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  1. Official John Bender added a post in a topic Currently Reading?   

    God, I always have so many books 'on the go' at the once. If I just include the 'main' ones, I'm currently halfway through Chuck Palahniuk's 'Diary' (very strange), a quarter through the absolute massive tome that is 'Here be Dragons' by Sharon Penman (a medieval historical fiction), and I'm listening to Cat Marnell's Self Tanner for the Soul audiobook (god, I used to be obsessed with Cat circa 2013-15...).
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  2. Official John Bender added a post in a topic One makeup product that you can't live without   

    If I could only wear one makeup product at a time it would either be mascara (I use Essence Lash Princess lol) or a brown-red lipstick like Revlon Toast of New York  
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  3. Official John Bender added a post in a topic "Alternative" hair styles/cuts???   

    I love mullets personally provided the person has the panache to pull it off. I also like the Chelsea cut hairstyle as seen here on the This is England girls

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  4. Official John Bender added a post in a topic How do you commit on growing out your hair?   

    I have a short, wavy-curly (that´s a topic in itself hahaha) bob that I´m trying to grow out, not because I think it looks bad but because I want a change. I think the best thing to do is to take good care of your hair. Satin or silk pillowcases help reduce breakage that shortens the hair and oils like Amla and the like can be gotten relatively cheaply. But the best thing to do as well is to stop fixating on the growth, it won´t make it go faster obviously but the hair can´t grow overnight and thinking about how you want it longer a lot is futile (been there) and I know for me I would end up cutting it again because the focus on my hair made me just so desperate to see a change in it!
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  5. Official John Bender added a post in a topic Movie recommendations   

    I saw someone mention The Fall: gorgeous movie, and of course Lee Pace is extremely handsome as always  I am an eighties movie person. If you couldn't tell by my username and icon/sig I adore The Breakfast Club. I also love Stand by Me, The Outsiders, The Lost Boys, Pretty in Pink, The Princess Bride, The Karate Kid, Raising Arizona, Dead Poets Society, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Uncle Buck, Dirty Dancing and more. (Cool Runnings is an early nineties fave)
    My favourite actress is Winona Ryder, I've seen almost all her movies but my faves are Heathers, Girl Interrupted, Mermaids, Edward Scissorhands and Reality Bites. Experimenter is her newest film in cinemas where I live now I believe and I love it too.
    lol that was long!!
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  6. Official John Bender added a post in a topic Pixyteri ♥ The Only True Queen ♥   

    I have been waiting for a Pixy thread...but reluctant to make one myself. Thanks op bb!! Man, I remember back in the refusing-to-take-a-shower days of Pixy...memories.
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  7. Official John Bender added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    I don't live in the Netherlands but where I live is very much the same when it comes to the clothing. You would never ever see anyone dressed like that without getting ridiculed and if you told someone you were into the 'lolita' style they would become very concerned because of the book Lolita, and what they associate the word with, and they would find it weird that you want to look like a dolly little girly style. I think most places are like that.
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  8. Official John Bender added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    Sorry if someone's mentioned it already but have y'all seen the post on her blog the other day about using filters/photo editing tools? Made me laugh because her sister is the queen of messing-your-face-up tools. Does Keeks shoop (I haven't been following her for ages)
    or nah?
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  9. Official John Bender added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    The Satanist twist got me too! Just when you think it cant get crazier, it does. Also, how long have they been in Japan now?
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  10. Official John Bender added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I think someone should (who has more info than me lol) she has said some crazy and offenseve things.
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  11. Official John Bender added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Oh come on. That video has to be sarcastic, especially the last part. I'm actually laughing so hard right now. 
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  12. Official John Bender added a post in a topic kawaiigod   

    you sum up all my thoughts in that picture lmao
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  13. Official John Bender added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    i am glad she admits to using photoshop. so many internet people use it so obviously and never admit, instead people feel bad because they see how 'perfect' these people look and wonder why they can't look like it, when even that person doesn't! but she should admit her surgeries i think. i dont mind her.
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  14. Official John Bender added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I haven't checked up on Kota in a while and omg, I don't normally like to comment on people appearance but she is terrifying looking. Some pics she looks like a child, her proportions are fucked up massively. I don't feel bad to say because it's all fake and photoshop anyway, it's not like I'm insulting her real face which she wouldn't be able to control (I think she pretty naturally). she MAKES herself look so strange.
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  15. Official John Bender added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    Margo, I just have a few things I want to say: First off, I don't hate Venus at all, this is not why i am here, to hate on people, just to talk about online personalities and expose liars and frauds. I do not find the bunny video sexual personally i think but i can see that there are messed up people who will...and when your daughter is underaged you did have to be careful, predators are out there. I think it strange and wrong you let her be sexualised for the company...I understand that you are just a mother and sometimes you are protective of your daughter and get aggressive in protecting her but i think you misaim the protection. She does/did not need to be protected against people in IG comment sections, she needed protection against predators when she was underaged and although happily nothing happened to her you could have not had her sexualised...I am not good at phrasing this sorry.
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