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  1. I'm not sure if someone made a post about her. She's another "daddy's girl"/Joanna Kuchta clone, but a bit more porny.

  2. So I didn't see anyone make thread about her. Misa Chiang is cosplayer from Taiwan or before she used name Misa Tw Cosplayer, she is famous one. You can check her fanpage here ; https://www.facebook.com/misapage2

    Recently she got so many hate from some people (she even admin she block some haters). This hate came from his really different look at  photos and real event especially about her body and her attitude.

    She's hard user of photoshop. I collect some comparison picture of her ;
    [EDIT] Since so many of you not read all posts on this thread and just judge by first page  HERE The posts about MISA bad attitude you should READ!
    Unprofessional, half-assed cosplay ;
    Self proclaimed basic photoshop and as pretty as her photos/video ; 
    Rude ;
    Claiming others game ID as her own, said won't cosplay xx characters again but keep cosplaying it ;
    Calling her fans tools ;
    Giant Hypocrite ;
  3. Post on simply_kenna in Simply Kenna

    By lil, posted
    McKenna is a 20 year old youtuber, who calls herself buddhist. 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/McKaelinn
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simply_kenna/
    I feel like her replies to some comments can be so unnecessary and defensive, especially since the comment isn't rude at all. I remember her reply to a comment on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmr8R4vOK7c but I can't find it, she probably deleted it. 
    This is my first time making a topic here so I don't know, but I just wanted to know what you guys think about her. 
    Photos I got from guru gossip 
    >>New Simply_Kenna Thread Here<<
    (Also includes updated summary)
  4. Post on Edward Avila in Little Snowflakes

    By Yurika, posted
    Edward Avila
    Youtube // Instagram // Snapchat

    Edward Avila is a 26 year-old beauty guru from California currently living in South Korea. His ethnicity is Filipino. Most of his makeup tutorials are inspired by K-Pop. He also occasionally makes vlogging videos in South Korea. 
    The Kyla Controversy:
    Criticized Kyla from Pristin's weight, saying things like:"I'm surprised that they let her debut in the state that she's in...""Do I think Kyla's weight makes her a bad person? Not reeeeeeeally....""To protect the reputation of the group, she should lose weight. I can't believe she has the tenacity to go on stage and perform at that weight."Saying essentially that she would be no good for Pledis (the idol company) and would not profitable at her weightDismissed people saying that she's just 15 and not yet done developing/growingSuggests that she doesn't work hard because she is heavierGenerally just makes a ton of assumptions about the situation, saying she would be happier with herself if she lost weight, she wouldn't feel like a burden on the company/her groupmates. etc.Says that she's at an unhealthy weight, and basically makes it seem like she's extremely overweight where she just seems to be a normal weightSays that "appearance shouldn't be put before talent" but then says that Kyla's appearance matters more than whether she can sing or danceEnded up having to disable comments and the like/dislike barResponse VideoMade the video because his dad told him to make itBlamed his views on Korean beauty standardsHis Makeup Skills/Other issues:
    Makes mistakes with contouring and uses the wrong shade of foundationWhitens his skinGot a chin implant that doesn't look very goodDoesn't like taking full pictures with fans because then he can't control his anglesAt a meetup event, he gave out troiareuke cushions in a very light shade and told those who had darker skin to just "give it to a friend" (from @kifla)Gaybaiting with AooraRacism:
    Called people who experience racism in South Korea drama queensBasically dismisses racism in SK because he's never seen it and says to "Not believe all the Youtube videos out there where black people say that they experience racism in Korea because that's only THEIR experience"PULL Drama:
    Has a long history of calling out PULL on Snapchat, in videos, and elsewhereSaid a "friend" once went on PULL to stick up for him, but just ended up being a WK who was incapable of having intelligent discussion about himAlways says that his "friends" browse PULL instead of himself (lol)Hypocrisy: 
    Makes sexual comments about Wonho, but then gets angry at fans for saying sexual things about WonhoMakes fun of sensitive SJW's but then cries on snapchat/in his videos when PULL criticizes his makeupGets angry when people ship him with Aoora but then likes other comments when people refer to him as his boyfriendVideo Sample:
  5. Post on Plaaastic/GG in Little Snowflakes

    By aripenko, posted
    GG / Plaaastic
    Blog // Instagram // Tumblr // Twitter // Facebook // PULL Account (Verified)

    She is Vietnamese and was sent by her parents to study in Singapore after an argument. She graduated last year and is back in Vietnam but is not close with her family. There's a lot more about this on her blog.She has been really open about her eating disorder and depression, as well as her recovery. I think she became a vegan during her recovery, but has been hospitalised a few times.She has her own clothing line Fablously Fucked, a co-owned one Nirvana street clothing and a biography, Error 404 coming out soon.She got married very quickly to a guy called Paplaaastic. During this time, she stated she was very happy, and everything seemed to be normal. Later, it was revealed Papaplaaastic was cheating on her with multiple other women and refused to change his Instagram name.Eventually, he received so much backlash over it that he went private. GG came onto PULL around May 2017 and talked with some users. Overall, her appearance on PULL was very well received at firstFollowing her breakup with her husband in April-July 2017, she was plagued with many issues and negative experiences, such as people robbing her or breaking into her apartmentTried to move in with her friend Sheidlina in Russia, but could not get a visaEnded up supposedly taking her life sometime around October 1st, 2017You can find some interviews with her here and hereControversy
    Around May/June 2018, it was revealed that GG was actually still alive and did not commit suicidePosts from her following her "suicide" did not indicate she had just committed suicide and seemed okayOther rumors started where she apparently had cancer or was very sick, which was also later disprovedGG later says that she is very attention-seeking, hinting that much of the stuff she has said was probably exaggerated or untrue. Pictures:
    Announcement that she took her life (now confirmed to have been faked):
    Her biography:
    @Janet and @Hanae are currently translating the book into English, so if interested you can check their posts on the thread. Translation starts here.
  6. Post on Dasha & Cyr in Little Snowflakes

    By Lotto, posted
    ItsBabyDash / Off-brand Khaleesi / Neuph / urmothership (Dasha)
    Instagram (now private) / Alternate Instagram (also now private) / Twitter (now deactivated) / Twitch / YouNow / Subreddit

    Dasha is a 22 year old popular Instagram model who is currently dating Youtuber Vincent Cyr, mainly known as "Cyr.". Her real name is either Julia Stadler or Julia Waldhör as confirmed through her relatives. (Her maternal side of the family is Stadler, the paternal side is Waldhör)
    She's gone by a plentitude of other names with her real name purported to be Julia Katinka Blinow or even Dasha Anou. One of her fake names was discovered on a German modelling site from when she attempted to start a modelling career there. 
    Cyr (Vincent Cyr)
    Youtube / Twitter / Instagram / Twitch /  Perioscope /  Facebook

