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  1. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    While I admire Vic for starting up her make up company, I feel she's out of her depth on how to run it effectively. I understand why she uses social media as an emotional outlet; I have a lot of people I know personally that do so to try and relate and share their experiences with other people. Some people do this to go outside their comfort zone, whereas others are just emotionally honest with their feelings and experiences. 
    Vic falls into the second category, which comes with some caveats. While being emotionally honest in public space is likely to connect you with other people (and gain admiration from others) it also comes with the risk of alienating people. For someone who runs a business, they have to be careful about the kinds of things they share as it can affect their public image (and subsequently, their BRAND).
    I've been following Vic for about a year now, and in between interactions with her dog at the beach, wanting to see her family, the occasional unboxing, or selfie, I'm reading about how lonely she is, that she's feeling suicidal, that her friends don't care about her, that no one wants to date her.
    While this is someone I can relate to and feel sorry for, it's not someone I trust when it comes to them running a business. Especially considering how it seems she doesn't have a good handle on money with what appears to be "impulse" purchases on a $2,000 bedframe + other things that have been documented in this thread. 
    That said, I'm not an influencer. These are only observations I've made based on watching how other people run their social media. My opinion isn't standard as there's no doubt exceptions when it comes to certain public figures (just think of top influencers in the beauty community, for instance). 
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  2. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Does anyone know what the situation with David Scissorhands was? I watched HFT2's videos on it (part 1, part 2), but didn't know where everyone stood on if he was just fishing or if it what he talked about was legit. 
    IIRC, David was Jeffree's stylist until they had some sort of falling out. David decided to come forward on some things Jeffree allegedly texted him. Things such as pitting David against lipsticknick, asking him to delete photos of Jackie Aina (and saying nasty things about her) and claiming that Nikita raped Manny's little bother. David was posting about this both on his IG story and twitter that included screencaps of these conversations, but folks were having issues because of the type of phone these conversations were on. He's since posted his own video on the entire thing titled The Truth, which I've only gotten part of the way through because he goes on for like 4 minutes on why he decided to come forward.
    Sanders Kennedy also did a video where he asks both Jeffree and David what the issue is.
    Also some people have experienced issues with the new JS Morphe brushes collab in that they become frizzy after washing: 
     Not sure if this is true, but I saw someone mention that this happens with all morphe brushes because they use natural goat hair. Said that they need to be conditioned and contained in a brush guard to maintain their shape. I honestly don't know what to think of Jeffree at this point. Like, I realize a lot of my past dislike for him was sourced in stuff he did in 2013/2014, and not personally being satisfied with how he handled drama in the past 2-3 years. Which I feel recently isn't applicable as I personally haven't seen him repeat said behaviors. But I also haven't been following him closely enough to say otherwise these days.  I will say that although I liked Shane's docu-series on Jeffree, I'm kind of leery of the kinds of projects he decides to pursue (such as his series on Jake Paul) where the end goal appears to be to try and humanize controversial figures. Whether it was worth pursuing in Jeffree's case is debatable tho.
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  3. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    Does anyone know what the situation is with her pets? I’ve seen her with multiple dogs now and she just recently got another one (recently in the last month or two, anyway). Is she just providing temporary homes for them? Pet sitting? Are they even her pets? I’m so confused
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  4. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    I have....so many questions....if this is real....
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  5. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Tbh I’m so bored w the comments that we’re all stalkers who spend all our time here that I’d rather reply “lololol yea ur right” than reiterate what I’ve said 10+ times already.
    egad u caught me
    wasting my time needlessly
    im an epic troll 
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  6. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    the creepypasta smile strikes back
    every time i see one of these edits, i get the urge to print it out x100 and tape it to the underside of the toilet seat for my roommate to find, lol
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  7. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    Does Logan even play video games? lol
    I mean, on one hand, seems like a person who has a lot of time on their hands.
    On the other, seems too busy being an asshole in public space to have time for Normal Hobbies.
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  8. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    why is it whenever a 'flake comments on their thread here they gotta overplay it by saying they have a forum/forums dedicated to hating on them? Vic has only ever had 1 thread, both on the original forum (which may have hit page 100 due to Drama™ at the time) and here. This current thread was created back in 2015. There's barely 40 pages. This isn't exactly a high traffic thread, sis. Plz sit down.
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  9. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    That....sounds weird. 
