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  1. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    That's the Spacia Ebisu (スペーシア恵比寿) apartment complex in Shibuya/Ebisu. My friend Brenda lives there and she throws the most amazing parties! She only serves gin from the craft gin market near Shibuya station and she claims the tonic is also craft but I don't believe her. But I digress... anyway, I immediately recognized the building from its unique architectural flourishes and interior features. I like to say that it's very "90s chic" because it does sort of evoke the design style of that era. Imagine my surprise when I looked it up just now and learned that it was built in 2003! At least, I think it's the same place, but I'm not exactly sure because I've misplaced my glasses again... 

    Here is the view from the balcony during the day:

    OMG...Yes, honey! That's exactly what I was feeling when I watched that video. I don't know this guy but he seems to desperately need the approval of others and thinks he can get it by being as shallow and predictable as possible. Forcing his "Creators" to call him "CEO" and titling the video Our CEO's Apartment Tour in Western Tokyo. Then going around showing off little boring trinkets and captioning them for the viewers (as if we cared) while telling their equally boring history... what a snoozefest! It reminded me of that old Hollywood film Harriet Craig starring the legendary Joan Crawford. I remember watching it in the theaters when it came out in 1950 and I was spellbound. Of course, nowadays we can conveniently watch it on YouTube... lol
    In the movie, Crawford plays a manipulative, self-obsessed, desperately insecure woman who wants everyone to believe that her life is perfect--basically Chris Okano in a dress. One evening she throws a party and gives the female guests a tour of her exquisitely decorated home, telling them a rehearsed story about a Chinese vase that comes off as very stilted and awkward. Here is the scene: https://youtu.be/ZiHALXdS_s4?t=2551
    The TC video reminded me exactly of that scene!
    But then he takes cringeworthy to a whole new level when he shows the girls his bedroom and says "THIS....IS...WHERE...THE..." and then Emma (supposedly) spontaneously interrupts him "...WHERE THE SLEEP HAPPENS!" Oh dear...what was that all about? Are we supposed to believe that he's some sort of lady's man getting lots of action in bed? Sorry don't buy it! And that was even more awkward and obviously more rehearsed than Joan Crawford's Chinese vase speech.
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  2. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Wow... I'm curious to know how you found this out about Sharla's visa type and sponsorship? How reliable is your source and how certain are you that it's true?
    In my experience, visas are not that difficult to get if you have the right connections. I know a girl here in the business and her agents use high priced law firms to get her 5-year work visas. These lawyers, from a particular law firm, are all former high ranking immigration officials and have direct access to the process at immigration. The turnaround time is fast--usually less than a week--and she has never once had to set foot in the immigration office. it's a very convenient setup and perfectly legal.
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  3. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    Sorry, honey, but I don't know who this Dogen person is... but he/she must be a very naive person to make a collab video with Norm. To answer your question: yes, I did know Norm personally as we used to worked together at Gaba for many years. He's extremely arrogant and condescending and treats people as objects, as a means to help him achieve his dream of becoming a famous celebrity. If you can't help him achieve that end then you are of no use to him and are treated accordingly.
    I'm sure Norm could make a video where he appears to be fluent in Japanese. Frankly, it would not be all that difficult with a little help from a native Japanese speaker to write the script. As for his son, when we were working at Gaba together Norm hardly ever mentioned his son or his wife. He worked all day and in the evenings he would hang out with pretty, young Japanese Gaba counselors or students. I'm guessing he speaks English to his son when they interact as that is relatively common among mixed nationality parents here in Japan. But that's pure speculation as I've never seen Norm and his son together in person.
    Back to the subject of Norm's desperate need for attention, fame, and stardom... I've seen this very, very ugly side of him and witnessed a serious controversial event at Gaba that involved him and a minor celebrity. He tried to ingratiate himself with her but given her experience with Hollywood sleaze, she immediately clocked him as a phony opportunist and rejected him outright. This infuriated Norm and what happened next... well, I'll save that story for another day. To be continued! 
