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  1. mahoushojo added a post in a topic New Topic Guidelines (MUST READ BEFORE MAKING A TOPIC)   

    That's fine! You can just tag it as "group discussion" when making the post. Also just provide links and a basic summary of the examples of beauty gurus in the first post, as it helps with thread activity and makes it easier for mods to tell what is going on if there is ever a problem in the thread. 
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  2. mahoushojo added a post in a topic List of moderators?   

    Beneath the banner under the "more" tab, there is a list of all the mods under the "staff" page 
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  3. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    I've been waiting so long for an incel thread, I even contemplated making it myself a few times but never got around to it. Thank you for making it  ;__; 
    Sometimes when I'm bored I lurk on r/inceltears and some of the stuff is just so troubling. Before it got banned, I went over to r/incels a few times just to look at what they were saying and I could usually stay there for a few minutes at most because of how disturbing and depressing all of the posts were. Just tons of threads disparaging women, justifying rape/assault, hating themselves, hating their mothers for making them this way, and fantasizing about incest or underage girls "in their prime." Sometimes it was so crazy it was entertaining in a way, but overall its just kind of sad to me how people can actually think like that. I just hope I never encounter one of these guys in real life.
    I think talking about r/redpill guys would also be appropriate to talk about here, as they also tend to hold some similar opinions to incels. Namely, the "women are meant to serve us" or just the belief that women are inferior. They're not as crazy as incels, but they still have a pretty troubling mindset. 
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  4. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Self-promoting   

    Usually mods will only post about a discussion with a snowflake if they do something drastic to get their thread taken down. For example, Lilith Levisis/Clare Buley threatened to get her lawyer (her dad) to remove the thread and sue them, so that was posted about in the thread. I'm pretty sure there was another thread where someone threatened to sue, but who it was escapes me. Usually this only happens if they have a really bad attitude though and for the most part, we don't really get messages asking to take threads down.
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  5. mahoushojo added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    This thread is about discussing SSSniperwolf, and her boyfriend Sausage. It is not the place to vent about drama involving other Youtubers, or to talk about your own personal beef with someone who has nothing to do with her. You are allowed to discuss your opinions on SSSniperwolf's beef with Enigmahood, but discussing primarily Enigmahood's beef with you or other Youtubers is derailing the thread and not allowed. 
    Talking about old SSSniperwolf material that hasn't been brought up before is also okay, as long as it relates to something current, contributes to the thread in some way, or you're using it to prove a point about something currently happening with her.
    You are also allowed to have a different opinion on Lia than what's most popular in the thread. Having a different opinion is allowed as it promotes discussion, as long as you aren't derailing. You can question each other's opinions, as long as the discussion stays civil and doesn't descend into insults or being rude to each other. Usually we give WK's warnings when they outright denounce other's opinions and refuse to have a rational discussion. 
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  6. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Self-promoting   

    Just updating this, I added a new tag called self-post so you can see some of the examples 
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  7. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Shannonize aka Shannon Cameron   

    Checked ip, and original poster is from the same area that "Shannonize" is from. Shannonize also seems to have very few followers on all over her accounts, so this very much looks like a self-post. 
    Topic will be locked as to avoid giving this person more attention. 
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  8. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Sahar Tabar   

    is it human
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  9. mahoushojo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    >>> The new Kenna thread is live! <<<
    Please post in that thread from now on, this thread will be locked. 
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  10. mahoushojo added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    simply_kenna [Thread 2]
    (Also known as McKenna Kaelin and Kenna Suman)
    Previous thread (First thread had 600+ pages, so this is the new one)