    Michael Ryan Cyr is a 28 year old Youtuber who has been on the website since 2006. Outside of Youtube, he used to model for Hot Topic and is known for looking like Johnny Depp. He used to be friends with Onision and frequently collaborated with him, but cut him off when he started to become problematic. From his featured channels list on Youtube, he currently seems to be friends with JacksFilms, Colossal is Crazy, Elvis the Alien, HeyWatchYourMouth, BionicPig, Maxmoefoe, and Anything4Views.
    The Dasha, Cyr, Mina, and Edwin Drama
    In early 2016, Mina Bell (MinaxxBell) flew to Los Angeles for a modelling job and began dating Cyr, who she had been talking to for a few months prior. When Mina left to go back home to the UK, Cyr cheated on her with DashaPrior to officially dating, Cyr told Mina that he was not promiscuous and not interested in polyamory. (which will become relevant later on) However, at the same time he was talking to Mina, he was also talking to a model named Taylor Allard. When the girls discovered each other and were reasonably bothered by it, Cyr was evasive.Mina called Cyr out for cheating, but he repeatedly denied it. Eventually, Mina apologized for calling him out and Dasha convinced Cyr to make up with her.Around late 2016 and early 2017, Edwin (Edwin's Generation), Cyr's roommate,Dasha, and Cyr all lived together.Cyr, who had been in a relationship with Dasha for about a year now, decided to try to have a poly relationship with Mina. Dasha invites her to come live with the three of them in LA. Apparently, Dasha was the driving force in getting Cyr to invite Mina to LA and start a relationship togetherDuring this time, Edwin basically fourth-wheels in the house while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girlsBoth girls are featured in some of Cyr's videos, and both look eerily similar to each otherMina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in "Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?" on Edwin's channelIn the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, and Edwin makes a vlog as they're leaving. During this vlog, he is visibly upset.This brings us to. . . . . .The Drama Part 1: Late 2016/Early 2017
    ~ Dasha and Cyr tell their side of the story, and the harassment of Mina begins ~
    Around Nov/Jan 2016-2017, while they are all still living together, Mina discovers upon logging into Instagram that her account has been deleted. Mina starts suspecting that Dasha had something to do with its deletion.Dasha publicly claims that she never did this, and makes herself out to be the victim in an Instagram story videoLater, Dasha admits in private, leaked videos that she actually did delete Mina's Instagram. She also apparently told Edwin before he and Mina became close that she deleted her Instagram. Another clip where she admits to deleting Mina's account, where she attempts to justify it by saying that Mina was "harassing" her and says that deleting her account was a "normal response"Mina believes she did this out of jealousy, due to her having more followers than her at the time.The account deletions also stopped after she changed her phone's passcode, making Dasha very suspect.Dasha goes on Perioscope and claims that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr greatlyFun fact: Dasha gets her lolcow nickname, "Putin," from this videoSoon after Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes on Twitter. Dasha's fans also start harassing her in messages and DM's. Her fans also start to make suspect posts on lolcow around this time, defending Dasha and trying to make Mina out to be the one at faultDasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone (Note: Dasha previously claimed that she never went though Mina's phone) and found a fake Instagram account on Mina's phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using this to harass her because she was jealousCyr gets involved, defending Dasha and calls Mina a "crazy girl with an agenda"The Drama Part 2: mid-2017
    ~ Edwin and Mina respond ~
    Edwin makes videos discussing what Dasha has done to harass MinaEdwin makes a video with Mina titled "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story." (uploaded 4/17/2017)He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled "Edwin Responds to Cyr's Lies" (uploaded 6/12/2017)In these videos, Edwin and Mina debunk the things that Dasha and Cyr have said about them, and chronicle their time living with themOverall, I highly recommend watching these videos if you are curious about what happened as they explain everything that has happened pretty thoroughly tl;dr:Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't play along with what she wantsFollows through with these threats, in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram accountThroughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (With Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt "emasculated" by Dasha)Video of Dasha responding to EdwinQuote from Dasha: "...And I told him, yes, I'm fucking-- I'm going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina's side over your best friend. I said that to him! I'm owning up to that! I told him that I'd ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British c*nt... I'm sorry (smiles), over his best friend. He's absolutely right, I stood there smiling as..."Around June 2017, Dasha makes a Twitter video talking about how many people tell her she's copying Mina's styleDasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she's received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina's styleThe Drama Part 3: Early 2018
    ~ Dasha makes sockpuppet accounts on lolcow and PULL to talk shit about Mina ~
    Sockpuppet accounts on lolcowThroughout 2018, it was discovered by the lolcow Admin that Dasha had posted on lolcow hundreds of times on her own threadEvery post made by Dasha can be found hereThis was mainly proven by:Some of the screenshots Dasha shared on lolcow show the "analytics" icon on tweets made by Dasha, proving that she was the one who made the screenshotsHer posting on lolcow coinciding with the times she was active on TwitterHer geographical location displayed by her ip addressHer typing with English language mistakes typically seen in native speakers of GermanThe screenshots showing the same browser seen in her vlogsHer using three different iPhones to post, with two belonging to her and the other probably belonging to CyrTalking about insider information, but not providing any sources to back up her claimsPosted nude pictures of Mina and her real passportTries to use "Kek" and other common "chanspeak" to blend in, but much of it feels awkward and forcedSticks up for Dasha while talking shit about MinaIn these posts, Dasha mainly talks about:Posted Mina's nudes and passportMina believes she got the photo of her passport from when Dasha asked for a picture of it so she could buy her a ticket to LAEven admits in a private message with a former fan that she "I should not have sent her (Mina's) passport around, I know, I was mad at that..."Trashes Mina's appearance, calling her ugly and accusing her of shooping Accuses Mina and Edwin of having eating disordersConstantly brings up how Mina is just trying to copy Dasha's styleSays that Mina is working as a prostitute, and was doing this while she was living with DashaSticks up for and defends DashaMade nearly 150 posts talking about Mina, and in some of these she attempted to pretend to be other people and have a "conversation" with herself, trying to make it seem like other people agreed with herPULLIn early 2017, around when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina, and Edwin started, an account named Fawnie created a topic about MinaThis account mocked Mina for photoshopping, and posted pictures that had never been seen before by anyoneIn one of Edwin's videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot that Dasha had.Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be super skinnyWhile it hasn't been confirmed that Fawnie is Dasha, lots of evidence points to them being her. The Drama Part 4: mid-2018
    ~ Dasha is still obsessed with and stalking Mina, despite it being more than a year and a half since this all went down ~
    Edwin makes two new videos explaining how Dasha has harassed them recently, referencing the sockpuppet account on lolcow and revealing receipts from former friends of DashaFirst video (uploaded 5/ is titled "The REAL Dasha - The Harassment and Problematic Behavior Towards Mina Bell"Second video (uploaded 6/1/2018) is titled "More PROOF Of Dasha's Accusations Against Mina Bell - The REAL Dasha Part 2"Once again, these are long videos but they pretty thoroughly cover everything Dasha has done to harass Mina. Edwin also provides good receipts and tea so if interested I recommend you watch them.Former friends of Dasha talk about how she goes to extreme measures to basically get revenge on people who she hates/feels wronged byDasha apparently groomed a younger guy After this video dropped, Dasha made her Instagram private and deactivated her Twitter. Edwin says in a Youtube comment that he believes this is because she's trying to lay low and disassociate herself from the dramaPrior to the Dasha videos, Edwin makes a video titled "I Sued, Went to Court, Won, And He STILL Won't Pay Me Back."In this video, Edwin talks about how he sued Cyr in small claims court for illegally evicting him from the house they shared. Despite trying to get his stuff back, Cyr refused to communicate and also wouldn't pay back Former fans of Dasha send Edwin clips of Dasha telling her fans that her and Cyr are conspiring to get Edwin's Youtube channel taken down, most likely to suppress their growing bad reputationSoon after finding out about this, Mina's own videos are copyright striked and two are taken down. When Mina checked the claimant, she found that it was someone pretending to be her.The Drama Part 5: Jan 2019
    ~ Dasha is outed as an escort, despite trying to make Mina look bad in the past by calling her an escort ~
    A video by Tony Toutouni, a rich guy also known as "Lunatic Living" mainly known for hiring Instagram models to escort, is posted to his twitter, where he is shown in bed with two girls.One of the girls is presumably Dasha, however, she is dressed up like Mina and even has her fake molesInterestingly, the video was posted by Tony the day after Cyr's birthdayNSFW: Video is 6th post down in the lolcow threadOriginal screenshot of the video posted on Twitter, another picture possibly of her, and comparison of Mina and Dasha's makeup (Again,kind of NSFW):Mina sees the video, and claims that Dasha is wearing her 15 year old sister's clothing that she had left at the house when they got kicked out over a year ago:Dasha is questioned by someone on twitter about the video, and claims that her and Tony are friends and that it was made just for funGeneral Ongoing Issues: Cyr
    Manipulative behavior and gaslighting
    Edwin's "A Youtuber's Manipulative and Gaslighting Messages to a Fan (Part 2)" covers in-depth Cyr's concerning interactions with fans and past girlfriendsTimestamps are in the description of the videoHas told girls before that he would not cheat/didn't want an open relationship/was only talking to them, yet ends up doing all of thisSeen hereGeneral Ongoing Issues: Dasha
    Mina Bell Skinwalking
    Dasha has as a strange, very creepy obsession with emulating Mina's looks, which she has been doing since around 2016Examples:Bonus: someone actually thought one of Dasha's pictures was Mina, and Edwin responds: 
    Dasha wearing Mina's Clothes:Left: Mina Right: Dasha

    Left: Mina Right: Dasha

    Living in the United States illegally, and shady brand endorsements
    Edwin has accused Dasha of living in the US illegallyDasha is apparently trying to lay low, and mostly makes money from online modelling and makeup endorsementsShe has previously collaborated with the controversial makeup company Lime Crime, which actually has its own PULL topic.All of the controversial stuff Lime Crime has done can be read about in this article.Photoshopping
    Lastly, a collection of some pretty spooky shoops under the cut:Old Shoops (2016-ish)Old Shoops (2016-ish)
    New Shoops (2018)
    Candids (2016, 2017)
    Candids (2018)
    Old Modelling Pictures/Pre-2016
    Finally, 7 minute video by Mina summarizing everything Dasha has put her through:

    Thank you to lolcow for the art lol
    //Last updated Jan 2019 by MahouShojo//
  7. .Summary (From Chocological)
    Her real name is KellyShe already scammed peopleIn 2015 she runned away from home and went live with her boyfriend (she shared her store with this guy, i guess)She exposed a lot of things of her family, her mother obviously don't liked it and made an video with 18 min about it.Both of them took the videos downShe lied about a lot of things, where she lived, eye color, photoshop, almost everything in her life.Youtube / Personal Website
    Also this is her:
  8. I hadn't seen any posts about her anywhere. 
    Intro: Emily Lee, Full name: Emily Minju Lee/ Height: 5' 5" 
    Age: 23. Was an inspiring import model, see http://www.modelmayhem.com/forums/post/885081 
    Her past bios and profiles are here: http://www.hincity.com/bonjouremi | https://www.k.to/profile/Bonjouremi
    She seems to be innocent before when she was in school studying full-time as a bio-medical science major. And judging from the keek videos she was cute and did not seem fake. I was very curious about her because she seems to have turned into a sugar daddy hunting woman after graduating from school. How does one just graduate from college and afford to travel from one place to the next? And if you see her snapchat, she is always shopping at high end European brand stores, she admittedly says that she has a shopping problem. Another reason that I suspect she has a sugar daddy is because she had a photo with some old looking dude with a army cut- (like the one Abraham has from Walking dead) in a dressing room. It was super scandalous, however she deleted it.
    She got shook after I called her out on an instagram photo of her shopping adventures for having a sugar daddy, she replied in less than a  minute, "you're stupid." However, she deleted the comment quickly, realizing that she came off as over protective of her sugar daddy ways. Couple days later, she deleted the photo. Hmm... my spidey senses are tingling. 
    What are with these instagram models. Specifically, it seems cute Asian girls who are too short to be models and look more like girl next door desire to be import models. They get the standard procedures done, like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to get really big boobs. And then pose in weird angles to try to make it look like their ass is proportionate to their fake boobs. And their luxurious lifestyles and surgeries, at such a young age and all happening at a sudden pace- where are they getting these sugar daddies from? 
    Here is her transformation from cute Asian girl to Asian Import model clone 

    So many questions. Please spill the deets if you know more dirty, juicy gossip on this potential sugar baby. 
    more to add: 
    Here is Emi walking to her sugar daddy's car, and her whipped sugar daddy likes to take photos of the conceited little shopaholic lady for her pretentious instagram followers to drool over. I believe sugar daddy is a Chinese guy living in Queens, New York from her past snapchat stories. However, his presence seems to be lacking of recent because she has to take her own selfie shots while vacationing alone with a selfie stick. What happened? Or was there ever a sugar daddy to begin with, is she just a lonely, rich girl aspiring to be an import model? 

