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  1. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    She used to work in Japan back when she was 14 doing jobs in Japan as Beckii Cruel but she's never lived there. She has traveled there for work but nothing else really
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  2. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    She looks really happy I think little things can make someone so much happier and her teeth look great!
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  3. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I quite enjoyed the video, it makes a change and I thought it was very cute when they made their own Matsuri on Taylor's rooftop at the end. And I thought it was kind of cute that Elbow-san was involved as well. I always find it so sweet when a girl's boyfriend gets involved and gets along with her friends.
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  4. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I kind of expected her to buy some really beautiful expensive heels for some reason but I guess flats are a lot more practical. I have to say for $80 they look quite cheap  Here in the UK I have bought flats that look the same for £10. I'm not judging or anything she can buy what she wants but for some reason I thought she would get a pair of more extravagant shoes <3 I have to say the bridesmaid dress is so beautiful as well!
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  5. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    If she needs a bigger cage why doesn't she get a cage with multiple floors? It won't take up as much space in the apartment but it still gives the hamster the space for it to run around. I know it doesn't like it but hamsters like that usually are active at night and they will move around for hours (I used to not be able to sleep because mine was so active on a night haha!) I think that would be the best kind of cage to have plus she can always get the hamster a wheel and get him to travel around the apartment in it on an evening.
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  6. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I don't really watch her videos anymore so I do not know what kind of comments she receives on her videos but doesn't Mira get any hate or constructive criticism in her comments for her conversion to being a Muslim and how uneducated she is with the religion. I'm surprised she doesn't seem to get a lot of criticism (apart from here).
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  7. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think what makes the video funny is that she can relate to a lot of it instead of trying to be funny through a personality or act that isn't true to her. She sometimes changes herself in videos to seem more funny and cool but there are moments where she just lets it go and acts like herself and that's what I like. I think this is why this video made me giggle and not feeling cringy as well.
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  8. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Lilou Vos   

    She just uploaded a new video vlog onto he channel. Thh I found it a bit boring but it was interesting to see her new boyfriend and I wonder if she now lives in California? It makes sense if she is pursuing acting.
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  9. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I have to say I think Rodi is probably shady by only becoming friends with Mira for views and subs in the first place, but I do think over time he genuinely did like the friendship but slowly as time has passed he can't handle her anymore and he doesn't think it's worth it for the views. Which makes me wonder, why spend 4 years around the insanity which is Mira? And if they do make up again then I definitely will believe this is all fake, but right now I just think Mira has just taken her infatuation with Rodi too far.
    It does make me giggle how Mira's fans are begging Rodi to take her back despite being aware of her behavior! How thick can they be!
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  10. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I have missed a LOT! Mira has totally effed things up for herself! I am a little pissed off with Mira's fans white knighting her despite everything that proves she has treated Rodi really badly. They're commenting saying he isn't a man if he exposes her and that he is blackmailing her. It just annoys me because act like because Mira is a female she should be forgiven for this behaviour and Rodi should be a man and forgive her. But if Mira had been a guy and treated Rodi like shit if he was a girl, people would have really hated on Mira. Sexism! I hate to pull the sexism card but it annoys me that because someone is a woman they can get away with something but if a man does it he is condemned. 
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  11. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    She might have dark circles under her eyes because she's on the computer everyday for hours editing her vlogs so that could also be a reason?
    It is interesting to see her body's reaction to the pill though. I got off it after three months because the mood swings I got from it were not good for my relationship. I didn't like it either because my friends sister conceived when she was on the pill I'm on the deppo injection and I have to visit the doctor every 3 months to have the injection. The only downside is if I go off it because I want children I could be waiting for 1-3 years to conceive because that's how long it takes for the contraceptive to leave my system I guess? But I haven't had any bad side affects!
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  12. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    What if what has happened to her doesn't have anything to do with her health? She seems pretty mature enough to protect herself against pregnancy.
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  13. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    She must have a lot of free time to be able to go through the threads like she does.
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  14. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    All this Patreon stuff is just so fishy after all that's happened Either Mira is doing this to impress Rodi or this whole fallout was a scam. I'm so happy I unsubbed before all of this B.S..
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  15. JennyInTokyo added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    It's quite sad that he has forgiven her so easily I mean she was always inappropriate to him and made him feel so uncomfortable! I cant see how that's easy to forgive!
    It's so cringy how she brags about being friends with Rodi again! It's like she's trying to achieve something like she won over the haters Instead it makes her role as an abusive friend even more obvious!
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