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  1. Axlotl added a topic in Kanadajin   

    Mira the enlightened Muslim
    I decided to go ahead and create a thread about her sudden switch to Islam. After seeing many derailments in the main thread and to consider others who may not be well rehearsed or comfortable with talking about Islam. 
    Anyway, let's see where Miranda's Islamic adventure takes us!
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  2. Axlotl added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I don't mind her making a "why I became Muslim" video, but it really should've been on her side channel. One, to actually upload stuff on it and two, it's so irrelevant to the main one. People are subscribed to your main channel for I use the term very loosely, information about japan. Once you start going away from your main base you will lose subscribers. And the fact that her Twitter photo of them waving unsubs bye is immature and arrogant. That is your "main income" you moron! And the fact that you decided to call people who unsubbed you because you decided to stop making videos or posts about japan "haters" is childish and clearly in denial. 
    And like Pearl said, oh look at her hanging out with her 100% Japanese friends that she says she totally has...
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  3. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Even if that was remotely the case her way of thinking still wouldn't make sense. If you're worried about non-existent stalkers, the last thing you should be doing is posting photos of your location. If a stalker is determined, they could just use deductive reasoning using the surroundings in the photo to roughly determine where you are. I know your reply is sarcasm, but it's a very gaping hole in her logic.
    side note- she looks like a damn clown with that makeup. Like it's way too heavy for her face and none of it even matches. 
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  4. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I don't get why she feels the need to be so secretive all the time. They're small YouTubers that hardly warrants a stop and "omg you're ...!" ; She's just visiting friends or on vacation, it's not like she's going to these places doing illegal stuff or seeing one of many boyfriends or anything like that. I could understand a want for privacy, but if that really was the case just don't post it on social media at all during that time.
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  5. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Isn't the girl on the right the same girl that was with her at the penis festival video? I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing she's made a second appearance.
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  6. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    no she knows, she just writes it off as "people don't understand" or as a personal attack. She's done this with certain things in Japan too. I think she has the same issue as many others do. People lump all Muslims in the same category of "not all Muslims...." Including ones in Saudi Arabia which really is an entirely different ballpark. 
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  7. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Gotta catch up on a few things so incoming long post!
    I think the accent origin is a bit of a stretch. Some people have them and others don't. I've lived in the Midwest all my life and I don't really have and accent (although I turn British on some words for some weird reason) and my sister gets super southern when she talks. And like others said, she's moved around so saying accents are confined to one particular spot in the West is kinda silly.
    I knew this Muslim thing was just another card in her victim roster! I'm not very well rehearsed in islam at all, but how she carries herself in it reminds me of how cherry picked some Christians are. It'd be one thing if she said she was an observant Muslim and non practicing, but again with this condescending attitude of "I know exactly what I'm talking about you don't you stupid people who've been practicing their entire lives" is just so off putting. Personally I cringe at the use of terms like cultural appropriation and whitesplaining, but I feel it applies accurately to her.
    And lastly, "woman of science"??? BAHAHA AHAHA!!!!! Girl didn't even understand how basic shadows on a building worked! I'm sorry but she has never showed any type of enthusiasm for anything scientific. Not only that but Japan is LOADED with scientific breakthroughs and buildings dedicated to advances we use today thanks to Japan. You're really going to sit there and tell a fellow science advocate that you love science and never do a damn video on it or even share breakthroughs on Facebook?! Lastly the jab at Christianity is just so damn insulting. Yes our "Christian" politicians are science deniers, but just like anyone else the crazies do not speak for everyone. As someone who grew up in a heavy Christian environment, we were encouraged to approach both subjects openly, discuss, and question. I understand that this isn't always the case, but to essentially say that Christianity has made no contributions good or bad is asinine.
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  8. Axlotl added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Since Miranda is no longer JAPANESE and secretly been Muslim all her life in the span of a week, should we just make a sub thread of all her Islam idiocies? Only suggesting because I know some people on here are either not comfortable or well rehearsed in islam enough to talk about it.
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  9. Axlotl added a post in a topic Mira - English Dictionary   

    Sorry double quote. Not trying to be rude to anyone who has dyslexia here, but doesn't dyslexia just get letters or numbers switched and jumbled? Hers is just completely wrong spelling entirely.
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  10. Axlotl added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    What is with that face on the train?? It's an empty train, why not have some fun with it? Look creeped out, do something weird whatever! All I see is basically her going "THIS, is an empty train..." With a pretty stern rbf. 
    Also I demand the side bangs make a return.
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  11. Axlotl added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I can't keep up either . Everything is so mucked up at this point its just best to let it fall apart. They're both toxic and are actively poisoning each other, drink up I'd say.
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  12. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    If she wasn't such a hypocritical condescending psychopathic bitch that fueled as much effort into her videos as much as she does all this fabricated drama, she'd maybe get somewhere. With how much crap she slings around, it's no surprise we never see people stick around especially Japanese ever. I'm glad all her patrons dropped her, personally I didn't see her coming through with her promises. And TBH I'm surprised rodi put up with her as long as he had been. I feel like she's too far gone and too much for me to handle.
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  13. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Now the question is did those patrons drop them because of the drama or didnt keep any of their promises. 
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  14. Axlotl added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Her fans still piss me the hell off, more than Miranda is right now actually. Anyway, I'm still torn on whether or not this whole thing is staged. Rodi has stated that he did in fact collab with her originally for views, then it did look like they really started to become friends for a while. The first manufactured drama was a bit more realistic seeing as it was mainly him not talking to her and a fight. This....is just a whole different level. I wouldn't put it past these two to fake this, but with how rodi's been acting in videos and knowingly putting out all this information on the internet where it will stay FOREVER, it seems like he's trying to expose her. Sexual harassment, blackmailing, lying, taking things out of context, this would be a new low for them and I hope their idiot followers feel stupid and ashamed for how they've been acting.
    Sorry fellow PB fans, this reminds me of miranda with her  luck and guys 

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  15. Axlotl added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I honestly doubt it. She's been denying these things and kept pushing for something to happen, she'll just shove the blame to everyone else like she had been. I believe her fans are getting worse too. They've also been harassing rodi even more than before blaming him for all of her suicidal thoughts (which I'm sadly not convinced since she not only  cries wolf, but IS the wolf..) completely disregarding his point of view of the situation and screenshots of conversations. 
    The sad part is that it won't stop here. Her psychotic obsessive behavior is going to continue whenever she goes. If this does get to court it's very unlikely that they will let her stay. It's one thing if she broke the law and got her status revoked, but this is extremely serious since privacy is highly valued. If she gets deported, she'll probably latch on to another Muslim guy or a guy from whatever to feed her ever-changing fetishes. All I'm saying is that this won't stop if she leaves Japan....
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