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  1. silviam00n added a post in a topic Onision   

    Honestly, seeing the videos of Onision in court makes me howl laughing. He sued the WRONG chris hansen and dismisses his own case and wasted the court's time and keeps making more and more of a fool of himself, it's truly the funniest thing I've seen in awhile
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  2. silviam00n added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Oh lord mel has another movie in the works, maybe even two??
    I'm shocked K-12 ended up being completely free on youtube, I must say aethestically it's very nice, but loooord you can tell there were many budget cuts (but that's already been discussed LMAO) I listened to the album a few more times, it's still very same-y but I definitely don't hate it personally, it does kinda strike some old emotions buried in me so the album blowing up plus mel's fanbase, not exactly surprising so far it's seemingly(?) well received. Guess all I can really say is, hopefully Mel just keeps growing in terms of directing and music? Don't get stagnant now, there are so many possibilities don't just stick to one thing lmao
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  3. silviam00n added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Yeah I'm currently listening to the K-12 album, I'm confused as hell by Wheels on the Bus and a lot of the songs sound pretty same-y, also kinda prefer the original version of Drama Club that was leaked awhile back too, it felt more dramatic, this feels more... mellowed out.
    The album definitely interesting though I will give it that, I can definitely see the appeal towards a younger audience since some of this does provoke some old feelings I had back when I was still in school, but the mix of the sexual themes, it kinda clashes too weirdly to work. Strawberry Shortcake is clearly explicit as hell there's really no way around it, but songs like the principal, show & tell, nurse's office, lunchbox friends, and detention they work with the general school theme. I generally have mixed feelings, but it's not too wildly different from crybaby, but, were we really expecting that much? 
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  4. silviam00n added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    OOP I actually didn't see that anywhere, thanks!  I still wonder what all the other songs were originally going to be for though, least it seems one truly was a leak after all
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  5. silviam00n added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    The Chamber of Raven cafe was pretty cool, but I'm really not a big fan of the headpiece and shoes Aki picked out, but she looks pretty cute otherwise.
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  6. silviam00n added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Only thing I'm really gonna give is some of the aethestics are pretty nice looking IMO, I'm still keeping my expectations pretty low after seeing that movie description and considering this is Melanie Martinez 
    All those songs that were released awhile ago, like 99 cent store, Sch!zo, Haunted, and Drama Club I wonder what those really were then if they weren't album leaks way back? Crybaby cuts? I was sure maybe Drama Club was gonna end up on K-12 since it seems like it would've made sense, or she actually scrapped another album idea prior.
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  7. silviam00n added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    This sounds like some story I would've written about my own school when I was 8, just with some ~stronger~ vocabulary. Good lord, I really am interested to see how this movie is but I'm not having any high expectations
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  8. silviam00n added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    why would you do holo dirty like this sakimi
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  9. silviam00n added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    I found a kylie christmas lip kit for only $23 at ulta pretty recently funny enough, it included two lipsticks and a gloss and let me say I absolutely despise the gloss. It's actually the worst gloss I've ever used. The actual lipsticks are good though, idk if I'm up for trying any of her other makeup products the only thing that caught my eye was her lip products and I only got lucky I got 3 for basically(?) the price of 1 directly from Ulta
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  10. silviam00n added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    my bf and I were just roasting this on discord, the arms are SO PAINFULLY BAD. Also maybe just me but his hair looks really weird on his head, is that just me? Something just feels off about that as well
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  11. silviam00n added a post in a topic Jude Bishop / yung_bish0p   

    She does that a lot even prior to this whole situation, I'm still on her discord I should probably just leave it at this point but I remember someone posted her lolcow forum and her and clay were pissed off about it and the topic of sexuality came up (since Jude apparently identifies as bi) now I usually give people the benefit of the doubt cause sexuality is fluid (and being bi/pan myself I know bi erasure is a very real thing first hand, but I didn't know about her statements) I forget exactly what I wrote and jude directly @'d me and said something like "it's MY sexuality, get mad" or something like that I don't exactly remember and I was like huh??
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  12. silviam00n added a post in a topic Kiki's Back lol   

    Oh definitely. At this point considering everything, even if it means losing personal "pride" I'd definitely like to see Kiki come clean and kind of just admit everything. I understand it's genuinely hard to do that especially with miss Kiki's online shenanigans and she would expose herself to people who have been blissfully unaware, you can't really grow as a person unless you truly realize your mistakes and own up to it, that's how you can properly move on and do better. It's definitely a lot more respectable imo when people are willing to fully acknowledge they've done some very fucked up things, again, you can't really grow and move on with your life without doing so. And if my memory isn't totally shot isn't Kiki nearly 30 at this point too? Why waste the rest of your life letting the horrible things done in the past just keep piling up?
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  13. silviam00n added a post in a topic KotaKoti ( Dakota ) GENERAL thread   

    Dakota has been found on TV!  Though, not even for an interview or anything, I guess she's trying to go into acting like Kiki did?
    (Shoutout to the lolcow user who posted the link and context, Dakota shows up between 28:40-34:15 and oh boy) Basically, she's playing a white girl named Charlotte who... eats people?? And her husband tries to feed someone to her but she ended up eating him instead. I apologize if that's explained badly but that's what I got from it, screenshots below incase the video gets sniped in the future

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  14. silviam00n added a post in a topic Jude Bishop / yung_bish0p   

    Jude is generally very aggressive, usually on her instagram it's pretty bad but in this video it really shows and I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing that. I'm mainly just not over the fact she seems to not care that she 'hasn't changed' since she was 14???? You are 22 why would you want to literally be the exact same from when you were a young teenager? (This is just me personally but I'd be really upset if I was still even remotely comparable to how I was when I was 14 good lord)
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  15. silviam00n added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    As much of a piece of shit Belle is, absolutely no one deserves to literally fear for their own safety on a regular basis. R*pe isn't even something I'd wish on my worst enemy. Belle has definitely dug a huge hole for herself though unfortunately
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