    Recently, Emi was chosen to be one of the ambassador models of HIN. They get to travel and show up at events, getting paid to take photos with fans, travel, and "host" parties. I put quotation marks around "host" because Emi's snapchats just show her awkwardly standing around the DJ booth, she looks out of place and frightened. Most import model personalities are quite fun. Even though this was her goal to get to this point of being recognized as an import model, she is really awkward at it. See the video linked below, she is just 1000 shades of awkward. 
    Jump to video Here is more awkwardness, maybe Emi should consider being a regular instagram model and leave behind aspiring to be an import model; she is a bore. 
    (facial expression reads, "Oh shoot wtf am I doing here?... internally dying" 
    here is Emi once more looking uncomfortable AF. 
    Perhaps it's time to reevaluate your life decisions Emi and go back to making use of your bio-medical science major. You should be smart af if you graduated from this major, but you come off as the next airhead valley girl. 
  9. ok so her name is sahar and she just turned 17, she's an ig baddie and has gotten lots of surgery, but has never confirmed anything . she's either homeschooled or not at school anymore since she doesn't really do anything except hang out with her boyfriend who's 20 years old. so their relationship is technically illegal but her parents probably approved it so.
    you can tell she's gotten two nose jobs and multiple lip injections, those have been proved with before and after pictures but some people speculate that she's gotten more surgery done. she's gotten every surgery under the age of 18 but has denied getting anything done. her mother has also denied her getting anything when again it's very obvious she has
    she also photoshops her pictures a lot and posts pictures of alcohol even though she's underage. she has many many young impressionable fans and she's making it seem she's all natural when she's far from it. everyone also thought for a very long time that she's older than she is. sahar never confirmed nor denied these age rumours.
    here's her ig

    here's here natural nose, first nose job and then second nose job 

     here's her denying getting surgery 
     here's her lips without fillers and with

    she's also tagged her lip injector in her pics. she got her second nose job this year and didn't post on insta for like 4 months and then came back with a completely different nose 
    here's two pics of her photoshopping her arm and her waist

     and yeah i think that's it! let me know if anything needs changing, this is my first post ever lol
  10. Victoria Waldrip known as woahhvicky (now imwoahvicky due to being deleted) is a 17 year old "instagram famous" person who got "known" for claiming to be 25% black. (the exact number changes a lot) 
    She also posts videos on how to sing saying that ppl tell her "she sounds like beyonce" buuut... listen for yourself.. 
    But on to the actual topic. Vicky claims to be black saying the n-word and always saying she came from zone 6 where she had to "eat koolaid" 
    this is vicky: 
    Here are some of the videos Vicky uploads to her Instagram: 
    She also claims to be pregnant by her ex @/papii_jj (now @/virgin_jj) with arguments like "jj is the father of my kids he's a virgin but he's the dad" sure, jan. 
    So what do you guys think? personally I feel like she's either dumb as shit or just a really good troll.
  11. Instagram // Youtube
    Anyone follow or know of any tea on Noelle Benepe? 
    Shes a fitness instagram content creator who sells her own workout programmes etc 
    I've been following her for quite a while now, and I know she was first in a relationship with chadoy Leon (another big fitness personality ) and they defo played out their relationship on both their insta's, working out together etc & often posting quite intimate pictures. I know they lived together in New York & then LA & then they broke up but no mention towards why / what happened - just all their couple pictures vanished off their instagrams. 
    I know from recent stuff, Noelle has had a baby but she didn't even mention or name her baby daddy until she gave birth - then she revealed or well people in her comments revealed it was Hollywood hino ( another big online fitness/ celebrity trainer) there was no mention of their relationship leading up to the birth and only after she posted a few pictures of him with their son. 
    Now some of her followers have been lighting up her comments saying they've seen hino's snapchat of him being flirty and touchy with other women and now noelle doesn't post pictures of him anymore, and she's unfollowed him on instagram. So not too sure what's going on there. 
    She seems like a genuine nice person and from hino's insta he just looks like really full of himself. 
    Anyone know anything else ? 
  12. Post on Stef Sanjati in Online Personalities

    By echo, posted
    Stef Sanjati
    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Tumblr // YouNow

    Stef is a MtF trans Youtuber from Canada. She makes mainly videos about her journey transitioning.
    When she started her channel it was more makeup oriented, but now she also does other assorted type videos such as Q&As where she gives advice to her viewers.
    Her most popular video is about her Waardenburg Syndrome that reached 8 million views. Here is the link to that video.
    To be honest, I really like her makeup style and Story Time videos. To start off the conversation, recently she said in one of her recent videos she's struggling with Bulimia, and apparently she's been using laxatives non-stop for 3 months. Here is the video where she talks about it:
  13. simply_kenna
    (Also known as McKenna Kaelin and Kenna Suman)
    Previous thread (First thread had 600+ pages, so this is the new one)

    Youtube | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter (defunct)
    Who is simply_kenna?
    Simply_kenna is a 22-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She lives in southern California.
    Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section?
    The answer is that there are many reasons!
    A while ago she did make two videos where she apologized for her shitty behavior. The first one was a desperate damage control attempt (which she has deleted from her channel now, but since then someone else reuploaded it):
    Then she made a second one, one which was surprisingly sincere and she actually tried to apologize properly for all of the bad things she had done. Wow, progress!… Or so we thought. However, it only took a few weeks before she was back it again, hence the reason she's still such a popular topic to discuss here on PULL.Asexuality/Aromance
    Kenna claims she is ”aro ace” or asexual and aromantic, meaning that she never feels sexually nor romantically attracted to anyone. She never misses a chance to flaunt it (note how she seems to have no idea what the ”let them eat cake” quote means – see the ”Poetry” section for more information):
    ...Or is she? A lot of the time she acts like she isn’t.
    She ships herself with (exclusively) male characters (like Jack Frost) in a way that screams anything but ”aromantic”:Once she stated she was ”not going to stay single her whole life” despite already having come out as asexual (someone please correct me if i’m wrong but it’s still worth noting):Once she reblogged this (why would an aro ace person want to have sex?):She is a fujoshi and has even gone as far as shipping real people (See the ”Fetishizing gays/Fujoshi” section for more information)Somebody who claims they skate at the same place as her says she tried to flirt with their boyfriend (unconfirmed but still worth taking into consideration):As of the time I’m writing this summary (October 29th 2017) she has been crushing on a Disney employee for over two weeks straight: 
    Attacking other Youtubers/Instagrammers
    Kenna has often accused other Youtubers and Instagrammers of ”copying” her aesthetic (Which is quite ironic. Why? Go to the ”Plagiarism” section to find out more) and sent her army of minions to harass them. Afterwards, she’s tried to defend herself by saying ”I can’t control my own fanbase”, despite the fact that she claims she wants to spread positivity. What a hypocrite!
    Here are some notable examples:
    Xoemiliap (Emilia Panesar):Lunestelle: 
    Bad attitude
    This is another thing that contradicts her claim about wanting to spread ”positivity”. She has a history of being passive aggressive and immature, even towards fans who aren’t even trying to be rude:
    Kenna claims she’s a buddhist, however, a lot of things point to her only using the religion for her aesthetic:
    – She used to own a decapitated Buddha head despite the fact that they’re considered HUGELY disrespectful in Buddhism. When somebody pointed that out to her she told them to ”get over it”:
    She has used Sephora products despite the fact that they aren’t cruelty free (which, once again, should go against Buddhist teachings):Not exactly Buddhism related, but she didn’t know Indian people are Asian:Disney
    Kenna LOVES Disney, to the point where she visits Disneyland practically every week (or at least on a regular basis).
    Disney has a strict policy about visitors cosplaying and ”cosbonding” characters from their park. Yet she has broken that policy multiple times – despite the fact that she has worked there and thus should know the rules:Acts like a spoiled child and interacts with the workers for way too long, thus potentially causing other visitors to get frustrated – she seems to think her mere presence is a grace to Disneyland and the people working there (keep in mind that this is a 22 year old woman we’re talking about): 
    Fetishizing gays/Fujoshi
    As mentioned earlier, Kenna is a fujoshi or a fan of yaoi (another reason why PULL doubts she actually is aro ace).
    All of her same sex ships are male – she doesn’t seem to care about lesbian ships, despite the fact that she as an ace aro person shouldn’t have any gender oriented preferences (also, look at the hashtags in the first picture – does that look like something an asexual and aromantic person would write?):That being said, most people are okay with a non homosexual person being into gay ships as long as said ships stay fictional and you don’t start thinking fantasy equals reality (this is coming from a bisexual woman who is into both yaoi and yuri by the way). However, she doesn’t (or didn’t) limit her ships to the fictional realm – it didn’t take long before she crossed the line and started fetishizing real life gay couples by shipping two members from the k-pop band BTS together (the original video was deleted due to the backlash she received but it was re uploaded on Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZwTVe8o2sQ&feature=youtu.be&t=1m29sAfterwards she tried to defend herself and said there was nothing wrong with shipping real life gay ships and fetishizing gays:She has claimed (or rather agreed with someone who said that) ”M x M relationships feel more genuine”:(Yes, she says she has tons of straight and f x f ships as well, but that’s bullshit)
    She’s been under fire for promoting a store called the gypsy fawn. ”Gypsy" is a racial slur for Romani people, so needless to say, a lot of people weren’t too happy about, and when they called her out for it, she tried to defend herself:
    ”I’m half Turkish!”
    Kenna is half Turkish, and she likes to flaunt it and use it as a defense if people call her out for something, like cultural appropriation:
    (I personally don’t believe in the concept of cultural appropriation, but it’s a lackluster defense nevertheless, especially considering that Kenna herself believes in it):
    However, she seems to have very little contact with Turkey and is definitely not culturally Turkish, meaning that she probably just uses her ethnicity as an accessory: 
    A few months ago, Kenna got into k-pop, and it didn’t take long before she started acting like she had known about them since forever – despite the fact that she only was into one band (BTS) and only had known about them for a few days:
    Here she acts like she's an expert and says the member Rap monster is underrated (despite the fact that he apparently is one of the most popular members):She even made a ”k-pop” Q & A (it’s the video where she said she shipped two BTS members and that was featured in the ”Fujoshi/Fetishizing gays” section): 
    Remember how I mentioned earlier that Kenna often had accused other Youtubers/Instagrammers of ”copying her”?
    Guess what, before she was caught red handed, she used to plagiarize and steal art all the time!Another time she used an artist’s music without asking them for permission and then sent them a PM asking if they could whitelist her because she had 800K subs:Once she also plagiarized a poem:She tried to deny it for a long time (in fact, she still doesn't want to admit that she stole that song):Poetry
    Despite having a literary knowledge limited to mainstream series like Harry Potter and manga, Kenna thinks her writing skills are so amazing that she needs to write poetry. And, to put it bluntly, her poems are pretentious dogshit:
    She claims she’s working on a poetry book but she has yet to finish it (note that this picture was posted in March this year):She also likes to post pictured of quotes she likes but she doesn't actually understand the context (because, again, her literary knowledge is not particularly broad):Weeaboo
    Last but not least, Kenna is a weeaboo, and almost seems to be proud of it:
    She began ice skating because she wanted to be like Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!! On Ice and not because she has a genuine interest in ice skating. All of her ice skating knowledge seems to come from the anime:She has compared not liking anime to racism:Sometimes she uses Japanese words in the middle of a sentence:Once she wanted to befriend a random girl who called her cute just because the girl was from Japan:She has even said Japanese people are much prettier than American people:TL;DR
    Kenna is a snowflake because she claims to be aro ace despite often not acting like one, claims she wants to spread positivity but then responds aggressively and immaturely to criticism, claims she is buddhist but barely knows anything about the religion and mostly seems to use it for the aesthetic, likes to claim she’s an expert on something when she’s only known about it for a few days, only cares about her heritage whenever it fits her, is a weaboo and writes pretentious poetry. Before she made her apology video, she also used to attack other Youtubers/Instagrammers for copying her while simultaneously plagiarizing and stealing art from others, fetishize real life gay people, own decapitated Buddha heads despite being a Buddhist and use racial slurs.
      Many thanks to @junkfood for writing this! You can give them upvotes for their original post here.
  14. Emilia Fart
    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter

