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  1. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Okay, sorry to butt in with something unrelated to the current discussion here, but I just watched two of her videos (the one where she showed what kind of fashion her co-students are wearing and the one where her viewers chose her outfits.)
    1) I had a field trip watching the first part of the video where her viewers chose her outfit. The first one was literally a pair of jeans, a white turtle neck sweater and light pink cardigan. It's a super simple outfit, she has never looked that well dressed before imo and her comment: I never would have thought of this myself.... It's literally jeans with a top! LMAO She also said it's more mature to what she normally wears, while I personally see tons of school girls daily wearing these kinds of outfits, simply because it's stylish yet simple. I mean, it's a pair of jeans with a sweater. The rest of the video were people chosing cutsey outfits for her, pretty much her usual style, there was nothing daring or interesting about that imo.
    2) I have to admit I liked the video where she showed the various styles of her co-students. However her weeb style really sticks out even more to me now. I am torn, because on one side I think everyone should wear what they want, I don't care, but on the other side... she is going to fashion college. She is never taking a risk, she is not inspirational... it's pretty much just the usual Harajuku style most jvloggers tend to sell us as THE Japanese style while it isn't. The people she featured in her video made quite risky fashion choices, experimented, got inspired by certain colors/themes/styles and made it their own. I wouldn't wear any of that, but I have to admit, if I envision fashion college - cliché or not - these students pretty much fit my expectation.
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  2. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    OMG, her replies on instagram to that girl were embarrassing and so rude. Who does she think she is?? She is not Scarlett fucking Johansson or Kim Kardashian. She is literally nobody. She is just a normal girl, going to school and making some videos. Hardly anyone knows her. There are people on youtube who are really popular and might be celebs, but she is definitely not one of them. She should really be more humble.
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  3. Risa added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    She forgot to mention that she is also anti-gay, anti-education, anti-work, anti-freedom (unless it's hers), anti-honesty, anti-respect.
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  4. Risa added a post in a topic Oshare Girl   

    I quite like her. She is pretty chilled and she doesn't post the typical weeb in Japan stuff. I think her problem is that she simply does not have enough content to post almost daily (I am not talking about vlogtober here, but in general she does post very often). Kudos to her for trying and uploading regularly, but she lives a normal life (which is cool and all), but sometimes her videos are quite boring because it's about another normal day.
    I am with you here. I personally do like it that Jen is going for a more normal style. It's a nice contrast to all the cringey Harajuku-fashion weebs. But imo her choice of clothes mostly doesn't suit her. Both color and shape of her clothes are so not flattering for her body type. Also her contouring is way too orange-ish.
    I do like her bob though. I like it far more on her than her former hair cut. (plus, finally one of these vloggers going to a hair stylist and really changing their hair. How often did I watch girl x, announcing a drastic change... and nothing happened XD)
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  5. Risa added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    Her style is so tacky. I watched some of her videos after she was in one of Mikan's vlogs. I go through phases where I watch lots of haul videos so that I tone down my own shopping habit *lol*. But her sense of styling is so bad. I mean, every haul video I watched of her she managed to buy the worst things... I know some of these websites do have cute clothes (cheap sure, but some look cute), but she really seems to go for the most tacky ones. I remember how she went thrift shopping with Mikan, and Mikan got a few cute things (and we all know Mikan doesn't have the best sense of style either), but she just... I don't know... even Yumi King dresses better imo.
    Well, sense of styling (or the lack of it) is one thing - at the beginning I really did enjoy her personality and especially Archie, but wow, she is so defensive and so easily butthurt. It's a real letdown.
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  6. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Even more embarrassing is that white knight jumping to their holy princess' defence. Are these people seriously never embarrassed by their behaviour?
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  7. Risa added a post in a topic LoveLyzKelly   

