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  1. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Oh, I do agree she didn't explain things clearly or carefully enough. Answering with "how can she not?" must have confused him, since it's sounds like she's confirming his fear. She should have immediately said it was not a traditional interview and they just want to get to know the child. 
    What she was trying to say was correct, but her way of saying it was weird. 
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  2. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I can't believe I'm coming out of the shadows after going into permanent lurk-mode, but it's because of the shock that Mira is totally correct!  Hello, again. Foreign mom in Japan here! This father must not speak Japanese well and/or depends on his Japanese(?) partner too much, because he completely misunderstands.
    Japan pre-K/Yochien explanation:

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  3. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I'm sorry to disrupt the flow of conversation, but it has been on my mind since the newest development.

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  4. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Isn't the Jamaican ex the trainer? The one who died?
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  5. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I finally watched Margaret's video and damn! Is she ever creepy! Speaking in that weak, timid voice with teary eyes, while online, she was so incredibly nasty, vicious and Hell-bent on the destruction of her own daughter. We have 6 years of documentation and screenshots of Margaret being consistently rude and abusive to other people online, as well as trying to ruin the reputation of Venus' rivals. And she expects us to believe that ruthless behavior wouldn't extend to her daughter?
    This is the first video where I have sat down and listened to her talk for an extended time. No wonder Venus still has trouble speaking properly! Despite all these years, Margaret's language ability is all over the place. People weren't exaggerating at all.  Why did she not teach Venus Hungarian, so she could have the benefit of at least one form of smooth communication? Venus was taught both inproper English and Swiss-German, with little socialization with peers. What a disaster.
    At this point, I seriously don't care if Venus and Manaki are only in  "like" with each other and not in true love. As long as Manaki accepts what he has gotten into and they can at least be best friends, Venus made the best choice for her health and sanity. 
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  6. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Oh, wow. I remember finding that website a long time ago when I searched for the website information after Mira lied that she was only an editor of 123Japanese(when she got caught impersonating a rude fake Japanese person on Youtube comments). I never ended up posting it the because of the personal nature of those blogs. Now other people finally found it, as well as user comments I never saw before.  It looks like all entries are up on lolcow. 
    Yeah, he had blog posts featuring her while they were dating, then two huge essays about their relationship after they broke up. A third chapter was in the works and he either deleted it or cancelled it for some reason. Probably it was too painful. 
    On the hand-washing thing: I do find a notably different way of going about it here in Japan and how it's ritualized starting from yochien. It's much more common to wash your hands almost immediately upon returning home than what I was used to in the USA. In restaurants bathrooms and other places,  I often see a diagram posted by sinks demonstrating the most efficient way to wash your hands. 

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  7. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Venus Not Married Now   

    I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. 
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  8. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Venus Not Married Now   

    ^Funny how you're reviving old threads for no meaningful reason, with out-of-context comments. You're odd...
    It is logical to blame the parent when their child behaves badly or inappropriately, especially when the parent themself has shown they have terrible personal and professional relationships. When a person commits a crime or becomes an addict, the first things other people wonder is where were their parents and what happened to the person when they were growing up. It's a completely natural association to make due to parental influence on such things as reasoning, decision-making, empathy and general self-esteem. 
    We've already seen how much influence Margaret has had on Venus and how there was absence of any other steady adult figures. We've also seen how closely linked Margaret's interests are with her daughter's and how "Mother of Venus Angelic" was always part of the Venus package, even at fan meets where nobody asked for Margaret to be in those photos. "Venus was fully independent and did what she wanted" is total bullshit. Independent, secure people don't run away in a secret operation.  
    Anyway. What's your argument against whatever instance you're referring to?  
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  9. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    She came here with a Japanese boyfriend whose Canadian work visa expired and she married him. Said she fell in love with Japan as her sham marriage became unbearable, so she enrolled in language school to stay longer. After gaining a following on Youtube and becoming Goddess of Weebs-Who-Never-Set-Foot-In-Japan, she was desperate not to go back to being a nobody in Canada. She did something shady because here she is, a supposedly unmarried, uneducated, skill-less, part-time restaurant worker with difficult to obtain permanent resident status.  
    More to the point: In Japan, Miranda feels special, unique and praised without much effort. She will do anything to keep that, even lie, ruin friendships, and enter sham marriages.
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  10. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Maybe those people may be trying to get Margaret to focus on that instead of continuing to bad-mouth her daughter. I think they may be praising Margaret's hobby in order to take the heat off Venus. Like distracting a child with candy when they're in the middle a tantrum at the grocery store.  
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  11. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I would send the message to administrator John Doe: 
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  12. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Margaret is now taking suggestions for the upcoming "truth" video. 
    I just want to know when she'll get a real job and live off her OWN  money. 
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  13. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    If you are unsure, try showing sharing it in a PM to a forum moderator first. 
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  14. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    Even though she has her share of creepers, Mira whiteknights herself there too. I'm always suspicious of extreme compliments like that. 
    Then you have the opposite posters, that are pretty brutal and more creative with their insults. Saying she looks like fukuwarai puzzle, the mutant from Goonies, an alpaca, Scream mask or リアルポンキッキ parody. Not all Japanese are kind once they go anon, especially when it comes to J-Vloggers.:
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  15. 脳漿炸裂外人 added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    Nobody I have ever met. It's true that regular girls can look more attractive to Japanese because they are exotic and unusual to them, and a lot of girls might get more attention than they got back home, but Mira doesn't have any classic beautiful features that would make the average Japanese person go "Wow!". There's also the whole busu-kawaii thing that some people are into, so most people aren't repulsed by her either. At least in my years in Japan, I have only met people who were neutral towards her appearance(just average to them  or can be cute with right styling. ) or thought she needed to fix her droopy eyes and malocclusion. Not extreme either way. 
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