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  1. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    I came across this and had a wee giggle. Someone donated her old diamond necklace to goodwill and it was auctioned. To my surprise, someone actually bided 7.99$ for it back in July. Even more surprised that anyone would still want those cheap hunks of plastic. 

    I guess her name is still relevant to some. 
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  2. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Which is honestly sad if you've been following her long enough to know that she use to be studying nutrition and overall health & wellbeing. She used to tell news outlets that wrote articles that she dreamt of being a nutritionist. Imagine her now giving young mothers and families advice about nutrition. It's sad to see her go from coming off intelligent and mature to generally fitting the "dumb blonde" stereotype. 
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  3. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Its possible as she is a apple shape and her weight tends to go to her upper half. Just like her childhood pictures. 
    ( Though it doesn't look like she gained that much weight and her measurements have hardly changed since her modelling days ) 
    Comparison of size difference ( excluding bust though because that wasn't given. ) 

    Bust : Unknown 
    Waist : +1inch
    Hips : +.8
    Thighs : Unknown
    Weight : unknown
    Taylor is just sketchy and questionable at times to me, that I feel suss about everything she does. Like there is always a ploy with her to either gain attention and make money, or cover up something she doesn't want to be honest about .. but also still get attention for it (pity/sympathy) .  
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  4. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    With how long she's taking for what we suspect as a simple gallbladder removal surgery ( or at least what I suspect ) to come out. I keep speculating and wondering if she might have actually just got something done again instead. Tits were the first thing to cross my mind as most are kinda on the down low for a while for recovery. Plus as you said, she keeps stuffing her boobs to her dream size, and I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if she got them done and claimed them as natural because people are so used to seeing them stuffed. Just like her cheek filler where she was very selective with pictures for weeks or wearing a mask. She becomes quiet when up to no good. 
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  5. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    She wants the fame and popularity without any true work. Being famous is what she wants to be passionate about. Unfortunately she doesn't realize that she isn't going to be like her idols ( Kardashians ) and get fame for nothing. 
    Sure must  roast her brisket though to be this close to 1mil subs and still only getting roughly around 100k-200k views per video. Same amount she got when sitting around her Japan apartment doing nothing. All that trend following and click baiting for nothing... Add on weight gain, surgery scars and acne flaring up on her face. She's kinda a hot mess.  
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  6. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    For some reason when I read that post of her's it sounded more like " I hate my body and how I look in that vlogg". I mean she has no issues bringing back her old dolly crap to milk for views, and on top of her expressing wanting to lose weight and tone up... I'd say it wasn't it being "stale" that was the true issue. 
    Homegirl seems to be having some serious body issues lately. 
    Also is it bad of me to wonder if she might have done something cosmetic ?  
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  7. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic KotaKoti ( Dakota ) GENERAL thread   

    Did the site Tiara-Mily shut down or just switch names ? 


