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  1. moonbeam added a post in a topic Onision   

    Greg is in some big trouble. Turns out he dated Sarah (Kai/Lainey's best friend since Sarah was 14-15). She was 18 when they started dating. Sarah just recently turned 19 on August 5th. 

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  2. moonbeam added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Let's move on from the opinions on race and what is or is not racist,  it's borderline race bait at this point. 
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  3. moonbeam added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Sorry y'all, but making jokes about "death to jews" and calling people fucking niggers (if you say it when you're angry, you say it while calm too) only attracts racists. I don't think he's responsible for the actions of the shooter but the internet has bred countless amounts of people proudly stating that they're racist fascists. We need to stop normalizing white supremacy and stop excusing the racist "jokes" popular internet personalities make. 
     Edit: I'm Black, don't dare try to come at me for saying nigger when white youtubers say it with almost no remorse lmao. 
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  4. moonbeam added a post in a topic Onision   

    Why call CPS when you can manipulate a 16 year old fan to do your bidding and give you attention?

    Greg recently dropped a video slandering both Ayalla and Madison DeCambra. It's pretty disgusting to watch and it's very apparent that he is projecting onto both of them.
    He also posted a 40 second "testimony" from Sarah. 

    There's more and it's a lot to explain but Greg and Lainey are both getting tons of backlash. 
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  5. moonbeam added a post in a topic Onision   

    To catch this thread up a little more, Lainey had her newly barely legal not-girlfriend over for Christmas. It's been speculated that Sarah has watched Lainey bathe (and possibly walk around the house naked.) when she first lived with them. A couple of people have confirmed that Sarah wanted to join the trinity during this time (Lane and Sam) so it makes the speculations even more concerning. An anonymous person sent caps of Lainey's (now deleted) private twitter when they had their last public fall out about her watching Lainey bathe. The tweets aren't real but Sarah's reaction to the tweets is.
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