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  1. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    How much you wanna bet Shane hasn't even seen Friday lol
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  2. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    Honestly I've been feeling more and more ambivalent about the video the more I think about it and read what other people have to say.
    Main thing that bothers me about Tati claiming that she was manipulated by Jeffree & Shane is how similar the narrative is to the one in her Bye Sister video. Tati, once again, is being taken advantage of manipulative, untrustworthy gay men that work in the beauty industry.
    But as someone who was manipulated myself into thinking something about a person I knew, I fully understand how easy it is to get swept up in someone's line of thinking. Especially considering someone as dominating and alienating as Jeffree who seems to surround himself with people who swallow his bullshit wholesale for fear of losing face with him. So I can definitely see someone like Tati getting caught up in that without realizing his ulterior motives.
    On the flipside of that.....as with the Bye Sister video, I am feeling more and more uneasy about this most recent video. If Tati has something on them and wants to sue them, okay cool I support that. But a lot of choices in the filming of the video seems like a PR move to try and sway public opinion about her. If you notice in the video she's fairly bare-faced/dressed down and keeps bringing up things like her Christian faith and charity to make her seem more humble and delicate (which just generally feels like some kind of self branding overall considering how she acted in the Bye Sister video). And it's like, okay maybe part of the reason it comes across as disingenuous is because the Bye Sister video was somewhat scripted in the way the recent video is. But I just....
    Like, she's technically right that she never called James a predator, but acting outraged about James' behavior regarding the waiter, and the fact that in her follow-up video she acted so surprised that people took it so far, it's difficult for me to believe that she didn't see what came after as a possibility. Especially considering she admits she was worried James might commit suicide and that Shane reassured her he'd be fine.
    But I also just....when it comes to people saying Tati is shifting blame, I just have to wonder what exactly do people want her to do? Just apologize to James and move on? Why is it not okay for her to address how Jeffree and Shane manipulated the situation considering their public statements on the matter? Isn't this something people should know about in some capacity regardless of whether or not she has receipts? I genuinely want to know because while I see the issues some folks have with her apologizing to James and Jackie Aina, I just don't understand why she should've swept Jeffree and Shane's involvement under the rug.
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  3. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I mentioned it in Shane's thread already, but Tati's actually considering legal action against Jeffree and Shane for defamation.
    In her video, at the 32:45 she talks about Jeffree's comments in March, as well as Shane's most recent statement on his involvement in the scandal, and has declared both to be "Cowardly and defamatory" and addresses anyone else who has said anything defamatory before going on to say, "I am still well within the statute of limitations for bringing a civil action to seek recovery for my damages. Should I proceed with this course of action, my attorneys will be disposing all witnesses about the truth of what happened here."
    My guess is that if Jeffree is being silent right now, it's because he's on calls with his lawyer lol.
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  4. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    At the 30:22 mark she mentions that she can't show receipts "due to the advice of her attorneys", and goes on to say that "There will soon come a day where we will be able to present this evidence, and you'll be able to see why it is we believe Jeffree and Shane are responsible for so much of the damage that has been caused." Earlier on in the video she mentioned that what texts she received from Jeffree & Shane were backed up on a hard drive and given to her attorneys.
    At the 30:47 mark she talks about how Jeffree and Shane were both "bitterly jealous" of James success (worth watching this bit because she goes into detail on Morphe and how Jeffree is allegedly a co-owner).
    At the 32:45 talks about Jeffree's comments in March, as well as Shane's most recent statement on his involvement in the scandal, and has declared both to be "Cowardly and defamatory" and addresses anyone else who has said anything defamatory before going on to say, "I am still well within the statute of limitations for bringing a civil action to seek recovery for my damages. Should I proceed with this course of action, my attorneys will be disposing all witnesses about the truth of what happened here."
    So to be clear, Tati is seriously considering taking both Jeffree and Shane to court for defamation. Which makes both Shane and Ryland look like fucking clowns for how they're acting online because if she actually consulted her attorneys, gave them a hard drive of information, and is genuinely considering legal action against them, they are supremely fucked if she has anything incriminating against them.
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  5. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    A kicked dog hollers.
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  6. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

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  7. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    I recall exactly 1 time she posted about doing a job for something (shortly after she got certified). Then after that radio silence. I recall another time when someone asked her if she got any more jobs after that but I think she vagued about it saying she got "a few" after that. The only receipt I can find on this though is this one from last year

    My guess is that she doesn't get much work due to the fact that her account is more geared towards influencer/aesthetic content than makeup artistry. Most of the professional MUAs I've seen just post client work to their IG, and if they have a website they usually use it to showcase their portfolio (whereas Johanna's website is just an inactive photoblog).
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  8. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    So I've seen Blaire's video and like Jeffree she has no receipts. Which is funny because she points out Jeffree had no receipts to. Awesome.
    The problem I have with all of this is that if a memo exists, why does Jeffree, of all fucking people, have it saved on his phone. And why does Jeffree think it's okay to share it with the likes of Blaire White (among others).
    Both of these assholes know it's not their story to tell yet they want to talk about it anyway. Meanwhile, the victim gets to watch the shitshow from the sidelines of two people who very obviously don't have their vested interests at heart talk about the memo that was sent to Jeffree that has now been repeatedly shared between people like a fucking topic of conversation.
    Let's not pretend any of these people give a flying fuck about victims.
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  9. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Nami.Lune   

    There isn't a "National Poet's Society" but there is a "National Poetry Society", which does have an awards section you can look at from various years. Just glancing at 2018 and 2019, I don't see anyone named "Brittany" or "Nami" in the list, and even looking at individual entries for similar content yields no results. This is assuming that's the society she's talking about though seeing as how there's other similar websites that don't necessarily list themselves in the same way.
    Wanted to know exactly what she said about which competition she entered since someone mentioned it.

