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  1. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    It really was a decent video, her chemistry with Alexa is good and she went out to see new places and even researched! Now I'm kinda scared for her next video though (because her quality tends to drop once she releases one or two god vids...)
    On another note, her rented-friend Erica released a video. And boy, imo she totally nails it. Like, Sharla and Taylor and co can really take some inspiration from her. (in her vid she shows a vegan restaurant, where you can help out and then eat for free, a fashion show, another vegan cafè, plus a parasite museum)
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  2. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Do you guys remember Erica? Taylor's rented friend?
    She has posted a new video. And I kinda like where her channel is going to! Like...  seriously:
    First we have real vegan food - even for me as a non-vegan this was interesting. She went to a reaustaurant where you can help out and then eat for free.  Then she shows us a fashion show, another vegan café and then a parasite museum
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  3. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    New video with Alexa:
    I'm still in the middle of it, so I don't have an opinion yet, aside of: I always like Alexa and Taylor together. They seem to click well also on screen unlike Taylor and Sharla. And I'm glad Taylor goes out and actually does something. (again: I just wish she would drop these overdrawn lips. Especially horrible imo at the beginning of the video. Like... I don't know how to explain but it's like she carries lips on lips...they are so dominant...)
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  4. Risa added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Anyone else here sick of a bunch of pathetic idiots pointing out the difference between Western and Eastern beauty standards??

    NEWSFLASH. BEAUTY STANDARDS in the west are THIN too! Although they might lean more towards fit and thin, but still thin. And what the heck do they mean with east and west!? As far as I'm concerned there are more than two countries in the western region of the world. Same goes for east.
    And just because it's a current beauty standard people - especially young girls - suffer, everyone should respect it?  (Guess all the darker skinned people in Korea should hide in a hole from now on??)
    Srsl, I'm so sick of this bunch of douchebags who show 0% awareness or sensitivity for ANYTHING but themselves.
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  5. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    The laugh as the beginning and how she mimicks a ghost *buhhhhhh*
    The dance!
    Her clothes! She is dressed like a toddler.
    The first seconds of this vid are a true gem
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  6. Risa added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Yesterday I was so-so about Luke making a video, now after seeing Edward's fake-ass personality and his fake-ghosty skin in a video he posts just one day after the drama he caused (and is very unapologetic for) and censoring his comments, I'm all in for him being torn down. I'm so sick of his "sassiness" which is nothing more than acting like a douchebag. The only reason his fans stan him so much and apologize everything he does is because he is a Koreaboo himself, looks Asian enough for his weeb-fans and is gay, hence feeding into their gay-idol-fantasies. (also he 'only' attacks women (aka the salaray thing), a young relatively new female idol and poc - clearly his fanbase doesn't care about that, as long as he doesn't say anything bad about the huge groups they truly stan).
    He could have shown himself as an actual responsible and mature person in his 'apology' by really clarifying things, but of course being the sassy-arrogant queen, who is always right, is more important.
    If Luke makes a video, I hope he is being smart about it. I think this is the moment that could actually rile something up (not his sister's feelings or anything alike) but now people are on alert and will listen, and as Edward is involved maybe even some people who are part of the industry will listen. (Heck, it could even make Pristin more popular!) He could really make a topic about body positivity and unhealthy standards. But he needs to be smart about it - and not make a hate campaign against Edward (as much as I kind of want to see him be put in his place) I don't know how to say it, but I think if done correctly a video like this could become the start of something. And I'm SICK of people just sweeping the dirt under their rug and going on with their lives like nothing happened.
    The banner... *lol* good joke.
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  7. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Same. I just watched the video and although it was a bit boring (and too long in the beginning) I kinda liked it. I'm glad Taylor apparently took everyone's advice to heart (or realized it herself) and makes her videos shorter now. Remember when her videos were still 20 minutes long?
    When she showed us her look for her photoshoot, I was suprised though: Did she do her lips make-up herself? It's the same overdrawn lips again... I wish she would drop that look. Later on in the taxi, she has normal lips (or is it just the light?)- But IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! I mean with her lips not heavily overdrawn her whole face look different, in a good way.
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  8. Risa added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    She is probably only 'fluent' in her comfort zone. Take her out of it and make her join a different conversation with actual topics and a different (maybe formal) code, then it's over. C1 means you can basically read any text, have such a broad vocabulary that you can converse in all kinds of subjects. You can clearly distinct between formal and informal etc. (not going into detail now but C1 bascially means you can speak and write on an academic level)
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  9. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Still a typical salty remark of her imo *lol* It probably bothered her how people speculated about her relationship and blah.
    I've just watched the pumpkin video. I didn't find it bad, but jeez, girls (or rather women) be careful with the knives! Oo I was feeling so uncomfortable watching them. Sharla's pumpkin turned out nice though!
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  10. Risa added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    I'm not trying to attack you, but:
    The question is: Is she going to be happy or others, her so-called fans? Because you are not magically and automatically happy when you change just because others want you to change. This is not happiness. Others will be happy, the old creepy men some here have already mentioned can finally drool over her, but will it bring her self-respect, confidence, acceptance and happiness? If she loses weight because she herself wants to, that's a different issue, but if she does it because of the pressure and the hate, she might be scarred for life.
