that many times women are prettier than men. The answer is that women try to conceal all their flaws while men don't give a fuck, maybe grow a beard or go to gym. Have no eyebrows and lashes? Women: wear mascara/lash extensions and tinted/draw on eyebrows. Men: Nothing (lol they don't have to wear extentions just saying). Have lots and lots of hair? Women: Remove it and shape their eyebrows. Men: Walk around with their hairy ass chest and legs like a chimpanzee. 
    Meanwhile men grooming themselves is a slippery slope and can end up with them looking gay which can be obviously unattractive to straight women. 
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  15. shady added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    You're right about everything. Idk why people are so intrigued of her being a law student, from personal experience the majority who study law chose it because they don't have a particular career they like or goal except money, barely anyone has a personality for a lawyer who studies law. She should be praised once she graduates. 
    Like I said before and I will say it again, shes not that good at makeup, shes clearly only good at doing a basic eyeliner and matt/glossy orange/pink eyeshadow.
    This is the most professional makeup look so far yet you can learn to do a perfect eyeliner in a couple of days of trying with the right products. That smokey eyeliner is especially easy to do since it doesn't require precision and you can't see if she made a mistake. 

    This may sound mean but she's surprisingly awkward and unphotogenic on her selfies which is bad for her upcoming makeup channel. Just look at her ig and you'll understand me. She gives a vibe of a middle aged mom that got her makeup done and doesn't know how to take selfies because she never does. 
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