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  1. There was a thread about her on PULL before it got deleted.
    She is some instagram/twitter famous choke me daddy girl who is also a model. 
    She gives me headaches?

    She did an interview for i-d magazine: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/to-these-two-teen-models-instagram-is-more-than-a-hobby 
    Some summary points:
    She's "instagram famous" hoe with 630k followers and is friends with equally basic Charlie Barker and Elizabeth Bishop, which are also "famous" instagram girls. 
    She's 19 and is signed with Anti Agency London. Some weird modeling agency for alternative or "too cool" to model people
    A lot of people dislike her and think she's stupid, because of her tweets. She has a daddy kink with her boyfriend Joe Fahy. It's gross. I think she started the whole choke me daddy american apparel thing. Well at least people on twitter blame her for that.

  2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/himeahri/?hl=en
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ahripop25

    Quick summary:
    >Asian-wannabe that went from claiming that she's partially Japanese, to 100% Asian, although she's obviously white af.
    >Wanted to legally change her name to a Korean one
    >Also started a gofundme that was going to fund her trip to korea, so that she can get plastic surgeries to look asian irl. (I don't have a link anymore, but she's probably taken it down by now)
    >Shoops her pics to hell and back
    >Dressed way too sexual for her age.
    >Claims that she cannot live without wearing her kitty ears
    >Someone asked if she's white on one of her pictures, someone responded with that yes, indeed, ahripop is white, and ahri quickly deleted that comment.

    Her twitch bio:

  3.  theproserpina.tumblr.com
    She is truely a surviving sceen queen from myspace on tumblr (also a liar and rich bitch who pretend to be poor just to get free things but fails because she like to brag about what her parents buys her). 

    Photoshoop fail:
  4. Fetsu-Chan
    Instagram // Youtube // ask.fm

    She's just another typical white girl who like Japanese stuff and kawaii things. She's pretty and nice. 
    She's not a snowflake, but she often flexes (shows-off) how many kawaii figures she has or how much clothes she has, or how many wigs she has and post multiple photos on her face (just her face) on the same occasion or slightly different poses. 
    Feel free to disagree with me, but I do find her very obnoxious. She's talented in make up effects and her art is cool, but she posts wayyy too many pictures of her face. Way too many. And they don't vary much either, generally the same dopey face expression and angle. 
    Please excuse me if I may seem upfront. !!! Σ(゜ロ゜;)!!
    Recent pictures (Oct 2017):
    IRL Pictures (From around 2 years ago):
    Old Pictures:
  5. Post on Anzujaamu in Online Personalities

    By Mikan, posted
    ♢ Link dump ♢ 
    There was a thread for Anzu on the previous PULL Interesting people section. Thought I should carry discussion over to here.
    To my knowledge she hasn't done anything overly snowflakey, there was rumours of her shooping her legs but nothing serious. In the previous thread people found some archived pictures of her when she was young (around 13/14) and she was a little chubby.
    However, she recently won a large cosplay competition with a bought costume that she received as a sponsor (she is sponsored by a lot of companies which is where she gets all of her lenses/wigs/clothes from). And subsequently won a trip to Japan from winning that comp, which is where she is now as I'm writing this. 
    Personally I like her style, she seems a nice person. Thoughts?
  6. There's was topic about her before,
    I dont remember many things of her but getting underage tattoes and lying about her race 

  7.  SUMMARY  
    (edited in on Jan. 12 2016)
    What started off was a girl with some unusual and sketchy photoshopped selfies but what would come from that no one expected to believe. What was discovered by the PULL forum was that everything about her is a lie. She is a living lie. She claims to be a 17 year old model living in Moscow, Russia with a tiny nose and big, plump lips but what was discovered was that she is actually an average looking Hispanic 17 year old girl living in Texas who stays at home photoshopping her face to the extreme and living a fake persona.
    This isn't the first time she's done such a thing. She also had a different persona as Holly Bridgett, a blonde haired Irish adult who loved to do drugs and all sorts of promiscuous acts, much too immoral for a 14-15 year old child at the time. When she wasn't finding much success with that identity, she brushed up on her Photoshop skills, took Russian from Professor G. Translate, and became a "perfect" faced Russian teen.
    She might have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling PULL members. Her lies piled up as more and more became exposed about her but the end all truth is that she is Jennifer ****** and not Sasha.
    The scary thing is that it seems as though she is forgetting who she really is as Jennifer due to all the praise and attention she is receiving as Sasha. She might have created this false image to fill the empty void inside her but all this does to her is kill her sense of spirit and self.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cremijeur/ 
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cremijeur
    Examples of Shoop
  8. Post on Lily Maymac in Little Snowflakes

    By Plum, posted
    Instagram (x) Twitter (x) Snapchat: lilyhatesyou 
    Lily Maymac (or Lily May Macapinlac) Is a famous Instagram model from Australia who is known for being controversial. She usually only posts pics of her face with her lips being the main focus, sponsorships, and food.

