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  1. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I get the attention part, but explain how this gets them money...?
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  2. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    honestly what did she even expect wtf south korea barely accepts refugees, let alone religious refugees
    Did she try to claim she's an "persecuted Jew" or what?
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  3. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Was it known that Margo tried to apply for refugee status??
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  4. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Ella in a recent selfie with Venus tagged the picture as #nakayoshi (super close bud/chummy relationship), #crush and #raburabu (#lovelove). 
    Even if they're not officially dating, they're definitely hooking up.
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  5. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    She's just saying all of that for attention.
    In my opinion, I'd refrain from posting about her saying she's with Cora and whatnot (unless severe, like hinting murder), because otherwise, by posting her stories, you are actually giving her what she wants. The sole way to shut down people like her is to stop giving them the attention they beg for.
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  6. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I've followed that Youngseo girl for several months now and I think she's really Korean but has atypical features, she sort of looks like a mix of Umji and Jeon Somi.
    I believe she's learning Russian as a subject because she has posted stories of Russian-Korean school text books and copies with notes in it. But she's certainly not fluent and tends to use it for the aesthetic.
    And she seems to be a big fan of Kpop with her fave being Jeon Somi.
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  7. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    Regarding Yamio, I can add my two cents in because I have followed that girl for many years.
    Firstly, she definitely does have cancer. I used to follow her on Snapchat back when she first had cancer (rebounded by now), and she would post multiple daily snapchats about her cancer treatment, what happens to her day-by-day and even filmed in the hospital while inpatient, filmed the medical staff around her, the needles, the blood vials, the chemo IV lines, bruised skin marks, and all that kind of stuff. Plus by appearance, as her cancer treatment intensified, she began looked extremely ill, almost dead, and lost a crap ton of hair and got sunken eyes. I unfollowed her after some time because honestly she was over-sharing too much publicly with strangers and then her uncontrolled emotional behaviour began making me feel negative too. A lot of her Snapchat content felt way too intimate especially when she straight up recorded her breakdowns and would openly speak of her feelings and views of the dying process and being possibly terminal and infertile and just overall 'too ill to live a normal life'. Now, I honestly don't blame her for her behaviour and what she has said on SC because she was and still is dealing with an immense amount of problems from a constantly failing body despite being still young. Her reactions and feelings are valid. However her sharing all of this had an affect on me and I felt myself uncomfortable and even absorbing her sadness, so I unfollowed for my own good.
    Now, I don't have snapchat anymore so I'm not sure what's going on with her day-to-day life these days, especially with her rebound.
    As for her voice, I'm not sure if it's faked or not, but according to her FAQ, it's because of her physical conditions that she sounds high-pitched and at another time I think she said something swollen in her neck didn't allow her to breathe enough and effected her vocalisation.

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  8. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    I know it has been mentioned before, but it's incredible that she's still got a head full of thick, jet black hair despite her massive weight loss, malnutrition and now it's hanging on despite the weight gain (which can mess some people up after long-term anorexia). Her scalp is made of titanium.
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  9. Caeleigh added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    I doubt that Kyla will be a part of this group. Firstly, she's back home in the US and only went to Korea for a few weeks/months for a holiday with her family. There is no indication there that she is training or preparing for any kind of future idol activity. Plus, I think it's pretty significant that she's allowed to have her own SNS (IG, Twitter) now as idols are generally not allowed until they've been debuted for years or reach a certain level of fame. Importantly, she has mentioned stuff like her own mental health, LGBT support and other social issues that would never be acceptable to openly talk about for idols. Kyla having an SNS and saying what she wants to say indicates that she's not with any agency.
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  10. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    Shouldn't she be dropping teasers for her debut by now?
    The release date is in 10 days. Most idols would have released teaser images/tracklists/album teasers/MV teasers/etc in the 2 weeks before their release date...
    What if it got pushed back yet again?
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  11. Caeleigh added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Thank you! The first one is pre-surgery while the other three are actually post-surgery. The second and third are just candids and the reason they look so different is because she didn't have the power edit them, while the last one is 100% edited.
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  12. Caeleigh added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Does anyone have pictures of her before her nose job?
    As far as I'm aware, she had pictures of herself pre-surgery on her Facebook but deleted everything sometime before heading off to Japan.
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  13. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    Thank God.
    Peaches seriously needs to be locked-up in a full-time mental health facility that can care and control her, plus never given access to the internet because she obviously does not have the mental capacity to care for herself or go online. Her erratic and psychopathic behavior causes too much trouble and makes a lot of people worry for other's safety as well as her own. Like pretending you have custody of your daughter and killed her? Then post pictures of a plastic bag online? That's severe. What if she gets pregnant yet again? The same thing will repeat all over again. How many problems does she have to cause before someone does something against Peaches? She's walked away with too many things already. She should have been jailed for neglecting and endangering Cora already. 
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  14. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    That stands for 'Jimin' and 'Park Jimin'. She tagged BTS coz she's a straight up Koreaboo.
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  15. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    I thought full custody was given to her parents after the whole disaster that made it onto the news?
    Hopefully, it's true that the baby is with her grandparents and not her; it wouldn't be the first time that Peaches went to great lengths to pretended that she has custody of the baby while at the same time posting old pictures of her and saying harmful things she'd do, all to get attention. 
    If it's true, may she rot in jail for life.
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