    I sometimes watch her content. It's a bit of a hit & miss for me. Sometimes I watch a video and think, wow, that's actually nice and she comes off as likeable. Then however I see her going on a rant on instagram or wherever, and it's just so off-putting. Besides that she has quite a sad and depressed vibe around her, not sure how to voice it. But unlike other jvloggers (and not all of them are bubbly persons!) she has an air of tiredness around her.
    And something completely personal: I watched her videos from last year when she flew home for Christmas. Her family was extremely hyped to see her, everyone tried so hard, everyone was so happy, and she was like: God, I am so glad to return to Japan.
    It's not about the fact that she felt happy about returning, it was more about how she said it and how she went on about it. She came off as completely unthankful and like she didn't care for her family at all. Other people would die to be able to visit their families. I mean she is almost 30, she has to realize that her older family members won't be around forever. I don't know, I felt really sad for her mother. I hope she didn't watch that video. It's very hard for me to explain my feelings watching these videos, because English isn't my native language. I hope I was able to somehow convey what I am trying to say.
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  8. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    The video with her friend was really hard to watch imo. The whole vibe was completely off. I mean, do these two girls really like each other? I know people who barely know each other who have better chemistry and are warmer and friendlier towards each other. The intro didn't sit well with me either. Yes, we understood, Piper was only able to come to Japan with Mikan's help. How often did she want to tell her viewers? Also Piper apparently can't do anything, sits home all day, is a loser and smells bad.
    I like Mikan and her content, and I haven been quite supportive of her in this thread. But this video was just completely off for me.
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  9. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    This picture is tragic. To imagine that Sunny pretty much ruined her face as well with PS and yet still looks better in this picture than Taylor says a lot. I am honestly horrified by Taylor's look in this.
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  10. Risa added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I think it's more likely that we see her swinking around naked on a wrecking ball.
    My thoughts are pretty similar. I am sure he wanted to lead more of a normal life and grew out of the whole I-have-a-doll-waifu. There is also the possibility that he wants to have kids. Didn't he also ask her not to wear lolita clothes during certain occasions? Which led to an angry instagram post from her "I do whatever I want", and tons of her fans defending her by saying Manaki shouldn't manipulate/abuse/whatever her. The shitstorm was major, and I think he was still active on social media at that time. I wonder if that was the turning point for him? I mean, imagine you even went through the aftereffects of that stupid weightloss surgery with your wife, were at her side when she was in hospital because of it, and then she slanders you the moment you say something she doesn't like?
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  11. Risa added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    You didn't miss out. Watch her reaction to lolcow. It was boring af.
    Hiding the website and linking the video was the best thing PULL could have done. She wanted to troll us, but got trolled instead *lol*
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  12. Risa added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    The VISA escape point is... a double-edged sword though. I mean, I am with you concerning Venus, don't get me wrong. But most of the time the people who marry for Visa (especially women!) are not the ones benefitting from the marriage. They are basically at their husband's mercy, the VISA is a pressure point, it's easily used against them, they are getting manipulated etc. I am from Europe and you don't even want to believe how many of these poor women I had in my language classes. It was disgusting. And not even the Visa is something they have for sure - it's not that easy to stay on one.
    Oh, and just putting my 2 cents into the Swiss German is like a different language discussion. It is not. It's like saying: I speak English and Scottish English. Both is English, just a variety of it. I am not from Switzerland, but I understand Swiss German pretty well. For a lot of people from Germany (especially the norther parts) it might be difficult because they are not used to heavy dialects like spoken in certain regions of Austria or Switzerland. But if your ear is slightly used to hearing those, you will hear no Dutch or anything in it, just... German.
    I am actually not convinced of her German at all. I still need to hear her speak it for a longer period (not just basica and short phrases.
    And lastly, her newest pity-post. It reminds me of this movie where a guy wakes up every morning and has to relive the same day over and over again... been there, done there, next.
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  13. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    45 minutes? Imo that's way too long (at least for me). I managed to watch 5 minutes and then skipped to the end to see her new hairstyle. Don't like it much tbh. I feel like the bangs don't suit her face anymore. The color is nice though.
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  14. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Mikan went to Kyoto to visit a friend, a local there, who showed her around. Seriously these vlogs are so different to the other jvloggers' who just meet each other and stick together. I didn't even know how sick I was of watching the same content and the same people over and over again. It's great for Mikan that she seems to be so social and easily makes friends. She seems to click well with her classmates and she looks very happy. Good for her!
    I finally also watched her video in which she talks about her first term at fashion college. I don't know how good her Japanese is, I can't tell, but being able to follow a whole class in Japanese and interact with everyone else in Japanese (she said that only two other students speak English, everyone else including teachers and classmates only speak Japanese or other Asian languages) that's pretty good. I was working as a language teacher a while ago, and I had many students in my classes who were preparing for university or college, and I know how difficult it was for them to reach the point where they could actually study in a foreign language and follow whole classes about different subjects.
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  15. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    So, while I am waiting for my food to be cooked, I watched her latest haul video.
    Well, as always her style is tacky, but this time even she comments on one of the skirts to be too short. And she was not kidding... she couldn't even turn around because she would have flashed everyone. The only okay pieces were the white pants and one of the black shirts. Also she constantly kept commenting on how good her wig looks. Was the wig sponsored?
    That said, the hair lenght would fit her quite well, I think.
    She called the video 20 Date Outfits Your Boyfriend Will Love! What To Wear On A Date! I will leave that without further commenting on it, because... yeah... sure...wtf?
    Also she bought one of these elastic bands for exercising and had no idea what to do.

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