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  1. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    She sounds so much different in her singing video from a year ago
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  2. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    It seems like she's even privated her audition video where she exposes her real voice and height. 
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  3. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    Loli is literally the shortened term for Lolita which means an underage girl who hasn't reached the age of consent. Liking pure wholesome lolis are fine (like Chino Kafuu, Ayumi Yoshida), but sexualising a loli is CP. Some people  may disagree and say that it's not CP cause they aren't real children. But if you take what CP means literally (child pornography) then sexualised lolis is CP and it doesn't stop the fact that you are still attracted to underage children. 
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  4. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    He starts talking at around 45:05 he does stop to play duolingo midway and waffles about other stuff A LOT during it, so i advise to skip those parts or try to bear through it
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  5. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    What's ur opinion on this guy's stream about her? Warning, he waffles on a lot and gets distracted a lot
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  6. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    She unblocked and messaged me first as I said in the post, so I don't think it'll be against the rules. Saw someone else do it in the thread before
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  7. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    Ok so BabieBella has unblocked and reached out to me after the post and I'm just gonna document how it went out and my impressions of her: 
    > She says PanderaBread is a bot and she doesn't know who they are, even though they've linked her patreon 
    > She says she means shoe size 3Y which is 2/5 in women's size (however I don't know why she would put size 6 women's on her wishlist) 

    > She says she tries to block minors from her nsfw acc, but it's understandable that she can't find all minors and block them 
    > She says her parents are abusive and that she buys her own groceries and cooks her own food and cleans. She's collected her extensive plushie collection over the years. 

    She goes about the 'you're just seeking attention' and 'you're just jealous' route. Personally displeased at this point, tired of her aggressive attitude that I brought up with her multiple times, to which she just gets defensive about it and says that it's because 'people are lying about her'. I've noticed at this point she starts accusing several people of reaching out to me about her (I don't know the person as they used an alt). 

    She says her baby fetish is from ddlg and that she isn't pedobaiting and acting like a child or loli because it's for ddlg



    That's her explanation on everything. What are your thoughts on it? 
    Personally for me, she was very aggressive and defensive and stubborn when discussing. Even keeping myself composed was difficult. Since there isn't much evidence on both sides (though screenshots and evidence were given to me from the accusers), some things have yet to be cleared up. But I do think that there are some loose ends to this. 
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  8. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    So someone's messaged me regarding BabieBella. She reads this forum and has made a post about it (she's blocked my acc since then as well) 
    "Chibi has been quick to clarify that she's never done anything to anyone, this is not true:

    While I will personally not go into much detail on what she's done, for fear of identity, I will instead list out her main points:

    - Manipulation
    - Lying
    - Using others as a mean for her own gain
    Example: Redacted as they might not want to be involved
    She uses people to gain viewers and followers and stops talking to them after gaining more popularity than them 
    - Allowing Minors to follow her NSFW account
    - Carbon copying/tracing/hard inspiration of other's art/emotes
    Examples can't be shown due to the person's wish to remain anonymous (many ss are from dms)
    - Not finishing commissions even when fully paid
    - Making fake accounts for sympathy points: https://twitter.com/PanderaBread
    - Having multiple "move out fund" posts even though she moves/lives with her parents and also using the funds for cosplay instead

    - Constantly disrespecting her parents even though she is spoiled. She lives with her parents (She has been banned from a server regarding this point)
    - Changing subject to how hard her life personally is to make others feel sympathy for her.
    For context, she was originally known as PanderaBread, hence the other name on that Twitter account.
    To add more to the lying part, she's posted before claiming to be this "small girl" and that her shoe size is a US Kids 3, Which is impossible for her height.
    The Tweet: https://twitter.com/BabieBella_/status/1239210248499531778
    US kids size 3 should be for 1 yr olds LOL

    Contradicts Shoe Size:

    Bella, ur 19. your feet should've stopped growing long ago lol 

    And here is her Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/KTB0A9IJ4SO0/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?_encoding=UTF8&type=" 
    She buys size 6 instead


    Here's a really suggestive tweet from her sfw acc

    btw I can't talk to you and 'say it to your face' if you block people who say anything bad about you~ 
    just letting you know bella, in case you didn't know 
    btw hi
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  9. radish added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    seems like all uwutubers seem to be going down the vtuber route these days- 
    her voice sounds SO much better and more normal here, but you can hear her try bringing her voice back up to the uwu voice at times. 
    is it just me or do i personally not like the model being used?
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  10. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    i presume so, though normally its spelt nii 
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  11. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    Found some more questionable tweets from her.

    on her sfw profile she constantly refers to herself as 'comfy', which is something little nii says a lot. she seems to copy ideas from larger uwutubers.
    also this

    she has a fiverr and some voice acting clips on her twitter, but it's only the same high pitched loli voice. if you really want to be a VA then you should try and do a variety of voices
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  12. radish added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    so someone mentioned a person called BabieBella in an idolmimi twitter thread. So i went to check them out
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BabieBella_
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2VtsyUZtkkZGXWKacElowA
    NSFW Twitter: https://twitter.com/EcchiBella
    Twitch: https://twitch.tv/babychibi/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_babychibi/
    I don't know too much about them since I haven't dug through all of their 7K tweets, but her main Twitter seems to be a typical 'kawaii anime' themed profile that spreads positivity and being 'comfy'. 
    She has the typical anime loli voice, but it sounds very very similar, like a cross between nikkichi and idolmimi's. 
    She mentions in her stream to not call her a trap or a loli, but calls herself a baby and babygirl in her nsfw acc and insta tags

    Her NSFW acc:

    She mentions that her voice is real but exaggerated, but says her natural voice is high anyways and that her streaming voice and her natural voice isn't that far off

    She's done a cover of 'I'm baby' by Nikkichi; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu4SdMeR8CY&t=65s
    and she senzawa's furry copypasta rap:
    and some suggestive video:
    she's tried copying senzawa's concept of being a drunk loli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z8frICRouA
     she says she can't stand Nikkichi's voice, but sounds very very similar to her. 
    Do you guys have anything more on her? And what are your thoughts on her?
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  13. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    they interrogate you like crazy when you join the server like 'oh where did you find this disc from?' 'where did you hear about idolmimi?' 
    i responded with twitch, cuz that isn't a lie since her server is directly linked on there anyways. i honestly don't know what answer they were really expecting lmao
    later got banned for saying bugaloos, which references a public audition she has on youtube-  
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  14. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    B, C
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  15. radish added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    it's irritating to see give the picture of her and her brother the pass because the brother 'just happened to be there' and since she isn't doing anything to him in the picture it's ok.
    it's so blatantly obvious that he's been groomed. grooming doesn't seem obvious at first glance, but it's there. the very fact that she took a photo like that in the first place with her brother and sent it around proves that it is intentional. she intentionally took a picture of her brother in a sexually suggestive situation, thus sexualising him. how is that not enough evidence of pedophilia? 
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