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  1. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    The thing that really irks me about taylor is that (if she really did get lip fillers and it's not just photoshop for her video) she did this during her "mourning time" since her grandpa passed, but instead of doing that while she was away from youtube, she gets cosmetic procedures done which is a typical move of girls who act like they never got anything done. they disappear from social media for a while and when they come back they have a new face 
    like even if this was a video idea that she wanted to do on her youtube, i dont think now is the best time for that. her fans were all waiting and wishing her condolences and when they see her again she looks like a kardashian......how is that mourning? 
    It's just that....being so focused on your appearance and all the tiny little things people do to tweak their attractiveness...is the most unhealthy thing you could do after someone you love has passed...
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  2. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand lip fillers! i knew it would be a matter of time before she does them on her top lip, now with her microbladed brows she looks like a basic ig wannabe kardashian (is there a name for that "face" that girls keep getting fillers to achieve? like super full big lips, slim button nose, lifted brows, full microbladed brows, sharp cheek bones + jawline and chin, so they all look the same?)
    I agree it defs feels like she's gonna "surprise" everyone after saying this pic is photoshooped and it's because of that "make me beautiful" video she wants to do as a "social experiment" 
    No Taylor, that's not healthy. you're doing this for yourself/your content and it's not even original or a new idea. do better.

    those weird lips look terrible, fake hips look terrible
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  3. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Zheani   

    110% hate DA now. 
    wow that's the lamest shit i've ever seen from the biggest talentless losers....uhh ok they're chanting like 5 year olds ... actual cringefest
    do they really think that's "bars"?! pffffft my little cousin can do better than that and he cant even read or write yet hahaha
    and ninja's voice grosses me tf out, he's sooo creepy dude! ew dont worry guy you wont ever get "catfished" again, matter of fact the only pussy you'll be getting is by methed out junkie groupies just trying to get a lil taste of that money bag so they can get that next hit...hahah good fuckin luck lonely loser! soon his fame and fortune will be gone too and all he'll have left are the infected injection sites on his arms, and probably dick falling off due to the multitude of STI's. 
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  4. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    the progress she's been posting has been from her studio, not her home which is where phi lives. although we havent heard much about her home-life situation (phi hasnt posted about kelly lately and phi is close with Stephanie who isnt friends with Kelly anymore). also why do people assume she's making these changes without consent? cant always assume the worst, with changes this obvious/drastic everyone is surely in agreement or else she couldnt be doing it. and with no mention of who she's sharing her studio with, maybe she's there alone and paying for it by herself?
    Yes i agree she's done sailor moon more than once (also did chibi moon) and did powerpuff girls a few times (as bubbles and as blossom) but she also has done: Dark magician girl from yu gi oh, Chi from Chobits, a Bimbette from beauty and the beast, Android 18 from dragonball, Lapis from Stephen universe, Kagome from Inuyasha, some fairy from tinkerbell i cant remember the name......maybe more idno. she has a friend who is a seamstress too so that helps for sure.
    she's done her fair share i guess, i cant judge how much someone has to do at a minimum. and i also understand why she wants to quit, that chapter in her life feels closed, maybe she feels too old for it now or just has no more passion. probably also brings her memories of times she would cosplay with her old friends who are no longer friends with her (cant blame them she's whiney af)
    not trying to defend her but i dont agree with wild assumptions just to make someone look bad, kelly does that to herself enough *shrug* 
    If she sticks to more art and less yapping then she'd be alright 
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  5. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Stephen Colbert: so those are your real eyes?
    Sarah:   *camera zooms in*    
    Sarah : I hate how people only talk about my eyes, there's like so much more that i can do like so much more to me, like i'm really smart at science and stuff
    Also Sarah: Let me show you how to take a selfie *does duckface* *covers up wardrobe malfunction for the millionth time* *everyone in audience annoyed* *talks about nothing but herself/her looks the rest of the interview*
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  6. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    She’s back at it again y’all 
    My phone may be dying but had to show PULL in case anyone knows who the original person in The picture is. See I knew she would never stop. Stealing is her career!! And she doesn’t even do that right! Girl go back to fucking school 🏫 
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  7. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I just did an anonymous tattle tale on someone evil. karma's a bitch and so am I.