    Emilia Fart is a 29 year old Youtuber from Canada who first rose to popularity through her unique and unconventional fashion and makeup that she wears in her videos and throughout her everyday life. She is very open about her lifestyle, beliefs, and mental health and her most popular videos involve her trying out "normal" fashion and talking about her life before she adopted her own unique fashion sense. She also became popular from her videos on fellow Youtuber Trisha Paytas.
    General ControversySome are initially turned off by her outrageous personality and unconventional fashion senseFebruary 2019There has been some backlash regarding her "Turning Myself Normal for the First Time in 11 Years" and "Being Normal in Public for the First Time in 11 Years," along with some other videos of her trying "normal" fashion. Some longtime viewers felt concerned that she is trying to change, and want her to stay true to herself rather than be pressured by society's standards. More Info About Emilia/Her Videos
    Her "Draw My Life" videos:
     Elvis the Alien's video on Emilia Fart, where he discusses what makes her content appealing and is overall very open minded/respectful of her (The video is older, but it's still a good summary of her general content):
  15. Rachel Aust
    https://www.instagram.com/rachelaust/?hl=en (100k)
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvIaf-RCk5mQiH8rI0rODlg/videos (500k)
    She used to be chubby, but got into sporty lifestyle and has a great body now. She's also into minimalism, which is great and her style is on a more emo/gothy side, which I personally appreciate. I don't follow her closely as I'm not into fitness (although I wish I found a sport I genuinely enjoyed and could do on a daily  basis).
    She has PCOS so she's probably a great person for people trying to lose weight and being stopped by the sickness. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnCfKHE0xz0 )
    I'm taking pictures directly from instagram as I don't think she's the type to delete them. (she's not a snowflake as far as I'm concerned)

    She wasn't obese to begin with, just overweight, but you can see how greatly her body changed. There are some photos where you can see much more muscle definition and honestly, I'm in awe. I plan to start taking dance classes so maybe I will be closer to being so fit. 
    Some recent photos...
  16. Conan is currently a freshman at UCLA and he makes youtube videos that mostly consist of vlogs, favorites, Q+A's, a few self-written/composed songs, and general chatting videos. He's from Austin, Texas and is half-Japanese on his mom's side (I believe) and half-white. He's appeared in one of Annabelle/CatCreature's vlogs before and she's in one of his. 
    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ConanXCanon/featured
    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/conangray/?hl=en
    TWITTER: @conanxcanon (suspended)
    SNAPCHAT: conanxcanon
    TUMBLR: http://conangray.tumblr.com/
    SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/conan-gray
    I think he's a nice kid and I like the general vibe and editing of all of his videos. His video editing does seem similar to the "soft aesthetic bubbly letter" kind of editing that a lot of youtubers do these days, but in my opinion, if you watch many of his videos enough, it still feels distinct to his personality. I've never heard anything bad about him, so I was just wondering what your opinions were. 
  17. Simply_kenna
    (Also known as McKenna Kaelin and Kenna Suman)
    Previous threads here and here (because two threads about her wasn’t enough!)

    Youtube | Instagram | Twitter (defunct)* | Tumblr (new) (old & defunct)
    *The Twitter URL works, but that's because somebody else has claimed the Twitter username. The original @coffeewithkenna account was terminated sometime during the whole plagiarism scandal
    Who is simply_kenna?
    Simply_kenna is a 22-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She lives in Temecula in southern California.
    Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section?
    The answers is that there are many reasons! Some of them have already been listed here and here (make sure to read the old summaries if you haven’t already done it), however, Kenna is the gift that just keeps on giving, and ever since the creation of the last summary she’s managed to come up with a whole bunch of other bullshit.
    I mentioned in the first summary that Kenna claims to be ”aro ace” (aromantic and asexual), despite showing signs of being anything but, however, I still think it’s worth to provide some more examples of clearly non aro ace behavior since she likes to empathize her sexuality so much.
    Here are some more pictures of her obsessing over Dylan O’Brien, plus one where she fawns over Tom Hiddleston, and making romantically or even sexually suggestive comments about him:She also doesn’t seem to mind receiving steamy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yaoi fanart in the mail... despite the fact that she claims to be SO afraid of sex that she doesn’t even want to watch raunchy comedies:Disney(updated!)
    As mentioned in the first summary, Kenna LOVES Disney and is a little bit too enthusiastic when it comes to Disney bounding and not letting others hang out with the characters, but did you know that pointing out the historically accurate fact that Walt Disney was a nazi supporter makes her block you?
    Also, stating that Disneyland isn’t ”literally paradise on Earth” also might lead to her accusing you of (gasp) SLANDERING Disney, even if you did it in the nicest way possible, so please don’t do that:This might not exactly be a snowflake trait, but should also be added that she claims to have worked at Disneyland. However, some users have questioned the authenticity of these claims (This part of the summary was written by @kamineko – thank you so much for your help!):Fashion
    Considering that Kenna is supposed to be the most beautiful of all beauty gurus, you’d think she’d have at least some sense of style, but NOPE! Naturally, people should have the right to wear things that are outside of the norm (I’m a vintage/rock kind of gal myself), that’s not what PULL is arguing against, the problem with Kenna is that her fashion choices don’t make sense a lot of the time and she doesn’t know how to combine things.
    For example, there’s this corset that she likes to wear a lot:She also seems to be quite fond of wearing oversized boots:And dressing up like a toddler:She also seems to think that grandma clothing is ”punk”:However, my personal favorite is this pair of pants, as they make her legs look like two baguettes with white shoes on:Hair
    Throughout the past few years, Kenna has dyed her hair multiple times:
    ... to the point where it's become extremely dry and damaged:In fact, she might even become bald if she doesn't watch out, as she's started getting bald spots:Naturally, she denies all of this and tries to claim that her hair is super healthy and not damaged at all, but this is all bullshit, and she has no idea what she's doing. For example, she recommends a product named Olaplex, which she implies is a repair product, but it's actually not (read the comments in the last two screenshots):Listen up, Kenna fans: regardless of whether you want to look like your idol or not, if you want to dye your hair, be extremely careful, and, most importantly, do NOT follow Kenna's advice under any circumstances. There is a VERY high risk that you'll end up regretting it later on."Humor"
    Kenna’s sense of humor is very questionable, to say the least. For example, saying that a ship she used to disagree with but now suddenly likes is the worst (Drarry in this case) makes her reply shit like this:
    Hilarious and original joke and classy move Kenna, 10/10, though not as classy as your ”apology” (go to ”Inability to handle criticism” for more information). The thought of potentially ”just” spreading pneumonia because she just wanted 2 go 2 Disneyland rly bad also seems to amuse her:The worst part is that she actually likes to brag about her ”dry sense” of ”humor” and how ”no one understands it” because it’s too difficult for us mere mortals to understand:"I'm smooool"
    Kenna sees herself as, to quote another user, "a smol badass tsundere", and she really loves empathizing how she’s really small and only 4’11/150 cm and how people ask about her height every day:
    No, seriously, she really goes out of her way to look smaller, e.g. by posing in a certain manner:However, it seems like she exaggerates her shortness, as she is about the same height as her friend Gracie (maybe even taller) and she’s not that short:Inability to handle criticism
    Kenna and criticism are two words that don’t go together, because frankly, her ability to handle criticism is pretty much non existent. This was her reaction after receiving more criticism than usual for letting her ”dry wit” get the best of her and telling a person whose parents were about to divorce that ”your mom and dad is the worst ship ever”:
    Kenna has three modus operandi when it comes to dealing with criticism. The first one is being extremely passive aggressive and accusers her ”haters” of being ”too sensitive” and whatnot:The second one boils down to her wallowing in self-pity:Last but not least, there’s also the third one, "It's just a prank bro", meaning that she claims she’s not mad at all because she was just joking all along:"I've changed"
    Whenever people say they miss the old Kenna who used to actually do things, she uses the excuse ”I’VE CHANGED":
    However, this is clearly bullshit, as both of the previous threads are full of examples of her not having changed at all, despite claiming in the apology video that she was about to ”turn over a new leaf”. Even her ”aesthetic phases” aren’t proof of her changing, as her going through seasonal phases and changing her aesthetic has been part of her persona for a long time now. The only thing that’s really changed is her level of productivity, as she has become incredibly lazy (Want to find out how? Go to ”No effort”).Koreaboo
    Most people are already aware of the fact that she’s a weeaboo and that she also likes k-pop. However, lately, she’s turned into a full-blown Koreaboo:
    … to the point where she actually wants to LOOK Korean! For example, she recently shaved off half of her eyebrows and bleached them (for those of you who don’t know, this is a South Korean beauty trend). So much for them "killer brows", amirite:Apart from that, she also tries to do her best to look like a gangnam unnie  by applying make up in a ”Korean way” (despite the fact that it doesn’t fit non East Asians) and edits her photos heavily in order to make her eyes look bigger, her jaw look like that of an alien and her skin look as white as snow (her photo editing and obsessing with looking pale is a whole chapter in itself; go to ”Photo editing"):When somebody told her to stop trying to look Korean and bleach her skin so much, this is what she had to say (The paleness ideal that’s so prominent in East Asia is actually a pretty harmful one, so good job glorifying that Kenna the Koreaboo):It should also be mentioned that she's fully aware of her Koreaboo tendencies, despite feigning ignorance. Pay especially close attention to the second picture: notice how she, in this reply to a person who says they're low key sad she's become a Koreaboo, specifically says that "she hasn't turned into a Koreaboo just because she lightened her eyebrows", despite the fact that the person never explained why they thought she had become a Koreaboo and never mentioned anything about her eyebrows:Narcissism
    Kenna is an A level narcissist. Everything needs to be about HER, HER, HER all the time, otherwise it’s unfair:
    Guess which team park she took her little sister to for her birthday? You guessed it, Disneyland, AKA the very park that she visits at least twice a week anyway:Speaking of Disneyland, screw everybody who wants to interact with the characters there, Kenna Suman is in town:No effort
    Considering that Kenna has no job, doesn’t go to college/university and does nothing but sit around at home all day long and visit Disneyland once in a while, you’d think she’d have A LOT of time to focus on producing new content. Well, she doesn’t, because she’s incredibly lazy:
    SEVEN! That’s the amount of videos she’s managed to produce in two months, and more than half of them weren’t even five minutes long and/or sponsored by Yesstyle (or were they? Check out ””Sponsored” by Yesstyle”). In fact, she can’t even be arsed to step outside her garden (unless she’s going to Disneyland, of course):She keeps on asking her fans for video ideas but then she never does anything with it and tries to come up with excuses whenever people point it out:Paycheck to paycheck
    Kenna isn’t exactly poor, but that hasn’t stopped her from claiming that she lives "paycheck to paycheck and that she thus needs to monetize everything (including her apology video):
    She lives "paycheck to paycheck", but somehow she still has enough money to go on a month long vacation to Japan and even talks about buying a house there:"But where does she get the money from?", excellent question, and we're about to get to that, because there are more things that don't add up about her financial situation. In this video, she mentions how she used to be homeless, but at the same time, she has a big trust fund waiting for her on her 23rd birthday, so big that she's planning to buy a house with it, which screams "wealthy background" more than "dirt poor":As a cherry on the shit cake, she's also tried to deny that she's claimed she's living "paycheck to paycheck":Photo editing
    I have already mentioned that Kenna wants to look more Korean, and one of the ways in which this shows is her being obsessed with editing her photos so that it not only seems like she has an alien jaw, but she also looks whiter than Edward Cullen:
    And whenever people call her out for it, she vehemently denies that she edits her photos and/or implies it’s her real skin color/jaw shape:Then she tries to act as if she never pretended it was her real skin color:Yes, the difference is actually pretty striking, nice job trying to bullshit your way out of this, Kenna. But wait, the damage control hasn’t stopped yet!More examples of her real skin tone/jaw shape:Bonus: what the fuck am I looking at.jpg:"Sponsored" by Yesstyle
    Isn’t it quite amazing how Kenna constantly manages to be sponsored by Yesstyle all the time? Actually, no, she isn’t, but that hasn’t stopped her from lying about it at least two times for some reason and then claim ”IT WAS A MISTAKE”:
    It seems like Kenna doesn’t really like her fans, despite the fact that so many of them are A prime bootlickers, because she seldom shows that she appreciates them. This is what she had to say when Kerrie Moon complimented her:
    In fact, the only people she ever bothers responding to (aside from Kerrie Moon and a few others) are people criticizing her, something which even some of her fans seem to have noticed:Remember kids, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, if you dare to criticize queen Kenna, she’s going to attack you regardless of whether said criticism is valid or not:Weeaboo(updated!)
    Kenna still hasn’t stopped being a weeaboo. In fact, as of the 21st of March 2018, she’s about to fly to Japan, where she’ll be staying for a whole month, and she seriously thinks she’ll be able to get a modeling job there:
    Kenna is a snowflake because she claims to be aro ace despite often not acting like one, claims she wants to spread positivity but often insults others and responds aggressively and immaturely to criticism because she can’t handle it herself, claims she is buddhist but barely knows anything about the religion and mostly seems to use it for the aesthetic, likes to claim she’s an expert on something when she’s only known about it for a few days, only cares about her heritage whenever it fits her, is a weeaboo and a Koreaboo, writes pretentious poetry, edits her photos in order to look more pale, always brags about how smol and qt kawaii she is, lies about sponsorships and is an ungrateful and narcissistic twat. Before she made her apology video, she also used to attack other Youtubers/Instagrammers for copying her while simultaneously plagiarizing and stealing art from others, fetishize real life gay people, own decapitated Buddha heads despite being a Buddhist and use racial slurs.
    Once again, thanks @kamineko for helping me out! I also want to give props to @Winnie and @Daenerys for providing some useful screenshots (and, obviously, everybody who gave me feedback when I asked what subjects people wanted me to bring up in the summary).
  18. Post on Arzaylea in Online Personalities

