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  1. Serala added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Try crowd funding or ask around if another vet can do it cheaper. Sometimes (especially if you ask around in a animal food supply kitchen, where low income people are going if they don't have enough money to feed their pets) they have contacts to vets, who do it for half the price. Good luck 
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  2. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Dating a good guy shouldn't be seen as boring and is way better than dating a bad boy. Why chose someone, who thinks you are a joke, when you can have a respectful and sweet guy (or girl) instead? Toxic girls can have those bad boys for all I care, but nice people in general (no matter what gender) shouldn't settle for anything less than a acceptable human being
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  3. Serala added a post in a topic Confessional   

    @arinbunny I learned the hard way that you can't care about everyone. I honestly think you shouldn't worry, because if he hates you then you can do nothing to make him feel better and it isn't worth your time to try to help someone, who judges you that fast and doesn't really tell you why. He wouldn't probably accept your help anyway. Try your best to forget him or you could only talk once to your bff about this issue and stop after this. You can't really do more than this. Good luck! ♥️
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  4. Serala added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I don't think she is ugly (I actually think she is quite pretty), but I agree that it is weird that she is even ranked at all. I don't know how many people watched the show, but overall it was pretty cringy (I couldn't watch it, because it just seemed too cringy to me). I think she was the girl, who could speak really well Korean, but I can be wrong, I saw like 2 few minutes clips of the show. She fits the ideal type at least a little bit, but I still don't understand how she got so much votes especially since international K-Pop fans seem to vote more than any others. Maybe her whole family, friends, delusional K-Pop fans vote for her and maybe some(and she herself) faked accounts to vote. Idk. And to be honest I think Deesee is now a little bit more famous then Sissel. I have never heard of Sissel outside of PULL, while Deesee was on a tv show there. Of course I can be wrong, but I think we all agree that she is ranked too high for being a nobody
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  5. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Poor Wendy, I hope she gets well soon! She must be in horrible pain right now even with pain killers and she will maybe be too scared to perform on stage again. I hope for her that it also won't affect her health, dancing and singing abilities (because of the face injuries, I hope they are not bad) in the future and that she can rest for a long time. I read somewhere that she fell down the stage 2m deep, which must have been really scary for her (I don't know if this is true). I hope SM will sue them, but I don't think they will, because they still want their artists to perform on SBS
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  6. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - I am so annoyed by YouTubers now. All the drama is freaking stupid and I can't understand why people support especially the big YouTubers, when like 95% of them are trashy human beings. Often after a scandal they complain and "cancel" them for a while and then support them again. People should either stick to their values and stop supporting them (and I am not talking about a small scandal etc.) or just at least admit that they don't care that their favourites are horrible human beings.
    - The same should apply to celebrities and especially rappers. So many rappers get away with illegal things, just because they seem "cool" and it fits their image, while at the same time others get canceled for less or the same. An example: A rapper, who beats a woman gets away with it, while a famous actor, who beats a woman most of the time won't get any roles after it and is forever titled as a woman abuser, while the rapper can even rap about abusing/objectifing a woman and won't really get associated with it anymore or people just accept that it happened and always say "it happened in the past". Sure people can change, but I often even see rap fans blaming the woman for being abused...
    - Overall the mainstream rap scene seems to be pretty misogynistic, I don't know why so many people (especially why do woman) support it? There is enough rap music, which isn't about such themes and actually talks about struggles etc., which should be more popular than this misogynistic crap
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  7. Serala added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

  8. Serala added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I hate how almost everyone in college has met someone outside of the lectures and I didn't. I am always awkward at making friends, if I know that I will see them often. I even have some, who hang out with me during breaks, but even they all met at least once a person outside (in almost every class I have a three people group with different persons in every class and I feel left out in every group, when we are three and not two). It also has probably to do with the fact that these people have more courses and breaks together, but I get anxiety just thinking that I will not have a single real friend in this period of my life. A lot of people at college are either hatdcore drug users or are a lot older than me, which is why the group of people I can choose from is really small (around maybe 25 percent, and I don't even see around 18 percent of those 25 percent at all)
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  9. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

     Just saw that SuperM will be having a "european tour", which will consist of only two dates (London and Paris). SM is really a joke, they have three big fandoms and only two tour dates. They could have at least included one more date in a more central (or east) European city like Berlin, Warsaw, Prague or Vienna. My friend likes SuperM and I would have bought tickets for her birthday, but I ain't gonna battle three fandoms and those scammers, who buy several tickets and sell them for thrice the price, to get a ticket. Well, good luck to anyone, who tries it!:)
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  10. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    This may not be unpopular, but idols definitely shouldn't be younger than 16 and they shouldn't be able to train in companies, when they are like 8 years old. So much time of their life gets wasted, if they don't debut, often they have a huge debt, their grades suffer and often they have no normal childhood (some can't even tell their friends that they are trainees). And I feel sorry for the dancer Ha Eun (I think that was her name. I mean the really young child, who covers K-Pop songs and now even performs with the idols etc.).
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  11. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Honestly PM me, if you want. I won't talk about it here anymore. I just said it wasn't the users point probably & again this wasn't only aimed at you ...
    Thank you @jb-ist  

