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  1. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Random pictures   

    woow, she is now in the same ageny which rola is joining. 
     might be good for her career, i guess. 
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  2. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    which model career ?? she already has quitted it by her decision to move to japan. 
    and those 3 or 4 model jobs she gets in a year .... i do not know if we can call that "career"
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  3. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    it is not neccessary to send an edited pic of her with an other style of makeup just to show her how pretty she can look.
    instead she should do it by her own by watching her pictures when she was in HK and a model for many high brands .....so she can see how pretty she was! 
    but since she has deleted almost all her pics from the past it is clear that she doesn't follow this kind of style anymore and that she doesn't care 
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  4. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    this video is good bc elbow-san has recorded it and not taylor. taylor just edited it. so we should praise him 
    so: elbow-san, you did a good a job! 
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  5. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    *deep sigh* yes of course not!
    because editing the face shape ( like in the second picture ) is " not photoshop ". you even can see a photoshop mistake in the ice cream picture around her ear/ earring.
    but yeah, " it is only filter". " it is just the angle". " it is just a kind if photo art" and and and .......  that is the typical excuse and logical of all her fans and whiteknigths. 
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  6. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    girl, couldn't say it better ❤︎
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  7. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    oh-, little dear taytoor ! you are starting to make us being worried about you .... *sigh*
    when i read the comments ( about your newest video here ) i wonder if the change of your appereance to look young was the only change which has happened.
    you are a 28 years old woman and please behave like one. and not like a spoiled 16 years old teen. it is just embarrassing and you aren't doing any favour with this behavior to yourself. i mean, pls girl, wake up !! the world doesn't revolve around you only. and why do you think that everyone should like you ?! the reality is, that EVERYONE has in a different way to deal with " hate " in their lifes. and i guess that you NEVER has felt real hate when you think that a few of " negatives " comments - which are more critism - are hate and only want the bad things for you. if you can't deal with it then yes, it should be the best for you to quit youtube. it proofs how immature you are. you only can improve yourself by changing critism into advises. but well, baby tay wants that everyone loves and admires her. you should start to use those positives "quotes " ( which you are always sharing)  in your life and stop whinning like a baby in front of the camera. 
    and that you are " down to earth " well, i can't agree with it. you are so focus on material things that it really doesn't surprise me that other girls in your age doesn't want to hang out with you that often. and you are too focus on yourself. you want that everybody arounds you should fit in your life but you do not even try to fit in others lifes. it proofs it when i see how you have planned the holiday of your mother in japan and how you treat her feelings. you aren't even trying to stop filming for a few of days for your mother.  and giving her the full attention. it shows how much attention YOU want .... important that at the end of the day you have an other boring vlog and put the positives comments on focus just to push your ego ....
    well taylor, i could continue like that the whole day but normal people have work and other important things to do
    you should change your behavior at first before you want that other change for you. surely it is easy to play the victim ...but go deep inside yourself and think if you are really a victim
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  8. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Random pictures   

    oh wow ! she looks so pretty here

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  9. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    did she not mention a while ago that her mother is going to visit her in Japan for the first time at the end of september? maybe that is the reason for her for being "busy" lately
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  10. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    sorry guys, for being here unactive for while. i am busy because of my studies(;_;).  but i am happy seeing how you all here keep up this thread with new infos (^^) and news
    i was reading the last past pages and saw that the topic about her " fillers " and " surgery " is still a hot topic. 
    i was lurking on lolcow a few hours ago and saw that almost all the members there do think that taylor never had surgery or has done fillers. that her faceshape ( besides all the makeup, style and weight difference ...) is still the same. and they laugh about us bc we still think that she had sugery.
    the person has upload this comparison pic to proof, that her face never has change

    they have the conclusion that her swollen face ( like the one from the sony event ) comes from an allergy reaction. and that her cheecks look fuller now because of gaining weight. they also said that she always ( since childhood) has the problem that her cheecks become full and round as soon as she gains weight.
    so my question is. what do you think about this ?
    in my opinion i think it is bullshit what they are talking. when i compare her look now , with her look from her HK time , I think she lost weight instead of gaining. in her HK time she was looking way more healthier and not that skinny like she does now. how can cheeks become fuller when you are loosing weight !? it doesn't make sense. and the way how her cheeks look now , doesn't look naturally. 
    the change from her appereance from her time in HK to her current appereance is too extreme, for only being gaining weight, change of style and makeup. i still think that she had done something to her face ...
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  11. _piggy_ added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    looking to those screenshots make me feel even more excited for all the " Fan Pics " we will have after the " Bakery Event " in hong kong .... !  oh yes 

