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  1. 20 added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    It's really not that serious. I'll continue lurking in the off-topic section.
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  2. 20 added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    It's immature if the person saying it comes off as pompous.
    This is the new PULL. Where were you when the previous ones were taken down? Most of us had to re-register when the previous admins moved from .com to .net?
    Edit: let's not forget the .org one.
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  3. 20 added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    Oh, you sure told me!
    I've been around since PULL 1.0 on wards. I've been part of this site and it's previous sites since it first showed up on the radar. That aside, you really missed the point of my entire post and turned it into something it's not.
    This whole "OMG JUST LEAVE IF U DONT LIKE" attitude is beyond immature and completely unnecessary. Which makes it ironic that there's a rule in place regarding the maturity level of PULL.
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  4. 20 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I feel like I have nothing more to contribute to PULL. I spend my time mostly in this thread than anywhere else. The snowflakes aren't interesting anymore; and really, their "drama" is repetitive that it's as exciting as stale bread. 
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  5. 20 added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    That reflects a really bad light on any admin of any site. As an admin, you do have to at least listen to feedback, and then decide whether or not you'll consider or reject. The whole "my site, my rules" just makes someone look condescending, even if that is not the message that's he or she is trying to bring across.
    It's unhealthy to treat members like they have no value when it comes to making certain rules. As mentioned, I have no issue with the rules, aside from the two that are pretty conflicting in my opinion. 
    Each to their own. 
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  6. 20 added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I honestly think it's less to do with appealing to an older audience (e.g cradle snatchers), than it's her actually getting older. I imagine Koots ending up like Angelyne, or dare is say: Priscilla Presley currently. Age is going to be Dakota's absolute worst enemy given the fact she lives off looking like a "doll". No woman wants to age, and no woman wants to accept it. Therefor, using Photoshop and botox are two of the few ageing-killers.
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  7. 20 added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    I don't think she needs help; she's just desperate. For what? Who the hell knows. In her world negative publicity is still publicity.
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  8. 20 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

     Oh, that wasn't what I was implying. I meant that there's nothing wrong with liking your bigger boobs generally regardless of the problems it brings. Like, it's not bad to like your "sacks of fat", and no one should have the power to make you feel awful about it.Sorry for the messed up quote. I really dislike the forum's coding in regards to that.
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  9. 20 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    People who don't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze in public are gross. Stop spreading your germs.Sex is natural. There's nothing wrong about a woman having a lot of sex with multiple partners. The same goes for men. If you're responsible about it, where's the issue? If you're single, why should you live in celibacy just because some random grandma thinks you're a hussy?Pale skin doesn't make someone more attractive.There's nothing wrong about finding bigger breasts appealing. Why be miserable over the fact that insurance doesn't always take over the costs to have them reduced in size? If you like what you were given, then where's the issue?I'm a very passive aggressive person. If something sounds judgemental and ignorant, I will be petty about it. Like right now.I'd rather be a useless pile of existence playing games than party on a Friday night. I out-partied myself between 14 and 18. Now in my early 20s I don't give a fuck about going through the effort to do any of that.On the subject sex again: peer pressure on teen boys/girls to lose their virginity is awful. Let them do their thing on their own time. As someone who lost it at 13 for that very reason, I don't wish the same upon following generations. It's fine to not have sex until you're ready, no matter how old you are. Being 30+ and a virgin is absolutely okay.Premade grocery store smoothies are far from being healthy. Just because the bottle says there's no sugar in it, does not mean there really is no sugar and additives in it. Anything below a certain percentage doesn't have to be printed on the bottle. Fruit has natural sugars, but that sugar is often mixed with refined sugars to make the drink sweeter.
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  10. 20 added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Using God and the Bible to be a hateful bigot. No, God doesn't hate gay people. You hate gay people and are using God as an excuse to be a cunt.
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  11. 20 added a post in a topic What would you do if somebody posted you in the Snowflake section?   

    Would probably join in and roast myself, because why not?
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  12. 20 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    From personal experience: telling someone with an eating disorder (on the underweight side) that they've picked up weight, is counter productive. So running up to someone like Eugenia and saying she's filled out, isn't helping. It's meant well, but it's not helpful. I remember being really upset when someone mentioned my weight while I was recovering, and actually left me feeling less motivated.
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  13. 20 added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    I was 20 at some point -- thus the name.
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  14. 20 added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    I get that. What I'm talking about is making everything 18+ if you're going to make the forum accessible for only 18+ users. I have absolutely nothing against that new rule, but it doesn't make it fair in terms of older users being able to talk about younger flakes specifically. If you're going up to the bell, you might as well ring it.
    It's not to do with what minors see here, than it is what non-minors can discuss about actual minor personalities.
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