    Despite they gave Kota shit tons of work in 2015, I think they probably damaged her image and rep as they're kinda a cheap scammy looking company ( in my opinion ) compared to all the other work Bravo got her. I also kinda wonder if she took this work on without Bravo, meaning they didn't get a cut. The company never seemed like something Bravo would send a model too. 
    Does she even list this company in her portfolio on her new agencies site ? 
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  8. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    This chick is giving me anxiety. 
    Holy fuck, just post it on twitter that your engaged, people will still flood to the video to watch it because people love watching proposals and couples. ( And everyone basically already knows and is just looking for the conformation ) 
    I just want to watch her try on wedding dresses, and piss off Kaka by living Kaka's dream life of being a model and marrying a millionaire. Like gimme some "say yes to the dress" type videos. 
    As for the cost of her ring ... I wouldn't even be shocked if it was a 50,000$ ring. Like the dude buys her a 10,000$ bag just for her birthday and still spends bank to have her go to the spa. 
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  9. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    More like Kiki explodes as it was Kiki who was raging jealous of Taylor. 
    ( Also I'm loling because Lolcow is theorizing/speculating that Kota might be lesbian.. ) 
    However, I hope its a proposal for both Taylor and you guys sakes ... Cause this would probably be the last nail in the coffin for many of you when it comes to Taylor's click bait. I'm hoping its a proposal and not like a over the top anniversary, as I'm fairly certain they met in the summer time. 
    Is it also weird for me to think that 3-4 years isn't long, and marriage is kinda to soon ? I get that Taylor's almost 30 and watching people move on, but those people have known their significant lover for much longer than Taylor has known Elbow-san. I just hope they both aren't rushing things, and he isn't feeling pressured into doing it just because he doesn't want to see Taylor sad. 
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  10. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Eh, she actually seems to be wearing the same amount of makeup in this shoot for candy doll as she is now. Fact is her face has changed, and so should her makeup to suit her more matured features. Its hard for some to notice but she has been rocking a little mascara and brown eyeliner, which worked well with her youthful face, but not so much with her more matured face now.
    She should add some warmth to her face either with blush or a tad of bronzer to give a livelier look. Japan is all about youthful and being fresh looking, so despite someone above mentioning the dark circles giving her "character", they make her look tired and as if she hadn't slept in 12hrs which no company really wants on/in their ads/magazines/articles and events. She should conceal them when at work, maybe darken her brows a little more and youth tend to have thicker brows. Add pops of colour to her lips and thicken up her mascara just to frame her eyes a little more. I don't think darker or more exaggerative makeup would suit her, as she does have a bit of a disproportion to her eyes which that makeup might just emphasize. ( or worsen ) Like my right eye is smaller than my left, but its barely noticeable unless I decide to put on eyeliner than it shows. Her one eye is lower it seems, so it may be best to not draw a lot of attention to her eyes.   
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  11. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I can't really go as far to call her fake, as what she shows on youtube is called a "persona" and isn't meant to be "real". Despite that is what she claims it to be. People always put a "faker" side to them forward, even with vloggs. Its really not hard to tell that she truly isn't an exciting person, that she's very materialistic and seeks status and acceptance from people. Take a look at who she is dating. A lot of women seek rich men for status and material ( fancy dinners, events the over whelming desire to feel important without any of the actual work or effort to be ) Her constant mention of "meetings" is to seem busy, and important in some sense.  Meanwhile she is to maintain an appearance, and thats probably why we see mini episodes of her having crisis with her looks or fashion style and even weight. However if this is true, I really don't think its all that healthy of a relationship as the female body is destine to go thru some changes and age. 
    Her "wannabe trendy" videos aren't her so much being fake, but rather her seeking more acceptance, numbers and status imo. Its also a ploy that practically all youtubers do to try and gain more financially. ( Maybe we could add money hungry to that list  ) There is no denying that some of her videos that are " wannabe trendy" have gotten a lot of traction, increased her follower count and got her name out there. Don't forget that nice fatter check when one video racks in 1m+ views. It probably is also why she's landing more sponsors, which might have never happened if she stuck with her Jvlogg style. 
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  12. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    My god, its been a while. . . .  But I'm bored so here I am. 
    First : Her sense of fashion is soo hideous .. I can't. 
    These all look like pre-worn hand me downs from the 90's. 
    Also, reading you guys comments about her content makes me wonder if some of you are on the same boat as me ( but just don't realize it ). Like, you don't actually dislike her video ideas or editing, but rather just dislike her. Not like " loath or hate", but just find her personality to be extremely bland, her voice to monotone and her looks to be little subpar . There jus isn't anything mentally or visually stimulating about her, and there isn't honestly anything she can do about that because that is who she is. Some enjoyed the fake her because it wasn't her, and dislike her content now because they probably don't enjoy her true personality/style. 
    I stopped watching her content because I realize I'd never like her or her content because of the unchangeable factors. You can't ask someone to change their voice, interest, looks, personality. It's just not healthy to be fake. 
    A majority of her content would be more liked and accepted if it was another creator doing it. They could probably say and do the exact same things , the video would be loved. End of the day its not really her content that isn't digestible, but her that isn't. 
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  13. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I'm not the only one seeing a resemblance ... ? 

    Btw, I've noticed she's back in the states right now. Hopefully her parents take her shopping and get her better fitting and nicer looking clothing. (And maybe a couple tubes of eyeliner in the colour black ) ... and matching hair extensions ... and new shoes..  and maybe a serum for her dark circles .. 
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  14. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I was trying to find pictures on google for the recent girls award thing, but instead found an article about shooping ... 
     Some of y'all got quoted ~ 
    ( Sorry if it got posted already.. I tried looking for it and instead only found the original comments that were quoted from here ) 
    I'm surprised neither of the Ostrenga's tried to shut it down for saying she edits, or even implying. . 
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  15. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    No.. I don't think she edited this at all. She may have gaven approval of it, but its not to her editing standards of what she would normally shoop. This looks like its just a really heavy snapchat filtered that might enhance/shrink some areas with some heavy blur happening, but nothing else. 
    Her nose looks smaller because she's had 2 nose jobs to reduce size and natural shape. Its never going to photograph naturally with or without editing. It also doesn't seem like it takes much blur to even make her nose creases disappear thus making her nose look smaller and like it just blends into her face. 

    MissKek's profile pic is from a low quality live chat with Saya where she was talking to people live ( I was there ), and you can see the work she's had done to warp her nose. I think she purposely chose to have the creases removed as much as possible to resemble a anime character more, rather than this actually being a failed/butchered job. Looks like they took her alars and removed a lot of it and attempted to smooth the crease by making it tight by stretching it downwards and away while adding a synthetic tip to give her nose more of a point. This all resulted in her having triangle nostrils and unusual nasal creases. 
    Look at other people whom had extreme nose jobs to look like barbies in comparison.  

    They also don't need much to make their creases disappear completely vie to  lighting, blur or angles.  
    Sorry for the long post. ~

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