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  1. Post on Animuuu~ in Movies & Television

    By Dyabolical, posted
    I don't watch much anime as of late, but why don't we discuss our favorites?
    A very recent favorite would be Attack on Titan (I know, bandwagoner), it's sooooo goooood ughhhh.
  2. Ladeathmachine is a youtuber (instagramer, facebooker, devientarter, twitterer, google+er, yourepeater, redditer, and the list goes on...)
    She's admitted to have had jaw argumentation and wears a lot of make up, and also having an "internet persona", whilst she calls Venus fake and a liar and the usual stuff. She doesn't like Venus, but both girls are non-japanese, obsessed with Japanese culture and do their makeup a little too dramatic for comfort... 
    Venus or ladeathmachine?
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/ladeathmachine/?hl=en

  3. Post your results!


    My Results: Yamato Nadeshiko

    The Yamato Nadeshiko means "perfect wife", or for a more exact definition "the idealised image of a japanese woman". The Nadeshiko is polite, reserved and speaks only when necessary. They are wise beyond their years and have a soothing aura which is reflected in the calm environment they create in the home. However, the Nadeshiko is not a meek and submissive doormat as her gentle and ladylike demeanour would imply; she has a powerful womanly strength which creates the backbone of the whole family, and nobody would ever dare challenge her intelligence.
  4. Hello. So; I am friends with this girl name Val, aka Taiga.Aisaka_ on instagram.
    She informed me that someone made a hate page of her  ON THIS WEBSITE
    And let me just say something, ok? Val didn't do anything to deserve the hate she's been receiving and shes just a cosplayer who loves to cosplay and ''act'' like the characters and tbfh shes really good at what she does. She isn't afraid like some of you dimwits who hides behind a computer screen trolling innocent people who is just having fun at what they do. I don't know what this website is for, but it needs to stop, Me and her may not have got along so well but we worked passed that and I'm doing my very best to keep her happy and make sure nothing happens to her, cause thats what friends do. If you guys are idiots enough to make a page saying how ''ugly'' she is. How much of a ''weeaboo'' she is. Etc. Then you clearly have no life but to make other people feel bad for themselves. So, stop!  
    If you have any concerns or questions then message my instagram @palmtop.tiger_  [I will most likely wont be on here] 

  6. ''Real life anime girl'' 
    Also a link to her wishlist on her Instagram bio... 
    I don't actually follow her, but she keeps popping up on my explore page. I was intrigued and googled her, she has a YouTube channel. 
    I looked around and saw no threads on her yet. 
    Here are some links: 
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/zilla308/
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zilla308
    Website: http://www.zilla308.com/ 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zilla308/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/zilla308 
    Tumblr: http://zilla308.tumblr.com/ 
    She seems to be very proud of her (obviously fake) breasts and her body in general, which I can't blame her for... 
    It's all a bit porny, so be warned. 
    Interesting YouTube vid about her surgery 
    So let me know what you guys think. I'm quite new to this site so I don't actually know how all of this works yet =P 
  7. AkiDearest and The Anime Man
    Akidearest (Agnes "Usagi" Diego)

    Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook (broken?) | MyAnimeList | Shop (warning: tentacles)| Patreon
    Akidearest/Agnes is a Youtuber who makes videos about anime, Vocaloids, and other weeaboo-esque topics. She is an American-Filipino from Las Vegas.
    Doesn't research her videos properly; she frequently lifts texts from Wikipedia when giving information about a topic in her videos, highlighting how little she really knows about what she producesPissed off the Vocaloid fandom; see this post and this post. She essentially makes Vocaloid videos with next to no knowledge about the industry/ community/ anything.Used to steal artEdits it however she wants and gives no credit (nsfw):Begs for art, occasionally asks fans to draw stuff for free, and sometimes doesn't clearly credit artists that have drawn her channel art/merchShota fetish (self explanatory)Fan serviceDisguises her lack of knowledge on subjects by sexualizing herselftl;dr - she's basically weeaboo who doesn't know what she's talking about.
    June 2018 update:
    While still a bit cringe, JThe Anime Man (Joey Bizinger / Johnson / jobo)