    By cheekbone, posted
    Instagram | Twitter

    I'm surprised no one has added Arzaylea to PULL (she has a very prominent history and is really well known on IG exposing pages). But here we go:
    A 23 year old model for Wilhelmia who is best known for being Luke Hemmings and Lil Peep's (Rest in Peace Gustav) girlfriendHad a rocky relationship with Luke(he's accused of cheating)  and had overall drama with him.There's some evidence of Arzaylea scamming and leeching off of Gustav's family??(Statements made from Gustav's grandmother and mother regarding Arzaylea's scamming and leeching) If what they're saying is true, then that is so disgusting and disrespectful omfg
    Thoughts on her?
  19. Simply_kenna
    New name as of October 13th 2018: cozykitsune
    (Also known as McKenna Kaelin and Kenna Suman)
    Previous threads here, here and here (because not even three threads about her was enough!)

    (image from this video)
    Youtube |  | Twitter (defunct)* | Tumblr (new) (old & defunct)
    *The Twitter URL works, but that's because somebody else has claimed the Twitter username. The original @covfefewithkenna account was terminated sometime during the whole plagiarism scandal
    Who is simply_kenna?
    Simply_kenna is a 23-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She lives in Temecula in southern California.
    Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section?
    The answer is that there are many reasons! Some of them have already been listed here, here and here (make sure to also read the old summaries if you haven’t done it already!), but it seems that there is no stopping this girl, because ever since the creation of the last summary she has managed to come up with even more bullshit.
    Asian fetish video(new!)
    First of all, I am sure at least a few of you are here because you caught wind of her not-so-well-received Asian fetish video but didn’t have time to watch it before she deleted it. Luckily for you, PULL users are avid archivers, and therefore a couple of us decided to download the video before it went down and then re-upload it. Watch the video here or here.
    As of July 19th 2018, Kenna still claims to be aromantic-asexual. In her latest Q & A, she even said ”she is 99.9 % sure that she is what is referred to as a ”sex repulsed asexual”:
    Her lack of sexuality is something that she has come to feel very strongly about lately, seeing how last month was Pride month and she thinks asexuals should be included in the LGBT community:She also thinks Youtube demonetized her ”Asian fetish” specifically because the platform discriminates specifically against asexuals (and not because the video title contained the word ”fetish”):In fact, she feels so strongly about it that she even accused LGBT people who don’t think asexuals should be included in the community of being ”sex loving assholes”… and then tried to backpedal it when she realized that you probably shouldn’t call a community’s/social movement’s members ”sex-loving assholes” if you want to be included in their midst (especially considering that the very reason the movement was created was that society viewed LGBT people as perverted, promiscuous deviants who didn’t deserve equal rights):Afterwards, she tried to backpedal even more because ”Actually I never said asexuals should become part of the LGBT community or that they have it worse”:Don’t worry, though, Kenna posts a lot about LGBT rights… so much that she, so far, hasn’t posted anything LGBT related that didn’t mostly have to do with her asexuality. Her idea of being supportive of the LGBT community seems to boil down to following a yaoi account on Instagram:”Wait a minute, I thought she was a sex-repulsed asexual? This doesn’t add up!”. You are absolutely correct; ”Who has the biggest dick in DmmD” and liking pictures of kinky characters from yaoi comedy manga (Ayato Yuri from Yarichin Bitch Club) doesn’t exactly scream ”sex repulsion”. These are not the only signs that point to her lying about her ”having been aro ace for as long as she can remember”, however, as many of her older comments/posts tell a completely different story. Some of the examples were posted in the second and the third summary, but new discoveries have been made ever since:One particularly remarkable totally 100 % aro ace moment was that one time during her Japan trip when she stalked a boy she found hot and even took pictures of him (for more information about Kenna’s unhealthy obsession with Japanese people and her weeabooness in general, go to the ”Weeaboo” section):Buddhism (updated!)You might have noticed that the introductory paragraph now states that ”Simply_Kenna (…) is also (or at least used to be) a buddhist”, instead of just ”Simply_Kenna (…) is also a buddhist”. The reason for that is that while there was a time period when Simply_Kenna was a practicing buddhist – or at least pretended to be one – and was all about that Buddhism aesthetic, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore:
    When people asked her if she was no longer a buddhist, she tried coming up with some half-hearted excuse where she implied that she was always a ”philosophical” buddhist, not a ”religious” buddhist:… despite the fact that her old ”buddhist era” social media posts prove otherwise:"Dark" past(new!)Kenna has not always been a porcelain white, smol, magical Instagram fairy; she actually used to be quite different once upon a time. Here are a few pictures of her before she became a rising aesthetic star on Instagram:
    (This is not a snowflake trait per se, but nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how much she has changed)
    Q: You are in Japan, a country which is quite different from the United States and is well-known for its rich and multifaceted culture. You claim to have an interest in the culture. What would you do if you were Kenna?
    A: Visit Tokyo Disneyland, of course, just like she visits Disneyland Park five times a week when she’s at home! (For more information about her twisted relationship with Japan, go to the ”Weeaboo” section)
    Sadly, Kenna didn’t leave her Disney obsession in Japan, and to this day, her obsession remains as strong as ever. For example, Kenna doesn’t change her seasonal aesthetic when the seasons actually change, but when Disney changes its merchandise (and yet somehow thinks she's "fighting the system":She also seems to have an abnormal obsession with a certain pink Disneyland door:Luckily enough, Kenna makes up for all of this by sharing her very broad Disney knowledge with us mere mortals, as she is a Disney expert… except for when she turns out to be completely wrong and just ends up looking like a condescending fool:Fashion(updated!)
    Kenna’s fashion sense is a subject that was already touched on in the last summary but deserves being high-lighted again, because to put it bluntly, her sense of style hasn’t exactly improved.
    She still likes wearing her favorite white corset a tad bit too much:She also likes wearing a certain brown jacket a lot (regardless of whether it fits or not):Last but not least, she thinks dressing up as a sourdough bread and two baguettes is a good idea:Hair(updated!)
    In the third summary, I talked about Kenna’s hair and how it’s basically damaged beyond reparation. You would think she would have tried to do something about it ever since (a beauty guru is supposed to care about her looks, after all), but nope, she has actually decided to make it even more hay like by dyeing it once again:
    However, that does not mean she will stop massacring her hair any time soon. Much like Japanese holdouts refused to believe that Imperial Japan had actually lost the war and continued to fight against enemies of the empire long after the August 1945 surrender, Kenna simply_refuses to believe that her hair is irreparably damaged:Humor(updated!)
    Kenna’s humor was already questionable back when the third summary was published, and it remains questionable to this day (check out this video where she dresses up as a old disabled woman; also, the ”granny chic” part is a subtle reference to PULL’s jokes about her clothes):
    (”Wow, does she know Marzia Bisognin!?”, the answer is no, not at all. Go to ”Sucking up to other Youtubers in Japan (but only in Japan!)” for more information)
    That doesn’t stop her from being very proud of it; after all, the people who don’t like her humor just don’t get it!In fact, she is so proud of her humor that she once felt the need to post the same joke twice (the first comment is from October 2017, the second one is from April 2018):"I'm smooool"(updated!)
    In case you couldn’t tell from her Instagram posts and/or haven’t read the third summary, Kenna is very smol and only 4’11. She thinks it’s really important to empathize her smolness and how she might look tall but is actually only 4’11:
    She also thinks it’s important to point out that she is so smol that she fits into toddler clothes …… and that her friend Bree’s clothes are way too big for her (because Bree is much bigger, teheh!):Don’t get her wrong though, Kenna doesn’t actually care about her genetically smol body or people questioning her height. It’s everybody else that’s forcing her to defend herself:In fact, she once even tried to pull a ”I’m actually plus size” stunt, which backfired horribly on her and eventually made her turn off the comments on that particular post:Inability to handle criticism/Obsession with haters(updated!/new!)
    Criticizing Kenna is like walking on a mine field, because she simply_cannot stand when somebody doesn’t kiss her ass. As mentioned in the last summary, she has three tactics when it comes to dealing (or rather attempting to deal) with criticism; the first one being that she acts extremely passive aggressive/condescending and accuses the other person of being too sensitive ...
    Sometimes, she even posts Insta stories dedicated to her ”haters” which, 99 % of the time, are people with legitimate criticism or just trolls (and then she gets angry when someone kindly corrects her grammar mistakes):... or whole videos dedicated to her haters (Naturally, I am talking about her now deleted ”Asian fetish” video). Then there is her second tactic, which is her wallowing in self-pity and victimizing herself, to the point where she writes TL;DR-worthy long Instagram captions dedicated to PULL her haters:Then, of course, there’s her third tactic, which is the ”It’s just a prank bro” tactique:Naturally, that doesn’t stop her from claiming she actually doesn’t care about her ”haters”; she doesn’t have time for that, you see? (Despite the fact that she actually spent a good chunk of her Japan trip responding to negative comments; for more information on her Japan shenanigans, scroll down to the ”Weeaboo section”)Oh, and Kenna is apparently also her biggest critic:Narcissism(updated!)
    Kenna claims she is her biggest critic, but it would probably more accurate to describe her as ”her biggest fan”. Because boy, does Kenna love to talk about herself! (Even when she’s supposed to be talking about somebody else)
    Of course, that doesn’t mean she always talks about herself. Sometimes, she also talks about one of those moments when somebody else was talking about her:Neutral emotions(updated!)
    You might be aware of the fact that Kenna, many months ago, claimed she only felt ”neutral” emotions (whatever that means). ”But”, the optimist in you may think, ”maybe she has moved on from such nonsense?”. Well, somebody was kind enough to ask her about it, and this was her response;
    All of the summaries and threads that have been made about her are full of examples of her being anything but emotionally neutral, so I don’t really need to post more examples in this section. But, just for the sake of it: here is a screenshot of a post where she is being extremely neutrally angry at Instagram for (rightfully) deleting the Juuzou Suzuya cosplay pictures where she was holding a knife:No effort(updated!)
    When it comes to Kenna and getting her life together, nothing has changed since the the creation of the third thread. She still hasn’t gotten a job or begun going to college/university, her life is still a never-ending vacation and yet she still can’t be bothered to put out new videos more often than once in a blue moon. One particularly great example of this is her J-vlogs, as she initially promised she was going to do daily vlogs in Japan ...
    … a promise which soon turned into ”Did I say daily vlogs? Sorry, I meant I was going to film every day and post weekly vlogs!” ...
    … which also turned out to be a promise she couldn’t keep, because during her whole trip, she only posted one single vlog. Of course, this didn’t stop her from guilt-tripping people for daring to ask her about her promised vlogs because it was ”stressing”. ”Keeping my promises? Moi?"In the end, she was only able to put out one more j-vlog after leaving Japan because she ran into too many technical issues and eventually, she ”coincidentally” ”lost” all of the remaining footage:Last but not least, to give you a good idea of Kenna’s current video production rate, here is a screenshot of all of the videos she’s produced since March 21 (the creation date of the third thread):Paycheck to paycheck(updated!)
