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  1. rootbranch added a post in a topic Halsey   

    A lot of the time, you can get a black eye with a broken nose. My friend and my mother had the same thing happen to them.
    Edit: didn't see people responded to this about the bruising, my PULL did not update.
    but I mean rlly, this girl loves attention.
    She seems like the living embodyment of 2011 Tumblr.
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  2. rootbranch added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I feel like Taylor is trying to pander to a more "upscale" audience with her new website (hence expensive hotel suggestions). But not only are her followers not in that age and/or financial bracket, but she also doesn't come off as upscale. Sure, she (her husband) has a lot of money, they have a nice apartment, but that's the extent of it. She isn't fancy. She isn't some super-model. She doesn't give off the air of someone who is upscale, mature, and elegant. The website doesn't come off to me as serious because of this and doesn't seem to fit with her or her other SM accounts. 
    I can't imagine she'll stick with it since she tends to abandon Projects and I don't think she'll see as much success with it as she'd like. I find it difficult to take her seriously when there are already so many more elegant and better websites that do what she is trying to do, just better.
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  3. rootbranch added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Miranda? Student?? Lol
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  4. rootbranch added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    She obviously has enough money for lots of trips, so buying a DNA test shouldn't be an isssue for her
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  5. rootbranch added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Even still, that's so much flying for the poor baby 
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  6. rootbranch added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    This make me sicker every day
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  7. rootbranch added a post in a topic Hair Care?   

    I have relatively straight, untreated, fine hair. Not sure what my official hair type is. 
    I wish I could post a photo because it's honestly crazy how much better my hair looks now than compared to 5-6 years ago, lol. I dyed and bleached my hair for about 10 years and did it incorrectly. Never was told about proper hair care, washed it twice a day without caring about the products I was using, blew it dry almost every day, straightened it often and never used a heat-spray, sometimes even straightened it wet. I'm cringing just writing this. My hair was like straw and I barely had any hair. It was also incredibly frizzy and unruly. I had waves and some parts of my hair were really curly. I just thought it was my hair pattern because my mother had similar hair, so  must have gotten bad hair genes. Now, I know it's just because I wasn't taking care of my hair. My mother still does not take care of her hair and just says "well, it must be my genes." Right.
    Anyways, what I did/do for better hair:
    + if your hair is damaged, you can't fix it. You can use certain products on it to make it look better, but once it's damaged, it's damaged. You can't do anything about it, so might as well try to take care of it so it doesn't become damaged.
    + eat healthy - this is probably one of the best things you can do for your hair. You can read up online about foods that promote healthy hair.
    + stop using heat products on your hair and/or dying it. I know, it's hard, but it's honestly a lot better for your hair. If you have to use heat products, use them sparingly, so only occasionally like if you are going to a special event. Bleaching/dying, regardless of what anyone says, is not good for your hair (admittedly, I don't know much about henna dye, but your conventional hair dye/bleach products at your store are terrible).
    + Watch what products you use in your hair. This is such a rabbit hole; there is a lot of information online that says don't use this, don't use that, so you'll have to do your own reading. For me, I try to use products that avoid SLS, alcohols, parabens, parafins, preservatives and silicones (anything that ends with -cone or even polyquaternium).*
    + hair masks! Make your own DIY or you can purchase your own. There are recipes online.
    + Don't wash your hair often. I started off washing it every other day, now I wash it every three days. I know people who wash it once a week, it is something that you probably will have to work up to. Shampoo is essentially a detergent and strips your hairs of oils everytime you wash it. Your hair will produce more oil to overcompensate which makes you want to wash it even more. If you can "train" your hair to go longer without washing it, your hair will benefit.
    + don't wear your hair too tightly in a ponytail/bun if you have longer hair. It puts strain on your strands. 
    + get your hair cut regularly. This was difficult for me to understand at the beginning since I had hair that grew slowly, but trimming the ends gets rid of split ends which can travel up the hair shaft and damage it. If you get rid of them as soon as possible, it can help hair grow. You can read online about "search and destroy," which is essentially looking for split ends yourself and cutting them from home, but I don't personally do this.
    When you start to let your hair grow out again after damaging it for years, it will probably go through a phase where it seems like a nightmare, lol. My hair curled up so much after about half a year after stopping dying and starting to care for it. I essentially had a crown of curls that slowly grew out. I'd guess it took about two years to grow out the majority of my old, damaged hair - my hair did not grow that quickly then, now it grows quicker. This isn't something that happens over night.
    Honestly, the absolute best things are just to eat healthy and stop dying/bleaching/using heat products. Everything else listed above is an "extra." Also, not everything I wrote about will work for everyone. Each person has different hair, different needs. It's a journey to grow out your hair and get it healthy again which means you have to try and fail and see what works for you. There's a lot of stuff on the internet which can be confusing (for example, the "controvery" behind silicones). 
    I've also tried hair supplements and didn't find that they worked for me. One of my friends who works for a compay that sells supplements says they don't actually work, unless you're not getting enough minerals, but if you are eating healthy (eating your vegetables, fruits, proteins, fats, etc...), then you should be getting enough through your food. 
    I'm not a hair-guru, but just try to learn as much as possible by reading about hair care. If you have questions, feel free to message me, or if you have any tips/corrections, I also appreciate those as well. 
    Have fun and remember, hair grows back. 
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  8. rootbranch added a post in a topic Oshare Girl   

