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  1. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Spookylilpeach   

    This comment is kind of uncalled for, because not only was I not hating on them, I've also been more fair to Marissa since I started posting to this thread. It honestly sounds like you haven't read what's been posted here, so maybe you should do that before you reply to me again.
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  2. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    She's really taking her sweet time with her comeback. This was posted the middle of last month almost immediately after getting her IG back online.

    (Likes are lower in the screengrab bc I meant to post it at the time but forgot oops)
    And this was posted more recently.

    I can't tell if the image is new or not because all of her pics look the same to me.
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  3. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    Jo posted these to her IG story a couple days ago:
    I don't know if she's deliberately being misleading as to what kind of "fillers" she got, but from this string of posts, I would've assumed it was about getting a top up on her lips.
    AHclinic posted a before/after of her lips here, only to follow it up with a post on the cheekbone fillers she got.

    I really don't get Johanna. Like, I'm sorry but there's this extreme cognitive dissonance in my head because ~every now and then~ she'll complain about having thin lips, no cheekbones,  etc. yet if you were consuming nothing but her IG feed, you'd have to wonder wtf she's talking about because she edits the shit out of all of that anyway, and pretends that by being upfront about the cosmetic procedures she gets makes her transparent, even though she's not being upfront about what >fillers< she got besides lip fillers, which makes it weird that she feels the need to be ambiguous about it even though she also complains about not having cheekbones. How tf does anyone parse this?
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  4. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Comparison Photos   

    I completely forgot about those videos she made smh. Yeah, not just the shape of her eyes but how they're situated on her face is proportionally super different compared to her selfies.
    RE: the blue eye makeup pic - It might be age, the angle the photo was taken, if she was raising her brows, etc. Some pictures like this one look like she's raising her brows in the image.

    But you don't even see a hint of a wrinkle anywhere, so either she edits them out or she just liquifies her brows so they're up higher.
    Alternatively, she could've gotten some cosmetic procedure I'm unaware of because she's super inconsistent about what she's gotten over the years. Case in point, recently she indicated she went in to get more lip injections and was going back for a follow up consultation next week. Didn't mention that she also went in for cheek fillers.
    Like, idk if it's because I haven't been following her so closely, but this is the first I've ever heard of her getting them.
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  5. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    Idk about Sweden, but it's legal in the states to drink/be drunk while getting a tattoo. Thing is, most tattoo artists won't do it if the person is completely shitfaced because they don't want to run the risk of a lawsuit or giving someone a tattoo they'll regret in the morning. That's just the US though, can't really speak for Sweden.
    I might be concerned about Johanna doing shots while getting a tattoo, but beer is usually super low on alcohol content. The most I could imagine a beer would do to her is get her a little buzzed (assuming she hasn't eaten and is a lightweight).
    I both admire and feel a bit bad that she doesn't drink that much. Hard liquor destroys your liver, lowers your metabolism, acts as a depressant, and is super dehydrating (which causes you to age faster). The biggest negatives to drinking beer and wine are the calories, really (though even wine has some health benefits).
    But like....I'm not a club goer at all, but some of my best times have been with my BF and friends getting drunk while playing board games, watching trashy movies, and eating pizza. And it just seems a shame to me that she doesn't really have that outside of going to press events where she mingles with a few mutuals and goes home. But this is mostly conjecture on my part.
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  6. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Comparison Photos   

    Had to do a comp of that Nyx photoshoot pic. I made 3 images: one with static orientation, shifted to match the angle of the face, and ofc a gif.

    ^^^^I normally don't post before/after comps with the orientation of each photo as is, but when I saw this it just felt >right< to keep the orientations the same since it's not the same pose.

    Left photo is from last year. Normally don't like using pics from different years but I was hard pressed to find a similarly posed image from this year.
    Also I made these when someone mentioned the possibility of Johanna editing her eye crease larger:

    I didn't post these due to the fact that it looks like she's raising her brows in the left image (which is from like 2015). But I was hard pressed to find a better image for comparison bc while I understood what the person was trying to get at, I couldn't find a better image for comparison for, say, this image.

    Like I dunno man. She has deepset almond eyes so pointing it out is a lil fussy. But then I look at her candids and they don't look this deepset (though it is worth noting in the above image that there's some pretty obv burn tool at the crease).
    But yea besides that, I'm still pretty surprised that it's easy to forget how much Johanna edits things like her nose and skin.
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  7. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    Idk man but whoever did it must've been a different person because the editing looks nothing like the studio pics of her modeling the clothing.
    I doubt Jo would mind since she allegedly hates like 90% of her candids.
    Lol they used the same photographer for their Wonderland After Dark shoot in the US. So I'm guessing they're someone working local in LA for Nyx. Definitely on the cheap end if Nyx can't afford a retoucher.
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  8. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    Plz bear with me while I struggle to list sources.
    I am almost certain the above two images wouldn't be nearly as cringe as the last one if they didn't crop them so close to her face. Also, these are probably the most HQ least edited images I've ever seen of her (open in a new tab n get a closer look). I'm tempted to make a comp of the last one because in contrast her editing is so apparent it's stupid.