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  12. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    you do know that it was my last post about this topic because I said "just agree to disagree".  And I don't know how to spoiler on my phone
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  13. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Who said I am angry lol? I didn't only meant you, so why do you feel so attacked? Yes, I am annoyed because literally everywhere on YouTube etc. and even here I hear that we should thank those people for almost everything, because they invented certain genres. The people I see commenting about this are almost always pretty disrespectful and low key racist themselves. I saw over the years several comments like "Your ching ching favourites are nothing against real black rappers" etc. @staycalmdouche you can point it out, but I see several disrespectful comments from those people, who point it out. I think it says a lot about you, if you imply that I am racist, just because I say that it wasn't really needed to point it out here. It would have been enough to say it was R&B influenced, because who the hell doesn't know here that it was made by black people? The ethnic had nothing to do with the topic of music genres, who influence K-Pop here. Black artists (at least where I live) get praised so much and I see nothing but love for them everywhere, so I don't know why you all act like not one black artist is famous. Rihanna got a lot of credit for being the first one to include so many skin tone shades and body types in her work etc. I really love Jazz, Gospel and R&B, so it is not because I hate these genres etc. The situation is basically the same to me as those annoying koreaboos, who say that we should kiss the floor, where their idols walk and be thankful for that just because they have hard choreographies etc. And yes, it sucks that black people aren't well liked and get discriminated in Asia and hopefully it will change soon, but in most of these places, where people comment this, the people aren't racist, so comments like this are not needed there. It is needed by those delusional K-Pop fans on Twitter, who think their favourites invented the world. There is a difference between educating them and putting others a.k.a. the idols down. Also I am kind of annoyed that I rarely hear that we need to respect other cultures music and I only hear it about the black culture. I don't really hear of any other culture being so offended, when their music is used. Most were actually happy to hear their music being used and say as long as they are respectful it is okay. It is totally okay to say that we should respect them etc. and call them out, when they are acting disrespectful or use something sacred, but then why only feel the need to point out that only one of the cultures needs to be respected? (G)-Idle used the middle east/Indian (depending on what you see) in Latata and the only thing the people pointed out was that the henna shouldn't have been drawn on or that they are okay with the henna. Nobody said anything about that they should thank Arabic/Indian people for the music (and that their favourite idols are nothing against other Indian/Arabic singers etc.) and while they aren't treated as bad as black people in Asia, they are often still treated bad in comparison to other Asians. And I mentioned J-Pop, because some act here like R&B and Hip Hop were the only ones, who influenced K-Pop, which isn't true. It was also influenced by the east. Also how should the music industry thank black artists? Saying something like "I love the black people for inventing rap" would get the person hate for fetishing them etc. And if you thank one of the cultures you need to thank all of them. I bet most here don't want to understand what I am saying here and will still say I am racist etc., but if you don't understand my point now, than you will never understand it :). I have two black friends, which I love dearly and I stopped liking groups whenever they had a scandal, because they were being racist, so I don't need to prove anyone anything here. Just agree to disagree 
    And about black women doing a sexy music video etc. and not being hyped: It is not really true. Especially the young K-Pop fans are fans of Nikki, Cardi B, Beyoncé etc. and hype them up a lot and always call their favourites something like "the Korean Beyoncé" etc.
    And rap music is really popular in the west, so the bragging is of course more extreme in the west. I don't like rap music, so I avoid it in K-Pop too, but the overall mainstream music in Korea is still pop and most groups don't have another theme besides love (and low key sex), while the mainstream music in the west is rather rap music
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  14. Serala added a post in a topic What was your prom like?   

    I didn't go to mine too and I think I was the only one XD. I don't regret it at all, because I can't stand loud music and most people weren't nice plus I don't drink alcohol and I heard the food sucked. The "games" they played weren't funny to me and I wasn't willing to pay 65€ for a ticket + 200€ for a dress, when I would not have a good time. The parents were there at the beginning too and I would have to hang out with the friends of my (ex-)friend, who were koreaboos and I was angry at my friend and she didn't noticed at all. I had the best day of my life at home instead 😂
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  15. Serala added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I will be downvoted for this by people who will feel offended, but I think the two of you miss the point the original comment wanted to make: While R&B was pretty big back then, I can't really remember Hip Hop being big (except with YG groups). K-Pop was pretty influenced in the late 2000s by J-Pop and maybe this person meant the J-Pop sound and not the R&B etc. one, which K-Pop had rather at the beginning. The "problem" with western/American songs/raps is that they really openly talk about sex, drugs etc., while you would never hear it that openly in mainstream K-Pop songs. Any music industry is sexualized, but American artists are way more open about it, while K-Pop is way more subtil about the topic (expect some groups and the outfits. I really mean song wise you don't hear anyone really saying I want to fuck you etc.). I don't know why you all feel the need to point out, that R&B etc. are black genres, because nobody said it is not (and nobody disrespected them, so why do you feel the need to point out that they need to be respected? Literally nobody said something against them. Why do you assume the worst? In the original comment I nowhere interpreted that they said Koreans invented everything) and it has nothing really to do with the topic that K-Pop's sound has changed and the person didn't intended to say that Koreans invented all the sounds and just said it sounded different before and different than western music at the time (now it just sounds western). K-Pop sounded more like J-Pop until the end of the second generation and to be honest I miss the sound too. Pop and K-Pop don't sound different at all anymore and most songs sound at least to 60% the same (especially with boy groups, who almost all nowadays have the bad boy concept), which is a shame
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