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  1. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Those of you who have seen me in other threads know that I am fairly lenient with the rules. I don't mind a few off topic posts and gifs as long as the conversation gets back on track to the thread subject. Yet in situations where members are breaking the rules and avoiding the warnings given by fellow staff members, I have to swoop in and be stern.
    To be clear, there is a screenshot of the rules that relate to derailing about "cultural appropriation" down below. These are rules that exist on this website. It's is not @redbowkiki and I trying to stamp out the idea of "cultural appropriation," this is us trying to enforce the rules. 

    @redbowkiki already warned all of you here. Many members continued to debate and derail this thread about whether or not "cultural appropriation" exists and expanding on similar topics. You may feel passionate about the subject of "cultural appropriation" and whether or not it exists, whether or not a personality is "appropriating" a culture, etc. You may feel that since @redbowkiki is not @Nyx, you do not have to listen to any warnings she gives. Let me make a few things very clear:
    @redbowkiki's word is valued as much as @Nyx when it comes to enforcing the rules. @Nyx sees how the entire staff handles every situation. It's actually laid out pretty clearly in the moderator functions of our website. It allows us to check each other's actions, give advice as to how to better handle a situation, and ultimately if @Nyx disagrees she can correct the action.When a member of staff tells you to stop doing something, you should stop or otherwise face the consequences which can range from a warning to an IP ban depending on the severity of the offense. The examples of the following common excuses do not work:You were passionate about a subject and wanted to continue. Answer - you make a debate thread in the general discussion forum. If you so badly want to talk about cultural appropriation you can either make a debate thread or go to tumblr. You wanted to get the last word.If you are that stubborn you can take it to private messages with another member. If it gets too personal or too heated and a vendetta spawns from it, you CAN report private messages to the staff, you CAN report voting manipulation, and you CAN report even suspicion of these subjects and a staff member can look into it.If you want a group discussion you can add multiple people to the conversation in a private message.I like transparency because I feel like it clears up any confusion, and it allows everyone to know the staff does not have a vendetta against an individual. I will be issuing a 5 point warning to each user of every post that continued this topic in Michelle's thread after @redbowkiki's warning. This means if you posted once you will earn 5 points, twice you will earn 10 points, if you posted three times you will earn 15 points, and the numbers keep going up from there. While there is no point cap that means we instantly ban you, the more points you have against your account the more likely we are to ban you when another issue comes up. (Think of points as red flags against repeat offenders.)
    Please keep in mind that if anyone continues this debate in Michelle's thread after this post: they will be banned. Twice we have addressed the subject of derailing Michelle's thread with ranting and whining about cultural appropriation. It's not needed here. If you want to discuss it please take it to a debate thread. 
    If there are multiple offenses after this post we will have no choice but to lock this thread. We cannot constantly babysit every thread on this website so those that become problematic are locked. While it has been done before (example: Debora's thread), unlocking can be a very long process and we are generally much more stern with the activity in threads that we have needed to lock and unlock. (example: We unlocked Debora's thread with the following stipulations unique to the problems with that thread: all posts need an English translation and spamming the same pictures of Debora over and over again merely to bump the thread are not allowed.)
    Finally, @kuromi do not whine about someone downvoting you, even in a sarcastic tone. It's in the rules.

    The voting system allows users to agree and disagree with posts without having to write a response saying "i agree" or "i disagree" because that clutters threads. Heavily downvoted accounts are not automatically banned. We are more likely to keep an eye on a user with -78 downvotes that a user that has +3 simply to monitor their activity. The only way someone can be banned is for breaking the rules. Some things, such as posting child porn, results in an instant ban. Most things simply result in a warning. Multiple warnings can lead to bans. So in short: there is no need to whine about downvotes because the only thing it may hurt is your ego.
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  2. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I've been accessing the site via mobile / tablet the past couple days. I haven't received anything in my messages, but I just sent a PM your way so we can touch base and have you resend or repost it. Im eager to update the summary post! Thank you for working so hard on it. I appreciate the volunteer work.
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  3. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I didn't realize this is suppose to be a Christmas D.va cosplay until this photo. What? Just because you paint triangles on your face doesn't mean a cheap bikini magically becomes cosplay.
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  4. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    I'll try importing the pictures into the post with another method when I get a moment to do it. I apologize for the broken pictures at the moment. I didn't notice until everyone pointed it out.
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  5. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Eh, I am not impressed with the video. While it was formatted to address many questions and complaints we have spoken about on PULL, Yumi wants to justify everything she has done and refuses to admit she has done wrong. 
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  6. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    @foresteyes has been banned for telling us how ugly PULL is for talking about a public figure.
    @honeybun was only warned for similar behavior because they have contributed to threads outside of Malissa. 
    For future reference, do not discuss how this thread could be bad for Malissa. 
    Malissa does not have to read PULL.If curiosity gets the best of her and she doesn't like what she is reading, she can exit out of the thread.She is not a child. She can make choices for herself. If she thinks this thread is harming her, she should avoid it. It is not PULL's responsibility to babysit Malissa's online presence. We are not in charge of what she shares with the internet. We can only observe what she puts out.If PULL affects Malissa so dearly (and this is coming from someone attempting recovery from an ED...again) then maybe she is not strong enough to put herself out on the internet. If PULL did not exist people would gossip on tumblr, and perhaps in her own comments. PULL keeps this attention off the websites / apps she uses for social media. Seriously, do WKs think we kidnapped Malissa and force her to read this thread?

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  7. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    New summary was created by @Beau. Much love. 
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  8. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Amber Scholl   

    Honestly I love a lot of her tutorials. I wanted faux marble floors in my bathroom but needed something that wouldn't damage my apartment floor. Instead of posterboard I used placemats that I sealed together - worked brilliantly. She has tutorials that aren't obnoxious like her hatbox of roses. I have a few quilted hatboxes I could make more interesting filled with foam roses.
    That being said, she needs to learn how to tie bows evenly...
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  9. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Toxic Vision Complaints   

    This thread has been moved to Beauty and Fashion since it is targeted to a clothing brand rather than an individual. 
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  10. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Delandra Barbie Johnson   

    Pokémon Go. 
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  11. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    I moved her to the little snowflakes section.  
    (Side note: If you think she is worthy to be in the new banner, the summary post will need to be updated with eloquent and concise information backed by evidence. Feel free to PM me and I can change the summary post.)
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  12. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    I think this exactly. Plus or minus a sentence about "natural beauty" and "fuck white people". 
    I can imagine the post now: Erika in front of a neutral colored wall, in her PJs, cuddling her plant. 
    ...I just realized the only consistency in her feed is her plant. 
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  13. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    No one has sent me updated content yet but I am still willing to update it if someone sends me an eloquent and concise summary backed with evidence. It's long due for an overhaul. 
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  14. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    She can't read the packaging. 
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  15. BonBonChucked added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    While IG Stories and Snapchat are very similar, since Mei already uses Instagram it's probably more convenient to use IG Stories since it's right on the main IG page when you're logged in. Snapchat would be another username, another password, and another social media account she would have to pimp out.
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