    Youtube | 2nd Channel | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Facebook | MyAnimeList
    The Anime Man/Joey/Johnson is an anime Youtuber who makes videos about current anime trends/seasonal roundups etc. He is half-Japanese and living in Japan. For around half of 2016, Joey lived with Shine (Einshine/ ShinePhD) and Kat (Nyansai/Nyanafk). He moved out in September 2016. If you want to read about Shine and Kat, you can check out their thread here. 
    Dating a weeaboo despite saying he doesn't like weeaboos Once trashed Venus Angelic with Shine over her notorious "How to look half Asian video"Features Aki in his videos and appears in her videos frequently, despite stating that he "doesn't want to be that Youtube couple"Frequently posts pictures of them kissing, and overall just continue to shove their relationship in everyone's facesSays he's "satire" and "self-aware," yet continues to do cringy thingsLoli fetishLikes characters like Shinobu from Bakemonogatari and Kanna from Kobayashi's Dragon MaidOne of those people who thinks loliporn should be allowed because they're not real and can give actual pedophiles an outletHad a falling-out with his once close friend, Lost Pause (Noble)It is still unknown what caused this, though fans have speculated that it could be related to AkiStill refuses to acknowledge it, despite it being very obvious that something happenedBecause of this, there seems to be a distance between Noble and Johnson's other friends such as MistyChronexia and other Youtubers. Had a Patreon tier where his $50 tier is just shouting people out in his youtube videosCan't seem to stop talking about how he's friends with Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg)Despite seeming to have much closer friends, Johnson seems to tweet at Pewdiepie just as much, if not more than his other friendsJust seems to be obsessed with the idea of being friends with "the biggest Youtuber" and always seems to by vying for his attention and validationtl;dr - most of his problems comes from his relationship with Aki, but he has his own issues too.
  8. Hello, my names Valerie and i'm a cosplayer from Washinton! 
    i'm 17 years old and adore Toradora with a burning passion

  9. While there aren't alot of reviewers like how it was 2-3 years ago on youtube Who are some Youtuber who review anime that you either Like or Dislike
  10. Post on Vic Mignogna in Vic Mignogna

    By Sagiri, posted
    Twitter // Website // IMDB // Wikipedia 

    Risembool Rangers Website // Facebook // Twitter
    Vic Mignogna known for his voice-acting roles in English anime dubs (such as Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist & Tamaki Suou in Ouran Highschool Host Club) and his acting role as Kirk in Star Trek Continues. He was engaged/married to Michelle Specht through the timeframe of sexual misconduct allegations.

    He remains popular for his starring roles in several classic anime and his charismatic personality at anime conventions. 
    Vic is a devout Christian and has worked with some Christian companies (this might be related to Funimation having Christian side business Echolight). He also briefly worked as a cop.
    The Risembool Rangers is one of the longest running English VA fanclubs ever. Members are of a range of ages and genders, with a notable number of young female fans during the peak of his dub career. Vic and his mother "The Matriarch" run his fanclub with fan volunteers.
    Long Standing Internet Rumors
    Forums and blogs have been talking about Vic's behavior for many years. Some complaints or discussions date back to the 2000's and have continued since.
    Common accusations include being a con diva, being flirtatious/inappropriate with minors, shoving his religion down people's throats, and being homophobic.
    Examples: /cgl, ANN comments (2007-2019),  GaiaOnline (2008), Vic Horror Stories Tumblr (May 2011 - March 2015), Vic Mignogna : The Visual Misconduct
    documented list of Vic allegations/articles (mostly recent + updated)
    It is common for female congoers to warn each other of staying away from Vic, and for people to have "a Vic story". Vic is referred to as a "missing stair", aka a problem well-known and warned out, but never fixed. Although some VA peers and con staff addressed things to him in private, he continued with his behavior. He is rumored to have been "shadow banned" at several cons for his behavior. This means that the con decided privately to never re-invite Vic as a guest, but did not announce it publicly.
    Risembool Rangers
    General Con Panel Content/Diva Behavior
    Behaviour with Fans/Minors/People
    #KickVick, #IStandWithVic, Vic's Apologies
    Jessie Pridemore/Todd Haberkorn
    ANN + Other News Articles
    Industry Pros Stand Up
    Dropping Vic (Roosterteeth, Funimation, and Con Appearances)
    Detailed Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    "Fake Evidence" Arguments / Misinformation
    Rikieta Law, Kickstarter
    Supergirl Twitter and PULL, Alt-Right, Youtube
    #IStandWithVic / White Knight FAQ
  11. Post on Hi hi in Introduce Yourself

