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  1. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Invite only ? 
    So no sneaky "fans" to take candid shots of her ? 
    Is it bad that I follow her ? I feel like a guilty arse hole, but like, just like Dakota I like her editing style and Plastic surgery results. ( I'm incredibly vain when it comes to the people I follow. I give no fucks about personality because its not like I'm ever going to be their friend or even socialize with them) 
    As for the scamming thing ... I feel torn sorta. Its shitty, no doubt. I just sometimes feel like those that can typically donate are those that are adults, and if those adults can't tell they're being scammed ( like as obvious as it is ) ... Than maybe I shouldn't care ...  Like unlike the Ahri thing where she was straight up lying about bills that didn't exist ( sick kitten vet bills that she spent on a cosplay costume ), this is like a white lie .. ish .. She is putting some ( very little ) of the funding towards her cosplay and pocketing the rest. 
    I feel like its a 50/50 split of the who's the bigger idiot :  adult with the credit card being a absolute dumbass ( or parent loaning their card number so their kid can donate and both be a dumbass  ) and/or her not being absolutely honest where all the money is being spent. 
    Though hey, you could also look at the plastic surgery as her investing in her cosplay/brand since its her image that sells. She's just not honest about that, as I guess having that much work done would require balls too admit to. That shit would get a lot of ridicule if she was open about it, and so she chooses to be a coward about it. A liar. 
    Tbh, you'd have to be quite the idiot to fund any of the girls mention on this site. Even the ones not mentioned on here. IF the adult women and men on this site can see bullshit, who says those adults or late teens can't ? People choose to ignore it. Ignorances is bliss. And that tiny acknowledgement they get from Saya, along with picture makes those lonely souls feel temporarily important. Like the popular girl sat next to you at lunch one day. I feel a majority of the donators are lonely men and people whom don't really have a lot of friends that feel like donating to people gives them some sort of self worth and value.. maybe even a sense of power ( costumers always right mentality ). Sometimes these people I find convince themselves that they are friends with whom they are paying.. Not true. 
    Sorry for my little rant. I've been on/off active lately, and just find myself more and more disappointed by the human race and what we consider alright and normal now.  
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  2. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic EDWARD ZO   

    I see a lot of people suggesting he's from a rich family and blah blah.. I feel this is a double standard because if he was a girl it would be flooded with "She's (he) a sugar baby". Men can be sugar babies too. I mean the moment members saw Taylor getting flashy fancy shit it was the first thing uttered, and its the first thing to be mentioned about "IG models" is that they don't work and are always in fancy hotels. Soooo, Edward here is almost never working and is constantly traveling the world and staying in luxurious hotels, and don't forget always sporting expensive designer goods. 
    He's no different than the IG (sugarbabies) models just because he has a dick. 

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  3. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Fuckin preach GIRL ! 
    I'm soo happy no one believes her, including the Japanese. 
    What proves that this wasn't a typo as well is the fact that several days have pasted by and even media sites have picked up the story, and yet she has not corrected it or retracted her statement. This means she meant it, and wasn't making any sort of mistake while typing it out. Also to those who argue two years ago would have been 2016, yes and no. Were only 2 months into 2018, and its 2 years ago she claimed to have beaten it meaning that 2015 is when she "fought " it. 2015 is when she looked her healthiest, and looked like she cared more about her image. Probably also when she felt her most cozy in her position, and like the world couldn't touch her and just let herself go. 
    However, I didn't know you had to be a permanent resident of Japan to receive cancer treatment there. ( Though I also realize Lolcow is running with the theory she's possibly married due to having zero proof of her leaving for a visa run. ) 
    Its like she's extremely private, and when it comes to putting anything out there about her life its all complete lies. 
    - Cancer 
    - going to college
    - dates and time she dropped out ( once saying highschool and another time saying grade school ) 
    - Lying about how she learned Japanese 
    -Lying about her measurements and height 
    -Lying on Korean tv saying her falsies were  her real eyelashes
    -claiming her contacts were her real eyes
    -lying about driving 
    -lying about diet and lifestyle
    -buying followers and views and lying about it
    -lying about knock offs calling them real
    She also went to a beauty clinic not to long ago : 

