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  1. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    This pic has a comment thread starting with this person expressing their discontent with the brand for promoting Vic:I don't recall seeing the photo on her feed, but I found the above photo in Vic's tagged pictures. So I'm not sure the claim that she deleted it holds up (unless she tagged herself again? Idk I'm unfamiliar with IG's tagging function). But also....she has a bunch of other pictures in the tagged section that aren't hers and appear mostly unedited. That's where I got all the photos I posted a couple weeks ago. On a different note, one thing I don't agree with in this thread is the assertion that Vic's bad luck with men is due to her being crazy or whatever. IIRC, Vic does most of her dating via dating app. Idk if anyone has used dating apps here, but in my experience, dating apps are the worst places to try and find a long term partner - and I say that as someone who DID find a long term partner on okcupid. I don't want to be trite as fuck about the nature of using one of those apps because not all guys are fuckboys, but yo, I used those apps ?seriously< for 5 months and was borderline sociopathic by the end of it all. I had foot fetishists messaging me, dudes who wanted me to come over to their place after the first message, a narcissist who spend one of the two hours we spent together talking AT me on our date, and a beta male sexist crying about how ugly he is compared to his coworker. I had a dude ghost on me after 2 weeks of meaningful conversations. And another one who threw a hissy fit at me for wanting me to be exclusive while simultaneously "promising nothing" by the end of the year that we'd end up in a monogamous relationship. That's just a handful of guys I spent time with and/or time talking to online. It doesn't include any of the unsolicited gross crap guys would send me on a weekly basis (one guy tried to catfish nudes out of me using another guy's picture ^___^). Altho Vic can be an enormous cunt, I also think it's EXTREMELY likely that her dating misadventures are just a result of the app she's using being a steaming pile of shit.
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  2. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    I like that she's experimenting with color more here. Although I like her clean/simple makeup looks, they all look the same. I feel she'd really grow her audience if she diversified her content more. Not just with color schemes, but themes, lighting, and concepts.
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  3. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic General Johanna Herrstedt thread   

    That's cool. Agree to disagree lol. And yeah, I mean I've been around since 2013/2014 so maybe I'm just softening up on my stance RE: Johanna's work ethic since I can relate a lot to artistic insecurities, and can't imagine what it's like having 600k followers to "perform" for.
    Because altho I said what I said, I do understand where you're coming from, because being an "influencer" is her job. And I see other people posting weekly new makeup, reviews, art, etc. Whereas Jo has recently been AWOL for like 3 weeks because???? She didn't want to wear makeup while her face was healing from a facial treatment she got????
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  4. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic General Johanna Herrstedt thread   

    This was discussed a couple years back on the old forum. Around that time, there was a post going around on social media about how people have a certain conception of what it means to be a perfectionist (i.e. the person who obsesses over their craft to create the perfect image/product). It was proposed that a perfectionist could actually look like someone who was so insecure about their craft, that they'd rather not do it at all if they can't do it perfect the first time. Which got into things like procrastination, laziness/issues with initiating tasks.
    So let's say you're a person who wants to improve their traditional work but hasn't done any anatomy or gesture drawing classes. You have beautiful images in your head, and you want to put that out right now because you've subconsciously internalized there's no way you can create work as good as half the people you follow. Instead of putting in the time to practice, you decide to instead print out a pretty picture of a face and copy that.
    Let's ignore for a moment that copying images is very different from doing life drawing studies and just focus on the simple aspect of just drawing a face. Because you're someone who has never cracked open an anatomy text, you don't understand proportions. So instead of putting in that legwork, you slave over getting those proportions right. But it doesn't look right because you don't understand the distance between the eyes and the nose, the angle of the jaw in relation to the mouth, etc. So what do you do? You stop drawing and never pick up a pencil again, or have extended periods of not doing any artwork. A lot of this is rooted in deep seeded insecurities as an artist because these are the same people who will compare themselves to others and think "I'm not as good as them" or "I'm so far behind them there's no way I can catch up".
    Which overlaps with the extremely vain people who are simply doing it for clout, because some of those people have actual skills in drawing and shit, but just outright don't want to put in the legwork to get better at it. So you end up with people like Wylona Hayashi who were pretty good at art, who spend all their time on Instagram to be seen as a beautiful e-celeb, but also want to be seen as a Talented Artist. So they trace/copy/outright plagiarize other people's artwork. 
    Johanna imo is more of the former than the latter because she's been pretty open about her insecurities when it comes to her feed, namely in this most recent blog post. She also has a history of not posting content or just outright removing content. Examples:
    She uploaded this tweet of her cleaning makeup off her face of a look she never posted:
    And deleted this picture from IG because she didn't think it IG worthy:
     Perhaps the reason I'm reluctant to outright call it vanity is because most artists want some form of confirmation that they're product/image/whatever is well received and massively liked. Especially after putting 5-10 hours into a single work. To want some form of praise/validation feels human to me. (Also: sorry for the long post, I've been thinking about this for a VERY long time and have been applying it to different areas of my life, namely the struggle to produce art).
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  5. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic General Johanna Herrstedt thread   