    Tea about her:
    Candids of her (a lot of people find her to be disappointing/average in person):
    Receipts of her self-hate & racism
    Her obvious signs of self hate (white-fever, wishing she was a halfie, and wanting a mixed child.):
    Her own mom ratting her out on her self hate in 2016 & taking every chance to shit on "other Filipinos" when defending her daughter:
    Her "lowkey" distaste towards Asian men:
    Distasteful "jokes" towards blacks to name her dog:
    Her immediate responses before backpedaling & "apologizing" when shit hit the fan:
    Contradicted her "apology" with defensive likes/retweets from fans:
    Receipts of her overall garbage personality
    Constantly bragging about how much money she spends:
    Constantly boasting about the "free shit" she gets:
    The gross treatment of her ex, Josh, while they were together:
    Is an unappreciative twat towards her fans & treats them like shit:
    Other snowflakey shit:
     Archive links of her self-hate/racist tweets (text-only):
    Articles that have talked about her self-hate/racism:
    (keep in mind some simply brush off everything with "preference" or they don't show the full story like her white power posts & racist remarks against blacks/indians) 
    imgur album (self-hate/racism tweets only) | video proof
    Thank you to @mercy for compiling everything! 
  9. This insta-famous ; ) -- thanks Lily -- baddie girl who is apparently everyone's bae. The old PULL had stuff about her like how she looked like before (possible work done to her face) and a crap ton of candid pictures of her.

    Here's what I've been able to salvage at least:
  10. Madison Beer is a "singer" and "actress" whom Justin Bieber "discovered" when he saw a "cover" she had done of Etta James' At Last.  She is 16 as of now and her social medias are here: youtube MadisonBeerMusic, instagram madisonbeer, twitter MadisonElleBeer

    A quick rundown about Madison Beer:

    - She's 16 and lives with her mother Tracie Beer who does cringeworthy things
    - Justin Bieber "discovered" her via this cover she made: click here but be mindful of your ears
    - She "dated" half of Magcon and she's currently dating Jack Gilinsky and they make sure everyone knows that: exhibits A, B, C
    - She photoshops her body and face and always always denies it (p much self-explanatory when you see her posted pics vs her candids)
    - She allegedly sent nude videos to boys at her high school in Jericho, NY one where she was fingering herself and one where she was grabbing her boob. Fans and non fans were able to deduce via a bedframe that was visible (I won't post this pic), the custom nail polish prints she wore, and the rings on her fingers that it was indeed her.
    - People make a game out of who she'll end up copying next because she does it so frequently: Madison channeling her inner Kylie, Madison emulating Ariana
    - She's had lip fillers done and they were first evident when she was 15, but I am not sure about this rhinoplasty
    - Madison Beer apparently "hung out" with Kylie Jenner and co. But when they basically ignored her on her birthday she posted an instagram pic of her crying. Kylie's vine where she mocks Madison: here you can here her say "Madison"
    - Tracie Beer and Scooter Braun apparently met in college which is supposedly how Madison got her big break. Justin and Madison met months before he was supposed to "discover" her

    Tracie Beer is probably worse than her daughter. Any person that comments anything relatively unpositive about her daughter will have to face a barrage of comments from her probably calling you fat, ugly, and jealous. A fan had apparently gotten a phone call from Tracie a day after she posted a negative comment on Madison's photo and Tracie made it sound like the fan won tickets to a Cody Simpson concert. Tracie had tried to lure the fan somewhere to collect her "prize." Tracie's number has since then changed when the fan posted it on her social media and people started calling the number which had led to Tracie's voicemail. Tracie also stalks an incredible amount of Madison Beer haters even going as far as stalking their parents' accounts and posting odd messages like ";) @(the fan's username)" (I mean seriously doesn't she have mother things to do? like what the heck poor Ryder. You don't hear about him because she doesn't find him marketable). She also encourages the perpetual sexualization of her 16 year old daughter (i.e. her gigs with Kitty Galore). Tracie could've just ignored the teenaged girls and boys that try to hate on her daughter but she actively fights them back. She apparently made her instagram public as of now because she is waiting for the right time to post something which fans speculate will probably be geared towards anyone who doesn't worship Madison Beer. (She just seems like a grown-ass primadonna living vicariously through her daughter).