    Anons on Lolcow looked into it, and the place mainly deals with weight loss and possibly lipo. Ironic she goes there after openly stating she would never do anything cosmetic due to her health, and then literally days later goes to a beauty clinic. Of course her getting lipo or some weightloss thing is just a theory, and her claims on the post are that they fixed her posture because one leg was too long ?? ( someone can correct me ) 
    This girl is a fucking mess. 
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  4. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Dakota stated it was acute leukemia, and that she miraculous 2 years ago beat it in her most busiest year of work. (2015) Acute Leukemia would require intense chemo, and would suck the life out of her and her bank account. She's also using this as a way to deflect people asking why she doesn't look like her shoops, and why she looks constantly different in pictures. Acute leukemia would also mean she would have required a bone marrow transplant, likely gone bald and frankly be very sick. She was on Tv almost every month in 2015, and it was the year she looked her greatest. She didn't start to go down hill look wise until early 2017. Your telling me that chemo made her look better ... LOL 
    On top of that she was having constant flow of catalog and run way gigs in 2015 and was still working for popteen... 
    I smell bullshit. 
    2015 pictures ( year of the cancer ) : 
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  5. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Perhaps she's physically feeling better, but not mentally there yet. Being sick especially for a while can really do something to you. Now, I'm not saying depression or sad moods ( emotion based feeling ), but rather kinda a weird fogginess and absolute lack of attention to things. I've been sick a lot this year and thats what i've been experiences quite often is a weird fogginess. Its like feeling tired and dazed all the time, and everything just goes past you.  At least thats how I took it when she said "feeling dead" as in more a description for how she mentally feels. 
    Being sick sucks the life out of you. Even when you're better it still lingers in some form. 
    As for the videos ... Eh, you could say maybe a little lazy, but also probably struggling to make time for everything. Living with Margo all she had was making videos. Now she has language schooling, love life, social life, and she just isn't good at keeping track of the time. Its also winter now, and daylight doesn't last as long anymore. Its fucking dark where I am by 5pm. As far as I'm aware she doesn't seem to have beauty lights to brighten up her room, so probably pushes the video off to the next day. 
    ( She's like a kid learning how to manage her time *Time management* which Margo never really introduced to her ) 
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  6. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Lol, I don't think anyone believes that story, not even Margo does. 
    However, I do wonder if its an extreme exaggeration of a situation or conversation V and Margo had. Venus has expressed both loving unhealthy food, but also not wanting to gain weight. ( preferably lose it actually ) 
    Like say,  Venus read an article about Bowel removal and weight loss and half jokingly said to Margo "wouldn't that be nice to just eat w/e you want and never gain weight", but she wasn't implying she'd ever getting the surgery done. Just that she was envious of the idea. I honestly feel like every single girl has at least said that fraise to friends or family. " God, I'd just love to eat w.e and not worry about getting fat". I wouldn't even be surprised if she found out about it thru googling diet/weight loss ideas, something a lot of girls and guys do no matter the age. Fuck, I've looked shit up and I myself have came across a lot of crazy diet ideas. Humans are also naturally curious, and read about whack shit.  
    I feel like there are little hidden truths in what Margo says sometimes. You just have to water down her statement, and sometimes add a little extra context. Its like the dog with the broken foot story. Margo says she broke its leg, Venus adds that she was young and it was squirming in her arms and slipped. Same story, different vibes/ending. 
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  7. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    No,nonononon... No.. 

    Then she'll just look like fucking Taylor.. Or worse .. 
    Revert back to over drawn bumhole lips again. 
    Though to be honest, I think she's trying to do her old shoop style. Its just coming out differently because her face is different and the lack of makeup. 
    example : 

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  8. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I don't check with this thread much anymore. The last time I recall there being speculations of bulimia being made during her mukbang period ( dunno if I spelt that right ) Generally because of weird jump-cuts in video and her having glossy red eyes. 
    If she really does have a ED ( eating disorder ) I hope she didn't switch to a laxative abuse diet. There has been a lot thrown around about her having a ED either by Pull/Lolcow or Margo, and all has lead to her having Bulimia/obsession with getting the food out of her quickly before absorption ( Bowel removal, vomiting, fasting, ingesting chemicals,over eating,counting calories) . People with Bulimia sometimes try other crazy elimination tactics such as Laxative abuse. ( which doesn't work ). Mix that with too much spicy food and random acts of fasting ( what was it, a month she claimed to have fasted ? ) or over eating. (Mukbang) 
    I think she's putting her entire system in shock, especially her digestive system. 