    By Hoki, posted
    Hi hi! I am 14 year old girl from texas hehe, my favorite girl is Venus I just love how doll like she is, even if she can be a bit scary at times! I'm studying japonese on my own at the moment cause my parents won't let me! They're pretty racist, they sometimes say that 2 nuclear doo hickeys were too little D:. When I grow up I wanna go to Japon and become a mangaka! I'm quite good at drawing. I hope we can all talk about how Venus is best girl, and get new friends! I hate my real life friends anyways lol.
  12. So, I have a few questions.
    I would like some anime recommendations of any kind?
    What are some you like?
    Is Yuri on Ice worth watching?
    That is all I can think of currently 
  13. Boruto is the sequel to Naruto. It focuses on Naruto's son, Boruto (who came up with the name?) and his journey at the academy. Its first episode aired on March 3rd, 2017. It's currently on its 9th episode. Honestly, I'm watching it out of boredom. Someone descirbed it as the fidget-spinner of Naruto. I'd never thought I'd say this, but I wish Sakura made more apperances. 
  14. I don't know if there is already a thread about Siley Moon but most will know her from her Anime account which is called @animetextpost.
    I don't know if she is known in the cosplay community but she also has a unique fashion and make up style
    even tho she seems cute and stuff she is really controversial and fights with her follower especially if you follow her private account @magicskydaddy thats why I unfollowed her because of the negative vibe 
  15. Im kinda conflicted on how to feel about this. 
    For those who dont know
    they put the Hokkaido arc he was working on with his wife on indefinate hiatus due to this situation.
  16. Hi, my name is Shayla.  Im from Malaysia.  My mom is chinese and my dad is Philipino.  Im mix basically.  Im new to this forum so I hope you guys can help me explore all other information at this site.  Looking forward on making friends with you guys.  Im 27 and currently working as an Engineer at some company in Malaysia.  Born and raised here.  Its a multirace country where all the Malay, chinese and indian live together.  Its nice here.  Joining on hoping to make new friends outside from my country.  
  17. What is a “Loli” e-girl/uwutuber?

    A loli e-girl (or uwutuber) is a girl who acts overly cutesy and young to gain a certain type of following. Usually these girls will do things like fake their voice to an extreme to sound "cuter", sometimes just by straining or even by using a program to pitch their voice, dress extremely cutesy and act dim or naïve. Most of them have cute anime girls as their profile pictures and weeb names that end in things like -chu or - chi.

    These girls are very similar to e-girls, just instead of blatantly using their boobs and ass to gain attention from a mainly male audience, they use this sort of innocent or kawaii image they make. Often times in their videos they will use sexual or “super kawaii” anime images and their content will be very suggestive without being outright sexual (Think of Nyanners old Pomf Pomf video). They also exhibit the same sort of habits as e-girls in the way they act fake nice to everyone, especially other loli girls, but cannot handle criticism and will lie when called out.

