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  1. fabienne added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    While the idea of requesting fanart just to talk about how unwanted it is sounds.....weird, I'm p sure somebody would've agreed to scribbling some bs as a joke for his video. He should've just drawn something on his own in MS paint but he's lazy and malicious asf, not surprising he chooses to shit on some stranger to get his point across. Guy had to be an asshole to a child in order to be an asshole to an audience of children. Amazing
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  2. fabienne added a post in a topic hellooo   

    Welcome angelfire. (:
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  3. fabienne added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I hate Kanye West so much
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  4. fabienne added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Don't worry we'll hear his side of the story on his debunk page. LMFAO
    "YandereDev stole a 10 year old's art and mocked/recolored it!"
    "In short: No, I didn't."
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  5. fabienne added a post in a topic Fixing Yandere Simulator - PULL Edition   

    The hair model is a huge letdown given how high and exaggerated her ponytail is. It feels like her focal point in her design and then in-game it looks like some rando hair model Alex ripped. Lowkey I don't like her uniform's design either. I think there's too much going on in the art and then it's so dimmed down in the game that it's freaking me out. Idk how devs prioritize things in developing a game though and it's early so it's cool 
    I read that Drapeis is close friends w/ the artist so that's probably why he chose her. Get the best for your game though. I hate to shit on an artist but there's so much more he could choose from and his current artist throws the whole my style shit, and it's annoying and says a lot. Hopefully you won't be jeopardizing a friendship by choosing someone else?
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  6. fabienne added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    So I've never heard of anyone who thinks the vaccine will have a chip in you but it sounds typical bc everyone is so anti-government when ironically majority of these people know nothing about it and seem to only put on their tinfoil hat when it's convenient? Everyone is literally a clout chaser at least around me that's why protests ceased so quickly where I live bc nobody actually gives a shit about a damn thing. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT YOUR HEALTH AND OTHER PEOPLE'S HEALTH ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR HALF-ASSED CLOUT-CHASING CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Thank you
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  7. fabienne added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Wearing masks is a symbol of consideration for others around you, it isn't going to stop you from getting COVID in the same sense that a seatbelt won't save you from dying in a car crash, but it will minimize your chances of serious injury. You're doing others a favor by wearing a mask and they are doing a favor for YOU by wearing a mask, so put a fucking mask on and quit acting like nothing will happen to you.
    I really think culture in the U.S. is inconsiderate overall and nobody takes it as seriously as a result, this culture we've cultivated is biting us in the fucking ass rn while other countries manage the pandemic much more effectively. Schools have opened in other countries and life continues because people on avg are taking it way more seriously and are more considerate than over here. Literally I see people partying clubbing shopping and dining out in close spaces without masks or anything as if they're invincible and it annoys tf out of me, like I really wonder what I'll hear from someone whose at a party around other people if I ask them why they're not wearing a mask at least. Honestly if you catch COVID without making any effort to stay safe I feel no pity for you. 
    People don't realize how easy it is to go about your life like nothing's happening bc you're not experiencing it firsthand or your relative/friend hasn't suffered. This isn't just for COVID but for any other current event in history.
    TLDR USA doesn't give as much of a shit about the pandemic and I think this "it won't happen to me" attitude is rooted in our overall inconsiderate culture and this is why it's getting worse. So many people still can't fucking understand why a mask and hand sanitizer are both extremely important "bc it wont save me from covid so like why should I??". 
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  8. fabienne added a post in a topic Fixing Yandere Simulator - PULL Edition   

    Forgot to mention, the name change video was a dumb move on the team's part. Yes let's push the narrative that we're out to one-up Yansim even further by making our protag kill Ayano despite how we're already neck-deep in shit, because our brand new Bow-chan looks so much better than her!!
    And why the pink Yansim gradient background? Why more relations to Yansim? Just stop it already
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  9. fabienne added a post in a topic Fixing Yandere Simulator - PULL Edition   

    In regards to Love Letter's protag art style and design, both are unflattering imo. I'm not gonna beat around the bush I think the chubby look is really unattractive especially with how her skirt is positioned w/ her proportions. I think if her proportions were to be kept then the skirt should be higher waisted and made longer to balance it out and flatter her body. Right now it just looks awkward and frumpy.
    The artist talked about how it's just her unintentional style? Ok then your style is unflattering and it doesn't sound like you're willing to branch out as an artist. She kept throwing that excuse in the disc. People shat all over Kjech in the past but if you looked at his portfolio he's a great artist and could shift between doing his own amazing art and petitioned hentai art because Alex asked for it. The way Bow-chan is drawn is cartoony but has too much detail in the face and throws everything off, her mouth looks way too wide too. She just looks ugly. Points for the overly obsessive/happy expression though 
    Some people have been comparing inconsistencies w/ her model and her official art, but ngl Love Me did the same thing with really masculine-looking short art and tall slender models. But I'm not complaining really
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  10. fabienne added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    He can pretend he owns shit all he wants, ppl just need to remember not to care what he says and just keep working on their own game. Because for some unknown reason, everyone ends up listening to him or they try reasoning with him. He's an asshole incel and sucks at everything he claims to be the best at so why do people struggle so hard with ignoring him?? All he can really do is just continue to flip his shit and write on his debunk page some more lmao
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  11. fabienne added a post in a topic Hey there!   

    Hello and welcome (:
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  12. fabienne added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Ik when Alex suicide-baited I thought he was just that delusional to feel like dying over this but I change my mind. He is so BITTER omg

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  13. fabienne added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Bc of all the talk about teens being sexualized, "Yea well she's 18 so" makes you sound even creepier bc you're ignoring the fact 18 yos are still cognitively like teenagers and can't make adult decisions entirely.
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  14. fabienne added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I've never known anyone whose said they studied "professionally" in college but maybe I'm stretching. And Alex is is the most dramatic and predictable person alive so I wouldn't imagine it'd be hard to fake a screenshot of him (now that I think about it since we've seen a multitude of grown people acting like kids in this 6 year old circus I wouldn't be surprised if DrApeis was really an adult).
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  15. fabienne added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    There is a time and place for everything and I mean everything.
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