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  1. Serala added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    In the safety net you have to pay in before a few years to get the money or else she would just live in one of those countries right now. Through being a EU citizen she would be allowed to be in Germany without a visa, but she still wouldn't get the full money a jobless person gets because she never paid anything in it. In Germany she most likey wouldn't even be hired in jobs, which aren't waitress jobs, if she doesn't even have the middle school diploma and I don't see herself wanting to do it. And who knows if they want one acting like she does. They will search her up and she definitly wouldn't get hired. I don't think she wants to work at all or else she would at least asked Taylor etc. for a model job or would work as a free lancer translator etc. Or she could have made some merch or even a online shop, where she sells cute things. Right now she literally only eats things and wants to have money for it from her fans. I also don't think she has a good work ethic because she never learned it from her mother. 
    Also Margo has no money and couldn't follow Venus even if she would be in Europe and since Venus has a Hungarian citizenship she would get deported to Hungary. She wouldn't have enough money for a flight to another country right now and after she gets deported and we all know it will happen, if she doesn't find a job. Manaki won't stay married to her their whole life and his family (and probably himself) want children. He will search for a new wife and divorce Venus. Maybe she will try to get back with Manaki after a few months, where she struggles with money and maybe even gets kicked out, if she can't pay the rent for her room. I don't want to be mean, but even if she lives with a friend, I don't think her friend wants to pay for everything alone
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  2. Serala added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I only saw the video of him dancing next to Chungha and a few other girls. Chungha even spoke to him and he told her he is a big fan and knows all her choreographies and he could chose one song to dance to next to Chungha and he chose Rollercoaster. He called it by the Korean name even though they spoke english and he literally danced to the chorus wrong and Chungha saw it lol. She literally danced next to him so the mistakes were so obvious. I seriously don't get why they chose him for the shadow video, there are so many better dancers and why in the group pictures is he the only one with high heels? Everyone is clothed athletic and he is clothed in rather elegant/fancy clothes...
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  3. Serala added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I think in Europe for non-medical reasons it is only half-way legal (actually illegal, but it is somehow tolerated) in the Netherlands and Spain. In the Netherlands the coffee shops exist and in Spain growing it privatly is legal (I googled lol) so no it is not legal in Switzerland. Is she actually in Switzerland and not Hungary?
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  4. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    What doesn't make sense for you? I am really curious. I think the story line is pretty easy overall, but there are a lot of details, which I only really noticed/interpretated after reading theories. To read the book is in my opinion from what I read in the internet not really necessary, the only thing, where the book helps you to understand the story is that Sophie is a witch too, but I think in the movie her curse was rather lifted by her new found self-confidence and their love
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  5. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Model and drag reality shows are so useless and boring to me
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  6. Serala added a post in a topic How to bleach my skin?   

    I heard rice water helps. You would have to leave it on for like 20 minutes and of course then rinse it. Definitly don't use lemons to even out your skin tone, it's too aacid and irritates your skin. Also wear sun screen so the difference is not being made worse. And I hope that anyone, who is reading this thread to get a lighter skin tone, knows that every skin colour is beautiful and you shouldn't feel the need to change it  .
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  7. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Didn't Sulli actually only wanted to be an actress? And didn't SM tell her to debut as an idol? And wasn't she a child actress? I remember hearing something like this. Not to defend her, but she didn't care about the idol thing and probably wanted to enerve them for pushing her into it. Of course it is not fair for the other members. She doesn't seem to be 100 percent sane and being repeatly told that she is worse than her members took away any motivation she even had to begin. She still should have put more work in it and in the end she actually left, which is better than her sticking to a group she doesn't want to be part of and f(x) profited from her leaving. But she should seriously change her work ethic, see a theraphist or leave the public life behind. She is too unstable and irresponsible right now and should have never been a celebrity. I think she would be way happier having a normal life and her morals would be probably way better. Her fans adoring her made her probably worse and more spoilt. I am honestly waiting for the next scandal of her and I don't mean it in a harmful way. Somehow she seems to me like she probably had a stage mother, which made her go crazy like those Disney kids, who have almost all gone crazy in one way or another
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  8. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I am against organ donations, so I won't donate one to anyone (except my family) and I also don't want to receive one. To be honest the biggest reason is not even the fact that the medical condition "brain dead" was invented a year after the first transplantation happened so that it is ethical okay to end another life and the pain wouldn't bother me as well, but I am so angry that those companies, who convey a organ get per organ hundred thousands dollars (depending on the organ) and rich people, famous people and politicans get one unfairly before others. I don't want to support this corrupt system and the possibility of organ rejection is high too. 
    Also it happened several times that doctors either said too early that one is brain dead out of greed, even though they are not, and literally woke up the next day or that the doctors is too uneducated and diagnosis it.
