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  1. I find her twitter interesting to look/laugh at and it pretty much describes her as a snowflake like an open book.
    Interesting she tagged her mother on her twitter bio. 
    She retweeted this. 
    so her angelic nights or her mom could come and defend her. 
    The convo between the users if anyone is interested to read 

    It's funny as well how she retweets people who complement her mostly of old men watching her on the big screen lol

  2. Aikuros / Hyoon / Floaromaa (previously Sockgyu)
    Instagram  Tumblr  Twitch  Twitter
    22-23 years oldheight is around 5'1 - 5'3korean and lives in the USdoesn't get into drama, very lowkeyprivate about her lifelooking through her instagram you can barely find anything about her since all her captions are random emojis and short sentences/one worddedseems to only upkeep her instagram for validation and attention as she posts old photos/vids and recycles content frequently. doesn't seem to have any sponsers nor paid posts except 1-2 daniel wellington onesmade a twitlonger http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1so1v5k that described more about herself + her low selfesteem which may lead to think she's only doing this for attention now because she wasnt popular when she was younger egirl on twitter/twitch/igshe rarely streams, but when she does she purposely angles the cam to the sideRecently people have been commenting on her photoshop on her pictures but she deletes & blocks as soon as she sees the comments to hide the fact that her pictures are edited. 
    egirly behavior since she meaninglessly posts revealing pictures fishing for compliments despite having a boyfriendlowkey in the league of legends egirl clique with xchocobars, angelskimi, fuslie etcshe used to draw, but started posting selfies since it grew her social media fastergot famous for posting her photoshopped face all over social media
    candid pics vs her IG pics 
    Gif comparisons of her constantly changing facegives herself a new face every few monthsmore unedited pics, she constantly hides her jaw in candids and pics with friendsproof of photoshophas a boyfriend (BestRivenNA) who she hides and never mentions yet posts revealing photos for attention and also excessively pads her bra 
    updated post written by @noman 
  3. Momokun / Mariah Mallad
    Social Media:
    Twitter // Facebook // Patreon // Instagram // Youtube // Twitch // Google Drive of All Cosplay 
    Lolcow Threads & Truth Tumblr:
    First lolcow thread // Most recent lolcow thread // Truth Tumblr
    Snapchat: Mariahmallad

    Meet Mariah Mallad aka Momokun! She's a cosplayer from Las Vegas who has caused quite a stir lately. Originally not-so-popular, she was mysteriously posted on /cgl/ one day without any context. (Warning: these threads have NSFW photos!)
    thread 1 // thread 2 // thread 3
    Mariah was quick to show up to defend herself after supposedly being alerted by fans that she was posted on cgl, posting her Patreon link multiple times and discussing the perks of donating to her while doing so. 
    In the first thread, she also says that her super religious family disapproves of her lingerie/boudoir shoots.
    After a couple weeks of silence, she got posted on lolcow by an unknown poster. At first, she was suspected of self-posting but the possibility of it being posted by another cosplayer arose and Mariah was mostly free of suspicion!  However, she did show up in the lolcow thread defending herself (again) and brought her white knight army with her this time. Some great quotes from the thread/screencaps posted in the thread include:
    "If you don't like me because I am very popular for my cosplays then that's sad and pathetic on your part."
    "That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get, featured on IGN, and Arda Wigs, and got me connections with Funimation…. "
    Screenshots under the cut:
    In her old Deviantart journal, she says so herself that she's trying to become cosplay famous yet denies that currently.
    Other issues (Taken from lolcow)
    *Please keep in mind that most of these spoilered images are NSFW*
    ”Body positive”, but Photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantlyLater resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably)Claimed that she exercised to get her figure before finally admitting that she got lipoLipo Example:Photoshopping:Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.Laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplayExample of shitty costumes:Spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned" Does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes areDelusional about her level of fameHas to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on PatreonAlso lies about getting invited to eventsKnown to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplaysPretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwiseLoiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guestAdmitted to ghosting cons and tried to justify it as something “everyone” doesLewded Kanna from Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlashHad a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ because he didn’t want to fuck her, according to numerous rumors she threatened KBBQ with something that made him quit all social media in a second, then commissioned a piece from himTries sucking up to popular Youtubers like H3H3Publicly talks to fellow cow Onision on Twitter (Update July 2018: Onion boy has denounced her on Twitter after the sexual assault allegations)Clings to Nigri for relevanceMade a shirt of drawanon on lolcow's picture of herDeletes negative comments she gets on her social mediaConstantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the sameGoes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedalsIs now claiming that a character from the hentai anime Waisetsu Missile/Milk Party is her original character.Sexual Assault Allegations
    In July 2018, prior to Anime Expo, other cosplayers come out and reveal that Mariah has made them uncomfortable and has sexually assaulted them without their consentMariah initially blames committing sexual assault/harassment on her ADHD, and claims that the people who came out with this have a vendetta/are on a witch hunt against herPopular Youtuber Philip Defranco even covers the situation on his show#MomokunIsCancelled happens, tweets with the tag can be found hereOld pictures prior to cosplay "career":
  4. Post on Urbandoll in Little Snowflakes