    Examples of “Loli” girls

    Normal voices exposed
  18. Post on Digibro in Online Personalities

    By Toriko, posted
    Digibro/Digibrony/Digibrah is a moderately popular anime YouTuber and self described “journalist” and “otaku” known mostly for his videos in bad anime, such as SAO, and his strong opinions on the anime industry. He’s a petty typical pseudo intellectual anime critic in the same vein as Gigguk. He’s actually friends with most of the other big names on that side of YouTube, he’s been mentioned a few times on the Akidearest thread too. 
    Social Media:
    My Anime List
    Recently he’s gotten into a crontreversy on his opinion about new patrean content rules, specifically the ones on unacceptable fetish art. His stance is that patreon is acting as a moral police over fetish artists. Screenshots of the whole thing: 
    More screenshots of an alleged cousin who shares his last name on past behavior: 
    Personally, I think that it’s weird as fuck stand up for people who draw things that are illegal to act out in real life. In my opinion, people who enjoy lolicon are pedophiles, and just because there is no victim right now, doesn’t mean that there won’t be one down the line. 
    I’m sure there’s been other drama in the past, probably with other animetubers, but I’m not really involved in that community, so please add as much information as you can to the thread!
    Since we have an unpopular thread of Anime, we all thought it would be best to have a separate thread on just a discussion of it since it doesn't fall under an 'unpopular opinion' this way we wouldn't muddy up the opinion thread. I've searched (and so had another member) and I haven't found this particular thread at all, if it is already made, I hope a mod can combine the thread if possible. 
    I hope this won't be too much to keep up with (idk?? what i'm talking about at this point ;-;) I hope this gain enough traction so it could be one of the active threads since there seem to be a lot of Anime fans here. I haven't made a thread in a good while so I hope this is actually a good starter post!
    Happy Discussing~
  20. Anitubers are youtubers that review, analyze or discuss anything related to anime. 
    Of course with reviews come opinions, and with opinions comes youtubers with sticks up their asses about how their opinion is the right one. They all share the same traits: pretentiousness and shitting on Sword Art Online. Many anitubers will shift their opinions to follow the status quo even if they themselves do not believe in it, each of them repeating what everybody else is already saying, or accepting shady promo deals to make money. Some aren't as bad as others, others have had a hard fall from grace. This thread will primarily discuss the bad apples of the community.
    AkiDearest & TheAnimeMan (Joey/Jobo) [thread]

    Shady snowflake couple who make clickbait videos. They once had a friend circle that involved the two of them along with Misty Chronexia, and Nobel/LostPause. Sometime after Joey and Aki revealed they were dating, their friend group split apart with neither parties explaining why. Speculation is that Nobel didn't like being around Aki, and the relationship reveal made things turn sour. Both of them have come under fire for not giving credit to those who make fanart for them which they use for merch and spreading misinfo. Joey was more involved with FCF for trying to get the company to establish contacts in Japan. When the news broke out, he dismissed all of it as false and proceeded to delete his videos and tweets promoting it as damage control. Aki was paid to promote FCF, but she was more involved with Otaku Coin while it was still trying to get off the ground. She made videos promoting it in the beginning, but hasn't spoken about it since. Aki is more bearable, Joey is a totally authentic Japanese guy.
    ***Note from mod: Please only discuss these two in their thread
    Misty Chronexia

    A French-Canadian anituber who mostly does Top Ten lists and some reviews all with clickbait hentai thumbnails. He and a small team attempted to kickstart their own anime "Chronexia and the Eight Seals" (based off of Misty's novel) in 2016. It went well as you'd think and was panned all around for having bad animation, lackluster story, generic characters and and bad voice acting all despite raising over 60,000$ in funds. The show was shelved even though it had planned more episodes to be released due to lack of funding, and remains in hiatus hell to date though it is safe to say the project has been cancelled. Recently revealed he doesn't know shit about animation.
    LostPause/Nobel [thread]

    Anituber known mostly for making cringe videos. He was snubbed by the entire community after the Aki/Joey drama and only makes vague remarks about it with no definite answers and no other channels addressing why. He refuses to talk about the issue to date, but through some tweets he's made the beef was between him and Joey. To date, he still remains ostracized from the community. He recently made a series of videos denouncing the #kickvic movement as SJW nonsense and refused to believe the victims.
    Mother's Basement

    Self-proclaimed anime pope and professional shitbag. Known for creating "What's in an OP?" series that analyzed anime openings. Slowly descended into pretentiousness once his channel started picking up steam, now he frequently pushes his opinions as fact on all analysis videos and furiously shits on SAO any moment he can. He made an entire video about how watching pirated anime is wrong while promoting CrunchyRoll aka another website that used to be an anime piracy site but now instead of scamming users they scam Japanese anime companies by not paying them enough money from licensing and royalties. He was also involved with the FCF scandal as a promoter. His uptight smugness prevents him from being proven wrong, ever. He is known for pushing Crunchyroll sponsorships and denouncing anime piracy websites.