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  4. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I'm really very annoyed with this Tokyo Creative Club because they have taken over the space where I have my weekly meetups with my Sisters of The Moon Senior's Bridge Club. My friend Atsuko, who lives in the building, organizes the meetups during the week and we play bridge from the afternoon until well into the evenings when the young people start coming home from work and kick us out. We normally play in the bar-lounge because, as you know, when Missy's in the building the booze is free flowing! WELL! Imagine my surprise when I was told that our bridge game would have to take place in the residents dining facility instead of our usual spot. Atsuko told me that a film crew had taken over our favorite bar-lounge meeting space. I was shocked when I peeked inside and saw Chris Broad talking to a camera with a large film crew and very bright lights on him. Then, while we were playing bridge in the dining facility, I kept seeing Sharla walking in and out through the back door. I nearly spit out my Mimosa.... It was very surreal. So imagine my surprise watching Sharla's most recent video and seeing her sitting exactly where I normally would be sitting with my bridge club ladies. Hopefully this was a one-off filming event because there are few places in Tokyo that can accommodate the special needs of drunken seniors playing bridge. And if I ever see Norm stumbling around the place -- LORD help us all! This is the building I'm talking about: https://www.social-apartment.com/eng/builds/tokyo/bunkyo-ku/view/29 TC must have some kind of partnership with the Social Apartment company because they also did an event at "The Millenials" hotel which is owned by the same company:  
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  5. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    Well...it's actually true! Back in the 50s when I was entertaining the troops, any time we met a civilian who loved Russian culture and language and spoke with a fake Russian accent then we just called him a Commie because that was the thing then. My how times have changed!
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  6. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    You may be right about that. I do sort of recall a conversation about that in one of her vids. But I also recall her saying that the main thing is that they wouldn't want their children to be educated in the Japanese public school system. I've heard other foreigners in Japan say the same thing which has always puzzled me since all my Japanese friends who went to Japanese public schools turned out pretty smart and successful. Maybe it's the conformity and lack of individuality that turns off foreigners.
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  7. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    Oh my... sweetie. Whew... I just clicked on a Norm video at 6:50 AM and I haven't had my coffee and cigarette yet. I hope I can stomach this.... I had a long night dancing in the 'Cho.
    To answer your question: Norm can speak basic Japanese. It's not quite conversational but he can understand simple, short conversations and he can respond with very short, simple sentences. It's what I call "Izakaya Japanese" because it's enough to have a very decent conversation with a totally shit faced salaryman in an izakaya who can barely string together a proper sentence. People who can speak Izakaya Japanese can also fake conversations well if they are on the receiving end. This is because they know a lot of meaningless confirmation phrases which are commonly used in everyday Japanese conversations to confirm to the speaker that you're paying attention and understand them.
    Some examples of these phrases are:
    sou desu ne! (that's right!)naruhodo ne! (I see!)honto desu ka? / sou desu ka? (really?/Is that right?)majide?! / honto ni?! (for real?!)sugoi desu ne! (great!/amazing!/terrible! depending on context)yabai ne! (very casual/slangy can mean practically anything from dangerous to cool)Even if the listener can only understand 10-20% of what the speaker is saying, he can usually choose the appropriate meaningless confirmation phrases to make the speaker conclude that he is totally fluent in Japanese. This works well in izakayas but not so well in everyday conversations where speakers expect more engagement (for example at school or work).
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  8. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but Miranda has been actively commenting at length in the comments sections of Victor's (gimmeabreakman) response to her video. She's really gone into full blown crazy mode in some of these diatribes. Wow. Time to pull up a comfy chair and a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn! Looks like we're in for a good show. Lol.
    Here is a link to Victor's video. https://youtu.be/P8AP6vI5QEY
    Expand the top comment by s3xyScorp to see Miranda's comments.
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  9. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    OMG... YES!
    I was thinking the exact same thing watching that video! Of course it's clear that Sharla is very upset about breaking up with her husband but it was surprising how quickly she transitioned into how much she misses the cats. The tearful pleas to her audience to leave comments with advice on how to deal with the cat situation, her admission that she has been video conferencing with her cats, etc... um... it felt odd. As a cat lover myself, I know they are a huge comfort in times of stress so maybe she's just projecting the loss of her soulmate onto her lost cats. I dunno!