    (I don't think I understand your point about diversity, so I won't comment on that)
    In general:
    It's about time the country's mindset changes. As others pointed out the whole Super Junior issue - it shows pretty much what's going wrong. Is it really okay to just let these things happen without an attempt to do something different? Now Kyla is just 15, so of course she can't fight the world. But Edward? A dude in his 20s, semi-successful, with a following and at least some contacts to known people? He could at least bring awareness and maybe he could be part of a movement. But as I said, he only cares for himself, and by now I doubt that he sees anything wrong in the industry. For him it's more important to remain his followers' sassy queen (which he could still be while bringing awareness. I'm getting riled up again. What an ass)
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  11. Risa added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    What a pathetic heartless douche. I knew he wouldn't apologize or anything, but I didn't expect him to continue kicking out. Also his excuses about the entertainment industry are so pathetic. So, just because it is like it is, as he said, everyone has to accept it? He just doesn't give a sh*t about it, I think. Maybe he even likes how things run in the industry, I don't know, but he comes off as someone without any empathy. 
    But well, congrats for officially moving to the snowflake, sass-queen!
    For now I put him in my personal Kanadajin-corner aka youtubers I'm not watching anymore (for now at least), because they or their content is too toxic imo.
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  12. Risa added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Same tbh. I absolute judge hateful comments and I would never post them myself or support them in any way. But Edward had it coming. HE HAD IT SO MUCH COMING. He got off the hook several times despite lots of things others would immediately receive hardcore judgement and backlash for. Like his whitewashing. Or even worse: his racism debate. Didn't he also say something about there being no difference in the salary between men and women?
    People have been a) way too lenient on him, b) kissed his ass even when he obviously did something shitty (aka his followers, YAZZZZZ QUEEN) and c) tried to educate him (like on PULL. The comments here are sometimes angry and annoyed, but definitely not hateful) - however no matter how and when someone voiced criticism (even when people complimented him for something he didn't like, like his darker foundation) he got even more sassy, more unfriendly, more stubborn, more dramatic and victimiced himself even more. I'm so sick of his horrible attitude, I have no words. I have unsubsribed from him last week - finally - and it feels so good (just for the record: I'm still subscribed to Yumi King despite her fakeness, her horrid atittude etc, but at least she makes me crack up. Edward just makes me uncomfortable anymore) I originally subscribed to him not because of his videos, but because I found him funny and likeable. Now I can't stand him anymore (and it's not just because of the recent drama)
    That's why I think - no matter if I personally judge these hate comments or not - he had it coming, I don't want to defend them, but he deserves the backlash. Advice and constructive criticsm has nevere worked on him! This could be a wake-up call for him (but I'm sure it won't be)
    I doubt he will post a serious apology video. He is either going to half-ass it or rant about the mean hatuuuuurz or victimice himself - or all three at once. He is too full of himself, too ignorant and too arrogant to apologize or to even admit a mistake!
    Someone here said to wait for his reaction before deciding if he is a snowflake or not, but for me he is a snowflake since months already. Some snowflakes just get posted in the snowflake section for shooping. What Edward does is so much more than that. 
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  13. Risa added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Tbh he had/has the shitstorm coming, and FINALLY it's not from the mean bad haters from PULL but from people related to said-idol etc. Even if he did't mean anything bad, he is again commenting on a topic and situation he has no real insight or idea about. And he is talking about a 15-year old girl concerning weight issues - I think it's impossible to talk about it like without it becoming a controversy!
    Slightly OT:
    That said the whole weight-issue especially concerning female idols is so unsettling. Ever since I saw that awful BiS (Jpop) video about the lead singer having to go through a diet, loosing lots of weigth and building up muscles but not reaching the goal weight - however reaching a great bodyfat result. It's been 20% or something! - and then being sent on hiatus from her manager (because she didn't reach a specific number) who shamed her publicly on his twitters AND IN A FUCKING VIDEO that showed her breaking down, I'm super-easily triggered by this behaviour. --> The shitstorm against the manager however was real. Wow, you know something just went wrong when even the Japanese fans go crazy about a weight issue and defend an idol.
    I feel like the beauty standard for female idols is not skinny but fragile.
    Also I love when people compare Asian to Western standards. As far as I'm concerned also here being skinny is favored, as long as it's not skinny fat (maybe that's the difference?) and as someone else said, having curves doesn't mean being chubby.
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  14. Risa added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    No surprise though. When has she ever been a nice person to anyone? When has she ever been genuine? As far as I remember her story it's always been lies, lies, lies and more lies anyways, her whole career is built entirely on lies. And I loosely remember a history of blocking too (? not sure though). Other girls on instagram are probably a lot closer to the dolly look than she is - because for her it's ALL shooping, while others might do some retouching and make-up, and that's it. They have, what she hasn't. It's a pathetic thought though, because some of these girls apparently even look up to her - she could build a solid following like that.
    All this is the reason why I don't feel any sympathy for her for losing her jobs, aging etc. (whereas despite my criticism towards Taylor, I do feel sympathy for her and don't think she is a bad person)
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  15. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    To be fair, this is not her worst outfit video. Some of the white outfits were okay - I just find that denim skirt so short! Like, seriously, how is it possible to wear something so short? I mean, what if you need to bend down, or what if wind blows? I would be constantly stressed ^^ (she looked kinda uncomfortable too)
    The black outfits were horrible.
    In general I think she would look the best in casual and cool outfits (funny enough the complete contrast to what she wants to portrait) - a pair of skinny jeans (or maybe even ripped jeans), a shirt (like one of those white shirts) , bangs out of her face, natural make-up, some liptstick that is not pink.
    I agree with some of you though: She looked really sad.
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