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  1. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think its all of thy above. 
    1) need working Visa
    2) Moneybags-san does a little influencing 
    3) She's listed I think as a blogger/influencer 
    4) She needs to obtain at least 1-2 jobs per year thru them to keep her Visa
    But I'm sure all of this will change in a year or so when she moves. I'm really curious where they plan on going next and if she'll re apply for modelling agencies. ( HK might be the only place she could get away with doing that as she's considered too old for most agencies that don't know her) 
    As for the video it was incredibly boring and sloppy. 
    I know she wanted to put something out there regardless, but I think this all should have just been scrapped and replaced with just a makeup and hair tutorial. People have been asking for a makeup tutorial for soooooo long now. Plus also which lenses she uses too. 
    Its also sad that she went somewhere sorta interesting, but didn't film. I know its because Venus didn't feel up to being filmed ( due to being unhappy with her body/weight ) I hope Taylor kinda shows her the way to do things in a gradual healthy way. 
    Besides that ( Her fashion choice is hideous ... not my taste ) 
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  2. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Yeeeesss, back on topic please ~ 
    -still watching. 
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  3. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    HOLY SHIT ! 
    Those fucking eyebags .... 
    The other pictures look like it was toned down, so I hope this top photo isn't the newest picture and what he currently looks like ... Those look so painful and swollen, god damn. 
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  4. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Its still too hard to see what it is that you're seeing as the clip is just too fast for me to catch it. . . .
    Just just appears like she's lifting her shoulder/arm up while moving the box down ... idk. 
    I remember watching peachMilks video about how you can set the blurr on the skin and sometimes it overlaps onto the background. Maybe thats all thats happening is a screw up in filters like when she melts her chin into her neck. 
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  5. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Why is Everyone Obsessed with Japan?   

    And then you have odd balls like me... 
    Who have zero interest in Japan ... 
    I personally think its because Japan tourist areas are extremely tourist friendly. You don't often hear about people being robbed or ill treated in Japan. Most stories I've heard have been over all pleasant ( people are polite, food is great, streets are clean, many attractions ect ) while places like the USA, the streets aren't always clean, teens are fairly foul mouthed, most restaurants aren't tourist friendly because most only speak english and to people from reserved countries the clothing can be a bit too inappropriate or offensive. Then you add in the hype of it being the "OTT wacky land" and all the hype around how weird it is. 
    Then you have batshit crazy weebs who think they'll be the next Dakota by just moving there...
    Honestly though, all countries are equally beautiful ... 
    I wonder why people are so obsessed with going to cement jungles : New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing/Shanghai, Seoul, Sidney ect just to do shopping in over priced stores.   
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  6. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Half the time when I do check Taylor's vloggs she's always ordering take out ... And its always salad or fries... Which if you ask me doesn't really make Vegan food look splendid or desirable ... 
    ( If you want to see yummy gorgeous  inspirational looking vegan/raw food I suggest FullyRawKristina !  Her cakes are so colourful, and I ain't even Vegan and I'm interested. Or just visit Pinterest, even thats better then looking at Taylor for vegan ideas... she copies them from there anyways) 

    I don't think Taylor is intelligent enough to predict what people are going to think or think ahead like that. I think she didn't mention anything else simply because she likes the illusion of coming off Vegan even more at that time when she was still growing her channel. Now she's at 500k and couldn't give an eff because she's a "star" now. heh. 
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  7. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Yea, I had to go back and re watch.. well, actually watch it this time rather then just have her rambling in the background while I make a coffee.  There is some weird wiggly-giggly happening but I can't tell if its from auto focusing or editing. Her shoulders still look slouchy and broad. 
    If she has a insecurity or problem with her shoulders, she should just sit up straight and push her shoulders back. She's in the comforts of her own house and she looks like she wants to curl up in the fetal position. 

