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  1. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Why does she make such a fucking big deal over it 
    Everyone who has seen Mirandas videos over the past few years knows how she has Always been so passive aggresive over ´´My real name is Mira not Miranda!!´´ Like Jugglingfreak said, she gets so defensive over it even though we all know Mira is not her real name.
    if she´d be like ´´Well my real name is Miranda, but I go by Mira´´ no one would even be batting an eye right now because people with long names go short all the time Madeleine - Maddy, Christopher - Chris, Elizabeth - Liz/Lizzy etc. Not to mention, she obviously liked ´´Mira´´ better as it sounds more Japanese than ´´Miranda´´ which is a very western/european sounding name, and we all know how badly she wanted to distance her self from her canadian/western identity. its the insisting of that her birthname is actually Mira is what makes it so cringy and why many people refer to her as Miranda on purpose here.
    Didnt she a while ago said people can call her ´´Maryam´´ too, I mean I cant even with this woman 
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  2. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I think Miranda is a whole lot prettier than Mira tbh, and in her case, IDK. calling herself ''Mira'' Always came across as a bit weebish to me.
    And im 100% sure the nickname started AFTER she went to Japan cause in her earlier videos, Sharla still reffered to her as ''Miranda'' at times. 
    shes so pathetic, can not believe this is a 28 year old woman. 
    My real name is Kimberly and if Id move to Japan and change it to ''Kimi'' imo it would come across as super weaboo not to mention that it already means ''you'' as well.
    I understand that some people who move to Japan sometimes have to make up a fabricated version of their real name, cause some non Japanese names just do not work and are hard/awkward to pronounce for Japanese people.
    Miranda is actually a name that would totally work in Japanese. ME-RAN-DA. One of the few long western names that would actually work AND sound pretty/natural at the same time. My name just sounds so fucking awkward in Japanese as many long western names do.
    not to mention someone found her full name I think on lolcow, on a mourning add of her grandmother I believe. which stated the grand daughter as MiraNDA Ann. not Mira Ann. lol give it up Miranda, no one believes you.
    Miranda obviously has some inferior complex towards her own sex, seeing man as superior and seeing herself as a ''Child bearing submissibe-obedient house wife''
    I also think she likes the Muslim identity cause it gives her a list of set rules in her life, ''I have to wear this, I can not eat this, I must do this and that and Believe this and not that etc'' cause she cant make up her own personality-identity so its easier for her to have these specific rules layed out for her. but of course Miranda never approaches something the normal way. Its Always hardcore, Extreme and cringy.
    I facepalmed so hard at the comments on her latest YouTube video telling her viewers she sees no need in going outside if her her husband isnt there to ''protect'' her. FUCKING LOL. So she's basically going to turn into a mindless robot. I think her strong headed stubborn personality severely underestimate what it would mean to be in a relationship with a very strictly religious and controlling man. 
    I also cant believe she still has any ''fans'' or followers at this point. though Im seeing many followers also muslims turning against her calling her an extremist.
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  3. Kiko added a post in a topic Confessional   

    Yeah I thought of that too, but do not think I will ever have enough money to do such a thing. But I do think there is a market for it. I´m gonna keep it in my thoughts maybe I will find a way somehow.
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  4. Kiko added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I want to be a Patissier, I feel like its the only job that I can do which I´d enjoy and can also be creative in at the same time.
    But I would feel too conflicting with me being Vegan and being around stuff like milk,eggs,butter all the time. I would feel like ´´selling out´´ tbh.
    Been trying so hard to find a carreer with some creativity that does not require a stroke of luck to make money on(like writing,art) or is very technical and just not appealing to me like architecture/designing.
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  5. Kiko added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw those eyebrows was

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  6. Kiko added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    I do not know why, but I honestly do not see Kenna even getting to elementary Japanese level. let alone fluent or conversational japanese.
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  7. Kiko added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    it would be one thing to do all of this if you actually have the money for it.
    but to do it when you cant afford it and spend not a few 10...but almost 1000 dollar solely on a musical group? lol.
    and I stand by my point. anyone is allowed to do and feel however they want about groups, but I think it IS weird to be a crazy obsessed fan girl when youre in your 30s and also in your 20s tbh.
    I was once upon a time a hard core fan girl of Tokio Hotel, and everyone who was a teenage girl between 2005 to 2010 in europe knows what those girls were like. and I feel so embaressed thinking of my teenage self who was acting like that i can not even imagine a grown adult being like that without wondering ´´where the fuck did I went wrong in my life?´´
    its one thing to like the music/group/buy some merch/see a concert. but spending money you do not have(and need for actual life stuff) on excessive stupid merch(like overpriced sunglasses with the logo or 40 dollar socks) /concerts/meet and greets you can not afford and it consumes your entire persona it´s just weird.
    How can a adult not have any more fulfilling interests besides boybands?
