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  1. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Show Me The Money 5   

    Well I'm secretly rooting for SsamD, but also Zion.T... Both chose really good rappers even though they are kinda "outcasts" (SsamD because he dissed SMTM, lol, and Zion.T because he's a vocalist, but they're both great artists who, I think, recognize talent when they see it, and plus they're my faves, so I think they don't deserve all the hate... )
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  2. Kawaii Potato added a topic in Movies & Television   

    Show Me The Money 5
    Sooo I was wondering if any of you are watching or have started to watch Show Me The Money season 5 yet? 
    For those who don't know what SMTM is, it's a korean survival hiphop contest/reality, where contestants have to go through various missions to win, and the judges are usually really famous korean hiphop stars or great r&b musicians. This season's judges are 4 teams of 2 people: Dok2 & TheQuiett, Simon Dominic & Gray, Gil & Madclown and Kush & Zion.T
    To be honest I'm quite surprised with this season, there are a lot of rappers with talent participating and the level is pretty high. I personally liked BewhY a lot, but there are so many talented rappers I- ugh. I can't choose.
    Opinions pleeeeaaaase. 
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  3. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Show your faces   

    A pic of me without make-up! Really rare to see, sorry if I look a little plain... 
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  4. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Evalion88   

    Oh my god I saw a couple videos of this girl and... Seriously wtf how can someone think like that... It gave me the creeps because her voice is so cute and sweet but she talked about those things like... Ugh... Why. At first I though it was a parody channel but I guess it's not.
    Though her video on how to recognize jewish people was quite... Accurate  Though I wouldn't use the derogatory terms she used (and I have absolutely nothing against jewish people just to be clear), it's true that there are certain repeating patterns.
    Anyways I'm glad her channel got removed, some people are really impressionable and believe everything they hear.  
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  5. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Well is it just me or Lily actually looks a bit like SNSD's Tiffany here... 
    To be honest, I think korean makeup would actually suit her, I'm kinda anticipating the photoshoot... I hope they don't photoshop her too much, it would be nice to see how korean makeup looks on her without all the bullsh*t. 
    Buttttt if what they were looking for was the girl on her IG pics, yup, they'll totally be disappointed. 
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  6. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Spanish people unite!   

    Yo lo hice con la intención de conocer gente de habla hispana o de España, pero... No sé si se podría hablar de snowflakes aquí  Sería cuestión de preguntar a un admin o mod, por si acaso.
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  7. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    yup! i meant that, and yes @♚Lawliet♚ I meant like a little hair or something placed on the lens 
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  8. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I think it's a speck of dust maybe, but quite well placed  
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  9. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Have a crush on Margo   

    Why are we not banning this person already? I mean, isn't this person clearly breaking the rules of the forum? 
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  10. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Is Gyaru still popular?   

    There's this "new" (the most recent i'd say) trend called neo-gyaru which consists on flashy/edgy clothes, kinda like what you'd see on pastel goth, mixed with american fashion, and the makeup and hair is pretty much like a kogyaru and CL from 2NE1 had a baby. Maybe that's what you're talking about.  
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  11. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    Honestly, Eugene and Keith are the only reason I watch BuzzFeed. (Yes Keith too that guy is funny af).
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  12. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu / Pele Whitney / lillaflan   

    I'm kinda late but
    I get it's a commission and she paid for it but why, Deerazeen, why  we're mutuals on IG and they're so freaking nice and cute and we almost got to see each other one day and I just don't want them to get involved with Kanin in any way or form, ugggghghghgh the struggle. BonCan, please don't taint my fave cosplayers-almost-friends (????).
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  13. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Angely.isart   

    Most of them just look photoshopped onto the canvas, if it weren't for the videos... 
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  14. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Lia wang   

    She's the creepiest mix between living doll and over-edited ulzzang. 
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  15. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    Back to the school video, did she just apply cream blusher after setting with powder? Doesn't that look cakey/blotchy af? 
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