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  1. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I used to watch quite of a bit of Shane's old skits and being a kid myself back then, I passed it off as edgy humour because his whole schtick was being a dork and making fun of things. I was wrong in that my idea of racism was blackface and I never stopped to consider how Shanaynay could seriously hurt black women. Being a kid, you just don't have that fine-tuned sense of what's right and what's wrong. You really do get away with a lot of things when you're a rich and famous white male, especially when your audience is under 18.
    I was mostly a Smosh follower but for a short period of time, I followed Shane's releases. When he was dating Lisbug, I started tuning out. I couldn't remember why until some of those videos resurfaced and the stuff he had with his ?pre-teen cousin made me so uncomfortable. You know how it is -- "Don't like, don't watch". I came back when he started doing those 2-part "documentary" series, partly because I get to see what Shane has been up to, and also see what these YouTubers he had collab-ed with. 
    When the first accusations of Onision popped up, the first thought that came through my head was whether Shane was like that too. It was a passing thought but no one with good standing on the internet ever came out with anything against him that time. When you've got so many clips out there now, combining all the unsavory remarks he made towards young girls, tweets and podcasts, it's pretty incriminating. I mean, the animal stuff was totally gross but not enough to gross me out to write him off... that was until I actually heard the audio for that cat story. Ew.
    As for James Charles, I'm glad he had the support and the resilience to work through that period. I was never a subscriber of his, but I felt sorry for him when it all happened. I'm not a fan of "cancelling" anyone, but Shane Dawson's cancelled in my books.
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  2. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    So this weekend, they've got the Hairspray Live streaming, and man, that duet at the end with her and Jennifer Hudson was great. No comment on the social media stuff, I don't follow Ari so I got no clue who she follows and aligns with. 
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  3. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Sour Candy: It's a nice bop, but nothing meaningful, totally forgettable when the season's over, and definitely not in the leagues of Umbrella (Rihanna). I thought Gaga and Blackpink wouldn't mix well, and tbh, it sounds like someone's mixed a Gaga song with a BP song but it doesn't quite come together.
    Also... is there even a song out there where Jennie doesn't start it off?
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  4. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Palette: Yeah, it's a throwback to his old days but who needs 24 shades of mostly-greyscale-and-pops-of-skintone-if-you're-pale in freaking 2020? I'm in line with those who don't personally take offense to it but know that the name's gonna cause some offense. Controversial names -- you've seen in a million times in cosmetics. 
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  5. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Glasses   

    Warby Parker? I don't really shop for prescription glasses online but I heard they have a good try-at-home program. 
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  6. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Knowing Joan buys a lot of things she sees on Blackpink, I'm surprised she hasn't purchased the Celine Triomphe that I see Lisa wearing. I tried it on today and it's a gorgeous bag. I don't like what Slimane's doing for Celine runway, but I like that bag. 
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  7. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    She's going for that garden gnome look.
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  8. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    That was what I was gonna say. She's left Joankeem and is committing to the vlogs. 
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  9. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Whether it be a pink concept for their comeback or a promotional thing... that pink dress gives me Hermione Granger ball gown vibes.
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  10. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I finally gave in and watched the vlog. It threw me off too when she revealed the hotel. Not that I think there's people who'd be waiting for Abe outside the hotel. 
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  11. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Thoughts on Jennie's collab with Gentle Monster? I like the 1996 (as I'm fond of the cat eye sunglasses) but a lot of it is either so trendy that it looks cheap, or so basic that you can find it everywhere else (just like Gentle Monster's own line). PR packages were cute. Chat on the website is a nice touch to share info about the collection. 
    I'm looking forward to see the comeback just because I want more music from Blackpink but I don't have high expectations. 
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  12. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Re: Blackpink members don't suit Chanel. What does the Chanel girl even look like? 
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  13. Tsubaki added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Watched her latest vlog. Where I live, most non-essential retailers (clothing stores, department stores... you know, all the fun stuff) are closed. Restaurants and cafes are takeaway/delivery only. I miss being able to dine out and go window shopping.
    I know I'm being nitpicky here but girl cleaned her hands (didn't clean between her fingers), removed her mask correctly from the straps but then touched the front of the mask! Hope she cleaned her hands before digging into the chips and burgers because otherwise, that defeats the purpose of your precautions. 
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  14. Tsubaki added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    I can see from the poll, I'm the only flamboyant gamine thus far. 
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