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  1. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Stef Sanjati   

    I've been watching Stef's videos probably for around a year now and I really like her. She has a good personality and all of her transitioning videos are really interesting and informative. I also like how she does her makeup  I really hope she can get help for the bulimia issues though ;;_;;
    I don't really have anything bad to say about her lol
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  2. mahoushojo added a post in a topic German Snowflakes?   

    Making topics on non-English speaking snowflakes is allowed, but translations must be provided and all discussion must take place in English. 
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  3. mahoushojo added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    Hey guys,
    I talked to Nyx about this and we agreed that Aki and Joey should not be contacted in public. This sort of thing constitutes cow-tipping, which is basically when you tell the subject of the thread about the existence of the thread/stuff about them on PULL. 
    They will probably not react very well to this, and I don't think it would reflect very well on the site. I'm pretty sure Aki and Joey both know about PULL, so if they were to check here and see that this will be happening and know someone from PULL will be approaching them in real life, you could possibly even get in trouble for harassment. I'm also not sure how you were planning on recording the conversation, but in certain cases this kind of thing could be illegal. 
    Talking about both of them on here is fine, but bringing PULL stuff into real life kind of crosses the line and would probably make them feel threatened.
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  4. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Being able to see edited post   

    While this would be helpful for sockpuppet posts that have been deleted, there are certain cases where personal information has been revealed in a post so it has to be censored. There have been some cases where part of the post was fine but they revealed information about either a family member/friend/too personal information about a snowflake so the rest can stay up but the personal information must be hidden. 
    If there are ever threads where a sockpuppet seemingly deleted their messages, you can send me or another mod a message to restore the post. In cases like that the post should definitely be visible.  
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  5. mahoushojo added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    I don't think anyone posted this before, but because it's kind of relevant to the poll stuff, I wanted to talk about this tweet from a few days ago:
    He claims to be okay with BL and claims to appreciate it... so I don't really understand why he would then dismiss shows for just being popular for the "yaoi?"
    I know it's over a year old, but this is pretty much everything wrong with Johnson in one video:
    The main problem with this whole video is the fact that his only experience with the genre is Boku no Pico and yet he's making a video on it, trying to explain the topic to others. Basically, he just summarizes the Wikipedia page and tries to pass off some uninformed opinions as facts. As someone who has never seen Boku no Pico and has read more BL manga than I could even count, the picture he paints of "what yaoi is" is pretty garbage. I also find it strange that he has to keep proclaiming he's comfortable in his sexuality throughout the entire video. Why do you need to even need to bring that up if you're "so comfortable with talking about yaoi" lol
    besides all of this the video is also a terrible cash-grab. I don't even understand how you can have a 10 minute video on something you know nothing about. It'd be like if I made a video explaining football from the wikipedia page like I'd get called out to hell and back for that. This shit is ridiculous and he still does it a year later lmao
    A lot of his other interactions with BL seem to just be making fun of it when he goes to stores like Animate and laughing at it like a prepubescent child. 
    It's just a bit worrying that he seems to dismiss shows that women like as worthless or undeserving and holds more male-oriented shows to a much higher standard. I've never seen/read Haikyuu, but I've heard very good things about the characters and the way it is written. I wouldn't just dismiss it as "popular just because of the brainless yaoi fangirls." I personally didn't enjoy series like YOI or Free, but they are still important nonetheless because they helped normalize fanservice for women and brought BL more into the mainstream. 
    No matter what he says about being "comfortable" with BL and female-oriented series, his actions show he is still uncomfortable with it. 
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  6. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Hey guys, just wanted to say I can move Lily to the snowflake forum. 
    I also just wanted to clarify that the snowflake requirement list was more just for posting someone in Online Personalities, as these requirements tend to help cut down on self-posting threads and such. However, if someone starts to encompass a few of the "problematic" tags, they can definitely be moved to the snowflake forum. Typically for Online Personalities, we would use one of the "interest" tags instead of a problematic tag. Also, a person needs a decent amount of activity on their thread and needs to be active. 
    Also, if someone wants to send me a summary of what has happened with her (as i dont really have time to go thorough 400+ pages lol) I can edit the main post with the updated information. You can plan out what you want it to say in the topic, and one person can PM me the info. 
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  7. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    Hey guys, does anyone have proof that she is 15? I tried to find information and saw an article of some sort saying that she's 15.
    If she actually is, I will have to shut down the thread as discussion of people under 16 is not permitted.
    Also, under the new thread rules, people under 10,000 followers is not allowed. I will let this slide as it was made a few days before the change, but I just wanted people to be aware of this.
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  8. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Andrew Lee aka Tunamayo   