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  8. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    a hyper-active/aggressive dog can get calmed down in the presence of another dog that isnt aggressive ("just takes it" as you say) 
    so this new dog can be helpful in slowly changing Gangster's aggressive attitude
    it's less likely for the new dog to become too aggressive since new dog is the one going to a new place and having to adapt. Gangster can learn a lot from the new dog on how to calm down. ganster may just be extra playful and excited to have a partner to play with but it might look like aggression when it's not. give it some time (how long has it been)
    who's the older dog, gangster or the new one?
    it's ok you're concerned, at least you care !
    (I have a super calm dog that ignores hyper dogs all the time, hyper dogs always run at her and try to play with her, she just ignores them and they eventually calm down and get bored with her because she never reciprocates lol. she doesnt even make eye contact with those dogs haha. i always say i wanna rescue a dog that could use the calming presence of my dog, dogs with anxiety would love her)
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  9. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I've done something naughty using a fake ig account......nothing terrible but i wanted to expose someone for saying awful things about the company they worked for all over facebook, because now that same person is working for that same company...it baffles my mind someone could be so rotten and then take advantage of others kindness right after .. backstabber
    Need to get stuff off my chest bout this horrible girl ughhh
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  10. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    first of all, i had to laugh at the word "delulu" LOL 
    it's gone beyond far, no one can help her even if they tried. more and more people will watch those youtube videos exposing her and more and more videos will get made about her because she's not letting up on her lies and bad ways.
    i cannot express how speechless i was when i found out she faked a DM conversation with the eats.channel and posted it on her story so that people will think she made that mango eating video with their blessing. that means she made a fake account, used the eat.channel pic&name and then sent herself the exact dm that was already exposed by eats.channel (to make it look consistent and real), and then added a fake "oh hunny that's fine i just wanted to make sure everything is cool between us babe" from her fake eats.channel account.
    she then said to the real eats.channel (in private dm) that THEY were harassing HER......... i WISH WISH WISH i had the screenshot of what she posted. In the beginning, she even messaged them from her own account asking them what kind of lighting they use, so that later she could copy it exactly when she made her mango video...........that means she's even dumber than she looks (like if i was gonna blatantly copy someone else and needed to ask them how they did it, I would ask them from ANOTHER account so that they couldnt link the 2 accounts together legally WTF **facepalm**)
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  11. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    yes I know that. I was the one to post her video here I think. Still. There are a lot of people who think the only thing she does is lie about her eye and I’m emphasizing that she does more shitty things. 
    Also, I see what you mean but Michelle did credit PULL. Other videos like that most recent one we mentioned didn’t credit PULL but you can see in his video a screenshot from this site.  he did list a lot of his references in the video description and probably just forgot or missed it. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Credit doesn’t do anything anyway it’s just imaginary. People who are interested will find PULL easily 
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  12. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    This one was really good because it also covered her picture stealing issue not just her lying about her eye. and the fact that she basically bullied her dad for his sexual orientation 
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  13. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    wow that’s very unappealing. I can defs see her doing her ass next cause she has no hips and always photoshops like she does. Dummy that’s why she didn’t need a boob job cuz she was already proportional and now she’s so not. Also....WHY is her NECK so weird?? Like of all the things not to photoshop she leaves her wrinkly weird neck with the extra folds and shit? I’m so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
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  14. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    and her waist, like everything else about herself she doesnt like she's forever unsatisfied 
    i'm so glad the other model girl called her out not just on the one picture she stole from her but with ALL the picture stealing she's done (horray for PULL for being a reliable source of receipts and shit!)
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  15. TheBradyBitch added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    it's ALWAYS fishy when she doesnt post the FACE.....like i thought the exact same thing when i saw that pic on her story
    can't trust the bitch. doesnt matter if it is her or not, the fact that you can never be sure and always have to question it is enough for me to, frankly, hate her. I dont like liars, simple as that. she hasnt even TRIED to redeem herself, she's NOT sorry and like her dad said she'll continue with this lie forever (until she goes blind from it and then starts a new story about her being a victim to some magical rare disease or some other new BS).
    once a liar always a liar. 
    have fun going blind and having ur boobs rupture/skin sag to the floor and eventually when she gets her ass done she'll probably get that nasty infection that eats away at her flesh like those other girls who do it in brazil,etc 
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