    She probably hasn't done much art recently due to her perfectionism (i.e. "I'd rather not do it if I can't do it perfect the first time"). She posted this WIP back in February tho:
    Honestly I'm kinda on board with ShoopShow RE: the potential she has when it comes to her photography, but also her social media, makeup, and traditional artwork. But I get the struggle with perfectionism and not having the motivation/confidence to produce stuff.
    No doubt my comments on her artwork (+ other people who were commenting about it at the time) didn't help with motivating her to create/experiment and whatnot. Which is kinda why I tuned out/refrained from commenting on it since then, and genuinely hope she's not still paying attention to this subforum because it's obviously not good for her to be paying attention to what folks are saying here.
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  6. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    I don't know because she didn't tell anyone anything about what the hell the collaboration is for LOL
    Case in point: she posted pictures from her flight to LA where she did the shoot, but not why she was there.
    I do recall her posting to her IG story about the trip, but not like, what the collab was for. Hence why I had to hunt n peck for these pics:
    These were posted by people who were on the trip with her. Detarmindag actually vlogged about it in 2 videos.
    I think Jo makes a brief appearance in the first one, and is more prominent in the second. Not sure because I like, looked at both of them at the time, and for one reason or another, decided it wasn't worth posting (but hey, for those interested).
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  7. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    I wondered the same thing too, especially after how much saturation there is in that picture and the most recent one with her dog compared to the rest of her feed.
    Tbh I'd be surprised if she was lurking just because I thought she moved on from paying attention to this thread.
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  8. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    Idk I've been following for years and I still don't know why she doesn't keep people updated on her collabs or even basic shit like going to events to see what new makeup/skincare is coming out. And I'm not talking about the most recent deluge from going to a Sephora event in Paris. I'm talking about these:
    Maybe I don't understand the purpose of press events, but these could've been used to post about upcoming makeup and skincare (if only to get some traffic on her IG story). The Sephora event in Paris might've been a paid gig, so maybe she was legally obligated to post about it. Except there's nothing on her story to clarify it's an ad. So...if it's not an ad, then what's the logic behind posting stuff she saw at one event vs. all the other times she didn't? 
    Then I came across this recently:

    which is an email advert that's also up on display on the main Nyx Cosmetics website:

