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  1. BaraBara added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    I'm not gonna lie, I liked this video. The last (number one) thing is actually super useful, or at least it is for me because it's something I've always been scared of lol 
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  2. BaraBara added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I just wanted to say that chinese (and east asian, in general) cooking use a lot of sesame seed oil, with I mean, it's still oil, but it's way better than regular cooking oil. If I'm not mistaken, it has some nutrients that even olive oil doesn't have. But then again, that doesn't mean you must eat like a litre of it lol I didn't watch the video though, so I don't know if she used sesame seed oil anyways lawl
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  3. BaraBara added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    She has always been insecure with herself, it's nothing new. It's still sad, nonetheless.
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  4. BaraBara added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I'm pretty sure she did some other vlogs before, though? I might be confusing it too, but I think she did.
    But I don't like her haul also. Only the coat. But that's her business, I guess. 
    Also, I'm no nutricionist, but carb doesn't make your face puffy unless you get fat? Since she's ripped, carbs shouldn't a problem. She probably burns them equally. Water retention comes from salt. So the problem is if she's eating a lot of salty stuff (probably is tbh). 
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  5. BaraBara added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I don't think the guy is a jerk, it's just probably part of the DD/LG roleplay, as I said before. But we really can't know just from videos snippets...
    TBQH she's growing in me. I used to find her super weeb and cringy, but now I find her endearing? Cute, even? What have I become. 
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  6. BaraBara added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto   

    Caraca jow, tão falando português aqui num thread, que loucura HAHA
    Anyway, I'm ALWAYS disgusted by Neo-Nazi people from the South of Brazil (from anywhere, actually lol). But the South Region has this strong separatist and "I'm-better-than-you" belief because they were mostly colonized by Germans and other light-skinned european folks, whilst the rest of the country has a stronger mix, and there is a lot of black people.
    OF COURSE I'M NOT SAYING EVERYONE FROM THE SOUTH IS LIKE THAT, don't need to get your knickers in a twist.
    Dang, It's weird reading portuguese @ PULL lol
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  7. BaraBara added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I still think they both now what they're doing tbh, but I think someone in lolcow mentioned that she's not in a very healthy mental position to engage in such relationship because she's OBSESSED with looking/being younger, so maybe her regression is more than just a kink roleplay (maybe that contradicts what I just said earlier, but I mean: I think she knows and understand what DD/LG is and agreed on it,  but uses it in other ways because she's not very stable)
    Also, considering I still believe they are doing the Daddy Dom roleplay, I think both comments he did about her being unnatractive and ""fat"" (although he never said that it like that) is part of the humiliation roleplay that comes with the kink, since it's part of BDSM, basically.
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  8. BaraBara added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Hey there, Gehe.
    Just wanted to say: I think you are pretty cute. Hot even, sometimes, although I prefer my man older. I think you are going to be hot as fudge when you are like 25. Keep up with the workouts. (if you want it, of course) 
    Now with that ego-stroke out of the way: no need to be a smarty-pantsy. 
    Come here, sit with us, have a talk. 
    I know you probably are insecure, and well, I can only imagine what it is to suffer from transphobia. I am very sorry you have to deal with it, really. So I can imagine why you are afraid to come, but we are not ~haters~ and I no one here condones transphobia, there were even trans people discussing here in this thread.
    Maybe this is an empty call, but if you reached us, I would be very glad to talk to you.
    Also, there's nothing wrong with using photoshop. Just be open about.
    Bye, pal.
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  9. BaraBara added a post in a topic Bronwyn Papineau (BiiBiiBeauty)   

    I never knew she was native, wow! 

    I know it doesn't even matter and she does whatever she wants with her life, but I needed to take that out, whew. I also must admit I was never fond of her nose either and never understood why she didn't have surgery on it since she always seemed to cater to the korean aesthetic? But under further inspection a.k.a. looking at her nose in her older videos and with other types of make up (or no make up) and lights, it's actually not that bad. But right everything in her face is too big but her eyes, so it looks so.. odd.
    I hope she's happy with her face, though. It would be a bummer if she has the same opinion as me and go under the knife again.
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  10. BaraBara added a post in a topic Jinnfu   

