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  1. Kiko added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Her comment on saying she aplogizes for the things she said about "druggies"  is just so condecending. she just HAS to do it on purpose there's no way you , as a native speaker think that reaponse is respectful in anyway. I could only imagine if someone would make a blunt/mean remark towards little people than responding with "sorry for all you dwarfs out there if I offended your tiny feelings!" Wtf mcnugget 😂😂😂😂
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  2. Kiko added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    I find that the usa and americans are very interested in european cultures, but the interest is extremely limited to only a few countries like, England, France, Italy.
    this also goes for asia btw. Its always Japan , South Korea or China. I never hear anyone about mongolia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia or Malaysia.
    also a big portion of white americans are distanced from their roots because they do not have recent immigrant relatives from Europe. Their family has resided for hundreds of years in the us already.
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  3. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I liked the movie Jenny's Wedding.
    its the only movie(of the ones I saw) were lesbians were the main focus in and not sexualized at all. 
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  4. Kiko added a post in a topic Artist and Drawing Thread   

    my first sketch since forever
    It was supposed to be Alissa White-Gluz, but realized too late during the drawing process that the size of the eyes were way off compared to Alissas. But I wanted to finish it anyway so just kept on drawing :'''D
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  5. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

     Hijabs on the prairie.
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  6. Kiko added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    She should really watch them though, hamsters can fight to death. Literally. I think the only hamsters that are happy in couples are robrovski hamsters and these hamsters usually do not like to be social with humans. We as humans often think animals are happier in couples. And in a whole lot of animals this is most certainly the case! But hamsters are one of the few exceptions to that rule.
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  7. Kiko added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    Uh I didnt say that? I said AMERICANS of ea euro descent may think its cooler to say theyre russian than slovenian or something. 
    Could be my age but I do not think any country is "cool". And I don't think Romanian,Ukrainian whatever women are any more beautiful than women from other European(or non eu) countries. There's beautiful and "ugly" everywhere. The creepy old ugly western men who have a eastern European female fetish often do cause they think eastern European woman are submissive fragile beings who think man are Superior to their female sex. Well of the eastern European young women I have met. they were nothing like that. They wanted to study,travel not sit at home all day and popping out their 6th kid at 25.
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  8. Kiko added a post in a topic Share your embarrassing stories   

    I sometimes took a ton of laxatives after eating too much when I was around 18/17.
    But after a while they either stop working or it takes a long time before anything happens, so 6 hours later I figured they didn't work as that had happened before. So my on and of bf texted me asking me if I wanted to come over since he missed me lol And hang out at his place. I was super excited and snuck out of my mom's house and drove there. We would usually when meet up make out and stuff. So as I sat on his lap. I felt it. My intestines. The laxatives were finally going to do their work. so I try to stay as calm as possible saying I needed to go to the bathroom. As I finally closed his bedroom door I ran down the stairs. But it was too late. I shit myself right in front of the bathroom door. I cleaned the floor and threw my underwear out . Put it at the bottom of his garbage can which was thank God exploding with trash. Cleansed myself and pants with the soap from the toilet using it all up lol. And went upstairs again acting as if Nothing happaned. Later took a shower when he fell asleep. He never found out but it was still embaressing :') 
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  9. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    My Catholic dutch grandma wore headscarves. Was she a Muslim in disguise?
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  10. Kiko added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    Never heard of this before. Or seen it.
    If it is happening on a extremely small scale, it is probably happening in America. But even then it is very far from a trend. It is Definitely not a thing amonb south/western/northern europeans. guess that's why I have never seen or heard of it before :''D
    The only European I can think of who fakes being another European ethnicity is the girl with the white hair who people say is Italian but she says she is...Danish or something?
    I do not consider kboos or wboos as a trend either. More like a very small niche on the internet. If you're not interested in Asian media you'll never come across them, in my country 99% of the country has no idea wtf a weaboo or koreaboo even is :'''D
    To American teens of eastern European descent , they may think saying they are Russian is more interesting than saying they are slovenian.
    If it should be called anything then it's russiaboos. Cause no one pretends to be moldovian,Czech,Croatian,Slovakian etc. Cause Russia seems to be the only eastern European country that seems to be considered as "cool"
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  11. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I also think "breeds" is a weird and somewhat degrading term to use I agree with that. And maybe it wasn't meant as degrading of course I do not know your friend. Some Americans can be ignorant on european nation's and think Europe is one big Anglo Continent. Even though UK and Ireland are the only Anglo countries in all of Europe. I would tell how you feel next time to her.
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  12. Kiko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Theres IS a whole lot less variation between european people compared to for example, asian people though. And I say this as a european. I don't see the difference between a German,hungarian , polish, dutch or French. Europeans have been immigrating and settling in eachothers countries for 1000s of years. Every European is one big mix from all over the Continent. I myself am mostly of dutch and German ancestry. When I went to France, Norway, Ukraine, Austria, Spain and Russia. No one could tell I was a foreigner. If you are white. You can pass as a native in pretty much any European country.
    My brother's former bf was Ukrainian.  people would go WTF!! when he started talking Ukrainian to his mom. All like "OMG I thought you were dutch!" There are some countries in Europe where there is more of a tendency to be darker or lighter but even then the difference is negligent. As a kid when I went to Spain, I was surprised to see how many native Spaniards were fair haired/light eyes/skin, they looked like any germanic average person I see in my country every day. Not to mention we are a tiny ass Continent. Saying you can tell the difference between a Irish and a German person a dutch or a czech etc is simply impossible. While the difference between East Asian and South Asian is clear as day. 
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  13. Kiko added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Hurry the fuck up Christmas, I want to set up my gingerbread village again. I've got more houses and accesoires than last year and I'm so excited TBH lol.
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  14. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

  15. Kiko added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Oh didn't you know? Learning languages is just something that comes naturally to her. If she's around a group of for example, swedish people she just picks it up solely by listening to them. It's why she speaks all these many languages so fluent and flawless.
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