    I'm just??????
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  9. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    I hadn't considered she has been doing it recently to hide her bad editing. I thought it was just her new filter she decided to use in the past year (i think she mentioned it on IG somewhere?) It's a nice filter but I don't think it's one she can use for everything because it sucks the life out of a lot of her images. Like this one with her dog:
    I also think this is a good example of her hiding her editing because I swear the right side of her jaw doesn't look right, but I can't get a clear enough visual on it because of the noise and low light of the image.
    Are you saying she masked off the hair and eyebrows to tweak the colors? I'm asking because it appears on both sides of the brow, which makes me think she masked everything off before tweaking it, or otherwise was painting over it with masking options in layers (sidenote: I haven't used PS in about 2 yrs so I might not be getting my terminology right lol).
    How has she edited the hair poorly exactly? It's been noted a few times in the past that she's used the sharpen tool to bring out the highlights on her hair. Which I'd also extend to her eyelashes and brows in some pictures. Like in this pic:
    I think I also see some sharpen on the individual strands of her hair in this image too. But in the image you pointed out early I also notice there's some blurring on the right side of her hair.
    Do you think Johanna is manually adjusting the settings on her camera before she takes her pictures? Because I spoke with someone who did a lot of photography and they thought she had the camera set to auto. But her eye being out of focus in that image would suggest that she does manually adjust the settings on her camera before settling down to take a picture. 
    One last thing: can you explain what she did in this image:
    She said on IG it was the reflective light from her fridge and nose contour....but I'm like....so unnerved by how 1 dimensional the lower half of her face looks. Little to no shadows along the jawline or nose.
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  10. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    More pics I found: 
    I probably said this before but I'm going to say it again anyway: I still don't get why Vic edits the shit out of her face when she has beautiful bone structure. Like. Fuckin why. 
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  11. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    Yeah I've noticed that too. Though it's not just her ads that have become dreary. A lot of her recent stuff is very desaturated.
    I want to blame the weather in her area and lighting in her apartment, but she takes selfies on her IG story that have waaaaay better lighting.
    I think more light/exposure works best for her aesthetic, as shown in this photoset from last month:
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  12. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    Idk what my thoughts were on Vic's serial killer tattoos, but at this point I just....don't understand it. Namely I don't understand what her thought process is behind this IG story:
     I also found some pics from that everybodysquad campaign:

    Idk where I found this or what it's from:

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  13. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    What's most frustrating about Jeffree is his insistence that he's trying to be better/not the "old Jeffree" when I can't recall him going a full year without publicly condemning someone, let alone inserting himself into something that isn't his business. You don't have to pull up his poor behavior from his earlier years; just look at the last 3 years.
    I still remember Jeffree commenting on Rocky's youtube video where he talked about how he picked up his JS highlighter at an event, only to find it broken when he got home. Rocky said he thought it broke during transport, and that he wasn't shit talking the brand itself. But Jeffree didn't watch the video and just blindly commented that it was defamation and that he should be ashamed of himself for being an attention whore for lying. This resulted in Jeffree's fans swarming Rocky over assuming what the content of his video was.
    That was 3 years ago. Jeffree accusing James of being a sexual predator was just last month.
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  14. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Yea, Gage really struck me as using the situation for clout. One of the drama channels put up the messages between James and Gage where Gage kept insisting he needed to clear his name, with James trying to persuade him not to because it would only make things worse (which it did). Gage kept blindly insisting he needed to make a video on the premise that he needed to clear his name, and in the end, lied on James in the video saying he told him he was straight, when in fact the message transcripts show him saying he was bi-curious and was looking to explore what that meant (with James Charles of all people lmao).
    I don't follow Tati, but her video was very carefully worded until it got to the part about James forcing his sexuality on others, at which point she became indignant like how dare you, you should be ashamed, etc. etc. etc. And it's like...while I agree that no one should be doing that, I've also been noticing recently a lot of folks using that sort of rhetoric to drag people down and have the public turn on them. Which became more apparent after Jeffree got involved and started parroting the same rhetoric, despite the fact that Jeffree has done the same shit lol.
    And "self proclaimed angel"....yeah I can see that. But I'm also someone who is on edge whenever someone who describes themselves as "a nice person". Why? Because most of the people I consider nice have never described themselves that way, and the ones that do are 50 shades of asshole. So watching a video where a 40 y.o. woman has come out against someone she once considered her family while saying she's trying to be mindful and shit really doesn't do it for me.
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  15. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic General Johanna Herrstedt thread   

    I sort of agree. "Sort of" because while she has been making an effort to lay off the heavy editing, she hasn't been really consistent about it. Besides that though, she's been keeping her social media pretty clean of drama. I mean, outside of this weird confrontation:
    Which has me like

    Criticizing Johanna for not editing her pictures more.
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