    Youtube | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter (defunct)
    Who is simply_kenna?
    Simply_kenna is a 22-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She lives in southern California.
    Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section?
    The answer is that there are many reasons!
    A while ago she did make two videos where she apologized for her shitty behavior. The first one was a desperate damage control attempt (which she has deleted from her channel now, but since then someone else reuploaded it):
    Then she made a second one, one which was surprisingly sincere and she actually tried to apologize properly for all of the bad things she had done. Wow, progress!… Or so we thought. However, it only took a few weeks before she was back it again, hence the reason she's still such a popular topic to discuss here on PULL.Asexuality/Aromance
    Kenna claims she is ”aro ace” or asexual and aromantic, meaning that she never feels sexually nor romantically attracted to anyone. She never misses a chance to flaunt it (note how she seems to have no idea what the ”let them eat cake” quote means – see the ”Poetry” section for more information):
    ...Or is she? A lot of the time she acts like she isn’t.
    She ships herself with (exclusively) male characters (like Jack Frost) in a way that screams anything but ”aromantic”:Once she stated she was ”not going to stay single her whole life” despite already having come out as asexual (someone please correct me if i’m wrong but it’s still worth noting):Once she reblogged this (why would an aro ace person want to have sex?):She is a fujoshi and has even gone as far as shipping real people (See the ”Fetishizing gays/Fujoshi” section for more information)Somebody who claims they skate at the same place as her says she tried to flirt with their boyfriend (unconfirmed but still worth taking into consideration):As of the time I’m writing this summary (October 29th 2017) she has been crushing on a Disney employee for over two weeks straight: 
    Attacking other Youtubers/Instagrammers
    Kenna has often accused other Youtubers and Instagrammers of ”copying” her aesthetic (Which is quite ironic. Why? Go to the ”Plagiarism” section to find out more) and sent her army of minions to harass them. Afterwards, she’s tried to defend herself by saying ”I can’t control my own fanbase”, despite the fact that she claims she wants to spread positivity. What a hypocrite!
    Here are some notable examples:
    Xoemiliap (Emilia Panesar):Lunestelle: 
    Bad attitude
    This is another thing that contradicts her claim about wanting to spread ”positivity”. She has a history of being passive aggressive and immature, even towards fans who aren’t even trying to be rude:
    Kenna claims she’s a buddhist, however, a lot of things point to her only using the religion for her aesthetic:
    – She used to own a decapitated Buddha head despite the fact that they’re considered HUGELY disrespectful in Buddhism. When somebody pointed that out to her she told them to ”get over it”:
    She has used Sephora products despite the fact that they aren’t cruelty free (which, once again, should go against Buddhist teachings):Not exactly Buddhism related, but she didn’t know Indian people are Asian:Disney
    Kenna LOVES Disney, to the point where she visits Disneyland practically every week (or at least on a regular basis).
    Disney has a strict policy about visitors cosplaying and ”cosbonding” characters from their park. Yet she has broken that policy multiple times – despite the fact that she has worked there and thus should know the rules:Acts like a spoiled child and interacts with the workers for way too long, thus potentially causing other visitors to get frustrated – she seems to think her mere presence is a grace to Disneyland and the people working there (keep in mind that this is a 22 year old woman we’re talking about): 
    Fetishizing gays/Fujoshi
    As mentioned earlier, Kenna is a fujoshi or a fan of yaoi (another reason why PULL doubts she actually is aro ace).
    All of her same sex ships are male – she doesn’t seem to care about lesbian ships, despite the fact that she as an ace aro person shouldn’t have any gender oriented preferences (also, look at the hashtags in the first picture – does that look like something an asexual and aromantic person would write?):That being said, most people are okay with a non homosexual person being into gay ships as long as said ships stay fictional and you don’t start thinking fantasy equals reality (this is coming from a bisexual woman who is into both yaoi and yuri by the way). However, she doesn’t (or didn’t) limit her ships to the fictional realm – it didn’t take long before she crossed the line and started fetishizing real life gay couples by shipping two members from the k-pop band BTS together (the original video was deleted due to the backlash she received but it was re uploaded on Youtube): she tried to defend herself and said there was nothing wrong with shipping real life gay ships and fetishizing gays:She has claimed (or rather agreed with someone who said that) ”M x M relationships feel more genuine”:(Yes, she says she has tons of straight and f x f ships as well, but that’s bullshit)
    She’s been under fire for promoting a store called the gypsy fawn. ”Gypsy" is a racial slur for Romani people, so needless to say, a lot of people weren’t too happy about, and when they called her out for it, she tried to defend herself:
    ”I’m half Turkish!”
    Kenna is half Turkish, and she likes to flaunt it and use it as a defense if people call her out for something, like cultural appropriation:
    (I personally don’t believe in the concept of cultural appropriation, but it’s a lackluster defense nevertheless, especially considering that Kenna herself believes in it):
    However, she seems to have very little contact with Turkey and is definitely not culturally Turkish, meaning that she probably just uses her ethnicity as an accessory: 
    A few months ago, Kenna got into k-pop, and it didn’t take long before she started acting like she had known about them since forever – despite the fact that she only was into one band (BTS) and only had known about them for a few days:
    Here she acts like she's an expert and says the member Rap monster is underrated (despite the fact that he apparently is one of the most popular members):She even made a ”k-pop” Q & A (it’s the video where she said she shipped two BTS members and that was featured in the ”Fujoshi/Fetishizing gays” section): 
    Remember how I mentioned earlier that Kenna often had accused other Youtubers/Instagrammers of ”copying her”?
    Guess what, before she was caught red handed, she used to plagiarize and steal art all the time!Another time she used an artist’s music without asking them for permission and then sent them a PM asking if they could whitelist her because she had 800K subs:Once she also plagiarized a poem:She tried to deny it for a long time (in fact, she still doesn't want to admit that she stole that song):Poetry
    Despite having a literary knowledge limited to mainstream series like Harry Potter and manga, Kenna thinks her writing skills are so amazing that she needs to write poetry. And, to put it bluntly, her poems are pretentious dogshit:
    She claims she’s working on a poetry book but she has yet to finish it (note that this picture was posted in March this year):She also likes to post pictured of quotes she likes but she doesn't actually understand the context (because, again, her literary knowledge is not particularly broad):Weeaboo
    Last but not least, Kenna is a weeaboo, and almost seems to be proud of it:
    She began ice skating because she wanted to be like Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!! On Ice and not because she has a genuine interest in ice skating. All of her ice skating knowledge seems to come from the anime:She has compared not liking anime to racism:Sometimes she uses Japanese words in the middle of a sentence:Once she wanted to befriend a random girl who called her cute just because the girl was from Japan:She has even said Japanese people are much prettier than American people:TL;DR
    Kenna is a snowflake because she claims to be aro ace despite often not acting like one, claims she wants to spread positivity but then responds aggressively and immaturely to criticism, claims she is buddhist but barely knows anything about the religion and mostly seems to use it for the aesthetic, likes to claim she’s an expert on something when she’s only known about it for a few days, only cares about her heritage whenever it fits her, is a weaboo and writes pretentious poetry. Before she made her apology video, she also used to attack other Youtubers/Instagrammers for copying her while simultaneously plagiarizing and stealing art from others, fetishize real life gay people, own decapitated Buddha heads despite being a Buddhist and use racial slurs.
      Many thanks to @junkfood for writing this! You can give them upvotes for their original post here.
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  11. mahoushojo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Hey guys, so since the thread has reached 600+ pages we will probably lock this thread very soon and create a new one.
    As I don't really keep up with this thread, I probably won't be able to summarize what has transpired over the last 600+ pages. If anyone can provide a summary of the snowflake-tier stuff Kenna has done and send it to me, I can put it on the first post of the page so people can easily be updated on what she has done. You can just write a summary post in this thread and link me to it by DM/private message.
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  12. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Stef Sanjati   