    By glowgang, posted
    Current Twitter: https://twitter.com/urbandoll
    Old Twitter: https://twitter.com/doIIgoals
    Isabelle is a college student who has a makeup Twitter account named, urbandoll. On urbandoll, she does giveaways of makeup for people who could not afford to have any. She seems like a total sweetheart right? Well, don't be fooled by her good girl persona. Isabelle is actually a scheming,manipulative,hypocritical, spoiled brat who could careless about anyone. 
    On summer of 2016, Her twitter username used to be dollgoals. I'll lead up to why she changed her username. Anywho, Isabelle was new to Twitter and everyone suddenly took a liking to her since she was a new giveaway account.(Giveaway accounts were very popular during the summer of 2016.) She claimed she used her own money for the giveaways which is obviously false. But, she used an app called Mercari, which is commonly known for having fake makeup products. So, Isabelle co-owned this business called, FinestForever. FinestForever sold counterfeit makeup products and didn't do refunds.
    Just check out what two famous makeup artists had to say about FinestForever:
    Here's a conversation between Isabelle and a costumer who got scammed by her:
    Once people found this out, people wanted refunds, but as stated before, she didn't do refunds. This is partially why Isabelle changed her whole account, but it gets better.
    Isabelle was accused of catfishing as a porn star. Turns out, the rumors were true.
    Exhibit A: 
    Because of all, she decided to give herself a new look. Thus urbandoll was born.
     Now, Isabelle never showed her face at all and whenever people asked, she gets annoyed. Why is this? The answer may never come. She does periscopes almost daily yet never shows her face. I highly doubt she is insecure if the profile picture she has currently is actually her. Overall, we may never how she actually looks.
    Many people think Isabelle is a total sweetheart who does nothing wrong in their naive eyes. Every angel has flaws rights? In this case, this little "angel" is a major hypocrite. 
    She claims she uses cruelty free products:
    (MAC is a NON CRUELTY FREE brand)
    Claims she doesn't trust Mercari:
    But once again:
    Why can't Isabelle just use her own money if she knows Mercari is not a trustworthy app?
    And before any of you ask, she does buy herself cosmetics with her OWN money from the actual site:
    Isabelle also despises scammers but she is best friends with one?:
    Short background info on ClothesPorn:
    Mei is the owner of ClothesPorn who also does giveaways. However, her giveaways are known to be non authentic and most of the time people do not receive their prizes from her at all. She also owns a business called, AcaciaLily which is a complete scam. Multiple people have not received their orders and she also just resells items from an app called, Aliexpress. 
    Now why would sweet little Isabelle be best friends with a well known scammer? Kinda makes you think of that one saying.. 
    "The more you hang with your friends, the more you start picking up their habits."
    Furthermore, Isabelle tells people to donate to her Pay pal so she can do more giveaways. Of course they do it and literally no one finds it suspicious. If people could pay her to do more giveaways they are just better off getting makeup by themselves. 
    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Exhibit C:
    Exhibit D:
    Exhibit E: 
    Exhibit F: 
    As if telling people to use her Mercari code was bad enough, she literally tries her best persuasive skills to get these poor little souls into giving her actual cash. If this anyone else, they would've been taken down in a heart beat, but since its Isabelle, its perfectly okay.
    Overall, urbandoll AKA Isabelle is not who she says she is and I truly hope this help people finally see who she actually is. 
  5. Post on Vic Mignogna in Little Snowflakes