    These photos were taken 2 days apart.
  11. The waifu of Ahripop
    This young lass reminds me of Ahripop so much. She will defend her, edit like her and possibly be have magical boobs like her but that's just my observations from her IG.
    Which is here: https://www.instagram.com/sumomo_/
    Here is some evidence of her defending the Ahri, though most of the people commenting Ahri is not actually impacting her but whatever.

    And here is some images that stand out to me~ sorry, I am on phone and this was easier for me.

    So, I am not saying she is Snowflake material but she doesn't seem real to me and have future interest due to her being Ahri's 'favourite' at the moment.
    She also has a tumblr here: 
  12. OK so I haven't made my own post for cosplayers or snowflakes or w/e on here but I wanted to share Natashazagadka, or Natalie Tatarova. She's eighteen, russian, and from Florida. I always see her on my dash, and on my explore page, and while I don't follow her i Cant help but wonder why she has not been posted yet. She edits in photoshop for ... well... everything? Her skin, her face shape, her body, her "contacts", her makeup, her backgrounds, her clothing, her "prosthetic" ears? I'm not sure WHAT she does irl... I mean she is kind of talented with makeup in some of her photos where there is no photoshop, but overall her costests are just photoshopped on tattoos, eye contacts, eyeliner, eyebrows, contour??? I fail to see how that's fully cosplay... I understand photoshop and editing is 100% cool if you admit, and especially for special effects (i have no prob with her editing her background and maybe like magic and stuff in), but as far as I know she doesn't admit (except to smoothing her skin, she has acne and I struggle with acne too so i definitely understand and appreciate her for posting an unsmoothed selfie) to editing. 
    Also recently she posted a wishlistr, (found here: https://www.wishlistr.com/natashazagadka), but she literally JUST deleted whatever she posted on ig about it... when i went to screencap it was gone. But im guessing she asked people to buy her stuff? I dunno. She is asking on the page, and talks like a typical weeb. I screencapped the wishlistr page for reference in case that gets deleted. She is friends with a lot of the cosplay comm, like lordcreepypeepee, and milkteafox as far as I know... I don't follow a lot of them but that is who I see her interacting with sometimes. I'm just surprised no one ever says stuff about her edits!!
    edit: also, on her younow page which was used THIS YEAR in may 18, 2015 she states she is a lesbian but she is dating (?) this man: https://www.instagram.com/squirrelman238/ which would make her not a lesbian...? at least not by standard definition. i know tumblr likes to say u can identify as lesbian but willingly date a guy but...? wouldnt that make her bisexual, pansexual,  something other than lesbian? (the guy linked refers to himself as he and such, and i don't believe he is trans). **oops. it says "demi" next to his name now in her bio, but i guess she decided she was demi later this same year as lesbian earlier...? i dont know. i get people change just figured it was worth mentioning. 
    I've posted a few collages I made quick under the cut, but here are her links?
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/natashazagadka/
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/NatashaZagadka
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/ZagadkaNatasha/
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/natashazagadka
    DA(?): http://natashazagadka.deviantart.com
    VINE: https://vine.co/u/943018580226789376
    YOUNOW: https://www.younow.com/NatashaZagadka
    KEEK (unedited fully): https://www.keek.com/profile/natashaZagadka
    I rarely make threads unless it's worth my time but I feel like this girl has officially made it into the bad shoop hall of fame. Obviously she uses Facetune which is even worse for editing to extremes. My favorite edits are her chin shoops since she has started to straight up get rid of it. I still believe we should have a guru general thread, but this chick really deserves a spot of her own, despite her being uninteresting. (And Guru Gossiper doesn't have a lot of IG guru's. :c)
    Here's a before and after of the lulz.
    Pre-Followers purchase:
    After-followers purchase: 
    I say followers purchase because there was som speculation about the random iinflux and inconsistency between likes and follower ratio. Now it's harder to tell but her pictures still bring me great laughter. The downside is that she's someone who is really not all that great at makeup but edits her pictures to a point that you can't tell. Obviously she knows this so she had to create an image that fit within the instagram aesthetic. The part that does enrage me, however, is that she sometimes edit her clients pictures as well. (Because when she doesn't, you can see how bad she actually is.)
    Her biggest offence is making medium toned people fifty shades lighter than their actual skintone. (She also has a habit of throwing fifty colors together, throwing on some gemstones, and calling it avant garde...)
     And just to flavor up the thread, have some of my favorite edits.
    Honestly, edits and over-the-top makeup doesn't make you a snowflake so I didn't put her in the snowflakes section. My problem is her "I'm super sassy and talented and drink expensive champagne" attitude. You have to remember that these guru's are the ones who get free products and clients and it isn't cool that they're now lying to us more than they used too. There's nothing wrong with editing out a pimple or fixing the lighting. But these people who are getting thousands of followers and fans don't realize that girls like this are 100% fake. I'm not sure if she admits to editing because I don't really care anymore. Even if you admit to it, editing to this extent isn't positive.  Anyways, just thought I would share her because I rarely get annoyed by random mua's but this one really takes the cake for fake.
    Have a bonus picture of some random girl she posted with a shape-shifting butt.