    ( Why do all the LDs look like they're neckless ? ) 
    As for the video : 
    I agree with another poster who said her monotone voice sorta ruined it, and made it come off as she wasn't really into anything she was showing off. However, to add to this she also rambling to much about each item which can make people all together lose interest. She reminds me of those really long and old infomercials that by the time they're done you've lost all interest. 
    The unicorn brushes were def a sponsored item as we all know they aren't high fashion enough for her to give an ef about. At this point she's probably not even using them anymore. However, I have to say the mermaid ones looked pretty fucking awesome ...
    ( Every time I watch her videos I feel like I've been rick roll'd ) 
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  8. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I'm just going to for warn people. 
    This video has nothing but Tay face and whining and rambling. 
    Everything we hate about her channel. 
    Anyhooo, its great and all that she feels for those in the bombing, but it really came off like she was making it about herself " omg it just ruined my mood while I was shopping " " People just kept telling me, tmi tmi " " I don't watch the news because what you don't know can't kill you " .. 
    Then she just rambled about how views, viral crap and how salty she is that everything else she put loads of money and work into didn't get recognized ...
    -BECAUSE YOU PRODUCE SHIT VIDEOS LIKE THIS MORE OFTEN THEN ANYTHING SALTAY. Who wants to watch a boring white girl whine and shop or linger around her house with a monotone voice... Uh, no one. On top of that she hops on all dead trends right when everyone stops caring about them. She went viral because the boots are still trending. 
    The rest was her whining and welcoming new people to her channel.. 
    ( Still think we're getting a look book as she was clothing shopping for a new video... Though she has a closet full .. ) 
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  9. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    She said around the end that she was filming for a main video and had to go out for it ... 
    Are we getting a summer/spring look book I wonder ? 
    Her new video was... I dunno.. I already forgot what it was about, so I guess you could say "forgettable" .. 
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  10. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Ehhhhhhh ! 
    How can she conjure up soooo much rambling for something as easy as bathbombs... 
    Ugh though, her hair looks so pretty and clean when she actually puts effort in. Also hello Tayjaw we missed you !
    Anyone else find it funny she wont sit in a fake poop bath bomb, but she sure as fuck will drink real shit ... HAHAHA, she's not really a bright one now is she. 
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  11. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Moneybag-san seems to be very family oriented and old fashioned, and same with Taylor. I doubt they'd hire a nanny, and you know it would be him paying for it because Taylor would have no job, or probably any savings since she spends her money the moment she gets it on junk and clothing and eating out. 
    He also seems to be more wise when it comes to whats worth spending on, too, like when he lectured Taylor about her 30k phone bill and what that money could go towards paying. I doubt he'd want to pay someone to watch his child while wife/girlfriend is right there at home and jobless. Taylor may be vain and materialistic, but he seems very down to earth and more well adjusted then her. 
    As for age its both gambling and the fact they'll be much older and tired when that time comes.  I know people who have had kids late too that are healthy, but they don't have the same energy to keep up with them as before.  She already complains of being stressed or tired after doing nothing and sleeps in till 9-10am almost everyday. 
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  12. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Woah this new video was hella boring... If visiting someones home to see there new baby id just not even bother to record anything. Enjoy the moment. 
    Seeing her with kids makes me wonder when she plans on having them... She's almost 30 and he's already 40.... I was reading that the 35 mark is when females reproductive systems start to take a toll... They're going to be exhausted and worn down if they wait. Despite she's a house wife, it takes a lot of energy to keep up with a kid, and she'll be 40 when that child hits 10 ... he'll be 50ish... The longer they wait the high the chances of complications too. 
    Maybe its not my place to question it, but can Taylor even handle kids ? She gives up and cries about the littlest of things, and its evident that she's going to be the one doing 75% + of the caretaking. I just can't scrap the visual of both her and her baby/child crying and throwing tantrums together. She's also isolated away from family which I know for my sister was one of the things that kept her sane, having family there to help and support. 
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  13. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Reminds me of Taylor's old style ... Minus the odd boots .. 
    Kinda glade though, to see her finally wearing new shoes and not those old beat up black heals she wore constantly. 

    Her choice in face shape still kinda scares me though. 
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  14. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Summary should be left to the general thread, and well the actual summary page tbh. 
    Maybe just link the Summary page in the OP with some links to notable videos ( I.e Old or cringe or ones with high friction ) for new members to be redirected too. Perhaps with a notice requiring new members to at least skin thru before joining any topics. 
    If the summary thread could also however be looked over and edited when updates arrive would also be key. I think the Moneybag-san info should be added to a certain degree, like specify that she was his employee, but give no names of company or his name. ( until its released by Taylor herself ). 
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  15. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Clearly you didn't finish reading the thread, or atleast to the point where the real reveal was done. 
    Please don't post before you actually do research and carefully read thru things. Go finish reading LC. 
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