    Also, I lowkey hope her video is a tell all story of her life. I don't feel or say it much, but V's life story would actually be pretty damn interesting. She's lived a very different and multicultural life, as well as had some pretty devastating things she's been thru. It'd be eye opening for sure. 
    ( Though it'd probably trigger Margo into a rage like no other ) 
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  9. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Old / Deleted videos of Dakota!2~5~5!12~5~5~A
    Hopefully it works. 
    But when in doubt just go to the Chinese sites. Probably harder for her to take them down on their. 
    ( There are other old deleted vids in the suggestion bar too, or even just type "kotakoti" in the search bar and vids will pop up ) 
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  10. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic KotaKoti ( Dakota ) GENERAL thread   

    Balls.. I can't remember which thread it was I originally posted in about Kota's age/family. Pretty sure it was this one, but can't seem to find the post. 
    Anyways, I found the picture I was looking for ( or atleast one of them ) as physical proof of their brothers existence. 
    Kiki and Kyler :
    I think I actually remember Kiki posting this long ago, but removing it not too long after. 
    Buzznet screen shots of family including brother : 
    Some more Ostrenga family niblets : 
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  11. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic missbo   

    How in the fuck... 
    Her legs all in a short time span go thicc > medium > tooth pick. ^^^^
    That red dress is see thru and you can see that the shadow of where her legs should be don't really match with where her legs outside of the dress are.  I always just assumed this girl was no different then the other insta hoes. Put 10k down on hip implants and butt implants/ fillers. 
    Gonna suck when the trend changes and people no longer think this shape is hot. Just like years back the trend was to be super skinny. 
    Feel so bad for chicks that throw down thousands to follow a trend. 
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  12. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Ah, I didn't realize she was in heels. 
    The report would have been fine if it was just one tiny little slip up, but it was numerous things that were off about it. I lean more towards the news paper clipping being correct since there is nothing seemingly off about it. It was written in 1995 long before any lying or insanity began. Would be absolutely ruthless to treat their son as if he isn't even human and disregard his existence in the clipping. They may not have even known he even had autism at the time to value or even treat him differently. 
    Dakota hated being treated/referred to as a kid. In the scene days she'd get pissed when people disregarded her for nothing more than a "little kid ". A lot of kids like to believe they're tough and all grown up because they can spit the F word when they're feeling edgy. Dakota's really no different then the average teen who thinks being an adult/late teens is cool shit ( till they discover bills and responsibilities ), and probably just wanted to seem more up there with her sister. ( She'd usually lie about being the same age as Kiki, which pretty much all popular scene kids were Kiki's age )  
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  13. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Yes, I remember one of them mentioning him being an older brother. Probably Kiki as Kota never seems to even mention his existence .. 
    Both of them were short, but my point was that it listed them as the exact same height " 5'0 " .. 
    Its weird how hard it is to find any bit of info about their brother .. I lowkey wonder if he's even alive anymore... Or cared for... 
    I know this is from 2015, but who wrote this ? I'm cackling.

    " Belongs to the Japanese family of Cathy and Scott " 
    "competitive whoring" 
    Sweet jesus.. 
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  14. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    There is a lot that is off about that police report. 
    A ) Dakota and Kiki are listed as the same height, yet Kiki has always been taller then Kota as a child. 

    B ) Kiki's eyes and hair were blonde, and she list her hair on everything as "blonde" still to this day. Her hair has darkened since, but is more then likely listed as blonde on her Birth certificate. However, her eyes have always been BLUE, yet the report stats "brown". 
    C ) I still highly doubt Kota has ever been " 80 " pounds ...She fought with her weight so much thru the years, and even for someone at 5'0 tall 80 pounds is still very small and under weight. Kota has never been under weight. 
    D ) Dakota's eyes are blue and have never been brown. I have never seen her wear brown lenses either. 
    Its very unlikely that they've been lying about Dakota's age since 1995... Thats insane. What we do know is that Dakota hated being referred to as a "child/kid" and would consistently lie about her age and claim to be older,taller,skinnier ect ect. 
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  15. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Their brother... Kyle or something like that. 
    They have an older brother who I think was mentioned before having autism I think it was. They don't really talk about him a lot. 
    Matter of fact they seem to actively erase his name and existence from everything.. I can't find the old picture of the three and google search results keep implying Kota only has a sister, same with Kaka. 
    This is from the police report however. 

    If I do ever come across the picture of the three I'll post it. 
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