    I have wondered if Johanna had some sort of disorder as there were moments where she sounded really depressed for no discernible reason. Perhaps it was hormone fluctuations or a personal event in her life, but idk something about how she talked in those moments made it seem like she was just randomly depressed with no real source for it. 
    She did mention a couple years ago that she noticed when she went to stay with her dad a couple days that her depression lifted, only to come back when she came home and was around her step father. She said that he was too hard on her, and implied that it was somewhat forgiving as she knew that he wanted what was best for her. So maybe if she has a disorder, it's sourced in how her parents brought her up? Or maybe it's just an extension of her anorexia? 
    Idk, I'm not a psychologist, so I'm just thinking aloud on this. 
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  10. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Is Felice Fawn really dead?   

    I wasn't present for the whole blowup with Felice on tumblr back in the day. But I saw some recordings of Felice during one of her livestreams, and I was surprised to find that she was actually really down to earth. Her tweets in the screencaps reminded me of that.
    I've been thinking off and on about why she doesn't come back, and a number of things occur to me. Because Felice handled her businesses poorly (and/or outright scammed people out of their money) and didn't take responsibility for the fallout, there's going to be people she's wronged in the past coming out against her. Meaning if she were to come back, there would need to be a statement on the matter as well as an apology. I'm honestly not sure if reparations could be made so long after the fact, but the attempt might mean something if she doesn't give people a reason to doubt her.
    But, even if she did this, she would still have to contend with the people that hate her. If she comes back, so does the scrutiny. 
    I feel so ambivalent talking about this because of Felice's history. People have valid reasons for disliking her, but prior to her vanishing, I started feeling that the callouts were too much. Things such as nitpicking that Felice was talking about racism when she did a photoshoot with a native headdress. The shoot had been done something like 2 yrs prior to her tweeting about racism, so to bring it up was kinda nitpicky. But because Felice never actually talked about the photoshoot (i.e. admitted her ignorance and apologized for it) people are in the right for pointing out the hypocrisy. 
    I mean, I guess Felice also just doesn't want to be bothered with generating content and dealing with inevitable drama (too much work and stressful). But man, I honestly wouldn't mind her making a return if she was upfront about her past bullshit and was making an effort to move forward. As it stands, all I can do is read her tweets and imagine what could have been.
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  11. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    "Playful"? Jeffree's tweets read as passive aggressive for how much focus he puts on how using his name gets smaller channels (like Thomas') views. Even going so far as to mention Forbes feels like a "I'm better than you ;)" jab. And "mature"? I guess in relation to past mishaps, but I feel a mature person would've either ignored it or addressed it directly with the person in private messages.
    While I understand where Thomas is coming from with trying to settle beef with Jeffree and move past it, I'm also just....side eying him because what the actual fuck. The dude went on a Snapchat rant last year about how Benefit sent him a PR package for Jeffree's lip topper and threw such a fit about it, made valid points about his behavior, and was just....so, SO easily placated by Jeffree's Tarte review.
    Seriously? And he remarks that maybe Jeffree unblocked him and Jackie because he wanted allies against Laura. So you're telling me he sees the potential for being manipulated by Jeffree against Laura, but can't see his Tarte review as pandering. Seriously????? 
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  12. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    Mkay, so she tweeted this a couple days ago:

    I don't see how this is ironic. Maybe shitty considering the practice of brands using influencers like this. But I'm also thinking that maybe she'd receive more PR packages if she actually reviewed the products she received instead of just promoting them through makeup alone, as other platforms much bigger than her do this and still receive promotions from them (though some brands actually will stop with these platforms if they're honest that a product wasn't that great, that much is true). 
    Also, she deleted a tweet where this person wrote that the Anastasia highlighters were so pretty she should put them in a glass case, with Johanna replying something to the effect of "I'm definitely not getting that PR package". So like....not bitter, but evidently feeling a little bit entitled to something you don't inherently deserve. Okay.

    The brand in question has to be DMretro. They've been steadily replacing the photos they took of Johanna featuring their products on their website, and basically shelved the whole "Herrstedt Cosmetics" thing (they've been selling off her mascara heavily discounted since then, but it's only available in Sweden). Last tweet feels a bit odd considering she was getting paid for the modeling she was doing for them. Though I suppose if the initial offer for the makeup line is what they were offering (which I don't doubt being the case) then I guess I wouldn't put it pass them to offer a bag of clothes as payment for it.