    By Sagiri, posted
    Twitter // Website // IMDb // Wikipedia

    Vic Mignogna (Victor Joseph Mignogna) is an actor, mostly known for his voice acting career. He has starred in various anime, such as Full Metal Alchemist and Ouran. 
    Vic is known for being overall gross around young girls (examples listed below)
    More noteworthy content:
  6. I've never made a thread before so excuse me for not knowing how to start this*
    Diana Veras is a plus size model from NY. She can be kinda associated w that group of barbara, dounia, etc.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mynamesdiana
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mynamesdiana/?hl=en
    She also has an on/off relationship w rapper, Ksace. (They're broken up atm) 
    Idk what do you guys think about her?
    Personally I don't think shes really problematic but following her on twitter can be kinda annoying. She acts a certain way when shes "single" talking about how happy and amazing she feels. The "glow" she has on. Now this is all fine until she gets back together with Kyle and it honestly just makes her look like an idiot most of the time? Shes only 21 I think but she really doesn't seem that mature at all really. 
    She is a really pretty girl but I don't think shes very smart in the love department. 

  7. In th past I was a huge fan of her husband even before he started YouTube. When game grumps started I heard about her channel and decided to watch it. I wasn't heavily into beauty back then as I am now so I copied her tutorials a lot but faded away after some time past. There is huge controversy on Reddit but I really haven't seen anything on here so what are your thoughts on her?
    Main channel
  8. TW//r*pe
    recently, there's been a girl on twitter and she's been accused of raping 5 young men to satisfy her sexual needs
    she also has a bad reputation as said by people who've gone to the same schools as her and apparently she's scammed people

    ^^ this is her stating that the allegations are false

    shes been accused of raping 5 other people ^^

    a "victim" speaking out saying that they were never raped by her, but apparently this is actually 'esme' (mycatismean)

    ^^ what she did

    apparently in the past she has scammed people?

    her face & the account accusing her of rape

    another victim speaking out on what she did4
    like 34minutes ago her friend who was accused of watching esme rape her victim tweeted this

  9. Bella Thorne
    Twitter // Instagram 

    Here is a basic summary of Bella of you don't know anything about her (Wikipedia)Used to be a child star and was one of the main characters on the Disney Channel show, Shake it Up alongside Zendaya.Was very pretty, but recently has been going with the "on drugs/hasn't showered in weeks" lookLately, she has been hanging out with Youtubers like Tana Mongeau and Shane Dawson. She has had quite a lot of boyfriends, which isn't bad on it's own, but most of these relationships have had questionable aspects to themCheated on Charlie Puth with her ex boyfriend Tyler Posey, who wasn't even aware that she was also involved with CharlieIt has been speculated that Charlie Puth's song, Attention, is about BellaHas had an on/off relationship with Gregg SulkinLater had a brief relationship with Scott Disick, who is 14 years her senior, Kourtney Kardashian's ex and a known sex addict.It is rumored that Scott was just using Bella to get back at KourtneyAlso dated Lil Peep, who is known for his drug use and who was currently dating Too Poor/Layla Shapiro. He died fairly recently in Nov. 2017, due to a drug overdose.Dated a rapper named Blackbear, who she later broke up with and then dated his best friend, Mod Sun who she is currently dating.Comparison of her during her Shake it Up days vs. Now:
    Here she is with Scott Disick:
    Here she is with Charlie Puth, who accused her of cheating:
    A face full of highlighter:
     Her with her current boyfriend, Mod Sun:
    Making out with Tana Mongoose:
    What do you guys think of her? 
  10. Post on charlie puth in Online Personalities

    By weiji, posted
    He's a singer, who's recently released his song "Attention"
    About 5 days ago on twitter a girl made a thread about charlie and posted a video of him singing about rihanna
    but the lyrics are disturbing
    Apparently it's old? Anyways here's the video:
    There was also drama about him in 2016? after he told a fan to die,

    he ALSO liked a tweet recently that was bashing kesha.