    He gave her a flyer in NJ or the flyer was for a contest based on NJ? This is so weirdly ambiguous that I feel that if it's true, it has to be a small/niche competition for it to be so difficult to even google.
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  10. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Alyssa D. Silos (Alythuh)   

    Yes, and I say this as someone who had the most rudimentary cooking skills before moving out and getting my own place.
    My parents taught me how to cook pasta and eggs as a kid, but I was always included in meal prep as a teen (mixing ingredients and whatnot) so that when I finally moved out on my own I knew the basics of how most hand-made meals were prepared and could just look up a recipe online if I couldn't remember any of their recipes by heart.
    Which kind of has me wondering what her upbringing was like for her to not even know how to fry an egg considering she allegedly lived in a communal household of 12 people + grandma. Like, you're telling me no one in her family asked her to even do so much as cut an onion?
    But besides that....it's just so easy to google how to cook online these days that there really isn't an excuse for it. Besides all the websites and apps for recipes, youtube is a fountain of information when it comes how to actually cook things. Even not having the time to do it isn't really a good excuse because she should at least have 10-15 minutes to throw something into a crockpot to cook for 4-6 hours. Like, there's just so many ways to cook and adapt that it's a little more than embarrassing that as a freelance artist she's living like she's in a college dorm room.
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  11. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    From how Jeffree looks in the video, I'd say this was filmed between 2007-2010. Mentioning this because Jeffree posted another video similar video to this on his own channel years later (in 2012/2013) where he films a homeless guy with tears streaming down his face, saying things like "I love you" "Will you make out with me?" "This is my soulmate!" with his friends laughing in the background.
    Starts at the 00:11 mark.
    Idk if I mentioned it in this thread before but this was actually the video that made me stop following him (I didn't find out about his racist behavior until years later). I was living in CA at the time so I was seeing homeless people on a regular basis/giving them change when I could, and just....what kind of person did you have to be to be filming someone clearly distressed just to laugh at them? 
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  12. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Snitchery/ Eleanor Barnes   

    Yeah, that's why Milk is matching Snitchery's donation. When they got called out by former black employees, one of the cofounders came forward and basically said "this isn't what my company stands for" and went on to make the following post about what they're going to do moving forward, among the things being that they'll match team donations to nonprofit organizations.
    I'm not defending Milkmakeup bc I'm not familiar with the company beyond this, and honestly have some questions regarding what Edelawit Hussien mentioned in her post on her experience working with the company. At the very least, I like that they're matching donations (and that Snitchery is donating as much as she is knowing this).
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  13. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    It's weird that Shane said that James Charles is the one who needed a reality check because his ego was the size of the sun, meanwhile he's friends with Jeffree Asshat Star, the guy who literally boasts that he can't be canceled.
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  14. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Thought it would be useful to try and summarize some of the shit that went down last 2 weeks. ETA - added a spoiler to everything so that it's not completely bumping down the page.
    June 10, 2020
    Kam's video on his experience working with Jeffree Star. In summation:
    Not sure when Tab’s original video was posted, but my guess is it either came out the same day as Kam’s or the same day Sanders Kennedy reuploaded it (with permission on June 11, 2020).
    Tab David’s video on his friendship with Jeffree. The key takeaways are:
    June 12, 2020
    Ashley Kyle is a drama channel who ended up mutually following Jeffree after he wrongly called her out for her JSC Alien Palette Plagiarism video. After fans pointed out he didn’t watch the video, he apologized and ended up following Ashley. Ashley clarifies early on that she never signed an NDA or received monetary compensation for the videos she did, and that she wasn’t consistently receiving “tea” from Jeffree as people suspected. However, she did receive insider knowledge on the Tati/James scandal early on which allowed her to get a head start on creating/posting her video.
    June 15, 2020
    Sanders Kennedy’s video regarding Ashley’s video, and his own relationship with Jeffree Star:

    I might update this further with Sanders other videos and Rich Lux’s video on what happened in Vegas, but even without Sander’s additional voice notes and Lux licking Jeffree’s boots, this is pretty damning in and of itself. Like even if just 1 person is telling the truth it establishes that Jeffree is either a two faced manipulative person, or a two faced manipulative person who also just so happens to be a racist and an anti-semite. 
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  15. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Alyssa D. Silos (Alythuh)   

    lol now I feel dumb because I thought that was a poorly designed tattoo of a gun.

    Does anyone feel like she edits her skin darker when she cosplays as WOC? I'm asking cuz her skin is darker here and in her Kida cosplay but is lighter in her other more recent photos.
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