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  1. rootbranch added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    She also posted a photo from where she's staying. I'm sure if someone knows Seoul well enough, they could figure out where she's living. She is literally dumb. So. Dumb. I'm not even trying to insult her. She's literally just dumb as a fucking rock.
    I wish someone in these groups would post post and give a warning to anyone else that she is using the generosity of good people and she should not be donated to.
    What a washed up, no good piece of crap. How do you feel knowing you're a terrible person, Jasmin? 
    I generally don't get personally involved with people on this site, but she's not just being a danger to herself, but now endangering her baby and other people. What a loser.
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  2. rootbranch added a post in a topic What is your general everday style??   

    How I'm trying to be:

    But in reality, I suck at pulling off this kind of look, imo. I feel most comfortable in all black and with some beat up combat boots or vans, but some days I look like an absolute fashion mess.
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  3. rootbranch added a post in a topic Oshare Girl   

    I can't be the only one thinking "please, don't touch your eyebrows!" They look soo much better before she spikes them up. They're naturally full, so I don't get why she feels the need to touch them.

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  4. rootbranch added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    I screenshoted these from her story becuase she's starting to look how how she did before treatment, imo. It's unfortunate and I do worry for her health with the pandemic going on. She has a weaker immune system because of her overall health which would put her at a high risk.

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  5. rootbranch added a post in a topic Any black metal fans?   

    Hey, I'll just go ahead and double post for the sake of the life of this thread, haha.
    There's always the "classics" like Mayhem, Burzum, Bathory, Marduck, etc...and then bands like Ravencult and Neige et Noirceur that are kind similar to the classic bm style.
    Not to parrot myself since I mentioned this in my first post, but there's also other subgenres of blackmetal that I'm more a fan of. In addition to the bands above, I'd also recommend giving Deafheaven and An Autumn for Crippled Children a listen. White Ward has an interesting sound and mixes in some other instruments like saxophone on their album Futility Report. I can also recommend Thy Light's album Suici.De.pression. 
    I'm not sure if anyone else is terrible at finding new bands, but I tend to look on Reddit, Facebook or online forums for bm suggestions and then like to take some time out of my weekend, if I have time, to just sit down and listen. It makes for an enjoyable weekend.
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  6. rootbranch added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Halsey is the pretty much the Walmart version of Taylor Swift and Lana.
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  7. rootbranch added a post in a topic Wedding in 2 languages   

    My boyfriend's best friend can speak English pretty well and he is naturally a funny person, so maybe we can convince him  
    and thank you! I'm looking forward to starting the planning.
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  8. rootbranch added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    I'm currently wearing Malaia by Hollister, but it's starting to annoy me. I easily get headaches from overpowering scents, so I only wear it occasionally. 
    I'm on the look out for a light, airy, fresh cucumber scented perfume. If anyone knows of one, please let me know!
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  9. rootbranch added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Lol, even her own friends know she doesn't naturally look like that.

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  10. rootbranch added a post in a topic Any black metal fans?   

    Good to see some others who enjoy black metal.
    I occasionally listen to the "classics," mainly being Bathory, Burzum, Drudkh and some Mayhem. But I guess I focus more on more recent music. I also really enjoy the sub-genres like DSBM, atmospheric bm, blackgaze and post-bm. 
    Been really enjoying recently An Autumn for Crippled Children, Heretoir (the first two albums), Oathbreaker, Thy Light, Deafheaven and Fyrnask.
    But these bands aren't really "trve" black metal anymore as they incorporate many genres and/or fall under sub-genres of bm.
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  11. rootbranch added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Amoebas are much cuter and useful, though
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  12. rootbranch added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I feel like this extends to other topics, as well. I find the same thing happens with politics. I chalk it up to people just wanting to sound smart and I get that it's nice to wave around your intellectual boner sometimes, but a lot of the time it's counter-productive. Subjects like science and politics are so crucial and that's why I think it needs to be something acessible to everyone, not just the people studying it. Some of the most intelligent people I have ever met didn't mind breaking things down into "easy" words because it was for them more important that their information was being understood even if it meant using "simple" terms and grammar.
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  13. rootbranch added a post in a topic Wedding in 2 languages   

    Thanks for the ideas, and sorry for the late response. Totally forgot I made this post, woops.
    I was also thinking of maybe making a sort of booklet with both languages so people kind of know what's going on. Although I don't think we would hire a translator, I think by having my bridesmaids and his groomsmen repeat things in their languages, that should suffice.
    His family speaks a little English, it's just the older memebers of his family who would be lost. But when my father met his grandparents, they still were able to communicate in their own ways, haha. Thanks for the idea, I was also thinking of either doing the vows in both langauges or maybe offering a translation so everyone can follow along. And maybe for the wedding games, the bridesmaids and groomsmen would work together, so everyone can understand. I think the good this is, both of our families are pretty relaxed anyways, so that'll help with the atmosphere.
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  14. rootbranch added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    I just watched her wedding video to see the Harry Potter dancing. The wedding looked really pretty. The decorations and the whole atmosphere was really beautiful and classy and I thought the flower decorations on the tables were interesting and actually pretty practical, so you can see the people sitting acorss from you without having to look around a bunch of flowers. The Harry Potter dance routine was alright. I guess I expected something cringy-er. Not really my thing, but I thought it looked kind of cool how the wands lit up and it also looked like they were having a lot of fun. 
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  15. rootbranch added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Someone I know is at the show tonight and posted this on her story.
    I'm not sure how a pop show generally goes, if there are opening bands or smth, but according to Google, the Show started at 6pm and this photo was posted at 8pm, so I think Ashley should already be on stage? In any case, turn out looks a bit poor.

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