  14. I don't know if some of you have heard of this girl Cindy Kimberly but she is known for having her selfie posted by Justin Bieber. She is a 17 y/ old spanish girl who lives in Costa Blanca, Spain. I found her a few months ago when she still had a Tumblr before that hapenned though and she already had quiet a few followers then. Some say she is the most beautiful girl and I'm not going to lie but I'm kinda jealous of her. She looks good in every angle!! Even the ugliest picture of her is still probably better than my best xD. The only drama about her though is that she's lied for months, probably even years? - I don't know to be honest since I've only followed her since 6 months ago... That she absolutely did not get lip injections, she only overlines them and pouts. Before I even saw her older pictures I could tell they're fake. She 'admitted' on Instagram finally that she had lip injections after someone found her older pictures but a lot of her followers believe she was being 'sarcastic'. A girl who lives in Spain messaged me once saying she saw Cindy in real life but that she looked different in real life and had smaller lips but I'm not 100% sure if that girl was telling the truth but I thought it was worth a mention here because maybe she didn't actually get lip injections if they're still small in real life? She could be pulling a Sasha and sucking on shot glasses right before taking selfies or editing them. What do you guys think? I think she is beautiful but she really needs to chill out with how big she makes her lips, they look so swollen in some photos it distracts from how good the rest of her face looks. Some people just look better with smaller lips.
    Anyway, on to her personality, I can't really say much about her being problematic except once I saw her complain on Tumblr that a lot of people just want to be her friend because she's so pretty and that she doesn't like that people only follow her because of her looks which is such a LilyMayMac moment with ~pretty people problems~ sort of thing lol like we're supossed to feel bad for you? We all know you like that attention so don't even try to play us. Of course, I have no screencaps and she's deleted her account so you can't see that she said that sadly.
    Sorry if I wrote so much! This is my first time starting a thread here. 😊

  15. Hey guys! This is my first time doing this so I hope I do it right. I recently found this girl on instagram and I was wondering what you thought? She's 17 btw.

    BTW i actually laughed when i saw this since i am following the Sasha Vldr drama

    and if you check out her tumblr, sasha also has the same theme as her

  16. I'm not too sure if Bonbonchuu (Instagram) has been mentioned here before; but I think she's definitely worth mentioning. Recently, she blew up about someone calling her out on her being conceited (i.e. calling herself smol and cute every 3 seconds and acting like her shit doesn't stink) and made a huge deal out of it for 2 days of multiple posts. Thoughts and opinions? I will post some screenshots later/
    also mentioning that she's apparently very quick to block anyone that is even slightly confrontational towards her.