    A comedic anime analysis channel who descended into pretentious reviews. He was heavily involved with the FCF scandal and allegedly had ties with its CEO. He came clean about his endorsements with the company after the news broke out followed by him deleting all remaining evidence of it. His girlfriend was working for FCF at the time it was still open. While FCF claimed that none of their workers were taking pay, it was revealed that they were paying people like Gigguk and other anitubers to promote the company. He also pushes his opinions as fact. In the 2017 Anime Rewind, he supposedly "forgot" to include Noble despite the fact that Noble's channel had one million subscribers, far more than his, at the time. Reuses the exact same jokes in all of his videos.
    DigiBro [thread]

    Lolicon, alcoholic and all around douche bag, Digibro is the worst of the bunch for his subpar anime reviews/analysis videos, self-contradictory explanations, drunk rants, handling zero criticism, and controversial opinions for the sake of being controversial. He had a drunken rant about the community on his side channel DigibroAfterDark, calling out certain channels and basically annihilating any friendships he had left. Also endorsed FCF having paid them 1000$ and being paid by them to promote the company. He attempted to distance himself from the scandals, but his videos on it are often self-contradictory. He has many controversial opinions on various subject matters ex. consent laws, defending lolicon, and 'X is Garbage and Here's Why' 20 minute to an hour long videos shitting on anime and a fucking TWO HOUR LONG STEVEN UNIVERSE VIDEO.
    GRArkada/Glass Reflection

    Anime reviewer who similarly has the right opinion on all anime all the time like other pretentious reviewers and similarly descended in quality once he gained popularity. He was involved in the FCF scandal but to a lesser extent as a paid promoter. His personal bias clouds his reviews and it shows where he gives shows he likes better reviews than those he personally dislikes.
    The Pedantic Romantic
    Anime analyst with a smug attitude who's also friends with Digi despite the drunk rant video he made that also included her being shit on. She recently made a video on the Goblin Slayer controversy and equated the goblins to Jewish people and said the whole anime was subtext for white supremacy. The backlash was so great she disabled comments on that video and made a second video about why it was wrong, which basically was an excuse to dismiss all criticisms and save face at the same time. She relies on stirring controversy to stay relevant.
    Anime America Podcast

    A podcast made up of several users, they specifically make Top Ten anime videos. The channel is primarily run by Robyn (she's in most of the videos), Megan and Shannen. They're generally unfunny, disrespectful and have harsh opinions based on their personal tastes on anime which leads to heavily biased reviews. In the past they have cyberbullied and sent death threats to people who've commented on their videos for their different opinions. Most of these comments have been deleted since. They are #istandwithvic supporters and refused to believe the victim's accusations.
    An anime reviewer with a huge ego in the same vein as Digi but surprise! They actually hate each other. He's also an elitist lolicon who says shit to stir the pot while harassing others on every platform he's ever joined (and being banned on every platform he's ever joined.) He hates when someone else disagrees with him, so he verbally attacks them until he gets kicked. His pseudonym on other websites is Roriconfan, because he's that much of a diehard fan of lolicon. He's edgy, he gives out unbalanced angry anime reviews and relies solely on controversy to stay relevant at all. His channel was terminated due to bullying and sexual content, so he moved to his backup channel. That's why his subcount is so low but he doesn't deserve any more than that.
    This thread is a WIP, so please feel free to suggest more and I'll add to it!
    But in the meantime, let's play bingo!

  21. Youtube | Twitter
    Who is He?
    Connor Colquhoun, better known as CDawgVA, is a self proclaimed "Ani-Tuber" with a channel that consist mainly of mediocre anime impressions along with other videos I don't know how to categorize.