    I kind of have a feeling they are overreacting about their lack of money and that they are actually doing fine financial wise. but do not want to spend their earned money on ´´non fun related stuff´´ 
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  8. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I REALLY wonder what it is about Canada that makes her do anything not to go back there...
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  9. Kiko added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    I really do not know much about the kardashians and I do not follow any of them on social media. So I do not have any in depth knowledge about their personal lives/fame or what kind of scandals they have on them.
    nor do I have any in depth information on the women mentioned in this thread.
    Just saying the majority of women who look like this are trying to copy a kardashian look for likes/popularity and not trying to change their race. 
    Im sure there are some that actually do though, but they are definetely far from the majority of women who have this look. cause wanting to be tan and getting lip injections does not equal wanting to change race. and accusing people of these kind of things should be based on a whole lot more than simple ´´she tans a lot and listens to rap music´´.
    That´s all I´m pointing out cause I have already seen it on pull too often people being accused of trying to be this or that race over pretty much nothing. especially when it comes to non asian people liking korea or japan for example.
    It reminds me of the old gyaru trend that went on  in Japan years ago where Japanese girls bleached their hair, put in blue/green/grey contacts and if they werent pale would try to attain a pale skin look. the vast majority of them werent self loathing japanese girls wanting to be white, there may have been a minority in that group that did indeed want to change/trick people into thinking they were of a different racial origin. but most were just following a trend/style they liked.
    if there actually is solid proof on someone making money of companies by lying about who they are and profit of a racial origin they are claiming to be while they actually arent, then im all for calling them out cause that is disgusting!
    but I have also seen many times how people were being accused of wanting to be black/white/asian for very simple basic nonsense reasons that didnt make sense. bleaching your hair doesn´t make you want to be white, tanning does not make you want to be black, and wearing cat eye liner doesnt mean you want to be asian. 
    So do not get me wrong, I´m all for calling the right people out.
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  10. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I guess that would depend on how liberal they both are(and we all know Miranda isnt)
    as someone who has a tight relationship to a liberal muslim family, Miranda would defintely Haram them all the way and back as they drink alcohol and date before marrying. 
    geez, I know we all kinda dislike Miranda but of course none of us wish for her to get into a dangerous/abusive(?) marriage.
    Its Obvious she has mental health issues. I do not think there is much her parents can do. they can drag her by the hair back to Canada. but in the end she is an adult and is free to leave at any time again.
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  11. Kiko added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Definetely not true. 
    but I´d say being ´´exotic´´ has Always been more interesthing anywhere in the world. if you go to Japan you are more interesthing to people if you come from a ´´far exotic land´´ than if you were another regular japanese person. Where I am from, even my great grandfather was once considered ´´exotic´´ in our family too and he was german which is right next to our border. 
    But I also do not think these girls(atleast most of them) actually want to be black or change race, hence why they easily admit to not being black. if you compare it to some kboos or wboos they are a lot more persistent and a lot more delusional.
    I think (most of) these girls want to be kardashian beautiful more than anything rather than change race. all these things I see are pretty much features that the kardashians made an ´´it´´ thing. I think its simply trend hopping going on here. and another look will be popular in another few years and then they go after that. it is Always a certain type of people who drop their entire persona as soon as the trend change.
    though botox lips and tanning have been around for ages and have been popular for a very long time, yet people only seem to take notice to them now to my surprise.
    in many eu countries bigger lips are seen as more feminine/youthful, 
    even though they do not make you look any younger....not even by a day! 
    And I saw someone mentioning snooki but snooki isnt white herself, snooki was adopted by white italians though!
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  12. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I find it so ugly when a woman is dressed up all pretty in 50´s or 20s etc style, with the perfect make up and hair to it.
    beautiful vintage dress, and then tattoo sleeve(s) or a lot of tattoo´s everywhere on the legs/neck/arms etc. it completely ruins the vintage look and makes it look trashy.
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  13. Kiko added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    I just put up my Christmas village today and tomorrow I´ll start decorating the tree
    so I have nothing to say to this , I know a person who starts decorating in July lol
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  14. Kiko added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    well sorry but this goes for every other place in the world.
    France is more than paris, Sweden is more than Stockholm, Egypt is more than Cairo, Netherlands is more than Amsterdam, Russia is more than Moscow etc etc.
    for weebs/anime and manga lovers tokio actually IS the place to be. not every trip you make has to be some kind of deep cultural experience, if people want to travel for the weeb stuff the big cities are where they should be going to instead of..idk..sendai. 
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  15. Kiko added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I also think a lot of people forget that young women in modern countries these days that have a choice do not want to be 25 at home stuck with 5 kids.
    The reason most countries used to have such high birth rates minus religion, is because, well. they did not have a choice and it was expected of them, it wasnt like they could just say ´nope!´´. Now young (japanese) woman want to travel and explore the world, make it to their dream career and date a little casual have hobbies do the things they love. OR they do not want children at all. 
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