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  13. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Generally I'd assume that anyone doing what Jeffree is doing right now would be financially motivated, as generally, what he's doing is trying to take back a market that was originally his (being that the makeup is knockoffs of his products). The problem I have is that Jeffree is acting like he cares so much about his customers (and I guess people in general) that that's the main reason why he's going out of his way to call the knockoffs out 2-3 years later. Which, as history has shown, is simply not the case.
    I'm in agreement with @House that it's still beneficial he's talking about the chemical substances in fake makeup, and even going so far as a to hire a chemist to see what's in the products. I just don't like the pretense that he's doing it because he ~cares so much about people~. Nah, this is financially motivated damage control on his lousy PR, nothing more. 
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  14. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Opinions on Shipping/OTPs?   

    RL ships kind of vary depending on the context, and whether or not it's considered shipping at that point. Like, I loved the RL bromance between Josh Gad and Luke Evans on Beauty and the Beast, but shipping them together makes me uncomfortable just for the fact that they're real people.
    Meanwhile, I don't mind shipping their characters from the film together, and furthermore, don't have many issues against the ship itself despite its problematic elements. The latter of which is an issue in fandom, perhaps more persistently on tumblr as tumblr's mechanics allow for users to create an echo chamber where people radicalize each other over personal values, to where it lends permission to police fandom on what is an isn't acceptable in terms of ships and the kinds of content people want to create (fanart, fanfic, meta, etc.) 
    But to get back on point with RL ships, I don't mind it as much when people ship people who are in a relationship together (like Brangelina or Billary). That's usually not the case though.
    Like, just a few days ago I came across a youtube video that tried to argue that two members of BTS went and had a makeout session while at an awards event and had hickey's on their necks at the end of the event to prove it. Like....making that kind of argument, even if it is true, is just so disrespectful to me, because it's not taking into consideration how those people would feel about having their relationship discussed like that. And because they're speculating a relationship between two men, there's something fetishistic about it as well, which is pretty gross.
    However, I am 100% supportive of real person crack ships like Donald Trump/Ted Crux, because it's parody that's meant to poke fun at, and most people aren't genuinely serious about that sort of thing. So it's fine imo, haha.
    When it comes to fictional ships, I'm generally in agreement with most others here that it's fine so long as no one is trying to discourage someone from shipping the thing. Ship wars in particular baffle me, because if someone is shipping something I don't like, my first instinct isn't going to be lording my ship over theirs. I'm just gonna go ship my thing and ignore them because pissing contests over fictional characters is a waste of time lol. 
    I will say context kind of matters in some instances. Like if someone is shipping a problematic ship where abuse is involved, but even that needs to be judged case by case, and in terms of what the interest/goal is in supporting such a thing. But if it's something that's like, outright racist or something, a conversation should be had about it to point out what's wrong with it, with the goal being to give the person the benefit of the doubt as attacking them outright usually ends poorly. 
    But tbh, when it comes to mainstream ships (that I actually like, myself) I usually dislike 99% of the content produced as the audience it attracts creates content I don't care for, and actually dislike. Good example would be Cullen/Inquisitor from Dragon Age. I liked Cullen in Origins and DA2, but DAI glossed over a lot of the stuff I liked from those games to make him more ~safe~ for the new audience, which is part of the reason why there's people who hate him. And naturally it leads to a lot of White Guy With Issues stanning that UGH stop please nO. 
    But when it comes to fic and fanart, a lot of it tends to mischaracterized Cullen as this Confident Stud, leading to a lot of boring heteronormative tropes that I just Can't Deal With. So I usually just quietly disengage when I encounter that stuff and look at stuff I actually like. 
    Like there's really nothing wrong with liking that stuff, it just becomes a problem when folks say it's the only way to enjoy the thing in question, or otherwise are telling people liking it that way is wrong. 
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  15. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic What Are Some Things That Made You Leave a Fandom?   

    My level of fandom involvement has always been rather limited, existing primarily outside of fannish communities (lurking, basically) until about 2014 when I decided to join tumblr. Since then I've found a group of people I like that I share some interests with that I interact with OUTSIDE of tumblr (although I still have an account for some reason).
    By and large, although there's a lot of stuff I like about the fandom communities on tumblr (fanart, fanfic, meta, fanmixes, headcanons, etc.) the shit that turns me off is the rude attitudes, self entitlement, and overall, lack of consideration for others. This is less of an issue in small communities (usually fandoms that aren't as active as they used to be when the media first launched) but even in those, I've had people I've never met block me for ???? reasons. Which has been a thing for most users on the site ever since tumblr implemented the block feature.