    With regard to the relationship, someone else may have already mentioned this, but it seems obvious to me that the breakup was over having children. The whole point of moving to Korea was to settle down and start a family. But I think Sharla must have realized that she wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment. She wasn't ready to give up the career she loves and began having second thoughts about kids. Her husband, on the other hand, was back in his home country with parents nearby who were probably pressuring him for grandkids (as many parents do) and that must have been frustrating.
    That's just a theory. Relationships are never easy. In any event, I only wish Sharla and her husband the best.
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  10. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yes, honey, that was indeed a very awkward moment for Greg and difficult to watch. However, like I said at the time, Sharla was doing her best to contain the situation but ended up digging herself into a hole. She definitely could have handled it better but it's pretty clear that she felt intimidated by Norm's faux alpha male persona. I say he's a faux alpha male because, like most bullies, Norm will cower in fear at the first hint of retaliation and it's not pretty.
    The good news is that I think Sharla has caught onto Norm's bullshit because she has been back in Japan for 5 months now (at least) and I have yet to see her in any new videos with him. Did I miss something? I mean, it's strange because Norm will use people to no end to get the fame he craves and yet he's got nothing with Sharla since Korea. Instead he had to settle for "Sharla lite" in the form of Micaela doing a cameo on his channel and I'm sure it annoyed Norm to no end.
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  11. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    Yes, seems like he's running low on ideas for interesting new content now that he's pretty much covered all of the low-hanging fruit about life in Japan. But even subjects that would have been either interesting or entertaining with other YouTubers came out pretty boring and/or cringeworthy under Norm's direction. The recently uploaded video titled "5 Weeks in Japan - Abandoned Buildings & Trapped in a Typhoon" is a giant nothing burger. It's basically b-roll footage of Norm and his dopey brother driving around the Japanese countryside in moderate rain while hipster Starbucks music plays in the background. That's it. It's even more boring than Kandajin's video about the condiments in her fridge.
    It also seems that his videos continue to average between 4-5k views and they're most likely being watched by his hardcore "fans" I guess. I don't know who these people are but Norm did make another video recently where he was going to meet a couple of fans in Asakusa but he only showed them for about 15 seconds before cutting back to his face for the rest of the video. He then talked about his favorite bar in "A-Suk-Suh", completely botching the normal way to pronounce Asakusa in Japanese. So I had to stop watching.
    I tried watching the Italy video you mentioned but it was so excruciatingly boring that I had to jump around just to get the gist of it, which is basically Norm walking around a run down outdoor venue in Italy talking to himself and harassing random shamisen players.
    We can only speculate how he has the money to fly back and forth to Italy to do something so utterly pointless. Maybe he saved up a lot of money while working at Gaba? Maybe he's come into some inheritance? Maybe his wife is raking in the yen?
    All I know is that he sure ain't making much money from YouTube views, honey.
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  12. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    Any time sweetie! You don't need a phone because I'm very easy to find. Just look for an 80-something year old exotic dancer shaking her money maker in Kabukicho. And yes, my milkshake does bring ALL the J boys to the izakaya...
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  13. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Story time!
    Well, once upon a time, Miranda fell in love with a gay closeted half Japanese Muslim boy named Rodi. Despite shoving her ass in his face every ten seconds, he seemed completely uninterested and was even repulsed by her advances because "Islam forbids" and "you are like sister to me" (even though they just met, but that's beside the point). After many months of doing cringeworthy livestreams together where viewers paid them to smell each others' armpits, Miranda finally realized that this relationship wasn't going anywhere and decided she could win him over by converting to Islam. She rationalized this decision to her viewers by explaining that it came to her one day while spinning a globe and her finger landed on Saudi Arabia which obviously meant she should immediately convert to Islam. Her viewers were skeptical because (A) she claimed that she owned a globe and (B) there is no B, see A. Now Miranda and Rodi don't talk anymore and she's making videos about the condiments in her fridge while wearing a hijab. The end.
    Any more questions?
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  14. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    Sounds fabulous, honey! We can go to some of my favorite haunts in Kabukicho 
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  15. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    In real life, Norm's Japanese is beginner-conversational or somewhere between a N4 and N3 if you're familiar with the JLPT classifications. That is based on my personal observations of him speaking with the counselors at Gaba or interacting with staff in izakaya. His Japanese is passable but as soon as the sentences get more complex than basic everyday tasks, he gets lost very quickly.
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