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  1. Strawberry added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Even if Woking is "in London" (which it's really not) the rent would still be a lot cheaper because it's far. Had a look and the average rent in Woking is about £300pw but you can find cheaper properties starting from about £190pw, compared to the average being around £600pw in London with cheaper areas being around £350pw. So I guess she probably paid around £100-£150pw totalling to about £400-600pm compared to paying £700-1200pm as she said she paid half of the rent.
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  2. Strawberry added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I guess it's not really that important but since we're on the topic of finances. According to this she's not from London (like she claimed) so the rent she would have paid would have been a lot less expensive. I'm only really mentioning this because I remember when someone on a previous post tried calculating her savings it seemed pretty inconceivable that she could have saved that much whilst paging some rent to a London flat (even in the outskirts). I don't know much about Woking but it should definitely be considerably cheaper. I reckon that she probably was working as many jobs as she claimed but this was just a type of side job for some bonus money, but I agree that she should have owned up to this.
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  3. Strawberry added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I wouldn't be surprised if she's going to an English speaking university. There's quite a few in Japan and I've heard that they're pretty desperate for students. I think the entry requirements are also more simple. I think this is more likely as to enter Japanese university you need not only N2 minimum but you need to pass the university entrance exam (EJU) (I think there's other things as well like a personal statement and academic history). The exams consist of 4 subjects I think and I doubt Mikan would have had the time to revise for them. But who knows maybe she really did get into a Japanese university.
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  4. Strawberry added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I genuinely believed that Ariana was black/half black before reading this thread. 
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  5. Strawberry added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Maybe I'm looking too into it but doesn't it seem that she's trying to pass herself off as being Japanese or at least part Japanese. The reason I think that is from the way she talked about after-school clubs. She made it seem almost as if she had experienced it herself (OT: england does have after school clubs lol). Venus has never been to Japanese high school I dont think. Though maybe it's her management making her say this/suggesting topics. I just am mentioning it because I hope Venus isn't going to be a problematic weeaboo through this, after all her accent is ambiguos and you can't see her face so she could easily make herself seem Japanese. Though I'm probably looking waaaay to into this. She claimed she was English too but made it clear that it wasn't the case so who knows.
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  6. Strawberry added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    To be fair, in the UK "Asian" usually means South Asian and often Middle Eastern (though it can also mean East Asian). However, I do agree that she's exploiting this rather broad definition to justify her dubious actions.
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  7. Strawberry added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    What the hell? I am a second generation Russian living in London and I really don't understand why somebody would want to pretend to be Russian. Almost every single Russian kid that I know has been bullied or called names in one way or another just for being Russian. I myself have had similar experiences. Most of my classmates and some of my friends didn't even consider me "British" and I was called a foreigner and constantly asked dumb questions (such as "do your parents drink vodka every day"). I even had a maths teacher in year 10 force me to say "vodka" in a thick Russian accent when I didn't want to do it. I also had a friend who would make uncomfortable Putin/Russia jokes even though I told her to stop. In my sixth form, there is a running joke in our year group that I'm a Russian spy and it gets brought up almost every day. Most these people aren't trying to be mean and can't even understand it's kinda offensive. But because of this, I have no choice but to live with these comments for my whole life probably. Apart from that I have had once a guy pick up something I dropped and it had my surname on it, he picked it up and said, "that's a Russian name, I hate Russians." But probably the worst experience I have had is when my year 8  form tutor said to my whole form that "all Russians are spies and I'm so scared of them. Don't trust them." while staring right into my eyes. Loads of people also think we're tourists but that's not that bad tbh. I understand that this is nowhere near the shit some other people get for their ethnicity and I doubt I can even call it racism because nobody would accept it as that. But I do feel like there is a slight double standard, you can't say these sort of things to other races, ethnicities or groups. 
    Sorry that this has been a bit OT and ranty but I can't understand, because of my experiences, why anyone would want to fake being Russian. Like as a kid I used to lie and say I was 100% English even though I have no English blood. And the political situation is also horrible. I haven't been to Russia for 11 years (might go this summer though) because my parents don't like the situation that's going on. The current situation honestly just makes me embarrassed of saying that I am Russian and I hate the fact that some people are idolising and romanticising it. It's horrible this.
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  8. Strawberry added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I personally think it could be linked to some sort of identity crisis in a way. I wouldn't be surprised if these people feel like they don't belong in conventional society and basically attempt to find a "home"/community elsewhere in order to fit in somewhere. 
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  9. Strawberry added a post in a topic Jake Paul   

