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    Do you really think she lost weight because of depression?

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    Hey! I know I'm kind of away from the channel, my facebook, twitter, and here too. I'm just taking care of myself, my health, because I've been through bad things in the last months. I'm getting better soon and I'm updating things right like I used to. Thank you always for your affection
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    She did a rhinomodeling because she is afraid to do a real plastic surgery on her nose. About the issues in your photos, maybe they can be true or she is in the wave of anorixia, because she is very thin.
    Since it has already made a video talking and saying and emailed without eating, fainting or anything, but deleted the video leaving only the post on your blog

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    Thank you for notifying me, I'm still new here.
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    Now knows who Debora copies....
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    Hello everyone as well as many like to know about people who lie about their lives, and I think this forum is the perfect place to export and know about many out there. I'm glad to have you find it. 
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    Lindsay Woods
    .Summary (From Chocological)
    Her real name is KellyShe already scammed peopleIn 2015 she runned away from home and went live with her boyfriend (she shared her store with this guy, i guess)She exposed a lot of things of her family, her mother obviously don't liked it and made an video with 18 min about it.Both of them took the videos downShe lied about a lot of things, where she lived, eye color, photoshop, almost everything in her life.Youtube / Personal Website
    Also this is her:
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