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  1. Shadow added a post in a topic Opinion on posts about minors   


    I would like to first apologize for the trouble I seem to have caused. I legitimately flagged Biscuit as a spammer and did not realize it would hide all of their posts. I thought that flagging as a spammer was the quickest/easiest route to ban the account per the user’s request. I was very clearly mistaken. I did try to unflag them, but it did not seem to unhide any of their posts. As Nyx stated, we're combing through Biscuit's posts and trying to reinstate the important ones first (like threads started).

    I am not nor do I know Biscuit. I have known Nyx for years and I have offered my assistance in an attempt to help her with the site (particularly the backend) as in speaking with her, I know that the site is quite busy.

    I do sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding.

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  2. Shadow added a post in a topic Opinion on posts about minors   

    We have taken your critiques regarding the age of snowflakes into consideration and the minimum age has been raised to 18. 

    If you see any new posts/topics about anyone under the age of 18, please report.
    Thank you!
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  3. Shadow added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Just a reminder:
    Deliberate and belligerent behavior will not be tolerated. Please remember to review the rules before engaging in conversation on this forum.
    Remember to report anyone who you believe violates the rules along with your reasons why.
    Thank you to those who report and continue to keep this community clean.
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  4. Shadow added a topic in Venus Angelic   

    General Venus Angelic Thread #4
    ➤ General Venus Angelic Sub-Forum Rules [READ FIRST]:
    ➤ To discuss Venus’ videos post here:
    ➤ To discuss Venus’ photos/shooping specific post here:
    ➤ To discuss Manaki specifically post here:
    ➤ To discuss Margo (Venus’ mother) specifically post here:
    ➤ Old General Venus Threads:
    -    Kawaii living teen doll YouTuber
    -    Emotionally abused by narc mother Margo for years, forced into online life as a cash cow
    -    Scammed a bunch of people
    -    Married a Japanese citizen via the name of Manaki for supposed green card
    -    Ran away from Margo to live with Manaki
    -    Tried to rebuild image, more kawaii videos now with Manaki
    -    Cheated on Manaki repeatedly
    -    Had illegal weight loss surgery that almost killed her
    -    Separated from Manaki, went on downward spiral boozing and titty streaming, Manaki deleted all socials.
    -    Abandoned YouTube for OnlyFans
    -    Trying to cash in on OnlyFans, appears to be living back at Manaki’s but still separated.
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  5. Shadow added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Post about to reach 500. Locked.
    New thread started here:

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