    I did talk to someone I know about it, and they told me that during a positivity week for Cullen in the Dragon Age fandom, some people were saying they were going to block everyone participating in the event. I believe this may also extend to anyone reblogging content on the character, or even reblogging opinions people don't agree with, as I've lost followers over this in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised if it also extended to blocking. 
    I honestly don't think I've really >left< a fandom. More like I've limited my engagement and have been VERY selective of who I follow (as of this post, I only follow 15 blogs). I don't follow people who reblog drama or talk shit about other users regardless of the reason as it's not only not worth my time, but usually is really overblown to the point where the person in question is receiving so much harassment, that there's no chance of reconciliation between anyone, let alone any chance for the person to reflect and apologize for what they may or may not have done. Though even in such cases when the person apologizes, I've found that the community is so unforgiving that it becomes almost impossible for the person to stay on the site. 
    A few fandoms I've been involved with, and am at least somewhat involved with to this day:
    Dragon Age - I have few good things to say about this fandom as blogs with large platforms tend to soapbox opinions that get a lot of traction, that tend to shape fandom participation, from works created to the kinds of interpretations of canon and ships that are acceptable. Perhaps my biggest grievance is how fandom tends to disagree with how the creators intended canon to be interpreted (example: DA2's mages vs. templar conflict was supposed to be a gray issue, yet fandom pushes for mage rights exclusively despite how canon unpacks the issue). And it's hard to take issue with it when the writers dropped the ball in some areas of canon, and subsequently, added fuel to the fire by thinking it'd be a good idea to have an open discussion with fans online ABOUT that part of canon (see also: David Gaider). And although I still like this series, I also have my grievances with DAI, to the point where I'm definitely not prepurchasing DA4. 
    Mass Effect - Like Dragon Age, Mass Effect is a Bioware title. So you can expect similar to the above with an extra dollop of other fun bullshit. The one thing on my mind, however, is not understanding shipping wars. But then again, I'm an equal opportunity shipper, so I'm just as likely to romance Kaidan as I am Garrus, as I am shipping them together, or with Shepard (ot3ot3ot3ot3ot3ot3).
    Saints Row - Small fandom that's mostly positive and welcoming. Lost interest when some rando blocked me.
    Amnesia Memories - Same as the above with exception to the rando. Lot interest because of the Toma hate, which is understandable to me given his route. But I also like his route for those reasons, so I'd rather just disengage and go play with my toys elsewhere >__>.
    South Park - Idk between random people chiming in how sad it is that people still like South Park, and it's fandom trying to regulate itself, I just don't have the patience for this fandom. The show itself is problematic as fuck, yet users are trying to analyze how certain ships are abusive... It just seems so weird to me given the nature of the show. And I guess for me, shipping is less about whether something is problematic than how something can be interpreted in terms of intent, as well as execution. Like writing a rape scene for angst can be cheap and exploitive to me, but if there's nuance and an intent there, I don't mind it all that much.
    Rick and Morty - I honestly don't know who's trolling in this fandom and who's genuinely awful. The Szechuan Sauce incident with McDonalds showed me that some people were just doing shit to be funny (which cast a negative light on the fandom as a whole). But then there were other incidents where people were genuinely getting mad about it, and apparently someone was stabbed at a McDonalds somewhere.....Then you have fandom online that acts like the existentialism on the show is really deep, when it's only vaguely exploratory and topical in terms of trying to actually say something. Seriously, Harmon and Roiland are smart, but you don't need to be a genius to like the show. Generally have stayed away from this fandom as speculation about the show either hurts my head or pisses me off. 
    Beauty and the Beast (2017) - I was into this fandom for a while after I saw the film. I appreciated how everyone, at first, appeared to be really into the film, as well as supportive of one another. Like, everyone just seemed to be really into creating and enjoying it for what it was. But then someone had to say something about Gaston and people that liked him, which invariably ended with those people going on the defensive to bend over backwards to exculpate him. Also wasn't a fan of people shitting on Emma Watson. Granted she has her flaws, but there's a difference between valid criticism and petty hate. 
    Miraculous Ladybug - I ducked out of this fandom after season 1 when people were getting vehement over fan theories about who Papillion could be. Like, generally fan speculation pisses me off, but this shit was too much for me for the fact that the most obvious answer was being dismissed for really dumb reasons. But generally, I loved this fandom because everyone appreciated how cute this show was. 
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