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  1. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Spookylilpeach   

    No problem. I checked out her Facebook and found some more semi-candids in her Mobile folder.
    The last one is honestly what I'd expect her natural face shape to be, but Idk if the filter being used there is altering anything.
    I should probably mention that I don't dislike Marissa, or think she's a bad person. I actually think she's really sweet. I'm just disappointed with her lack of transparency when it comes to her editing.
    I also found these elsewhere:

    Idk where the first one is from, but the last 2 are from 2012. Marissa actually posted an image from this time herself on IG (I actually posted it in my last post at the bottom).
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  2. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    tbh I thought she was trolling just because I've been posting stuff from her BF's IG for a couple years now. Kinda weird to be mad about it now since she knows that's what I've been doing lol.
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  3. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    Ah, yeah, that kind of falls in line with her sucking in her cheeks for certain pictures (both her own and those not taken by her).

    I kind of wish Johanna would create a lookbook with links to all the stuff she wears. Her style has gotten better over the years, and I think she could do a good job showcasing it if she put some effort into it.
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  4. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    I don't disagree, however in this case I feel the video is suspect just because it's 3-4 months old and oddly degraded. If you were trying to prove her point about your own face, wouldn't you upload something more current?
    I think we touched up on this a year or two ago, how it seems Jo has started editing her jawline in her makeup tutorials that result in jaw wobble and weirdly sharp jaw corners:
    The thing all of these videos have in common is that the same side of the jaw is affected. And because it's the front camera on the iPhone, that means the image is flipped. So the side of her face she's editing is the left side of her jaw (which would be our right facing her); the side of her face she tends to hide/edit the most.
    I'm mainly using videos she's posted to her IG story in the past specifically because most people don't expect someone to edit their jaw in a 3 second boomerang video, and also because I can't be bothered to go through her Q&A videos + makeup tutorials again just to get a specific reference point on where jaw wobble occurs.
    What I will do is post this gif again:
    Someone I talked to about video editing (and specifically Johanna) was that she was probably using Motion Tracking in After Effects to liquify the parts of her face she wants edited. They showed me this video where a guy demos liquifying his biceps, but I also found this video for liquifying the face that I think applies more to what we're talking about here. I don't use the software myself, but it appears simple enough that even a rudimentary understanding of the tool would be enough to alter something (sorry if I've talked about this before btw my memory is shit).
    Btw, Jo is still lurking here. She posted this a couple days ago:

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  5. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    So Current Mood Clothing reposted Vic a week ago, and people weren't happy about it. Comments section went to shit in short order, and resulted in Vic posting a long video on IG story to clarify she edits her jaw and body (the latter of which I thought she was honest about, but someone said she lied about that recently in another IG story; can't say for certain).
    Like, I really don't know what to say about it, because while I agree with the core argument that pics like Victoria's are harmful, I don't know if I agree with publicly shaming/engaging with someone who's upfront about their editing. But also, because a lot of this stuff is public, I have a hard time saying no one should say anything about it.
    It also gets into weird territory in this case because it seems like most of Victoria's stans hear what they want to hear instead of what's actually being said. Example:

    Most people are just pointing out the hypocrisy of her doing the We Are Living Cute campaign because it was body positive and Vic edits the crap out of her pictures.
    Her fans are really something else though. This person compared people being mislead by an edited photo to fucking Columbine:

    More clownery under the spoiler (in case this is OT)
    More pics from photoshoots Vic did. Apologies if there's any repeats:
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  6. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    Is it just me or is this a weird thing to publicly ruminate about?
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  7. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    She could, but I doubt she could stand growing it out for so long with having her roots show. Hair can grow between 0.3 inches and 0.5 inches per month. So even if she were to get max hair growth per month, that would only yield like 6 inches of hair for an entire year. Which by that point would still require her to strip the black from her hair if she wanted to keep it and dye it with the virgin hair. I mean, she could also cut off the black at that point and have short hair, but so far all she's done is talk about getting a cut (and getting a shoulder length haircut that's long since grown out).
    So these were posted to her IG story earlier today:

    "Negative bitches" and "You edit your face slimmer". So who pissed her off?
    Oh here we go. Comments thread of this IG post show this comment thread:

    For context: Jo was replying to someone else about IG hiding likes when the person in the screencap replied to her.
    We've seen this kind of response before, so this really isn't new. But it just occurred to me that the video she posted looks super degraded. She mentioned when she first posted it months ago that "IG really screwed up the quality". But I think the degraded quality is the result of whatever editing software she used to tweak her jawline in the video before importing it back to IG.
    It's been a while since I've done a comp, so let's do one using this video and a video Lucas posted to his story.