  11. Post on Avanking in Online Personalities

    By ricebolls, posted
    So there's this instagrammer @avanking who is known for his twitter text posts. Most of the time, his twitter text posts usually involve his glow up. Apparently he really likes posting about his glow up a lot and he kind of gives off a narcisstic vibe. 

  12. instagram  // twitter  // youtube
    19 year old model slash internet personality (?????) from Arizona who currently lives in LA. runs a youtube blog with her bestfriend summer ferguson . i personally found out about her a few months ago on twitter bc i kept seeing her relatable tweets n seflies everywhere. i think she had no thread here so i decided to make one :-) 
    i think she is quite beautiful and i love her eyes, i havent rlly found anything that irks me about her face??? i dont follow her and i havent known her for long so i dont know any drama about her. i dont think there's anything interesting (yet). also i tried to watch a youtube video of hers but i got bored of it and never tried again .what do u guys think? 

  13. Twitter • Instagram • Youtube • Website
    Online personality known for dating Markiplier, and quite a popular Youtuber to talk about (on a smaller scale) at Guru Gossip.
    Known for the following things:
    Being fickle: Initially claims something, takes it back later on, and just flip flopsClaimed Youtube is Mark's thing, but soon joins the youtube scene and gains 66K subscribers (because of relationship connection)Requested privacy for her relationship, but was more public about itConstantly searches for her name (or probably asks fans to) and responds to hate, even when it's not about her.I made this thread in case anyone wanted to talk about her. I don't want to turn Markiplier's thread into hers, and I'm kinda iffy about merging them together. She's... a league of her own. Not in a good way.
  14. Zephani Jong
    Is an 18-year-old semi Insta-famous artist and influencer.
    Main IG acc // Photography IG acc // Spam IG acc // Twitter  // SoundCloud
    Zeph recently came on her and complained about her nose contour in this old picture and asked for it to be updated. (However I will still leave it here to compare her improvement)

    Here is a newer photo.

    Her main acc is mostly drawings and selfies.Her spam acc shows more of her personality (like most spams do)She's a really good artist and you might recognize one of her projects which are drawing vines on post-its. It went viral a while back and BuzzFeed even wrote an article on it.As you can tell she's also quite experienced in makeup as well.She also has a SoundCloud and often uploads videos of her singing on Instagram too.I'll add more but this is it for now.She has done some questionable things in the past that have irked me but nothing too serious. One thing I don't like is how she constantly asks her followers to make memes or edits of her and to send in lookalikes of her. I'm not going to post all of it here right now because there is a lot of media but it's easy to find on her Instagram. Her followers will do it but it seems to take up a lot of her feed. Idk that might just be me.
    Also not necessarily problematic but screenshots of weird things she's posted below:
  15. First thread here.Sorry if i make any errors.

    I recently found this girl on my recommendations. Her instagram is Icy_Tenshi
    -19 years old
    -She is russian living in Italy
    she looks quite pretty but her pictures looks photoshopped to me?  (I know shocker,who doesn't edit their pictures nowadays,right?) But I don't know she give me flakey vibes? Maybe I am wrong? Any thoughts?

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/icy_tenshi/
    Twitter: twitter.com/icy_tenshi
    She has been promoted on few Chinese and Japanese websites

    Also I found her old picture on tumblr were she looks quite different to me.