    I've been watching Stef's videos probably for around a year now and I really like her. She has a good personality and all of her transitioning videos are really interesting and informative. I also like how she does her makeup  I really hope she can get help for the bulimia issues though ;;_;;
    I don't really have anything bad to say about her lol
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  13. mahoushojo added a post in a topic German Snowflakes?   

    Making topics on non-English speaking snowflakes is allowed, but translations must be provided and all discussion must take place in English. 
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  14. mahoushojo added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    Hey guys,
    I talked to Nyx about this and we agreed that Aki and Joey should not be contacted in public. This sort of thing constitutes cow-tipping, which is basically when you tell the subject of the thread about the existence of the thread/stuff about them on PULL. 
    They will probably not react very well to this, and I don't think it would reflect very well on the site. I'm pretty sure Aki and Joey both know about PULL, so if they were to check here and see that this will be happening and know someone from PULL will be approaching them in real life, you could possibly even get in trouble for harassment. I'm also not sure how you were planning on recording the conversation, but in certain cases this kind of thing could be illegal. 
    Talking about both of them on here is fine, but bringing PULL stuff into real life kind of crosses the line and would probably make them feel threatened.
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  15. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Being able to see edited post   

    While this would be helpful for sockpuppet posts that have been deleted, there are certain cases where personal information has been revealed in a post so it has to be censored. There have been some cases where part of the post was fine but they revealed information about either a family member/friend/too personal information about a snowflake so the rest can stay up but the personal information must be hidden. 
    If there are ever threads where a sockpuppet seemingly deleted their messages, you can send me or another mod a message to restore the post. In cases like that the post should definitely be visible.  
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