    Just like there are a lot of questions to be asked when it comes to her sexuality, there are a lot of things which simply don’t make sense when it comes to Kenna’s financial situation. To begin with, while she has mentioned her family had money troubles in the past, it’s clear that she is far from poor now since she has a trust fund waiting for her on her 23rd birthday and wants to use the money to move to Japan and go to language school (instead of buying a house in the United States as was originally planned). That, and most people with no job and a very limited Youtube income wouldn’t be able to go to Disneyland multiple times a week or visit Japan twice in less than a year (all of this while spending a shit ton of money):
    However, at the same time, she once famously declared that she lives ”paycheck to paycheck”, and constantly acts like her financial situation isn’t the greatest:She has even asked her followers for free Crunchyroll passes twice:Whenever she gets asked about her financial situation, she is very quick to get defensive and tell the other person that she ”never said she was living paycheck to paycheck now, that was all in the past”:Photo editing/"I'm really pale"(updated!)
    Kenna’s desire to look like a porcelain pale gangnam unnie doll due to her Asian fetish and how she edits her photos in the most ridiculous ways is something that was already quite a hot discussion subject back when the third summary was created. Since then, the subject has only become even more of a hot topic to discuss, as Kenna’s addiction to Snow app white skin, aegyo sal and dorito chins has grown worse:
    Much like Kenna has three modus operandi when it comes to dealing with criticism, she has three modus operandi when it comes to responding to accusations about her editing her photos and wanting to look Asian. Her first modus operandi is flat out denying all accusations and implying that it’s totally her real skin tone/chin/eye size/whatever:Seriously, she once even posted a photo of herself as a child to prove that she has always had eyes as big as plates (as if toddlers have the exact same physical features as adults) and porcelain white skin (even though there are other photos from her childhood which don’t have a fucked up color balance and show that no, she didn’t have such pale skin):Her second modus operandi is acknowledging that she edits her photos while trying to drastically downplay the effects of the filters (did I mention that she has dedicated not only one, but two videos to those terrible filter haters which she apparently doesn’t care about?):Her last modus operandi is acting like she has always been open about the fact that she edits her photos to hell and back:Unluckily for Kenna, the Snow app has yet to transform her into an Edward Cullen pale Asian doll in reality. Once she steps outside the realm of triangle chin editing and whitening filters, it becomes painfully obvious that she simply_looks very different in real life and that her make up/foundation (which doesn’t fit her actual skin tone/facial features at all) only makes it ten times worse:Bonus: have you ever wanted to see a Snow app addict cosplay as Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul? No? Well, now you get the chance to anyway:Poetry(updated!)
    Considering that Kenna supposedly scored ”College level” on star reading in high school and is planning to publish her own poetry book, you would expect her to write poems that are in college level English or at least for her writing to have improved over time, right?
    Just kidding, they are as badly written as ever! One manner of describing it would be that she writes her poems in pretentious toilet English, because that’s the best way to describe them, you see (she loves to use that expression):To be frank, her writing skills leave a great deal to be desired. Naturally, this doesn’t stop her from making fun of non native English speakers’ spelling skills ...… despite the fact that spelling isn’t her strongest suit either:Sucking up to other Youtubers in Japan (but only in Japan!(new!)
    Another appropriate name for this category would be ”How do you do fellow Youtubers that are in Japan”. For some reason (probably because she didn’t want to be alone since her Japanese skills aren’t the greatest; I once again kindly direct you to the ”Weeaboo” section for more information), Kenna spent a LOT of time trying to suck up to other Youtubers that also were in Japan at the time, notably Marzia Bisognin:
    One other person which she tried sucking up to was Mei Yan. They actually ended up meeting:However, despite Kenna going as far as calling Mei ”her friend Mei”, it appears that Mei didn’t feel the same way about her (she has made no mention of their meeting), so that didn’t go too well:Other youtubers which she tried sucking up to and/or ended up meeting are Jobo/The Anime Man, Venus Angelic and mikan.mandarin:Curiously enough, it seems that she more or less stopped talking to her ”friends” in Japan as soon as she was back in the United States (except for one time when Venus Angelic commented on her Instagram post and she responded in a… rather strange manner):Ungratefulness(updated!)
    Kenna’s ungratefulness has been brought up before, and it’s most likely going to be brought up again. She wouldn’t be able to earn money from Youtube or be an influencer if it weren’t for her fans, and yet, she continues to treat them like they’re dirt on her boots because apparently ”it’s not her job to figure out how to please critics and viewers” (also, asking her about her promised daily, sorry, weekly vlogs is only going to earn you a ”please stop”):
    Sending her packages probably isn’t a good idea, because there’s a high risk she’ll end up losing it:It’s also worth noting that while she was in Japan, she was approached by a Taiwanese photographer and was asked to ”model all over Shibuya”. Does that mean she was kind enough to tag the woman on Instagram as thanks for photographing her? Well, not really, instead Kenna tried to claim that ”I don’t think she had a Instagram”:Unluckily for Kenna, the photographer ended up finding her Instagram account, so in the end, she had no choice but to tag her:And despite all of this, she still expects her fans to help her with just about anything:Weeaboo(updated!)
    ”So far, you have mentioned her Japan trip and referred to the Weeaboo section more than just a couple of times. Sure, the things you mentioned were pretty bad, but it can’t get much worse than that, right?” Oh, my sweet summer child, you haven’t seen anything yet. Where do I even begin to describe the mess that is Kenna’s relationship with Japan?
    First of all, it’s important to note that Kenna not only is thinking about using her trust fund money to move to Japan and go to language school there instead of buying a house in the United States. She actually views Japan as her home:”Home” refers to the place where one lives. Since Kenna only has been on holiday in Japan, her referring to the country as her ”home” couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her place of residence. Of course, it is possible to feel at home in a foreign country a multitude of reasons (e.g. its cultural values may resonate more with you than those of your home country), but what reasons could Kenna possibly have for doing so? Let’s take a look at her Japanese knowledge. Like an exemplary weeaboo, Kenna loves to use Japanese words in the middle of sentences:Of course, that doesn’t mean she actually speaks the language. So does she know Japanese? Well, Kenna actually started learning Japanese using Duolingo, but she ended up dropping it as she found it much easier to just learn Japanese from anime:Now, studying a foreign language requires a little bit more than just watching cartoons  – especially a language that is as different from English as Japanese (obviously it’s always a good idea to watch films/TV series in Japanese if you’re learning the language, but you’re not going to learn things such as grammar and syntax just by watching anime) – so for her to be able to hold conversations that require more than ”X onegaishimasu” and ”arigatou” seems rather unlikely. Well, according to Kenna, she’s a real pro at holding conversations in Japanese:Surprise, surprise, there are a lot of things that point to her exaggerating her level of fluency. For example, she doesn’t know basic beginner stuff such as the difference between kana and kanji or that honorific suffixes are supposed to be attached at the end of a name:She also thinks being called an ”otaku” is something to be proud of (while it is true that it’s actually not always used in a derogatory manner, it’s pretty clear that the high school boy definitely wasn’t trying to compliment her):One time, she even claimed she had to eat at Starbucks because it was late and ”all of the food places were closed”, despite the fact that it was only around 22:00-22:30 and it’s highly unlikely that you wouldn’t be able to find an open restaurant at that time of the night in Tokyo,one of the biggest cities in the world:Speaking of Kenna and ordering dishes with easily pronounceable English names in Japan, it appears that she has no interest in Japanese cuisine whatsoever. You’d expect someone who claims to have an interest in Japanese culture to want to taste the local cuisine, but her trip diet almost single handedly consisted of pancakes and other Western-style dishes which she’s already able to get at home:What is that drives her love for Japan, then? Well, she really likes and appreciates Japan because they love and appreciate Disney just like her (that’s why she went to Disneyland all the time when she was on vacation there):She is also completely addicted to anime:However, the most notable weeaboo trait of hers is her Asian fetish. I have already mentioned that she wants to look like a gangnam unnie, but she also has this really creepy obsession with Japanese people and East Asians in general; she basically views them as little magical creatures and calls them things such as ”fairies” (notably the boy she stalked) and ”lil”:According to Kenna, all Japanese people also love her and treat her like a goddess all the time. Her Japan trip was basically r/thathappened (her post about the ”lil flower man” actually made it to r/rhathappened):Now, does this mean it’s 100 % unthinkable that there were some Japanese people that said she was ”kawaii” and/or asked for her picture? Of course not, but she seems to think that this is something that only happens to her specifically (when it’s actually not that uncommon for natives in Japan to compliment foreigners and whatnot simply because of the fact that they are foreigners):Other things worth noting: she thinks setting your photo down on a religious monument at a temple isn’t disrespectful as long as other tourists are also being disrespectful #Japanisallabouttherespect:She thinks it’s funny that the Japanese really love Duffy the Disney Bear while ”90 % of Americans” don’t know who he is, even though Duffy was a Japan-only product for many years and hasn’t been as aggressively marketed in the United States as in Japan (meaning that it’s only natural that not many Americans are aware of his existence):Last but not least, she seriously thinks she’ll be able to get into the voice acting industry:So what does Kenna have to say about the people accusing her of being a weeaboo? Well, we already know she’s made a whole video responding to such accusations, but in case you are too lazy to watch it, here’s a comment which more or less sums her views up:You heard her. She is NOT obsessed! Case closed. In other news, she expects her next Japan trip to last three months:Stay tuned for part 3 of Kenna’s kennamalistic adventures in Japan, folks.
    Kenna is a snowflake because she claims to be aro ace despite often not acting like one, claims she wants to spread positivity but often insults others and responds aggressively and immaturely to criticism because she can’t handle it herself, claims she is buddhist but barely knows anything about the religion, mostly seems to use it for the aesthetic and now seems to have stopped being ”buddhist” altogether, likes to claim she’s an expert on something when she’s only known about it for a few days, only cares about her heritage whenever it fits her, is a Koreaboo and a weeaboo who lately has been taking her obsession with Japan to a completely new level as she seems to have developed a strong Asian fetish, tried sucking up to other Youtubers who also were in Japan during her trip in all sorts of cringeworthy ways, writes pretentious poetry in toilet English and has no qualms berating others for their English skills, edits her photos in order to look more pale and like a gangnam unnie, always brags about how smol and qt kawaii she is, lies about sponsorships and her financial situation, claims to feel ”neutral emotions, is ridiculously obsessed with Disney, has questionable humor and is an ungrateful and narcissistic twat. Before she made her apology video, she also used to attack other Youtubers/Instagrammers for copying her while simultaneously plagiarizing and stealing art from others, fetishize real life gay people, own decapitated Buddha heads despite being a Buddhist and use racial slurs. As of July 19th 2018, it appears that she is planning to turn into a level 10000 snowflake wizard by moving to Japan just because she likes Disney, anime and receiving compliments.
    To end it all on a more positive note, here is a picture of some dude giving Kenna the finger as she is twirling around in the middle of a busy street while being under the delusion that everybody in Japan loves her:

    (Thank you @kamineko for helping me out by giving me suggestions and providing a few screenshots! I also want to give a shout-out to @emerald-metaphors for writing those amazing 100 page summaries as they made my job easier. Last but not least, thank you everybody else for contributing to the previous threads in one way or another.)

    Caitlin Davidson is a youtuber from New Zealand, born on July 16, 1997. She mainly does make up reviews and tutorials + some short rants. (She also has a serious kidney disease (nephrotic syndrome)).
    YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | FaceBook
    She doesnt have any big controversies but I wanted to make a topic about her.
    So here are some problematic things
    1. The cat
    She found a lost cat and decided to keep her. The owner found out about it, and they actually had to go to court because her family refused to return the cat
    The article (this really disappointed me when i found out, but she was a kid then (but not that small not to know she should've returned the cat), but her parents could have done the right thing).
    2. The braids
    This happened around 8 months ago. She posted this video 70$ for two braids and it would've been her typical rant where she kinda exaggerates for comedic purposes but she insulted hairdressers, and she got a lot of backlash for it, then Brittany Grey reacted to her in this video (and she kinda crossed the line when she insulted Caito's looks) but she apologized unlike Caito. Even Petty Paige made a video about it lol.
    3. Stanning Jeffree Star
    Many people dislike her for still supporting JS, but Im ok with it. At least she is open about it unlike most youtubers so you know and can decide whether you would watch her or not. (He sent her PR with his last collection)
    She also includes her mother and sister in her videos from time to time.
    I watch her videos from time to time and I personally feel like she whines/was whining about not having money too much for a person that constantly buys high end make up.
    Her make up downgraded. I know she want to experiment more with colors than before, but it sometimes feels like she isnt even trying, and her make up looks all smudged.
    I know its not a crime to put click bait titles but mot of her rants are that and I dont really like it.
    If I'm missing something feel free to add, I will edit first post (if mods approve this topic).
  21. SuperRaeDizzle

    YouTube // Instagram // Twitter // Second Instagram
    Rae H. is a 25 year-old American Youtuber, who makes art and drawing related content.
    She has a bachelor's degree in visual art from Eastern New Mexico University and since she graduated in 2016, she has been posting more Youtube videos and her follower base has grown substantially. She primarily uses traditional media for her art and many of her videos are about comparing cheap art supplies with expensive ones, or about trying out art hacks.
    I personally haven't seen that many of her videos, but there are a few things that caught my attention: 
    She seems to mostly copy photos and heavily relies on references, but doesn't say so most of the time. I don't think there's anything wrong with using references, on the contrary, I think it's important for artists to use references to improve, but to me it seems like she just copies what she sees without learning from it.In many of her videos in which she compares art supplies, she seems to be very biased and it looks like she doesn't even try to properly use the art supplies she doesn't like. For example, compare this to this.Her content comes across as a bit clickbait-y with the titles and thumbnails.She sometimes has no idea what she's talking about and criticizes the tools she's using, even though she's the one at fault. Example: her watercolor video.And lastly, the main reason that led me to making this thread, is because one of her storenvy listings got posted on the delusional artists subreddit. This was the second time within a few weeks her art popped up on there. Here's the art in question:
    Now, whether this artwork is worth 200$ or not is kind of subjective, but someone in the comment section pointed out that this was basically just copied from a dollmaker app. Here's the comparison picture I grabbed from that person's comment:
    She has deleted both the storenvy listing and the post of this painting on her instagram since then. This is what she said on twitter about the whole thing:
    I also noticed that she drew the exact same headshot in her Drawing With The Longest Fake Nails I Could Find video, which is weird imo. It's almost like she has no creativity and own ideas....
    In any case, what are your opinions on her? Do you guys like her and her art, or not so much?
    (I'm just gonna go ahead and put my own thoughts under a spoiler)
  22. Annika's social media:
    youtube // instagram // twitter // website