    I would like to point out that I do not personally follow this man and am only apart of his Discord server because of my friends but those friends donate to his Patreon who continuously vent to me about their problems and frustrations with him.
    I've taken the liberty of checking out his videos from the past year and at first glance, CDawg is a very kind-hearted man who loves and appreciates his fans. Unfortunately that appears to only be a facade, as what my friends describe and what I've noticed through his interactions with people on Discord. From what I've gathered, he is a manipulative, selfish bastard who only makes friends with people if he gains something in return and will cut ties if he no longer finds them useful.
    For the rest of this post, I will be referring to his Youtube personality as "CDawg" and his real personality as "Connor" as they are two completely different identities.
    1. Does not interact with Patrons very often
    If you pledge 50 dollars and up to his Patreon, you gain access to his Patreon Discord Server as well as monthly game nights. My friends are apart of said server and have told me that Connor doesn't talk to them unless it's absolutely necessary, and even then the interactions are brief. During the game nights he doesn't really talk with anyone and is just there to host the game. You would think he'd at least try to communicate with them a little bit since they're giving him 50-100$ a month out of the kindness of their hearts.
    2. Gets Patrons to edit his videos
    I've been told that there was a joke going around Connor's patron community. They say they pay him to work for him. They don't get anything in return either. Recently, from his video descriptions, it seems he has been either editing it himself or he has a certain person edit it for him which is good.
    3. Relies to much on fangirl
    His content mainly consists on videos that cater to fangirls ranging between 13 and 16 years of age. Despite Connor claiming in my dms that he doesn't want to rely on fangirls those videos still make up a good amount of his content. These videos are either Character Fan Calls and anything to do with Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.
    4. His merch store is one of the most egotistical stores I have ever seen.
    Connor's merch store consists of designs relating to him, which you's expect, except a good portion of his shirts are just his avatar, one even stating that he's the buyers hero.

    5. He doesn't care about his friends unless he has something to gain
    He treated one of my friends very well before they stopped donating. After that he basically ghosted them. He's done the same to many of his patrons as well according the my friend. He called them friends until they stopped giving him what he wanted. There are also a few other instances where this has happened but I will leave them out as there is no concrete evidence stating that it was him.
    There are a few other instances of him doing unruly things and using his power to get what he wants but I don't want to mention them as it could lead to them being attacked in some way.
    Care to discuss? 
  22. Instagram
    femmyfatal---the cheap, Walmart copycat of Belle Delphine.
    Over the last several months, this girl on Instagram has been blatantly copying Belle Delphine--an e-thot who has gained quite a large following and quite a bit of fame. This girl has taken copying Belle to the extreme... Not only does she just do the "ahegao face" (which many other e-thots began to do after Belle made it popular), she copies her exact outfits, poses, and selfies, and she even wears an identical pink wig.
    She does her makeup exactly like Belle's, and even photoshops braces on her teeth just to resemble Belle! When another PULL user confronted her about the photoshopped braces, she deleted their comment and blocked them (very snowflake-y behavior, if you ask me).
    Her are a couple examples of her being a complete copy:
    in case anyone is wondering, Belle does have a thread which you can find here
    Personally, I just think copying someone to this extent is just too extreme… There is no creativity or originality, just trying to be someone else.
  23. hello, i am new here. although i made a few posts before this, i am so sorry for being hasty about it.
    my name is jenina and i am from PH. i play Fate Grand Order (both JP and NA but i play the former because of how fast it was with the updates). I stumbled here first when I first heard Momokun back in July, I was kinda interested because I thought she seems shady and the controversy confirms it so I ended up here, believe it or not, I read all the posts lol.
    I also wanted to be a vlogger and i collect dolls
    nice meeting you all
  24. Self explanatory but for those who don't know watch this vid to get a general ideal of what the show is about
  25. I want to know what people think about buying anime/vocaloid figures and their experiences with some online companies they used to purchase from.I been into anime/manga for a long time but idk if I wanna invest in a figure...is it a waste of money or good to to buy than resale?  Also about buying manga books? Are thy worth it or is it better to read online?