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  1. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    this thread is so quiet, i miss the old times  
    anyway, the shoe.....

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  2. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    "i am not going to expose my life again on the internet" smh
    the way she talks about her 15-day boyfriend is just pitiful.
    this is probably the same issue that happened to all her previous boyfriends. when they are together, her life revolves around them, the moment they break up she pretends that she is all mature and doesn't need no man, but we all know that 1 day after start dating someone new she will shove her "love" down to our throats 

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  3. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I am watching it right now. Julia sounds less dumb in Portuguese, seriously, her voice is not even annoying. But i am shocked because she doesn’t know anything about politics in Brazil, basic stuff, things that everybody knows, she must live in another dimension. She is just reproducing common sense, i don’t know why, but I think I was expecting something deeper, fail lol

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  4. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I think it's because trans people encourage cis people to put their pronouns in bio so it's normalized
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  5. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    she should delete these hauls, seriously. we all know that she owns only Dollskills clothes (apparently) but with the videos still up we actually have proof lol now everything she is using we can check 
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  6. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I fell like I know her entire wardrobe by heart lol Julia must have said to her throw away all her old clothes and now she only has Dolls Kill outfits

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  7. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I think she has a heath issue. seriously, she was shaking nonstop during the whole video and recently she posted a story on Instagram and she was shaking as well. She even said “I’m shaking, I don’t know why”. idk, I’m probably overreacting, but I started to think that she might be developing Parkinson’s disease or something. In fact, according to google, it’s pretty common for people over 60
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  8. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    what happened to #boycottdollskill? smh

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  9. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    sometimes I think they got married because Julia wanted a place to live tbh. Since she moved to London, she never had a good place to stay, a while ago she posted a video talking about the harassment she suffered from one of her roommates. probably she has a kind of trauma (which is totally understandable) due to her bad experience at moving to a foreign country at the age of 18. Living with Eileen is an advantage for her. Supposedly, it's a stable, calm and safe place to live. not to mention the status, since you guys said that Chelsea is a rich neighborhood
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  10. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    sooo true, i can't see any difference at all. besides the fact that is so irresponsible to broadcast yourself leaving the house (for futile reasons) during qurantine in a country that the number of deaths is increasing everyday. she only cares about her appearance to the point that it gets annoying, she values herself based on having a man by her side, i can't even
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  11. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    the date of the document is 2001, as you can see. so this is the day that they got divorced (11/09/2001).

    in the stamp is written "AUTENTICAÇÃO" which means "authentication". Here in Brazil it means that this is a copy of the original document but has the same authenticity of the original. that copy was made in 2012, that's why the stamp contains that date. nothing wrong here

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  12. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I am not here to defend him but whatever.
    Anyway, regarding to his identity, I am almost 100% sure that he is indeed her father. To begin with, I talked to him through private message and he speaks perfectly good portuguese (I am brazilian too). Secondly, he already posted secreenshots here on PULL and you can see "TIM" on top, which is the name of a very common telecommunication company here in Brazil. I really don't see the problem that his phone in french, it's very normal to change your phone's language settings if you want to learn a new language, mine is in french as well.
    And, for those who don't remember, he posted a copy of his divorce certificate here on this forum for everyone to see. As a lawyer myself, I can guarantee that it's an authentic doc
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  13. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

     why is this quote translated?
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  14. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    That's literally exactly what happens every time, you summarize it perfectly. I wish I had known her before, back when she used to post videos throwing shit on the fan about her exes and alleged friends. but apparently she is *mature* now and doesn't do this anymore 
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  15. SwampBooger added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    i can't believe it, how long did it last? 15 days? that's a new record 
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