    (Link to video via google drive)

    (Link to video via google drive)

    I should probably spend more time studying/reading about focal length just because I've seen people both here and on Johanna's IG handwave a lot of stuff as focal length (no doubt due to Johanna perpetuating the same thing about her selfies vs. photos taken by others) without providing much in the way of commentary for anyone to understand exactly what they're trying to say. Because while focal length is important when it comes to the distortions we see in faces....when it comes to this sort of thing, there's really not a lot to wonder about except distance and maybe the brand of phone the person is using to know exactly what lens the camera is using. Because both Jo and Lucas are obviously using the front cameras of their phones. Jo I think has an iPhone 7, whereas Lucas has....?
    Like, I think this stuff is worth talking about to get a better understanding of it, but my knowledge is limited to me fiddling around with my own camera for the past 3 months. So maybe someone else with more know how could explain in better detail, and point out what we should really be looking at exactly.
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  8. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    I went ahead and pulled stills from the video so ppl could see the individual >moments< better. 
    I also pulled the stills from that Checkmate video posted a while back:
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  9. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Spookylilpeach   

    Lol I really should've known Marissa had a thread here after she started talking about "hate forums".
    I started following Marissa a couple months ago because I liked her aesthetic and artistry, and she seemed to be a pretty nice person despite excessive sho0p. However, last month she started posting about reddit talking about a photo of her and her BF where they said she "looked like a mannequin". This was the photo they were talking about:
    Then a week or two ago she posted about bbynightmares and how she won't leave her alone, that she's been harassing her for years, that she lied about Nathaniel saying that he was stalking Marissa to keep them from being friends and getting together since bbynight was paranoid/jealous of Marissa. She said a lot more, but since I don't have screencaps, it's just my word on the topic. But I read the whole thing and it was a messssssssssssssssss.
    One thing I will mention that I found odd: she mentioned another user named dacatlady who was a friend that turned on her because of bbynightmares. At the time, I checked out both bbynight and catlady just to see who she was talking about. I distinctly recall bbynight being cheyenne and catlady being the orange haired with the caption "mental health advocate". Now bbynight leads to a private/inactive account and catlady leads to cheyenne:
    lol did something happen when I wasn't looking? Seriously what is this? Username musical chairs?
    I gotta admit, it is pretty disappointing to see Marissa deny the editing she does on her photos and deflect that everyone criticizing is just jealous of her. I followed her even tho I knew she was editing because I thought she was cultivating a positive space on IG. But I guess I should've known better since it seems a lot of these beauty influencers tend to be really attached to their online image regardless of how it affects everyone else *shrug*.
    Also, FYI but Marissa has baleeted pretty much all of her old photos, and appears to monitor her tagged photos (since it's mostly just reposts with a few select tagged pictures of her with friends right at the beginning of it). But I did find >some< lightly edited pictures on pinterest:
    ^^^Second one is more edited than the other, especially on the nose and jaw.
    She's posted a few old pictures of herself in her highlights section on IG. Probably thought she could tell people she looks different because age/weight, but imo jawshape is pretty consistent with what I saw on the first page of this thread.
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  10. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

    (source) It's weird that this is on the belguim nyxcosmetics IG instead of the main one or the nyxcosmeticsnordics one.
    ^^^Person that posted this appears to be the artistic director for the video. Yet I don't see the video anywhere else???
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  11. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    2 things:
    1) There was a lot of reasons to hate Jackie lol.
    2) Jo retweeted from spookylilpeach/lildaisybaby who has her own thread here for excessive photoshop and other drama.

    While I understand damage from hair bleach, I feel that mostly applies if you're using 40 vol box hair bleach instead of going to a salon to get your hair done. I went from brunette to blond last year, and didn't experience any damage from it because my hairdresser used products that not only lifted color from my hair, but also conditioned it, and my hair is fine/straight like Jo's.
    The biggest concerns outside of potential damage tho are pain, time, and money. The bleach was tolerable imo, but if you have a good hairdresser they'll be checking in with you on your pain level (and if you need it rinsed out). This also super depends on what brand/formula they're using because I've had treatments that didn't hurt at all because of the brand (I think it was Redken?). If you're doing a double process (like I did) you can spend anywhere between 3-6 hours in the chair (I went from brunette to blond). Naturally more time in the chair means you spend more $$$. Since then I've spent between $140-$160 per appointment (not including tip) but I've also seen prices $210 and up.
    Like, when it comes down to it, it really depends on what your hairdresser recommends and what you're comfortable with. Because I've also seen hairdressers on IG recommend lightening over time with multiple appointments. Meaning you go up a shade every other month (or whenever you need a touch up, basically). This allows your hair to recover from the treatment and preserve the shaft of the hair.
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  12. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic WANTED: Artist for 2019 banner   

