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  1. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    Same here , just been lurking cause if i cant edit my typoes im too shy to post
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  2. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    So like...the "go gay" month mght end up being a good thing. Could educate him and his fans on the fact it really ISNT a choice. You either like it or you don't. 

    everything else sounds like it's going to make them sick.
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  3. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    My husband has blue eyes but his look green in certain lighting or if he's stoned lol (Cause the red makes a contrast). Not really that weird. Blue/Green/Hazel eyes are the colors that change on lighting the most. My mom has green but they loo brown in most of her pictures because she has no idea how to take selfies. 
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  4. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I dunno guys. Why does it matter? She's still got a great deal of skill. I think Illya Whatever is lazier with the neverending parade of asian girl heads and I thin he's more well known outside of anime/game fans. 
    I'm not judging I just kinda wonder what I'm missing with this one. 
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  5. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Game Grumps/Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson   

    So they actually mentioned it in a halloween epsode that they forgot and Arin was kinda mean about it in regards to fans who look forward to it. If your fans love X thing you do, it's fine to not want to do it anymore but don't trash it unless you have an improved replacement. That's kinda how it came across. Will try to find the video but I barely watch them (Husband does a lot) so it'll take me a minute unless someone else knows it. 
    Yes and he just in general draws a lot of CP. Some of it's waifubait but some is of real people. In Keemstar's case it was probably meant to get a rise but he didn't just draw CP for money but he road that to semi-fame (as far as artists go anyway). 

    Hes gross. 

    On subject again, Arin and Danny can be funny, and some of their racial jokes are ok (There's a difference between a fun joke and a racist joke is the best way to simplify it, for example look at chris rock) But some of them are cringy. Example of a fun joke: The babyz minigame marioparty ripoff wii game has a funny moment. Example for bad joke: The reoccurring racst jokes in dog island)

    Also gonna use this as an opportunity to complain about something petty. Danny's band keeps doing 80s covers like Take on Me and Africa. That's cool. But it pisses me off to know end that Danny doesn't come close to tryng for the iconic high notes in Take on me or at least harmonizing with someone who COULD. It's a disappointment and I hate it. Africa is just a boring cover in a lower key.  I don't like Danny's music but I like his voice, Starbomb is fun and I wish they'd do more so Arin could do some animating. 

    Note: Typing on a broken keyboard forgive me, I'l edit this on my phone when it's not dead. 
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  6. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Bunny Meyer (grav3yardgirl)   

    Her views have gone downhill. I don't really like her for a lot of things and I'll be honest, her face is kinda scary with makeup on. I liked her "Does this thing really work?" videos but when she ran out of good shit to review her channel got stale fast. She has a decent personality when she's just reviewing shit but I wish she didn't review makeup or rather, wasn't seen as a makeup influencer because she is kinda "meh" at it. Like she's about as good as I am at it and I wouldn't consider myself really good enough to really tell people if a product sucks or if I'm just bad at using them. 

    That's my opinion anyway. If she did something unique i'd watch her again cause she's fun when she's actually doing a GOOD video but i got so bored man. 
    Also her hair bothers me. It's so long and thick and wonderful and it just always looks damaged or tacky. 
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  7. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    Holy shit. I took a break for a year from pull from personal shit going down in my life and I come back to all of this? Jesus christ, about what page region did Yumi and Splenda finally get married? I'm caught up to the recent shit from the past 15 pages but jesus christ. 

    I don't even know what to think, this is like a burning dumpster fire of a development lol. Yumi gtfo of there. 
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  8. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Do we have proof her mom didn't try to help her? People make a lot of comments about her mom but her mom looks fucking heartbroken looking at her. It's not easy to help someone with any kind of mental illness and anorexia is no exception. If she wasn't unhealthily underweight until she was 18 and thus an adult her mom likely had issues trying to force her into a hospital. If she ever DID go, I don't think Eugenia, who wants us to think she's naturally skinny, would publicize her hospital visits and since she's not FAMOUS famous, especially a few years ago, it wouldn't be reported on if she had. I'm just saying we don't have all of the details of what goes on behind the scenes. If the "friends and family" reddit post is legitimate, it's very possible a lot of fights break out over her weight with her and her mom and at this point her mom just doesn't know what to do. It's an awkward difficult situation and probably a hopeless one. If her mom did move to LA with her it was likely to be there for her if she collapses. 

    If this were my sister or my brother I wouldn't know what to do about it. They're adults, I can't force them into a hospital and no one can afford it (though not a problem in Eugnia's case likely), and if it broke my bond with them and they cut me off as a result of it when they got released, then I wouldn't even be able to be there for them if something bad happened, I might not even find out until they're gone. 

    It's a delicate situation, can we slander her family a little less if no one has facts? A DUI doesn't mean someone is a degenerate (it's awful but sometimes people need to make a mistake before they realize there's a problem, we don't know). Her mom just makes me sad because I honestly don't think Eugenia can be helped anymore than a drug addict who doesn't want help can. If they don't want it, they're not going to get better. They'll find a way or just relapse if it's ultimately what they want to do. 

    I hope to god that Eugenia ends up hospitalized and survives and it'll be her wakeup call because she's at a pont where she's a damn medical marvel for still being alive. 
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  9. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    This is her job. I think people harp on her too much but this girl found a way to make boatloads of money doing what she already enjoys doing. She isn't absolutely terrible or anything, just stagnant. 

    If she in ten years has enough money she feels comfortable living off of, she could then devote time and love to pieces. But she got really lucky she started young and gained her following during the most hype days of deviantart. 

    I think it's fine and a lot of people aspire to do art like this just because it'd be a way to make money. What's wrong with that? It's also rude to offer criticism without asking, especially if someone's just posting something they did for money.  

    I dunno. I see the art world for what it is and honestly more power to her. I haven't read through the thread much but people have been pissy about her for years and the only thing she does is draw what people like. There's a lot worse out there. 

    Idk. I like her art, it reminds me of why I got into art in the first place: From looking at artists like Sakimichan and wanting to draw characters I liked looking like they could be in a manga or something.

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  10. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    I think this:
    Sinclair is dragging it out because he's a fragile babydick manchild who wants to torture an ex he was clearly abusive with in some way. Mars just wants to be left the fuck alone. 
    Poppy doesn't fight him on it because it ends in free publicity and more people find out about her as a result and blah di blah etc. 
    They're both awful but Sinclair comes off as having some problems man. 
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  11. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Especially since she's not really that mainstream famous, I hope the budget took in account that most people watching are going to be a niche market. 
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  12. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic WANTED: Artist for 2019 banner   

    Wow I had a little bit of trouble posting, it would only give me an option to post media. Fixing it through this edit.

    I haven't drawn in a few months due to some situations at home and work but this is about whee my skill level hovers. I can do more cartoony images as well. 
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  13. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

     Lol. I kinda fucked myself today. I'm lactose intolerant and couldn't resist eating these cheesy egg bites at work today and I've been regretting it ever since. I made it through work without getting sick but now that I'm home I feel like I'm going to either explode out my ass, throw up, or both. 
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  14. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Snowflake banner   

    Like shit guys I'll draw the banner
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  15. PsycadelicHooters added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    NGL I don't mind buying JS (I shop at worse places with whole teams of shitty people like Walmart so that's how I justify it) so I really want this.I care if the product is safely made more than I do about people's attitudes. At least I know what kind of evil I'm dealing with lol.
    I wish he thought outside the box a little more though since i kinda expect it and these are well, yknow, valentine's day colors. I dunno. I like being surprised.

    I don't use the mirrors with my palettes anyway and I think a lot of people are similar so maybe he scrimps on the mirrors?
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