    Can confirm that this is a self-post, user has been banned and topic locked.
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  9. mahoushojo added a topic in Online Personalities   

    "Who is this?" Thread
    We frequently get topics asking who certain people are. Here, you can post a description or pictures and people on the forum can help you find out who they are. If you think they are someone worth talking about, you can make a separate topic on them and submit it to the topic approval forum. 
    Please remember that forum rules apply here, so if you think someone is under 16, do not post about them here. Also, check if they already have a thread made.
    Rules about topic creation can be found here.
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  10. mahoushojo added a post in a topic zo0k Closed Forum Opinion   

    There is another thread that actually exists that I didn't realize was open, but found it when I searched zo0k because it was the second result. 
    I will leave this open, but I strongly discourage posting on it. As the majority of her fanbase seems to be Korean, I don't really think that this thread will have much of an effect on her popularity. If someone wants to send me a more detailed summary of other things she has done besides shooping (especially in regards to being rude to fans and translations of these interactions) please send them to me and I can edit the first post of this page to include this information. If she just Photoshops though, I think discussion of her should be moved to a thread that discusses people who Photoshop in general like the "Gangnam Unnie" thread or the "Chinese Living Doll" thread.
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  11. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Persona Series   

    @Sodapop, all of the games have their own self-contained story with no relation to the others so they're easy to get into. Sometimes there are some references to past games, but overall it's really easy to follow. In the games, you have to live through 9 months where you go to school and interact with different characters. In all the games except Persona 3 Portable, you have to play as a guy so you can (sadly) only date the girls. You can also do other activities where you raise skills to unlock relationships with other people or do better at school. Because of plot reasons, there is a portion of the game where every month you have to go to a dungeon and battle monsters and it's turn-based. I hope this helps to explain some of the stuff.
    I've played P1, P3P, P3F, P4G, P5, and the random P4 spinoffs. Too many.... 
    My favorite out of all of them is probably P3P, just because I enjoyed being able to play as a female and date the male characters lol. Especially coming from originally playing as the male mc, it gave some of the characters a lot more personality and the ending felt more meaningful. It gets a lot of flak for being in more of a visual novel format, but I kind of prefer it. The ost is probably also my favorite lol
    In P4 though, I really liked how much closer all the characters were and there were some really good interactions. I also thought P5 was really good but some of the characters just didn't appeal to me as much as the other games' characters did. Akechi and Yusuke were probably my favs though. "Last Surprise" is def the best battle theme in the entire series though and the game had so much style omg
    sorry for so much im just rly passionate about person /hides face
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  12. mahoushojo added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    Jeez the $50 tier seems pretty... lacking. You'd think maybe he would do some kind of more personal, like a private Discord or something. I could see the private livestreams maybe being an incentive, as there's a higher chance of him paying attention to you, but overall he'd probably still just treat it like a larger q&a livestream.  
    Also, I doubt that people really care about being involved in what his next video is about. His fans mainly care about him (as odd as it must sound to us) and probably couldn't care less if he did a video on trending anime topic #1 or trending anime topic #2. He follows a pretty consistent pattern with the subjects of his videos, so if he doesn't talk about it in the next video, it will probably be in the next three videos. Next he'll probably be talking about his thoughts on the Kimi no Na wa Hollywood adaptation lol
    Overall the tiers just seem like a cheap lazy way to get cash from his fans. I guess these are the kind of "prizes" you have to resort to if you have no talent 
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  13. mahoushojo added a topic in New Topic Approval   