    I'm so late to replying to this, but thank u so much for the mention, Haeltide ; ___;. I pretty much was about to drop the entire project until you came in to work on it with me. So thank you so much for being there to keep me motivated and for fixing a lot of the stuff I was having trouble with.
    Regarding the creation of the new banner: I feel the need to offer STRONG LOUD ADVICE on HOW TO PROCEED WITH THE CURRENT BANNER. Which is probably not needed considering the level of talent in this thread. If anything, this'll just give folks some insight into the tears work that went into the completion of the current banner.
    Gather 'round children, and listen to my tale of woe.
    All artists involved completed their artwork in 3 months. I ended up working on it for another 6 months because when we showcased the lineup, it looked terrible. The community consensus at the time was that art direction was needed to make the styles more consistent so that the banner looked more cohesive and polished.
    As main-gun had left the website by this time, and kelly would eventually come to delete the original forum (lmao) I was left to work on bringing the whole thing together.
    In addition to tweaking my work on Kotakoti, I also had to find a way to make my work more consistent with that of the other 5 snowflakes while simultaneously making everything visually interesting/tidy/polished. It's difficult to say how consistently I worked considering I was accountable only to myself. But my rough estimation was that I was working 2-5 days per week 1-6 hours per day.
    Haeltide was really essential in motivating me to complete the banner as working on the same thing for a couple of months semi-consistently was driving me insane. I was posting updates to the thread at the time to keep myself motivated (which is how Haeltide got on board) but having someone to bounce ideas off of and evaluate my work was really clutch in motivating me to completing all of it.
    Therefore, my advice to future artists is this:
    Don’t flake on the projectOnly sign up to work on it if you feel comfortable with fellow artists tweaking your workKeep in touch via discord, PULL, email, OR SOMETHING to communicate ideas, suggestions, and keep each other motivated.Have 1-2 artists oversee the style/direction of the banner to ensure it's consistent and polished lookingDon’t flake on the projectAt the core of it all is simply to treat it like a job you’re collaborating on with a team of people. So I also endorse finding a way to pay the artists involved if possible as that would also incentivize people to stay on board and get it done sooner rather than later.
    Regardless, I wish all the best to whoever ends up working on the banner (and hope that you don’t suffer my mistakes when working on it). Ya'll are dazzling, blessings and good fortune to you all ( ̄ー ̄)b.
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  13. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    Sorry! I had multiple tabs open and posted to the wrong one lol.
    A followup on the makeup look:

    "IG didn't care for this one either"
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  14. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    If I get this wrong a second time I'm gonna be mad lol. 
    This pic has a comment thread starting with this person expressing their discontent with the brand for promoting Vic:

    I don't recall seeing the photo on her feed, but I found the above photo in Vic's tagged pictures. So I'm not sure the claim that she deleted it holds up (unless she tagged herself again? Idk I'm unfamiliar with IG's tagging function). But also....she has a bunch of other pictures in the tagged section that aren't hers and appear mostly unedited. That's where I got all the photos I posted a couple weeks ago.
    On a different note, one thing I don't agree with in this thread is the assertion that Vic's bad luck with men is due to her being crazy or whatever. IIRC, Vic does most of her dating via dating app. Idk if anyone has used dating apps here, but in my experience, dating apps are the worst places to try and find a long term partner - and I say that as someone who DID find a long term partner on okcupid.
    I don't want to be trite as fuck about the nature of using one of those apps because not all guys are fuckboys, but yo, I used those apps ?seriously< for 5 months and was borderline sociopathic by the end of it all. I had foot fetishists messaging me, dudes who wanted me to come over to their place after the first message, a narcissist who spend one of the two hours we spent together talking AT me on our date, and a beta male sexist crying about how ugly he is compared to his coworker. I had a dude ghost on me after 2 weeks of meaningful conversations. And another one who threw a hissy fit at me for wanting me to be exclusive while simultaneously "promising nothing" by the end of the year that we'd end up in a monogamous relationship. That's just a handful of guys I spent time with and/or time talking to online. It doesn't include any of the unsolicited gross crap guys would send me on a weekly basis (one guy tried to catfish nudes out of me using another guy's picture ^___^).
    Altho Vic can be an enormous cunt, I also think it's EXTREMELY likely that her dating misadventures are just a result of the app she's using being a steaming pile of shit.
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  15. PancakesOnParade added a post in a topic Instagram activity   

    wrong board, sorry my bad lol
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