    I'd like to see a video where she tries different make-up looks for herself. Maybe find 3 or 4 YouTube tutorials on looks that she thinks are attractive and might suit her and then try to do them and also implement them in her day to day make-up routine. She definitely is interested in make-up, which is a start, but I don't understand why, with all her interest in beauty, that she just stays with the same look for years. Other YTubers that I watch who make beauty videos mix up their looks. I can understand finding one, maybe two looks, that you like and using it daily / almost daily as to save on time and buying products, but I don't think she's living in a bubble where she has never heard or seen comments about her current make-up. 
    I don't want to tear her down because not everyone is good at make-up, but she obviously has the time, money and interest, so why not practice? Maybe even make a cool vlog about it? You don't even have to admit people on the internet were talking about your orange make-up, just pass it off as "I thought it would be fun to try some new looks!" No one will ever know...
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  9. rootbranch added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    I'm 159cm / 5'2" ft and between 54-59kg / 119-130lb.
    Trying to get healthier and lose some weight/tone up again. I used to be fitter before life happened, lol.
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  10. rootbranch added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Well, I mean, she's obviously not done shopping yet soo
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  11. rootbranch added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Truly fitting
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  12. rootbranch added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Going off of Marodeur above, you can't really hide yourself that well by wearing a hijab, niqab or burqa in Japan since it's quite a rare thing there. 
    I agree with ichigo's first idea or I think she's already in Canada. I'm skeptical to just accept Rody's statement since he doesn't have proof, but I don't see how she could be staying legally in Japan at this point.
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  13. rootbranch added a post in a topic Oshare Girl   

    I'm watching her Vlogtober 24 ("Eating at Japanese 7-eleven for a day"). I'm very behind on Vlogtober with her, but just looking at some of the titles, I know I'm already not going to watch all of them. I don't really care about knowing how much she makes with YouTube, but I am always interested in her food  and Japan vlogs.
    I haven't watched her videos probably in a month or two (since she went to Canada) simply because the topics recently haven't interested me. I've totally forgotten how bad her make-up is, lol. I don't understand why she brushes her eyebrows up and doesn't smooth them out again? That's how mine look when I wake up in the morning and I can't stop staring at them. And I know some people probabl like how she does her eyes, but I feel like the mascara doesn't really work. Her eyes just look...spikey. 
    She is a lot more consistant and fun than others Jvloggers, though, and I enjoy the "day in the life" vlogs and that she actually works. Her new profile photo on YT is also sooo much better than the last one. 
    I think the fact of that matter is, she is pretty harmless in comparison to other Jvloggers. I feel like my biggest gripes (and probably how others feel too, based on other comments on this thread) is that she can't do make-up very well and she is your typical white girl. If she could somehow improve on how she seems to be a try-hard "influencer," I think she could be more successful. 
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  14. rootbranch added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I wonder if she was on some sort of specialty watch list on her flight back to Canada 
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  15. rootbranch added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    He's no longer following anyone anymore. So, I guess that's that.
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