    New Tagging System
    When creating a new topic, please choose from these tags. As this is still new, there may be some updates to these, but for now we are still adding them to already-made topics and may add more if necessary. 
    Social Media Tags  
    Please choose the most relevant.
    Instagram  -  Facebook  -  Tumblr  -  Twitch  -  Twitter  -  Youtube
    Interest Tags 
    Please choose the most relevant.
    Anime  -  Art  -  Cosplay  -  Fashion  - Jvlogger  -  K-Pop  -  Kvlogger  -  Lifestyler  -  Model  -  Makeup/Beauty  -  Streaming  -  Ulzzang  -  Video Games  -  Viner  -  Vlogging
    Problematic Tags
    Please choose the most relevant.
    Camgirl  -  Cheater  -  Cringe  -  DDLG  -  Drama Whore  -  E-Beggar  -  Fakeboi  -  Fake Vegan  -  Koreaboo  -  Liar  -  Manipulator  -  Munchausen Syndrome  -  Pedo  -  Photoshopper  -  Racist  -  Race Faker  -  Scammer  -  SJW  -  Special Snowflake  -  Spoiled  -  Titty Streamer  -  Weaboo
    Follower Tags
    Please choose the most relevant.
    10k  -  100k  -  500k  -  1m  -  5m  -  10m
    Special Tags
    For discussing a general trend ie. kvloggers in general, aesthetic instagrammers as a group, etc.
    Group Discussion
    Snowflake Tags
    Use these for any sub-topics in these subforums
    Dakota Rose  -  Kiki Kannibal  -  Venus Angelic  -  Kanadajin  -  Taylor R  -  Yumi King  -  Yandev  -  Jessica Nigri  -  Johanna Herrstedt  -  Wylona Hayashi 
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  14. mahoushojo added a post in a topic New Topic Guidelines (PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A TOPIC)   

    We're going to do this for all threads now just so they're less confusing to read through, more informative, and to discourage self-posting. We really want to discourage topics like this and have more topics look like this or this. I think if topics are reviewed prior to posting, they will overall be more high-quality and be more easily accessible to people reading it for the first time. It's also a bit hard for mods when there is a situation involving self-posting, and the topic itself is badly made and it's harder to find information on the person. 
    We've also noticed a lot that most people who make a topic as one of their first posts often either do not know how to make one, are self-posting, or it's a vendetta. So yeah we hope that approving topics before letting them go up will overall make PULL better and more accessible. 
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  15. mahoushojo added a post in a topic zo0k   

    Copy & Pasted from the whats.mean thread-
    I don't really know fully what is going on in these threads because this and zo0k's threads are complete messes, but from their ip, summerpeach, Jelly_Bean, prettybaby7, princesspudding, and princesa are all the same person. They seem to come from Bulgaria. Honestly, I'm impressed that they were able to keep up with posting on all these accounts. While I was writing this post, she realized all of her accounts were getting banned and even made the princesa account lol
    Having multiple accounts is not allowed, and thus they have been banned. From this person creating the whats.mean thread and the zo0k thread, they seem to either be a) be selfposting or b) have a vendetta. 
    As for Kehlanii, they seem to come from Turkey. Going through this thread, I've seen some people throw around that whats.mean comes from Turkey. However, because she created her account in March I'm not completely sure. Also, because the person with 5 accounts tried to start a witchhunt against her, I'm kind of sus. Regardless, Kehlanii has been banned for cow-tipping zo0k.
    Will probably lock these threads soon as to avoid these people getting any more attention.  
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