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  1. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    OMG. BIZARRE. She looks like jigsaw.

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  2. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    OMG, I think her ex boyfriend is learning. DC will be 33 and she's just getting worse. Shameful.

    "How can you date / marry, etc., with people stationed in life?
    Someone who doesn't study, doesn't work, doesn't take a course, doesn't have an occupation...
    Only love and sex has no future. "

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  3. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   


    "P.S.: I had no lip fill yet."

    "You always had a big mouth, only the upper lip that was a little smaller."
    "My focus has always been the upper lip."

    Her photos are getting more and more bizarre.  Her photos look like posters of so much editing, clarity and smoothness that she puts on to look whiter and hide her age.  She thinks it alleviates the flaws, but it makes her even uglier, artificial and liar.  Most of those girls who compliment her are in other networks laughing at her face and her behavior.  On Twitter she is always a joke, no one admires her.  Just illusion.

    Her face and eyes are very artificial. Her face looks all smudged.

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  4. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    KKKKKKKKKK... Only who is Brazilian to understand this.

    "Patricia Lelis, Sarah Winter, Bel Pesce and Debora Cechetto enter a bar. Patricia posts the bar in New York, Sarah posts being held in private jail, Bel Pesce posts who founded the bar and Debora Cechetto posts that she ate all from the bar menu and weighs 48 kg. "

    "Debora Cechetto calls her Nazi friends."
    "And she hides neo-Nazi tattoos claiming that people imitate her tattoos."
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  5. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   


    How long will she be using facetune / photoshop to look like a monkey?  If she had friends or someone who truly cared for her, someone would warn her about the shame she is going through everyday.

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  6. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    On Twitter.

    @NDinovich: ""But it was not a Nazi skull on my wrist, it just looked like one.” She had swastika up her thighs kkkkkk"

    @NDinovich: "If it's fake, they put the swastiks there perfectly without any trace of manipulation, tell her to post the original photo, simple."

    @NDinovich: "You're confusing people who publish that has not deconstructed and that has some old and problematic postings on the internet with a history of participation in the Nazi movement trying to cover up at any cost not to lose followers. We can not defend that."

    @NDinovich: "From time to time you have @ here on Twitter being exposed because it compares with neo-Nazi, to the point of excluding everything and disappearing. It would not be different with the “diamond lady cut", it’s only “persecution” for her because you defend her too much for blogger who only knows how to blame third parties."

    @NDinovich: "Now it turned crime to denounce photo with Nazi stamp kkkk"
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  7. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    OMG. DC is on Twitter fighting and threatening people. She as always becoming a victim to whoever speaks the truth to her. She always threatens people from prosecution. She has always been against feminism, now she trying to victimize itself by supporting the cause. This is a shame for feminism. Seriously, I used to think people used to defend her out of ignorance. Today I think it's because they think like her, have no other explanation. Because there are no more excuses for her to blame everyone and be the victim. It becomes increasingly ridiculous the explanations she and her fans give about her behavior.

    @babyyorke: “I don’t want to accept that "Debora Sinforoso Cechetto" has created a fake profile to stay responding and defending herself. I don’t want to ACCEPT.”
    Each day she harms herself in her own lie.

    @dcechetto: "They are not defending Nazism to fight with men, I had this behavior back there because I wanted to please man. And if you think that woman does not do shit to please man you need a history lesson.”
    @chernobby: “Back there = you left Totenkopf's tattoo until last year and said that you had no relationship with Nazism, it was because of a band, you kept making a holocaust joke and sharing Nazi posts ... But, it's your boyfriend's fault. 15 years ago.” 
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  8. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   


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  9. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    This is a real and interesting debate. Soon, people like DC will not influence and will not have more significance as a model to be followed by children and young people.

    @dorafigueiredo_: "I'm scared of Instagram girls' fashions that look like dolls, seriously, imagine what's on their minds when looking at themselves in the mirror, it's not possible that no one notices how bad it is for themselves and for other girls and women. "

    @dorafigueiredo_: "They edit both the face as if it were a picture of a product, they use all possible cues so they don't look like themselves, they look like a cartoon, it's completely insane. It's one thing if you mount yourself and have a character, something else it's you to become this character.
    You aren't your edited Instagram photo, you are more than that! Please stop putting yourself in the position of an object. Who are you? What do you think? Where is the person behind these thousand characters?
    Art is a beautiful thing and to transform, paint, I don't know, until editing can be really cool, but when you are like that 24h on the internet you show that you are just that, just a modeling doll. Everyone can do whatever they want in life..."