    Forget to mention : Her pictures was added one of the videos about" Nordic Aliens" 

    (If anyone don't know about Maria Orsitsch (you can google it) she was a medium and the leader for nazi secret society)

  16. From what I heard rmvely is also jkontop97, mulbada_rm, bitnadajk and akkaoaooooo, she steal translations, korean posts/tweets, spread false information and spread hate.
    On her olds accounts, she pretended to have committed suicide and another owner took over her account. 
    Wen someone called her out for stealing translations, she started to post translations on mulbada_RM and when they exposed her again, she posted another excuse

    Stealing posts:

    Doing fake giveaways:

    Tweeting hate towards Jimin:

    Credits for the twitter user seokgine
    For more information you can read here: https://twitter.com/seokgine/status/958426780620214273
  17. Megan Colbert
    Instagram // Twitter

    Does anyone know anything about her? She was recently discussed in the 88rising thread. She is a findom, aka Financial Dominatrix. She no longer does findom. She turned 23 this year, is Korean and was adopted into a white family. She has signed on with Next Models Los Angeles and is now a full-time model.
    UPDATE: People have exposed her lies, apparently she is STILL doing findom but is hiding it from her fans/followers.
    Other Pictures of Her:
  18. If you are on stan twitter you may have stumbled upon Ms. Natalie Annworth's profile before
    Recently she got exposed for being a BTS saesang and following them to the Ritz on purpose and hinting at it on her social media platforms with her friends. Her exposing thread is: https://twitter.com/exposethread
    Do you think this was saesang behavior? Or was it blown out of proportion. 

  19. Elon Musk
    Twitter // Instagram

    22.2m followers as of the time of thread creation
    So, everyone kinda knows Elon Musk nowadays thanks to Tesla cars and SpaceX. But ever since Alida Simone's thread where someone mentioned his bad behavior, I was thirsty for some tea. I create this thread to make it easier for all of us to follow it. 
    I'll quote what's problematic about him and his business, written by X. W. Chan on Quora, because it highlights it all so well: https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-worst-thing-about-Elon-Musk
  20. Sally aka "mechadoll" started out like any other regular twitter user but blew up as soon as her pictures started getting and attention circling around everyone's twitter news feed, and I mean everyone's. Her body pictures and her "resemblance" towards wolfie cindy aka Cindy Kimberly are mainly what landed her in the predicament she is now. She is about 16-17 years old and lives somewhere in the middle east if i'm not mistaken. She has a twitter account with over 20k followers, see here: https://twitter.com/mechadoll and an inactive Instagram account with about 4k http://instagram.com/masochistrobot
    Y'all... her waist is so incredibly small. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw her pics. I'll let you take a look for yourself.

    this just isn't realistic to me... at all. There's just no way in hell, I feel like she must have gotten a rib or two removed to look like this.
    she says she has not had ANY type of surgeryshe doesn't work outshe doesn't photoshopthis is her natural god given body 

    obviously she also gets ripped for trying to look like Cindy Kimberly.
    She has had several curious cat accounts (anonymous question website) that she's had to delete because of the "hate" shes' received in regards to her body. If you would like to read some of her current answers on her active one's it's: https://curiouscat.me/mechadoll/post/649042252?1536931497 She has also posted videos of her moving around on twitter to try to defuse the confusion, her attempt to clarify whether shes photo shopping or not. Her body still has the same freakish proportions which is what seems off to me, I know there HAS to be a way to photo shop videos. She's deleted them since then.
    Here is a twitter reply of hers telling somebody how she's done uploading pics of her body because of the hate and obvious questioning she gets on the daily:

    And her explanations to people:



    What do you guys think? Please tell me I'm not crazy by trying to question the legitimacy of this lmfao.
    *warning: I'm sorry I don't know how to make hidden contents bare with me :(*
    Anna Yoon, or Yoon Haeun, is a Korean-Canadian instagram model and twitter intersectional activist. 
    Around 17-19 years old?very into asian and intersectional rightsowns an Asian-focused fashion twitter account, used to be stan account (lavishjimin) but got into beef(?dont take my word?)dab collarbone meme girlDOUBLE EYELID SURGERY
    very obvious double-eyelid surgery after trip to korea (or eyelid tape but tape does not give the same effect shown here without being obvious), but has never addressed it and avoids the question in her instagram livesBEFORE AND AFTER
    Surgery is an individual choice and it is up to someone to do it our not, its not anyone else's business. But as a girl who preaches about accepting asian features and not giving into white beauty standards (her twitter bio is literally: "You are brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty."   it comes off hypocritical. she has deleted all her photos with monolids, but if u search her name on google, these images from before still pop up...the internet is a scary place anna. As an asian girl with monolids I thought she was so refreshing and made me feel happy about my eyes but after seeing her get the lid surgery and look more and more different, it rlly disappointed meEDITING
    all instagram girls edit, its a common fact. but the way she edits her body sometimes reminds me of photoshop gangnam beautiesie: esp the first pic something just feels off...she makes her face extremely small in comparison to her bodyATTITUDE
    don't really have screenshots but the way she comes off in her answers to instagram questions and hate on twitter in the past is quite rude. pls supply more, it could just be mefriends with problematic people on instagramgot mad a korean girl for speaking in....koreanfriends with the racist https://www.instagram.com/h.yojeong/ which is hypocritical bc shes....supposedly against racismpls add more!
  22. Quenlin Blackwell is a 17 year old girl from Texas. She is well known on Twitter and previously Vine. She has a Youtube channel as well.
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRE2zmVNW9wG2dndMoV4JKQ (496k subscribers)
    https://twitter.com/quenblackwell (877k followers)
    https://www.instagram.com/quenblackwell/ (617k followers)
    Was "quensadilla" on Vine!

    I think she is a really sweet girl who stays out of trouble. She's been very open and vocal about her mental health on Twitter, specifically shedding light on her Depression, Anxiety, and recently an Eating Disorder that she overcame. She moved from Vine to twitter to post funny videos in her room, basically doing the same things she did on vine. (Dancing, dancing goofy, wearing a face mask and ranting about random things.)
    The only scandal I believe she dealt with was in 2017: she promoted a skin care brand that was going to be run by her, but it never worked out. Twitter sometimes jokes about this to her, but she hasn't talked about it since. I can't say that it makes her a bad person because she was younger when this happened. Apparently her proof of it working were facetuned photos, so that's self explanatory! She was immature and thought she could run + create a whole skin care brand.
    I think she's has a lot of potential and I hope she is able to emerge in an industry soon! I'm not sure how much she plans to post on Youtube, but Twitter is always blowing up in quoted tweets that she needs to be signed to a modelling agency. I think she could do it!
    It's obvious that the past few years were difficult for her due to mental health issues, an example would be the inconsistencies in her content. I hope she'll post more, her and her cousin are always posting silly videos on Twitter/Instagram.
    (the worst thing that is said about her throughout the internet is she's annoying/loud, so that's not too bad for someone who's been active since Vine!)

  23. JERM BOT
    twitter  youtube   instagram 
    jeremy, also known as jerm bot or baldboyblues is an american guy who has recently started getting big on youtube. he was also known before through twitter and ig too, prob bc of his looks lollol  his youtube content is getting more and more attention. i dont know much about him personally, apart from the fact that he lives in california and has dropped out of college twice 
    i personally find him rly cool and funny and enjoy his videos. i don't think he's done anything problematic? could be wrong tho 
    i remember he used to hang out with toopoor but not a lot. i had seen pics of them together tho
    what do u guys think??
  24. Post on Jovan Hill in New Topic Approval

    By biribam, posted
    Jovan Hill
    Twitter // Instagram // Patreon // YouTube Channel

    Jovan Hill is a 25 year old unemployed, professional Tweeter who makes a living by begging for his followers' donations on Periscope.
    Some of the issues he has:
    Takes pride in being mentally ill for other people's entertainmentTreats his bipolar disorder like it's a quirky personality traitOvershares and advertises his entire life on social mediaWas racist towards Indonesian BTS fans and made fun of their English while mocking their religion (was suspended but later came back with a new account)Is constantly problematic and likes to create drama for attentionE-begs in order to pay his rent and buy weed because he doesn't want to get a real jobRecently, he faked several screenshots of James Charles calling him the N word so he could get clout and sell his merch (x) James threatened to take legal action against Jovan for defamation and Jovan's Twitter was suspended (although he quickly made a new one).
    He also recently called Shane Dawson out for his racist past, despite Jovan having a racist past himself.