    Edit by johndoe on 2016-04-12:
    If you are new to this site, and you just want to see proof of bonbonchuu being rude to her followers, etc, then here's some examples under a spoiler. Credits goes to the instagram account bonbonbully.
     BONBONCHUU THE SUMMARY (credits to the PULL member @Kanra)
    Aggressive comments: 
    Too Poor/Imaginary Illness:
    Buying Followers:
    Includes: slut shaming, her boyfriend, drama with momodere and tsuruko, SFS drama, and coming to the thread HERSELF
  17. I wasn't sure if there was a topic for this yet, and I know it's been discussed in other topics, but has anyone else noticed how insane instagram has become? 
    There was a girl named Essena O'Neil who made a video about this, she was a big insta model who claimed she was quitting all her social media because of how toxic it is then like a few days later she was back on social media, so so much for that. She was pretty dramatic about it but she brought up some really good points.
    I feel like I can't trust anyone on insta anymore except causal users. All the famous instagrammers feel so fake and only post things that make their life look cool and desirable. Then with the selfies... I can't believe how many girls shop their selfies now. It's like insta has become this cluster fuck of competition, everyone trying to look the best, to have the best aesthetic, the best life, etc. This kind of atmosphere seems to inevitably lead to people lying, photoshopping and just generally being full of themselves. I also hate how full of advertising insta is now. It's become just like youtube, and its so hard to trust anyone when they are posed with a product. Anyone else feel this way or am I just delusional? 
  18. Post on catysuewho in Online Personalities

    By Rose, posted
    Instagram (x)

    So I follow her on instagram and I really like her makeup. I'm a huge fan of heavy as hell makeup that's similar to drag makeup but not as outrageous. She seems fairly nice from what I've seen, I don't know if she has any existing drama surrounding her- I haven't heard anything and google reveals nothing.

    She doesn't look like she photoshops heavily (I believe she smooths out her skin as well as using filters) and she's very open about overlining her lips because she likes them that way and posting no makeup selfies that don't look PS'd. (but have some filters on them.)

    I apologize in advance if I did something wrong in making this thread, it's my first time doing so!

    What are your thoughts/opinions on her? I really look to her for inspiration on makeup because she shares my makeup preferences.


  19. I don't know if she's ever been discussed on here but basically this girl is all about Photoshopping herself to look totally inhuman and has been exposed as a catfish if you search her name on google but she continues to photoshop herself, she does it slightly less now but still...

  20. Didn't see a thread for them. Anyways
    They just posted and reffered to Hux from Star Wars as a ginger nazi, which I don't know much about starwars so I can't speak about that, but someone was upset and commented pointing it out.
    To which they simply deleted the comment and ignored it. A jewish friend of mine is taking offense to it and messaged them personally, so they vague posted about it. 
    Then deleted the vague post and changed the description, I believe they may have blocked the ones who pointed it out but i'm unsure.

    short info: wannabe asian who claims to be part japanese and shoops her pictures. She's swedish/spanish.
    Her name is Nicole but she says her japanese name is Rei. She only befriends asians or popular people on social media. Wanna be her friend? Sorry you gotta be asian.
    Her instaname was originally tsutsucat but she changed it to jiaoxrei because she didn't want her 'hater' to find her. Even tho she doesn't have any haters. (Now deleted!)
     She can't keep a certain editing style and always looks different
     how she actually looks like:
     she shoops herself a lot to look japanese and blocks everyone who comments that she's shooped on her pictures. 

    she's also using other artists art and claims that she drew it.
    her actual eyes:
    her shooped eyes:

    some girls on instagram commented in german that she shoops her pics with meitu and stuff like that but she deleted the pics where they commented so i don't have any screenshots sadly.
    Some photos from her social media:

    She doesn't only steal artwork and claim them to be hers, she also recorded someone elses youtube video of a game called osu, this gamer played a map/song on osu on level EXTREME, and ofcourse Nicole claimed it to be her own. Here is the video she posted and that she claimed to be hers:
      2016-02-21 14.56.21.mp4
    And here is the link to the original video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HU_S1VkG9k
    idk if some of you have heard of her before but if you did and have some infos about her then you're welcome to post it here ^^ 
    thanks for reading i hope i didn't make any mistakes c:
    (She claimed all her lenses are 16.5mm, and bought from UNIQSO, but their biggest size is 16.5 and these doesn't look like 16.5mm at all because of the heavy edit.There's no lenses that's bigger than 16.5 and smaller than sclera lenses.)