    Fuckitty fuck, man, ADOPTED?? I'M CACKLING. That's classic. I used to say that JOKINGLY when people thought I was haafu, and I was like, 13?
    How old is this chick, man? (I don't remember if it was mentioned earlier, sorray)
    Oohh gaawd. Embarrassing. I wish she could sort her life out tbh, I think she's quite pretty (from what I can tell under the photoshop)
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  11. BaraBara added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Weirdly enough, some kinks don't need to be... sexual. Yeah...
    There are some kinks that involve regression that don't get sexual at all. Like, it's literally just roleplaying that both parties agreed with. They can get aroused (or tingly, but not fully sexually aroused, dunno if that makes any sense), but they don't actually engage in any sexual activities. 
    That can be the case with them. They can just play daddy and little girl (or even kitten, like in the morning routine video she seemed to be collared all the time?), but not have any sex or physical contact.
    Or they can have sex and keep different beds either because they rather sleep alone or because it's part of the roleplay. I really 'unno. I wish I was a fly on their wall at moments like these haha
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  12. BaraBara added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    TBQH I really like her videos, generally speaking.
    I find her to be way more genuine, even if she's trying to integrate SO HARD it gets a bit forced, I think her personality is very genuine.
    Unlike Mira, I don't think she actually thinks she's korean, and she stays in touch with her american and black roots a lot, and I like that. Someone earlier commented about her using her AAVE to be funnier, I mean, I think it's really just the way she used to make jokes back in the US. Like, I like how she's not forcing to sound s00per korean, or faking an accent or shit or like she's ""unlearning"" english. *coughcoughmiracough*
    I really think she's truly funny and probably a nice person to have around.
    Also she always struck me as racially ambiguous, before I found out she was black. I totally believe her on the taning stuff btw. I was like VERY tan as a kid because I used to play on the shitty plastic pool we had, and was also sporting taning lines, my siblings would always poke fun at me because of it. Then BAM INTERNET AND GETTING NAUSEOUS IN THE SUN and now I'm probably the most pale among my siblings. I bet people that know me today never even considered my skin was really dark when I was 6-ish.
    That being said:
    1. HER INTRO IS THE CRINGIEST SHIT. Like, uuuuuurrgh 
    2. I do think her makeup doesn't suit her face very well. But I just can't pin out why. 
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  13. BaraBara added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    She just said in the comment section of the Night Routine video that that dude is not her stepdad. 
    He calls her baby and babygirl, tells her he's the "adult" one, she pouts and giggles like a child, uses kid's cups and shampoos... DD/LG confirmed. 
    Now my only question is wether it's paid or not.
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  14. BaraBara added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    I think her humour is so forced, it gets annoying fast. she reminds me of my sister, and that's not a good thing
    I really like holographic nail polish (holographic everything, really), so her ~holosexuals~ can get on my nerves too. Like she's the queen of hollow. Fuck off.
    I bet she's a nice person and all, she seems pretty down to earth tbh, but honestly I don't think humour is her forté. Like, at all. But that's why I don't watch her videos and when I do I just skip to the parts that interest me lawl
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  15. BaraBara added a post in a topic Jinnfu   

    LOL I knew this chick was brazilian the moment I read "portuguese and italian background are common in my country", and the pictures from her childhood just confirmed, hah! I dunno why, she just has this face that screams BRAZILIAN, funny thing this country is so mixed that it's kind of a paradox to have a "brazilian face" (or maybe that's exactly the reason why it's recognisable), but you can just know if you are brazilian or lived here long enough.
    Like said before, she's very obviously part amerindian. Take this actress, for example: She's almost ""full"" (or at least half) indian/native and yet, at first glance I'd probably think she was half japanese (and very tan) or at least half S/E Asian. 

    Don't get me wrong. At least where I live here in Brazil, we have tons, and I mean TONS of japanese or partly japanese people. It's the biggest concentration of nikkeis out of Japan, so the mixing with white and black and natives and asians can get a bit off track. Not that's a bad thing. But I mean, it's a fair mistake. Also, as I said, living in the city with the biggest japanese colony outside of Japan makes your "avarage joe" think anyone with slightly oval and smaller eye shape is called "japa" (you called it: short for japanese. Not necessarily a slur, but it can be used as such.)
    Anyway. Did I mention that I live in the city with the biggest japanese colony outside of Japan yadayada? YOU'VE GUESSED IT.
    Even mostly white people will try to look ""japanese"" and call themselves by japanese Nicknames (which usually is cool in my (and most) eyes, as long as you don't pretend you actually have any japanese blood in you), so you bet yo ass people with more "asian passing" faces will milk the shit out of it and try to "out-weaboo" others. This Juliana chick is doing this soooo much. Since we're experiencing a Korean Wave right now, she's trying to pass as Korean, but ooh boi, had this been in 2007 and I bet my house she would probably go by "Yuki" or some shit and swear to God she has samurai heriteji.
    Sorry for the bible, but I was laughing so hard through this. Poor sod.
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