    @dorafigueiredo_: "But think what this unreal image you show you do with the heads of girls who are feeling bad about themselves."

    @Kefera: “I even know what you're talking about.”
    @dorafigueiredo_: "Seriously, I'm very worried because it's spreading every day a new instagram of girls and women appears like that, as if the bodies of magazines and standardized faces are not enough, it destroys the self-esteem of anyone.
    @sarah_knevitz: "That's why I love these women. You love yourself for being yourself and you inspire people to do the same."
    DC has always only bothered to be just a fashion product and fit the narcissistic and fanciful aesthetic standard. In addition to trying to be a character she would like to be real, but as a person she has proven to be ridiculous and have nothing good to add. Worst of all, she's already a grown-up, 31-year-old woman who continues to desperately continue to live a lie on the internet. I hope more such debates will unfold, from truly influential and true people, who are concerned to do good and constructive things for people, to free our young, women from this dysfunctional behavior.
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  10. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    How does she want someone to believe her?? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    P.S.: Recent photo of her instagram X photo someone took from her at a public event last year.
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  11. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    The only way for her to get attention is this way, if she acts as a victim and lies. There are many followers of her who only want to see the fights because in other networks they speak badly for the incoherences and lies of DC. She is very deluded, she thinks people are dumb and do not realize the lies and how problematic she is.
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  12. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   


    @suelenaf: "I swear I was not going to say anything about it but Debora Cechetto is just no longer disguised and lying for lack of opportunity. There are SEVERAL tweets in which she says she only had septum diversion surgery on her nose (which does not change anything at all in the nose format) and even for me who was once her friend she said she had never done anything in the nose. Even for me that I was once friends with her." 

    @suelenaf: "Suddenly she began to speak that she "modified" her nose BUT THAT SHE DID NOT PLASTIC SURGERY. WTF? Was it not a septum deviation? Now it is "modify" but it is not "plastic surgery"? Only being too blind not to realize how contradictory and deceitful she is."
    I'm ashamed to have been her friend for so long. It's such a lie that if I start to write I will do a bible.
    And I'm going to go ahead and make it clear that I do not want any harm to her because I believe in "karma" and no one has so many haters like that for no reason, does it? Something she did deserved. I do not hate her, but I feel sorry for a woman over 30 years to be as unsuccessful as she is."
    @nirgellep: " But friend, she already said she did procedures on her nose."

    @suelenaf: "She says this just now, my friend. She is talking about aesthetic procedures she has done for no one else to talk about, because before she ALWAYS told that she only had a septum in her nose and now she is talking about having procedures with hyaluronic acid just to "up" the nose."

    @suelenaf: "I could even look up her tweets to prove how she's lying, but it's late and I'm tired (and she's not even worth all that). Plus, she'll always say she's a victim and say that they edit her photos to look worse than she was before and all those lies that no one can take anymore.
    But if you're interested in other lies that I know are lies because I've been talking to her every day for almost two years, I'll send you by DM tomorrow. I met her in person."

    @suelenaf: "There are people who lie so hard that they believe in their own lies."
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  13. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    OMG... She's fighting with everyone on Twitter giving ego search. She’s being humiliated, poor thing, She’s out of control. 
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  14. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Why does not she explain that before being completely unmasked she denied all aesthetic procedures and she said that everything was natural? Why does not she assume that "was" Nazi, who had Nazi tattoos? Why does not she say she uses blue contact lenses? Why does not she assume her true age? Why does not she assume she uses fucking facetune/photoshop?  
    She only talks when she’s unmasked, trying to soften things. All the friends and boyfriends she has / have already confirmed all this. It's shameful, poor woman.
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  15. Sherlock added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    I think Luca Gebara is toxic too. He has already shown a racist and liar side to defend her. They lived ending and coming back because she was even more toxic. They lived fighting. They just did not get together anymore because he discovered her keeping in touch with another ex-boyfriend. He's not that naive like that.
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