    I would donate my organs, if it would be a fair system and they would not earn that much.
    I am not against blood donations or bone marrow donations and I would at least donate blood if I could (but I don't have enough blood and would rather need blood lol), but everything has it's risk and literally someone can share your DNA with you through the bone marrow donation and can commit crimes and maybe you can be accused of it. The risk is slim, but it can happen https://genetics.thetech.org/ask/ask208
    Also I think that sometimes if your organs are failing naturally that maybe in some cases the body is not strong enough to continue living and one should make the most of their last days instead of living in pain the whole time. It's a question everyone needs to answer themselves, but I would rather live shortly and without pain than living a long painful life.
    It's a difficult topic to dicuss
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  9. Serala added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    In the western world you also cook a little more than needed, you cook fresh and often you are still cooking the meal while the others arrive so that the food is still warm in case someone comes later or you at least order delivery food, if you can't cook at all. Of course it can be different for some other countries, but I have never seen someone actually daring to serve something so cheap for dinner. So it is no excuse that she grew up in the U.S. she is just cheap and lazy
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  10. Serala added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I know 2 people with social anxiety (one doesn't even leave her house in her free time at all) and both work full time. Of course it stresses them out, but they both want to be independent and want to support their families. You are not his sugar mom, he could at least try working for a few weeks. If he can travel in a bus than he can also do a job, where he doesn't need to talk or really minimal talking is involved. Yes social anxiety is bad, but whenever someone has a mental illness they themselves also have to try to get better and not use it as an excuse. I don't have social anxiety, but I was sickly shy and still am more "healthy" shy now and I still forced myself to do things like presentations, where I would literally almost cry because of fear and was dizzy when I was younger. Now I am still afraid of doing it, but only my heart is racing now and my voice shakes.
    To me it sounds like he knows your "weak" point and tries to use it to his advantage. Believe me most people, who say that they are going to kill themselves if their partner wants to break up, lie to guilt trip them. You want time for yourself, but he forces himself on you. Break up with him or you are rather going to be the suicidal one. Don't let anyone ever tain your happiness. If you miss your periods it affects your health and can make you really sick. If your are sick who will earn the money? I doubt he would do it and either he forces you to work while being sick or he will leave you and search for another person with money. I know this sounds harsh, but think about you and your future and that things can happen, which won't be great. He sounds one step away from being abusive. He tries to manipulate you, possess you and isolate you. Search up the warning signs and please get out of this relationship and block his number. Good luck!
    You are not stupid for feeling it. And what exactly do you mean by " poisoned the food"?
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  11. Serala added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I know that everything is more expensive in Switzerland but in Germany 52 percent of your income goes to the government, while healthcare gets more expensive every year and the prices for flats go up pretty fast too, that's why I think all in all she would still earn a little more money in Switzerland in the end while having a more "simpler" job and her life quality would be better there. (No shame to anyone, who has such a job. Jobs like this are essential.) I don't think she eats so much that it could be really expensive and she grew up there and knows the culture. In Germany she would probably stand out due to her accent and sometimes words aren't the same in Swiss German and High German and maybe she would feel left out. Also to even get a cashier job in Germany she would have to have at least the 10th grade diploma and she doesn't even have the 9th one. Getting a diploma not in the regular time is really hard in Germany and you have to have a job to have the possibility to do the diplomas. Also most likely once you are at the "bottom of the society" you can hardly get up anymore and you would need a lot of time in Germany. And depending on the insurance "only" two years of theraphy are being covered by it and getting appointments with a theraphist is really hard right now. 
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  12. Serala added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Just saying in Germany it it wouldn't work that way. Especially if she has to get a middle school diploma. But good for her that it would work in the Netherlands. Clerks exist enough in Germany and I don't think she is physically able to work in the warehouse part of a supermarket for a long time without damaging her back and I don't personally think she could keep up with Youtube if she goes to school and maybe even goes to theraphy sessions. I also think that she should rather get a diploma than have her YouTube career. Maybe PM me (if you want) but will the government pay for her during the time she gets a diploma considering she is a foreigner?
    Well, I still hope she would get a diploma, because YouTube is not a stable career
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  13. Serala added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    She could do it in Germany too, but I don't think she would do it and at least in Germany you most likely have to work while doing it. School would be in the evening and she would have no free time. You don't really think about the fact that she probably hasn't even completed middle school (or even elementary school as some said here). It wouldn't only be the high school diploma. She would have to learn everything in at least 7 years (if she didn't go to middle school) and I also honestly don't think she would want to work in a supermarket. And supermarkt jobs are most of the time in Germany not paid well.
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  14. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

     It's actually really funny, in one moment they want their favourites to rest and in the next they should film a movie in their free time to fantasy about their bias and to decorate themselves with "helping" him to get famous and taking pride into knowing him before the rest lol
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