    Aren't they from Spain though? Which makes them white too?
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  10. Strawberry added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    Wow never would I have thought to find someone I know on PULL. I know the topic is kinda dead but still. I was kinda friends with Ruby, we went to the same school. Our school was a very nice school and pretty much everyone is very sheltered, I would say Ruby is no exception. I always found it weird that she decided to stay in our school for sixth form because it's not academic at all and would not prepare you for Oxbridge. The bullying part kinda confuses me though, maybe I just wasn't aware of it but her year group seemed kinda nice and most people were friendly to her, but I don't really know much about it tbh. She does seem a bit obsessed about studying, I asked once how much she studies on a school day and she told me 5 hours. But she actually participated in loads of clubs during lunch (our school doesn't really have after school clubs apart from sports), I think she was in about 4 or 5 clubs? Through knowing personally I'm honestly not surprised that she didn't get into Oxford though. She doesn't really have the personality for it and my old school doesn't know how to prepare Oxbridge applicants. There's nothing that stood out about her, she's just a typical private school girl. Also I don't think she's actually that obsessed with HP, I think that's played up for her videos though at some point she was definitely seriously obsessed. Oh and about that Christmas card thing, she was pretty popular amongst the younger years (like loads of people would come up and talk to her in the corridor) so I actually think the people who got those cards were probably actually happy. Sorry for posting on a dead topic
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  11. Strawberry added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

    I subscribed to Bobby after he made that Youtuber manipulation video. It's a shame how he became a total hypocrite after Shane. Ironically, I ended up subscribing to Shane and unsubscribing from Bobby because I liked his content more. I think Bobby had potential, he made really review/skit videos in the past (I think my favourite one was about Review Brah/Report of the Week). It makes me thinks that perhaps his brother played a larger role in creating these videos than I thought. I don't get how someone's personality can even change that quickly, I guess he always wanted to be an edgy kid and now thinks he has the opportunity to live that life. How can someone be so self-unaware??? He completely ruined everything he built up before Shane.
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  12. Strawberry added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    (Hi I'm mostly a lurker and I have really horrible writing skills and spelling, sorry if nothing makes sense.) I actually am a bit more doubtful of Joey's 'I swear in Japanese.' Sure codebreaking exists amongst bilingual people (I'm bilingual myself) but usually it is not brought out of a bilingual environment. As Joey (pressumebly ) didn't have to learn English or Japanese it should be incredibly simple for him to naturally stay in one mindset, if that makes sense. What I'm trying to say is, as he's making this video in English there is no reason for him to slip into Japanese just for swears. It reminds me of poorly written bilingual characters when they 'accidently forget to speak English as they're bilingual.'
    Another reason is that swearing in English is likely more satisfying and natural to him. English has a lot more swear words which also sound a lot harsher (didn't Joey himself make a video about how Japanese doesn't have many swear words), swear words are staisfying as they're taboo, that's why some swears are weaker than other as it depends on the reaction of the people around/society. It's also probably more natural as Joey grew up in Australia. He likely learnt how to swear and his first swears in English making it generally more natural for him to swear in English. 
    TLDR; He is in an English environment when making videos, Japanese swears aren't as strong and swearing in English is probably more natural for him.
    At least that's my opinion. It seems to me very weird for him to claim that fact, especially because I feel as if initially bilingual people generally don't code break in a non-bilingual environment (sure words can often be forgotten or foreign words wanted to be used). It sounds almost to me as if he wants to 'show how Japanese he is.' It's kinda pathetic and sounds exactly like what a weaboo would do imo. 
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  13. Strawberry added a post in a topic The weeb among us   

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  14. Strawberry added a post in a topic Languages   

    I'm fluent in both Russian and English as my parents are Russian but I've lived in England my whole life.
    I'm currently studying German at school for four years (It'll be my fifth year in September) but I cannot hold a conversation
    I'm also studying Japanese privately and I can hold a basic conversation, I've been studying for around a year to a year and half. I hope to do it in university.
    I would love to study Chinese (either Mandarin or Cantonese), Italian and Arabic as I think they're all beautiful languages.
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  15. Strawberry added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    Well... I like strawberries and strawberry shortcake and as I joined early I managed to get my name.
    Plus strawberries are cute, I have a really boring story.
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