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  12. _piggy_ added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    beside the heavily photoshop she has use here , to me it looks more that she wanted/want to copy Risa Nakamura's look. 
    not only the haircolor but the way she has edited her pic, the pose and makeup, reminds me a lot of the risa style .....

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  13. _piggy_ added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

     I do not wanted to offend you Strawberry Milk. and i think everyone here is calm and not aggressive. so please do not take things too serious.
    about that it is rude bc we do say that she might be bored. you know, as someone said, most things which are written here are opinions from ppl. and maybe a low percent of the written things here are speculations,  based on informations we do have. surely nothing is proofed until it gets proofed by venus herself.
    and honestly i think her life is unhealthy and sad. when someone posted sad or depressive captions and then deleted them immediately, when isn't it kinda a proof of being sad??! you all have seen those captions and when someone is happy they do not write things like that. so yeah, we can assume that she is unhappy or at least sad.
    and unhealthy bc actually a young girl with an age of 19 shouldn't stay alone at home all the day. and it is unhealthy bc she doesn't have friends or a social life. healthy is when she goes out , meets friends, and has a goal in her life ( except of being a housewife ) . do you not agree !?
    you know why no one are spotting her photoshop things out anymore !? bc those who does it get bashed and negative comments from other members ( especially from fans ). there were so many ppl in the past who mentioned her photoshop and spotted editing mistakes in her pics out  ( me including) and baaahm, fans and other member said, we were rude and that we only would hate venus. and that we should stop bc actually no one cares ( or they do not want to see it anymore that she stills photoshop ).  and yes, the same story comes like always, that it is OK bc she went through a hard time and she is just a poor thing .... ! 
    so we want but we are not doing it  bc for this thread it doesn't make sense anymore
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  14. _piggy_ added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    mhhh .... !!
    sometimes all of you do say that she is at home the whole day bc she is scared that margo does stalking or finds her when she goes out. and that all of you can understand this and that it is OK if she stays at home. on the other side when someone ( like @Ms.lrk)  mention that she is at home all day and probably bored, then ppl say that it is rude to suggest this! although @Ms.Irk did not say anything rude more gave her an advice how she could spend her days better or useful. i also think she is staying at home most of the days and barely goes out bc 80% of her selfies/pics were taken at home. so yeah, she might be bored.  and we all can see when she goes out bc when she does it , then she shows it on her pics. 
    so, sometimes i have the feeling that fans/members here do change things as they like so that in any case venus is the one who shines bright and innocent....
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  15. _piggy_ added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    no one said that it will be easy for her. of course it will takes time and many steps until she can have a " normal life " . BUT in my opinion i do not really see that she is even trying to change something. 
    you HAVE TO do the first step if you want a positive change in your life. being brave and saying to yourself : > today i will try to make new friends < or > i will look for things which could make me happy ( like going to school or doing hobby activities ) 
    if you do not make the start for the change by yourself and just hopes that problems get solved by themself or that a fairy comes and makes your problems disappear, ... then in fact nothing will change. and this is what i see in venus life. she just sits all the day at home, is upsets and depressed, feels lonely but on the other side she does nothing to change this situation. 
    and yes, she escaped from her mother which  probably was a huge step for her. but only this isn't going to make her life happier since her problems also come from the inside.
    as i said before. nowdays there are so many places where ppl can find help. and she isn't alone. there are so many ppl who would and want to help her. she just has to see this "help" and being brave to accept it. 
    and japan might be a new country for her but we all know it always was her dream to live there and since she is familar to the japanese culture it might be not as different for her as we do think. 
    until that day where she has found help for her mental problems, all the words and actions from her side are excuses for me .....because everyone has the power and chances to change the life in a positive way 
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