  22. BEWARE: Men need to know about this toxic woman.  
    'Sincerely Gracie', aka: Gracie Renfro has taken a very bigoted turn with her YT channel.  She openly admits that "guys easily annoy" her, and she seems to relish telling stories of how she can lure men into giving her attention, and then condescendingly reject them.  She gets some kind of sick pleasure out of this power-trip.  
    The ironic part is she's spent thousands of dollars on clothes, hair, makeup, tattoos/piercings, and fake boobs.   She even tells the story of stalking "cute guys", whom she finds "hot" on social media.  She does all the things to attract male attention: following them, liking photos, leaving favorable comments, and sending DMs.  Then, once she establishes a rapport, she finds a reason to label them as "creepy", and then puts them on blast!  Of course, her female followers get a kick out of this behavior.  For some reason, this anti-male sentiment of 'shaming-male sexuality' - flourishes among the young Feminist YouTubers.  They must think this somehow gives men their "comeuppance" for some past "imagined wrong".  
    Hopefully, men will Google SincerelyGracie first, before they respond to her, and recognize the game she's is playing.  Once they see how hostile and bitter she is, they can block her and stop responding to her.  If they do get sucked in, hopefully they'll come here, and tell their story.  


  23. Otherwise known as a pathetic, racist, homophobic, transphobic "cosplayer" who glorifies serial killers and supports Nazis. Acne removal in photoshop is her best friend.
    her instagram is here. tumblr is here.
    She's pretty adamant to spread lies about how her family troubles are so bad, asking for support and sympathy -- apparently she's in debt, low on money and has to move houses because her family problems are piling up. But for some reason every week she gets a new toy to post pictures of, and even makes a full cosplay and attends a con. What ever happened to that debt?
    She's also extremely transphobic. Her current boyfriend was a replacement for a guy whom she dumped after finding out he was in fact a she -- however she claims to be such a big supporter of anyone in the LGBT+ community, and even claims to be asexual despite:
    1. Reblogging copious amounts of sexual content on Tumblr.
    2. Is open about wanting to fuck fictional characters 
    3. Allowed her boyfriend to imply she'd give him a blowjob once they met

    please shield your eyes
    Ashley likes to post 3 vague posts a day about how horrible her life is but after no one comforts her or gives her sympathy, she deletes them and mopes elsewhere. 
    edit; I thought these screenshots from skype convos with her would be interesting.

  24. Post on knitemaya in Little Snowflakes

    By Kanra, posted
    Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Tumblr

    Became popular for cosplaying "ikemen/bishounen" guysCame onto the thread and self-posted as mayanora, and used the account to talk shit about Geheichou all while white-knighting themselves (Gehe example)  (WK'ing example) (Proof of Knite actually being trans) (Claiming to be Asian)When the PULL owner exposed Knite, they pretended they got hacked and tried to delete all of their posts on the websiteLater threw a tantrum on livestream about getting exposed and threatened to go to the policePhotoshops extensively, such as making their face appear more dorito-like and making their hands largerTapes their eyes to appear more Asian-lookingSeems to fetishize gay relationships in their photoshoots Claims to have gone to school for makeup and that their cosplay looks were achieved with just makeup skills (though some of these photos say otherwise...)Twitter example of them saying this: https://twitter.com/knitemaya/status/794428360512258048Dorito Shoop/Eyetaping/Shoop general:
    Candids/Old Pictures:
  25. Post on Sasurealian in Online Personalities

    By mako, posted
    Sasuralian was brought up in the Instagram Cosplayers thread, but since then brought up in the BonBonchuu thread where some stated she should get her own thread, to which I agree so it doesn't de-rail from BonBons drama.
    Sasu is a cosplayer with 65k followers who would seem nice at first, and fairly boring. Of course cosplayers come forward about almost anyone and a few things been stated; They were rude at cons, blew people off, never reply to texts after so and so planned to meet up with them.
    But one of the things that have stood out and it was a video her girlfriend posted, then after it was shown on PULL, since then been deleted. Kassidy sounded extremely hostile in the background since her girlfriend was filming a cat. Since I know how PULL works I saved the after someone confessed they heard Sasu and her girlfriend in a con bathroom where Sasu was bitching at her girlfriend over the fact she had left something in the car after sasu told her to grab it.
    As well as someone in the BonBon thread said she was extremely rude to their parents and them, so maybe they'll come forward.
    I don't know a lot abot sasurealian besides those things, but maybe someone else has more information? 
    Other than that, she just seems like another boring IG cosplayer who doesn't know how to do makeup and seems a bit too fake.
    George Lamberis instagram_BCYmhHLSpu6 (1).mp4
    <also unsure how to post a link for the video so sorry!!>