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  1. Yurika added a post in a topic Woojong Oppa/ Sanai Woojong/ Woojong Yi   

    His video about dating a Gangnam girl gone wrong somehow popped up today and cringe aside, I can't stand his voice/the way he talks at all. 
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  2. Yurika added a post in a topic Thoughts on large age-gaps in relationships?   

    I had a classmate last year that jokingly flirted with me while he had a girlfriend. He was 10 years older than me in his thirties. He knew I was in a relationship at the time and still joked about marrying me. Every time he talked about it I laughed it off and told him to take care of his girlfriend instead (he told me they were getting engaged soon). 
    Months later, we both ended up single. I met him for dinner to discuss job issues and at the end of the night he ended up asking me out. I gently declined. I knew that he ultimately wanted to get married ASAP. I'm Chinese and he's Korean - it was probably both peer pressure and pressure from family. I guess in his case it was a personality problem. If he thinks it's okay to flirt with other girls behind his girlfriend's back then there's nothing stopping him from doing the same to me. He's a funny and generous guy but not relationship material to me. If you put the age gap into perspective, I would've been in middle school when he started university. It would've been extremely inappropriate a few years ago.
    Of course there's cases where large age gaps actually work out in a healthy way. Just depends on the maturity level of both parties + their compatibility. Sometimes when two people click perfectly, age isn't really an issue. Sadly, I feel that more often than not it's just people taking advantage of immature teens.
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  3. Yurika added a post in a topic In a slump   

    Do you have any hobbies? If I may ask, how old are you? (guessing you have summer break since you don't have to leave the house much) Find something that interests you to pass the time and occupy your mind. Learn a practical skill, even. Personally, I find (indoor) gardening to be surprisingly relaxing. I started off with buying a lightbulb for plants, then just planting seeds from whatever fruits and veg is in the house. It's very rewarding when things start sprouting, plus you can liven up your room with a few plants. Just takes a bit of research.
    I understand your worries though. My dad often has business trips overseas in UK with stopovers in Germany. He's actually leaving again this week. With all the things happening the past few months, I seriously worry that he'll be involved in an attack one day. Honestly I tear up just thinking about it, but luckily school has been insanely busy and it keeps my mind from drifting to those thoughts too much.
    Hope you feel better soon, feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to! 
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  4. Yurika added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Yeah a proper yandere wouldn't randomly kill animals unless it harmed their senpai. I haven't been following the details of yansim dev for months, but if he really needed a dead animal, maybe the following would work:
    Through gathering information, Yan-Chan discovers that one student talks about their extremely adorable pet all the time. Yan-Chan eventually manages to convince the student to bring the pet to school to show everyone. The student brings the pet to the courtyard before class. Too many people crowd around to look, and senpai reaches out to pet it. The pet is spooked by the presence of so many strangers and bites senpai. Now Yan-Chan has a motive to kill an animal.
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  5. Yurika added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    lol she looks like a domestic abuse victim at 5:00. Plus her whole face looks like it's sagging, jesus christ
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  6. Yurika added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    lol you should've heard his stream last night. He was whining and baby talking to Mulberry - creepy as hell. He just has no idea how to act like a normal person and has no intention of changing.
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  7. Yurika added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Seriously? How fucking hard is it to ask them for their skype when they do visit his stream? 
    Savagery from reddit:

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  8. Yurika added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    Edward Avila
    Edward Avila
    Youtube // Instagram // Snapchat

    Edward Avila is a 26 year-old beauty guru from California currently living in South Korea. His ethnicity is Filipino. Most of his makeup tutorials are inspired by K-Pop. He also occasionally makes vlogging videos in South Korea. 
    The Kyla Controversy:
    Criticized Kyla from Pristin's weight, saying things like:"I'm surprised that they let her debut in the state that she's in...""Do I think Kyla's weight makes her a bad person? Not reeeeeeeally....""To protect the reputation of the group, she should lose weight. I can't believe she has the tenacity to go on stage and perform at that weight."Saying essentially that she would be no good for Pledis (the idol company) and would not profitable at her weightDismissed people saying that she's just 15 and not yet done developing/growingSuggests that she doesn't work hard because she is heavierGenerally just makes a ton of assumptions about the situation, saying she would be happier with herself if she lost weight, she wouldn't feel like a burden on the company/her groupmates. etc.Says that she's at an unhealthy weight, and basically makes it seem like she's extremely overweight where she just seems to be a normal weightSays that "appearance shouldn't be put before talent" but then says that Kyla's appearance matters more than whether she can sing or danceEnded up having to disable comments and the like/dislike barResponse VideoMade the video because his dad told him to make itBlamed his views on Korean beauty standardsHis Makeup Skills/Other issues:
    Makes mistakes with contouring and uses the wrong shade of foundationWhitens his skinGot a chin implant that doesn't look very goodDoesn't like taking full pictures with fans because then he can't control his anglesAt a meetup event, he gave out troiareuke cushions in a very light shade and told those who had darker skin to just "give it to a friend" (from @kifla)Gaybaiting with AooraRacism:
    Called people who experience racism in South Korea drama queensBasically dismisses racism in SK because he's never seen it and says to "Not believe all the Youtube videos out there where black people say that they experience racism in Korea because that's only THEIR experience"PULL Drama:
    Has a long history of calling out PULL on Snapchat, in videos, and elsewhereSaid a "friend" once went on PULL to stick up for him, but just ended up being a WK who was incapable of having intelligent discussion about himAlways says that his "friends" browse PULL instead of himself (lol)Hypocrisy: 
    Makes sexual comments about Wonho, but then gets angry at fans for saying sexual things about WonhoMakes fun of sensitive SJW's but then cries on snapchat/in his videos when PULL criticizes his makeupGets angry when people ship him with Aoora but then likes other comments when people refer to him as his boyfriendVideo Sample:
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  9. Yurika added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Doubt he intends to scam people. It's just that he refuses to collaborate with anyone in the programming aspect of the game (to my knowledge) lest they reveal how incompetent he is. He needs full control of the game.
    Right now he can set his own pace and play the "I'm a one-man dev team and look at all this shit I have to deal with" card when people start rushing him.
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  10. Yurika added a post in a topic Koreaboos vs Weeaboos   

    There's both an anime club and a "korean culture club" at my university and imo weaboos seem to be worse at that age. The korean club has more "normal" people but I still find their club activities cringey sometimes. Although my university has a large asian population so a large portion of the club are chinese  students who are casually interested in kpop/kdrama. 
    My friend's ex is chinese (she is chinese too) and is still a huge koreaboo. Seriously unbearable.
    He would sprinkle in random korean words in conversation (hul, aigoo, aish, jinja, etc.) and made that disgusting horking sound on occasionFollowed korean fashion trends to a T and constantly asked friends and gf if he looked koreanAsked more about the gf's korean friends than the gf herselfTried to befriend as many koreans as possibleConstantly pestered gf about trying korean fashion and beauty trends. Basically trying to shape her into his ideal korean gfSeriously thinks anything korean is superiorThere were other reasons for the breakup but she obviously got fed up fast and broke up with him within a few months. The worst part is he actually succeeds in looking like a korean flower boy and basically gets away with his behavior because he's fairly attractive.
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