    From her website:
    She has sewing tutorial series such as Make Thrift Buy, Get Thready With me, The Style Pile etc.
    Personally I was a big fan of her for years but recently I've been unfollowing her on-off because sometimes I find her stuff overwhelming and her attitude rubbed me the wrong way. So I thought why not open a topic and discuss, I dunno, maybe it's just me. I tried to list things that I've seen other people criticize before.
    Spoonie stuff on insta. It's not that she is posting about her illness, it's her page so she can do whatever she wants and it's great that she is confident to be so open about it. But most of her audience is coming from youtube expecting fashion posts and then sees... this...
    With people coming to her insta from her DIY youtube channel, it's inevitable that her audience will include a lot of people very ignorant to the issues she deals with, and her activism isn't the... nicest? She comes off very condescending and SJW-ish. Example: an insta story by her about why we shouldn't wish her to "get better soon"... (https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17883589468195085/)About 2 years ago she started saving up for a craft table apparently, saying that she needs it especially because it will ease the pain of working with her illness (and not because like... honestly any decent seamstress needs one...). Later she got the table and the same month she went to Japan for a long holiday. Sadly I can't find it but I remember she had to address criticism on insta or in comments that she recieved for making it appear like she needed money for the table when she already clearly had enough, just spent it on recreation. She said that she deserves holidays too and it's not fair that nobody checks what people with "normal" jobs do with their money but I also feel like it was really dishonest and somewhat manipulative of her to ask for money, saying that creating content is literally painful for her and she cannot ease it without our financial help, when in reality she could've.She recently wrote an essay titled "The Ivory Tower Only Has Stairs". (Linking doesn't work for some reason so here it is: http://www.annikavictoria.com/blog/2019/2/5/the-ivory-tower-only-has-stairs). Annika apparently had been studying for a 3-year bachelor's degree for over 10 years at this point. This essay contains some enlightening thoughts but also some parts that make me feel like her gender studies minor is showing and like, is the wrong way... She compains about an old lady wanting her to give up her seat when she is "trapped in a body at least 70 years older", she complains that university is "structured" to make people like her with "memory issues" to fail (like... you have to study there really is no way around that??) etc. She talks about tertiary education as if it was a basic necessity for everyone and all her hardships at uni are because "society wants to keep disabled people poor and powerless", when she already runs a business that she didn't need her degree for. She also said in a comment on her insta post about the essay that she finds it unfair society forced her to CREATE her own job that accomodates her - as if "youtuber" and "seamstress" were invented by her...She is friends with Riley Dennis apparently, who made a cameo in her most recent vid, uhm  I hope I wasn't too harsh. What do you all think?
  23. Many of you may know Snow from their graveyard incident, but that’s just one small fraction of all the things this cosplayer has done.
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/redactedanarchy?igshid=1m6c8utgjf3ts (deleted at 60k)
    Tik Tok: http://vm.tiktok.com/d7AeTC/
    Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxvPvnyXsgcJHlOdS4E9GSQ
    Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/saltqueencos?lang=en
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/snowthesaltqueen
    Snow, a 20 year old non-binary cosplayer from Texas, gained a massive following years ago on Musically, famous for their Homestuck cosplays and their Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa.
    I’m going to organize Snow’s drama in order from most to least atrocious. There is, however, so much drama surrounding Snow that it honestly is impossible to account for it all, let alone in chronological order, but I’ll try to mention how recent everything is.
    Here is just a quick list of everything Snow has been accused of (star* means I have proof)
    Body shaming
    *Bullying novice cosplayers
    False r*pe and assault accusations
    *Faked legal documents
    *Publicly slandered people
    Sent witch hunts to their critics
    *Scams people with wig sales
    *Sells pornography dressed as underaged characters
    Copying/stealing ideas
    I’d like to start from about 3 months ago with the legal documents that Snow faked when pretending to sue a cosplay friend of mine, @daddytbh on Tik Tok and Instagram, named Elliot.
    Elliot was friends with Snow for about a year before this happened. Elliot realized that Snow was toxic and their friendship broke off. Of course, when 2 fairly large cosplayers suddenly stop being friends, people will want to know why and there will always be 2 sides of the story. Snow did NOT want his side to be heard. They accused him of slander (how ironic) and told their private instagram followers that they were about to “sue someone”. Elliot got some emails, and quickly figured that these were fake.
    (Text highlighted in black is Elliot. Photos taken from @/daddytbh’s story on instagram.)
    To make matters even worse, an instagram account called @/thecosplayoprah asked to interview Snow on an instagram live. This gave them a perfect platform to lie and slander Elliot on. Of course, thecosplayoprah had no idea how manipulative Snow was and fell right into the trap, and later felt so bad about it that they quit the account after apologizing to @/daddytbh/Elliot.
    Another incident involving Snow that perfectly highlights how narcissistic they are is the (infamous) graveyard photoshoot. Snowthesaltqueen and @/discount.yam on instagram dressed up as Despair Mikan and Servant Komaeda respectively from Danganronpa 3 and filmed a CMV + photoshoot at a graveyard. This, as well, is not inherently bad, but Snow was in a very skimpy, sexy outfit and sat on very old gravestones. Discount.yam/Robin even swung around one grave pillar.
    When people began calling them out for being pretty disrespectful, Snow (instead of just apologizing) wrote a massive paragraph that in summation was just, “You’re wrong and I’m not sorry.” The excuses they used, and my counterclaims are as follows:
    1. “We purposely filmed in a very old part of the graveyard so no living relatives are around!” But this just means the gravestones you were touching are old and more susceptible to wear and erosion from skin oils. Also you can see the dates on the stones... I think people from the 1960s are still around.
    2. “Stop saying I put my ‘bare ass’ on the headstones, I was wearing underwear.” Ok but,, this image:

    3. “I wouldn’t care if someone pissed on my gravestone, I’d be dead.” Just because you think so doesn’t mean it’s okay, that is an extremely narcissistic way of thinking. That’s like someone saying, “I wouldn’t care if someone punched me, so it’s okay if I punch people!” And it does not matter if they aren’t alive anymore, we still must respect the dead.
    Robin’s instagram still has some of the graveyard photoshoot up, and here is a link that has many screenshots and an excellent explanation of the situation:
    Next is a controversial and debatable issue but one that means a lot to me personally. Snow sells nudes while cosplaying characters that are below the internet’s age of consent. These nude photos include Yuno Gasai who is 14 years old, and Ann Takami who is 16 and has a backstory of sexual abuse. You can see all the underaged characters they have sexualized in their “Sets” highlight on instagram.
    Here is a video that explains the “lewding minors” debate~ skip to 1:00!
    Snow used to gang up with their old cosplay group and bully other people for their cosplays. They would say things like, “Handmade costumes make you look poor.” They even called my friend “white trash” for her cosplay 2/3 years ago  on a livestream when she was only 13 and still a fan of Snow. Of course, they blocked my friend since then and since it was a livestream the proof is lost. This is an issue that I thought was over and done with but is apparently still happening today:

    (A comment on a 14-year-old’s cosplay.)
    Here is Snow denying the claim I made about my friend who was called “white trash” by them (keep in mind this is a 20 year adult who typed this):

    I’m sure there are plenty more instances but I don’t want to make this too long just with screenshots of Snow being rude.
    The most recent drama (starting less than 2 months ago) with Snow is their $300 Junko Enoshima wig commissions. Snow, again who is very narcissistic, believes that they are the best Junko cosplayer to exist and they have the best wig and are the most canon Junko. They even have a post on their private account where they vent about how they have to be the best and nobody else can be better, it’s honestly quite concerning to read. Anyway, Here is their Junko wig that they are selling. It consists of 3 ponytail wigs on each side mashed/sewn together and then teased. No curling, no gel, no styling. The top 2 pictures are directly from their post and you can see how clearly edited it is to look bigger and smoother. The bottom picture is a slightly older picture that I increased the sharpness of so you can see how ratty the wig is.

    Here is Snow’s sales post, a typical price for one unstyled Junko wig, and the bottom 2 pics are of a very impressively styled Junko wig and the creator confirming that they only used 1 ponytail on each side to achieve their look.

    One thing I’d like you all to keep in mind is that one of this character’s titles is “Ultimate Fashionista”. Would the best fashionista in the world really have 2 rat’s nests for pigtails? I guess that’s just my opinion though.
    In their social media bios they have “IRL JUNKO ENOSHIMA”. This is because they are fictionkin. There isn’t really anything wrong with kinning, but Snow has created a lot of friend drama because of this and what’s even worse is that they blame their actions on being ____kin. For an example, (I have no way of verifying if this is true!!) here is one cosplayer’s claim:

    They also claim to have Dissociative Personality Disorder, in which all of their alters also have kins. Most of Snow’s kins are destructive villains/serial killer characters which makes sense compared to their own narcissistic and sadistic personality. I am no expert on DID and I am NOT accusing Snow of faking this, but considering the web of lies it is plausible.
    Here are the other claims I have found on Snow but do not have proof to back them up:

    Has Snow ever spoken the truth? Who knows! (JK but) They deny all criticism they receive even when there is proof, and lie to make themselves seem like a better person.
    Honestly, besides the wigs and photoshop, Snow’s cosplays are pretty decent and their Tik Toks that aren’t stolen ideas are good. With a little bit of ass-kissing, I decided to personally DM Snow before ever calling them out to see if they have any hope of turning around or being a better person. Here is what I said, and here is how Snow responded (publicly in their comments section):

    And then all their followers came and attacked me for “harassing” them!! So that sums up my interactions personally with Snow.
    Have any of you had experiences with them? Please share if you feel comfortable doing so.
    (This is my 3rd attempt, the photos got squished and for some reason the text is lighter in some paragraphs. Sorry about that! Hope this works.)
  24. Caroline Calloway is a long-time snowflake, scammer, and art-tracer who richly deserves a place here. She refuses to take responsibility for anything, blaming Adderall addiction or "don't judge me for my quirky and artistic imperfections."

    She's on Instagram (https://anony.link/https://www.instagram.com/carolinecalloway/) with almost 800,000 followers as of September, 2018 (https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/carolinecalloway)
    Past History (up to 2019):
    Gained fame on Instagram by chronicling her romantic life at Cambridge University, including lavish balls, private parties with the elite of Europe, and lots of Adderall.Got a $500,000 book deal based on her Instagram success but couldn't deliver a manuscript and ended up $100,000 in debt to her publisher.Can't pay rent and taken to court multiple times. Always gets bailed out in the end despite her never holding down a job. She clearly has a source for cash...somewhere. 2019:
    Announces a worldwide tour of "creativity workshops" for $165 per ticket. Cancels almost all of them when she reveals she never booked event space or had any idea of how to organize the tour. Finally holds two events that are described as far from what was promised. (https://www.wmagazine.com/story/caroline-calloway-creativity-workshop)Starts a Patreon, promising her "close friends" things like nudes for $2 a month and Skype chats for $100 a month. (https://www.patreon.com/carolinecalloway)Holds another $165 a ticket workshop that's really just a meet-and-greet organized by her "assistants." (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pa7e9k/caroline-calloway-the-scam-event-essay)Sells paper cutouts of Matisse artwork for $140 per piece, claiming "fair use" and still can't send her "art" out on time. (https://www.instagram.com/p/B17rpMDB74y/?hl=en)Gets outed by her former bff, Natalie Beach, revealing that the Instagram posts that made Caroline famous were mainly ghostwritten by Natalie, as was the book that she couldn't end up finishing. (https://www.thecut.com/2019/09/the-story-of-caroline-calloway-and-her-ghostwriter-natalie.html)Drama ensues and is ongoing, with Caroline taking full advantage of her new-found notoriety to promote herself. The US media is having a field day, with lots of "deep" articles whiteknighting her or taking her down.This is just the tip of the iceberg. A longer summary is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/blogsnark/comments/c4n2en/caroline_calloway_624630/ery7y86/
    Most recent wk pieces:
    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/i-get-caroline-calloway/598918/https://www.vox.com/first-person/2019/9/12/20862557/caroline-calloway-authenticReddit interviews Caroline Calloway: https://anony.link/https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/stephaniemcneal/caroline-calloway-interview-natalie-beach-instagram
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