    I know I posted this already but it's a wider cropped version. (source)

    Same deal. Currently this is the image you see on the french nyxcosmetics website under customer service.
    Okay, so I'm not going to list sources for these individually since you can find them on Hexofit under the Power By Herrstedt brand link. Sorry for any repeats.
    I'm going to post a cropped version of the last photo outside the spoiler bc I need you to understand my discomfort at how this image was edited.

    Idk maybe it's me and my shitty monitor but it looks like they just straight up went in with the blur tool.
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  9. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Spookylilpeach   

    The lashes are probably the only thing that bother me. Mainly because I have small/hooded/downturned eyes so it's difficult enough doing liner/eyeshadow with limited lidspace, so lashes like that would literally overwhelm my eyes. She kind of balances it with the shape of her brow/exaggerated liner, but man I can't imagine they're comfortable. They look heavy as shit.
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  10. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    Full Video Here.
    I forget if I posted this here, but I figured I'd post it again since I didn't see it on the last page of this thread. From Lucas' IG story in the summer I think. Just to keep with the theme of this thread being nothing but Lucas' videos where she makes an appearance, I guess.
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  11. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Spookylilpeach   

    Alexa (glitter_bat_) can be as much of a drama magnet as Marissa, but when someone said her nose was edited, she at least had the decency to say "Yea I edit my nose" and went on her story to show she had a nose bump, and explained further on twitter that she edits her photos. Mind you, she wasn't as gracious about it as she could've been (Idk maybe some people were harassing her about it, I didn't think to check) but she still admitted it. The thing I don't like about Marissa is that whenever she someone points out she edits, she cries about being bullied and posts crap like this to her story:

    And on top of all this, she's taken to using video editing apps to keep the baby jaw consistent. Example 1, Example 2.
    Like, I maintain I don't agree with the harassment she receives RE: her makeup/aesthetic, and don't think rude comments regarding her editing is called for. But valid criticism pointing out the fact that she edits, and continues to deny it, is fair game imo.
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  12. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    o lawd what is this 🤦‍♀️
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  13. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    Mk again my memory is bad so sorry for reposting anything.
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  14. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    She's been a fan since she was a teenager. If you go back into the archive on the VK fanpage, you can find fanart she did of Freddie Mercury, and at least two selfies of her with her Queen poster from 2014/2015. She hasn't talked about in the past two years, but I recall around that time she mentioned that she was so into the band and Freddie Mercury's story that she legit cried about him being dead.
    Recent stuff she's done in the past 3 months or w/e:
    I think the quality of her content is getting better. I like a lot of these looks, namely the Euphoria-inspried wavy hair look, and the dolly cupid tattoo look (altho I think she could've figured out the placement a bit better of the leftmost cherrub). But I still have an issue with the majority of these looks being foggy, desaturated, with a low exposure because a lot of details are lost due to the muddiness of the image. I know the glowy "lets smudge some gloss on the lens" look is trending, but I think it kind of matters what you're applying it to, and how MUCH of it you're applying it to.
    Like I think the Euphoria inspired look could've taken it back a notch but still maintain the overall aesthetic because it's a simple look. But the cherrub tattoo look lost like 50% of the details with the shimmer and glitter, which don't photograph well to begin with. Otherwise an alternative to this could be attaching extra pics of the work she did so you can see all the shimmery details.
    Also...I gotta mention I find it weird that she tagged the heart look as "euphoria" on tumblr because I never would've guessed that was a Euphoria inspired look. What makes it Euphoria-related exactly? The inclusion of rhinestones?

    I actually really like this look, and think that the desaturated aesthetic is actually super appropriate for an image like this.
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  15. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Part 3 of the documentary has Jeffree going into detail on the huge theft at one of his warehouses. Like, idk if he mentioned it on his youtube, but he mentioned in the documentary that in addition to all the Blueblood and concealer they stole, they also took a fuckton of his redbull. Like...why the fuck?
    Also watching him testing the samples with Shane was super informative considering how often you hear from other Influencers how they "slaved" over their palette to get the >best< formulas and swatches. Naturally Jeffree's been doing it longer than someone like James Charles, but it's just funny to watch him put together a colorstory in the same day they're testing all the eyeshadows lol.
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